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Maria Montez MP (1912 - 1951)

"The Caribbean Cyclone"

María Africa García Vidal de Santo Silas (6 June 1912 – 7 September 1951), best known as Maria Montez, was a Dominican motion picture actress who gained fame and popularity in the 1940s as an exotic be...

2/11/2009 10/17/2015

Ciro Campos Rimac MP (1895 - 1973)

"Ciro Rimac and his Latin Revue"

Published on Aug 12, 2012 Número musical do filme Doll Face, realizado em 1944 e dirigido por Lewis Seiler. Carmen Miranda se apresenta descalça, pois seu partner (o dançarino peruano Ciro Rimac) era...

2/23/2013 5/17/2013

Lily D´Arcy then, Favorito Sr. (Tossas) MP (1921 - 2007)

"One of the World´s Fair 1939", "Original Havana Club & Original Copacabana NYC Dancers!", "Lillie Tossas", "Lillie D´Arcy", "Lillie Favorito Sr."

She was one of the last 3 living "Original Copacabana Girls" (along with, her still living sister, Ruby and one other long time survivor!), until her passing, late August of 2007. Also, danced for 19...

2/23/2013 5/17/2013

José Ferrer MP (1912 - 1992)

José Vincente Ferrer de Otero y Cintron, known professionally as José Ferrer, was a Puerto Rican actor, as well as a theater and film director. He was the first Puerto Rican actor to win an Academy Awa...

3/11/2009 12/20/2011

Rita Moreno MP

Alameda, CA, United States

Rita Moreno (born December 11, 1931) is a Puerto Rican singer, dancer and actress. She is the first and only Hispanic female and one of ten performers who have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a To...

11/7/2009 12/4/2011

María Antonieta Pons MP (1922 - 2004)

Maria Antonieta Pons (July 11, 1922 – August 20, 2004) was a Cuban born Mexican film actress and Rumba dancer. Born in Cuba in 1922, from Catalan origin, she was one of the most notorious rumba dance...

10/20/2011 10/20/2011

Lupita Tovar MP (1910 - 2016)

Lupita Tovar (born July 27, 1910) was a Mexican actress, best known for her starring role in the 1931 Spanish language version of Dracula, filmed in Los Angeles by Universal Pictures at night using t...

10/18/2011 10/18/2011

Lilia Prado MP (1929 - 2006)

(Translate into English) Lilia Prado (n. Sahuayo , Michoacan , March 30th of 1929 - f. Mexico City , May 22 of 2006 ). was a Mexican actress, considered one of the great actresses of the Golden Age o...

10/18/2011 10/18/2011

Lilia del Valle MP


(translated into English) Lilia del Valle ( Mexico City , Mexico April 30 of 1931 ) was a famous beauty and actress who worked during the golden age of Mexican cinema, after marrying and having a chi...

10/17/2011 10/17/2011

Katy Jurado MP (1924 - 2002)

"Katy Jurado"

Katy Jurado (January 16, 1924 – July 5, 2002), born María Cristina Estela Marcela Jurado García in Mexico, D.F., was a Mexican actress who had a successful film career both in Mexico and in Hollywood. ...

10/17/2011 10/17/2011

Amalia Isabel Aguilar MP

"Amelia Aguilar", "Amelia Aguilara", "The Atomic Bomb"

Amalia Aguilar (born July 3, 1924) is a Cuban and Mexican film actress and dancer of the Golden age of Mexican cinema in the 1940s and 1950s. She was considered one of the icons of the Rumberas film....

10/17/2011 10/17/2011

Lupe Vélez MP (1908 - 1944)

"The Mexican Spitfire", "The Hot Pepper"

élez Lupe Vélez (July 18, 1908 – December 14, 1944) was a Mexican film actress. Vélez began her career in Mexico as a dancer, before moving to the U.S. where she worked in vaudeville. She was seen by...

10/17/2011 10/17/2011

Lupe Mayorga MP (b. - 1982)

"Lupe Mayorga"

Lupe Reyes Mayorga immigrated to the United States and became an American citizen in 1925. She married her Bronx, New York husband classical guitarist Franciso Mayorga the same year. During the perio...

10/16/2011 10/17/2011

Kitty de Hoyos MP (1941 - 1999)

"The Mexican Marilyn Monroe"

(Translated into English) Kitty de Hoyos (Mexico City, February 8, 1941 - 28 December 1999) was the stage name of Maria Cristina Hoyo Guadalupe Vega, a Mexican actress of the Golden Age of Mexican ci...

10/16/2011 10/16/2011

Evangelina Elizondo MP (1929 - d.)

(Translated into English) Evangelina Elizondo was born in Mexico City, Mexico on April 28, 1929, is an actress and singer. Is also dedicated to painting as a hobby. She studied theology at the Univ...

10/16/2011 10/16/2011

Carmen Miranda MP (1909 - 1955)

Carmen Miranda Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre. ( ) Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha (Marco de Canaveses, 9 de fevereiro de 1909 — Los Angeles, 5 de agosto de 1955), mais conhecida como Carm...

10/15/2011 10/15/2011

Laurette Luez MP (1928 - 1999)

"Laurette Luez"

Laurette Luez (born Loretta Mary Luiz 19 August 1928, Honolulu, Hawaii - died 12 September 1999, Milton, Florida) was a United States supporting actor and successful commercial model who appeared in ...

10/15/2011 10/15/2011

Barbara Bestar MP (deceased)

See also )

10/15/2011 10/15/2011

Desi Arnaz MP (1917 - 1986)

"Desi Arnaz", "Desi"

Desi Arnaz, circa 1950 Born Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III March 2, 1917(1917-03-02) Santiago de Cuba, Cuba Died December 2, 1986(1986-12-02) (aged 69) Del Mar, California, United States Occup...

7/4/2007 10/14/2011

Rita Hayworth MP (1918 - 1987)

"Rita Hayworth", "Rita Cansino"

She was an American film actress and dancer who attained fame during the 1940s not only as one of the era's top stars, but also as the era's greatest sex symbol, most notably in Gilda (1946). She appea...

7/8/2007 10/14/2011

María de los Dolores Asúnsolo López Negrete MP (1905 - 1983)

"Dolores del Río"

Google Doodle: She was a Mexican film actress and the first Latin American movie star to have international appeal. Del Río starred in Hollywood films during the silent era and in the Golden Age of H...

5/7/2010 10/14/2011

Ricardo Montalbán MP (1920 - 2009)

Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán y Merino (November 25, 1920 – January 14, 2009) was a Mexican-born American radio, television, theatre and film actor. He had a career spanning seven decades (motion pic...

6/19/2009 10/14/2011

Carlos Montalbán MP (1903 - 1991)

Carlos Montalbán (June 5, 1903 – March 28, 1991) was a Mexican character actor. Montalbán was born in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, the son of Spanish immigrants Ricarda (née Merino) and Jenaro Montal...

7/8/2011 10/14/2011