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Kreinik Kreinick Family

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  • Pinia Pauline KREINIK (1893 - 1953)
    Eric Kessler gave us her parents' names, Chaim and Elka. She is Stanley Kreinik's father Walter's 'cousin' but he doesn't know exactly how she is a cousin. Dec 18, 2013, from Stanley: Pauline Berger ...
  • Frimet Kreinik (c.1862 - c.1942)
    Frimet Kreinik nee Neppel was born in Sedziszow_Malopolski, Poland to Yaakov and Pinia. She was a shop owner and married to Tuvia. Prior to WWII she lived in Sedziszow Malopolski, Poland. During the wa...
  • Horace Carlin Kreinick (1909 - 1992)
    New York, New York, Birth Index, 1878-1909 Name: Horace C Kreinick Birth Date: 7 May 1909 Recorded Birth Year: 1909 Birth Place: Bronx, New York, USA Certificate Number: 3522 Social Security Death ...
  • Ruth R Kreinik (1899 - 1977)
    RUTH KREINICK was born November 25, 1899, received a New York Social Security number, 052-18-7660, and died November 1977. (I think this may be the Aunt Ruth who was hospitalized in a mental institute....
  • Jacob Tuvye Kreinik (c.1830 - c.1933)
    Nachum Kornfeld, Brooklyn NY, Feb 2014. About Rebbe Shlomo Leib Weichselbaum of Tyczyn: ( Rabbi Shlomo Leib of Tyczyn ) "The rebbe's mother was Mirel Kreinik. She had a brother named Yaakov who lived t...

Mirel Kreinik has been discovered. She is Jacob Kreinik's sister and the mother of Rabbi Shlomo Leib ot Tyczyn, born Weichselbaum.

There are 703 descendants of Chaim Kreinik and his wife, whose name we do not have.

The photo of the Kreinik family on the right is from Sidney Herbst's 1936 movie of Sedziszow Malopolski, in which the Kreinick Family Residence is featured.

Sędziszów Małopolski has its own Facebook page, and a page at Kehilalinks.

The family live now mostly in the USA and France, but they have roots in Eastern Europe -- Galicia. Some were born in Siberia.

Sources: Andrew Kreinik, Richard Yospin, David Jacobowitz, Ida Kreinik Friedlander, Stanley Kreinik, Ruth Kreinik, Steve Kreinik and Steve Maskell have contributed to this project. The best source has been Leah Kreinik Jacobowitz's memoir, "As I Remember" written in 1962.

Spelling variants: Kreinik, Kreinick, Krainik, Krienik, and Kreinig (soundex code 596500). Steve Maskell: " I suspect that what really mattered to them was that they no longer lived in southern Poland. The English spellings of the name are all just approximations, anyway. Sarah Kreinik's parents' names on their headstones are both spelled "Krainik." So, within that immediate family, the name is spelled three different ways. And on my Grandpa Isie's side, his name is spelled Kreinik, but his brother Maier's last name is customarily written "Kreinig. There is also the spelling Krienik, ostensibly a clerical error."

Крайникъ קרייַניק
"Kreinik," "Kreinick," "Cranach," and lots of other spelling variants
are out there -- and unfortunately for people who are trying to sort
this out and decide who's related to whom, it's a pretty common name.

add "Kreinich" from the 1922 New York City directory.

Geni's Last Name Index shows these spelling variants: Krainik (5) Kreinick (26) Kreinig (7) Kreinik (163) Krienik (9)

The name may mean "Crane's Nest," or someone from Russia, or Horseradish (Chrain). There is a Czech town named Křenek whose crest is a Horseradish: []

Kreinik Mfg. uses a Crown in its logo, As a woman's name it means Crown: (Galician Given Names Index) Legal/Hebrew: Kreyne / Kreyndl Gender: F Yiddish: Kreyne / Kroyne Yiddish Origin: <German/Yiddish krone, 'crown' Yiddish Nickname: Kreynde / Krenye / Kreyndl / Kreynele / Kreyntse / Kreyntsye / Kryanye Local Secular Nickname: Krajncze? European Secular Nickname: Kreincie / Kreindel / Kreni? US Name: Caroline / Carolyn / Clara / Karen / Kate / Katie

There is some ambiguity about how the various branches of the Kreinik family are related to each other. The name is fairly rare, and family know each other or have married cousins, so there is a good chance that we will find the connections eventually.

Jewish practice indicates that it is not likely that a father and son would have the same name. Not for Tuvye nor for Joseph.

Ted Kreinik wrote on 2/18/2011: "Hi David, i had heard many years ago that Isidore Kreinik's grandfather Tuyve came to the US in the 1850's and had arranged for family members to emigrate but returned to Austro-Hungary when the civil war broke out. Then his grandson Isidore my grandfather came to the US at age 16. Have you heard of anything like this and/or do you know how i could find out anything about this story? thanks best, Ted "

The dates we have for Isidore/Isadore are b.1888 or 1889. He would have been 16-19 when he came to the US according to the ship manifest. I don't know about this, but I post it here in the hopes of getting back to it.

In March 2012, Charlie Hollander found death certificates for my great-grandfather S. Josef Kreinik and for Steve Kreinik's great grandfather Zalmon/Salamon Kreinik. Both listed Harry (H) Kreinik as the father but had different mothers. We suspected that Harry is Zvie Chaim Kreinik. So Steve's g-grandfather and my g-grandfather are half-brothers. David Jacobowitz.

Wolf Kreinik and his son Harry, daughter Jennie and wife Sarah have not been connected to the rest of the tree. But Harry appears in the April, 1937 issue of The Kreinikle, the newsletter of the Kreinik Family Circle, so there must be a connection.

The name Belina Kreinick showed up in New York City directories right next to our Kreiniks. I talked to some of her family, who said that the family came from Roumania and that Belina ran several shops catering to well-dressed New Yorkers. They may not be directly related.