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Henri le Damoiseau, duc de Bourgogne MP (c.1035 - c.1070)

"Donzel ou el Damoiseau", "Henri /De Bourgogne/", "Donzel", "Henrik", "/de Burgundy/", "Henrique de Borgonha"

Marriage 1 Sybilla Of Barcelona b: ABT 1043 in (Of Burgundy) * Married: 1061 Children 1. Has No Children Hugh 2. Has No Children Robert Of Langres 3. Has Children Eudes I (Duke Of Burgundy)...

5/31/2007 3/6/2011

Hildegarde of Burgundy MP (c.1056 - 1104)

"Audéarde", "of Burgundy", "Audearde", "Hildegarde\\", "Hildegarde of Burgundy"

From his second wife, Ermengarde of Anjou, daughter of Fulk III of Anjou, he had one daughter: Hildegard (c.1056–1104), married Duke William VIII of Aquitaine William VIII, Duke of Aquitaine ...

6/10/2007 1/25/2011

Willa of Burgundy MP (885 - 936)


Willa II de Bourgogne , wife of Boson de Vienne, Marchese di Toscana (Tuscany) daughter of Rudolf I, King of Upper Burgundy , and Willa (I) de Bourgogne (who also married Hugues d'Arles, Comte de Vie...

6/2/2007 1/25/2011

Conrad "the Peaceful", king of Burgundy MP (c.923 - 993)

"Conrad the Peaceful", "Konrad III von Burgund", "Hertug av Burgund", "der Friedfertig von Burgund", "Burgundy", "Provence", "Conrad I", "Conrad III of Provence", "Conrad "the Peaceful"", "king of Burgundy"

- see , Rey, Conrad Ier le Pacifique, roi des Deux-Bourgognes et d' Arles, König von Hoch- und Niederburgund 937, ES NF/I Tafel 57; NKG VIII-61, König von Burgund 937–993, Konge av Burgund from

10/6/2007 12/17/2010

Alix (Adelheid) of Burgundy MP (1233 - bef.1273)

"Alix Of Burgundy", "Adelaide of Burgundy"

Adélaïs (Alix) de Bourgogne was the daughter of Hugues IV de Bourgogne, Duc de Bourgogne and Yolande de Dreux. She married Henri III de Brabant, Duc de Brabant, son of Henri II, Duc de Brabant and Mari...

6/8/2007 12/2/2010

Robert I le Vieux, duc de Bourgogne MP (1011 - 1076)

"Robert I 'le vieux' de Bourgogne", ""The Old"", "le Vieux", "El Viejo", "Prince of France /Robert/", "Duke of Burgundy /Robert I/", ""le /Veille"/", "O Velho", "Robert the Old // 1 Duke of Burgundy", "Robert I Prince Of France //", "The Old", "Robert Capet", "Great Capet", "Le..."

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Burgundy Dukes (covering his married family): ROBERT de France, son of ROBERT II "le Pieux" King of France & his third wife Constance d'Arles ([...

5/14/2007 11/12/2010

Ermengarde de Bourgogne, comtesse de Dijon, Duchesse de Bourgogne MP (c.893 - 956)

"Ermengarde /De Bourgogne/", "of Burgundy", "dei Bosonidi", "Ermengarde of /Provence/", "Ermengarde", "Irmengarda", "Irmgard //", "Duchess of the Moselle /Ermengarde/", "Irmgard Of the /Maasgau/", "Princess Ermengarde of /Lorraine/"

An Ermengarde was the wife of Gilbert Duc of Burgundy . For many years, she has been believed to have been the daughter of Duke Richard "the Justiciar" of Burgundy; however, recent researchers have cas...

5/8/2007 11/10/2010

Rudolph I, King of Upper Burgundy MP (c.859 - bef.912)

"King of Transjurane Burgandy", "Roi de Jurane Bourgogne", "Roi de Bourgogne Transjurane", "König von Hochburgund (Transjurana)"

Rudolph I, born 859, died October 25, 912, King of (Upper or Transjurane) Burgundy from his election in 888 until his death. Rudolph belonged to the elder Welf family and was the son of Conrad, Cou...

6/12/2007 11/7/2010

Hugues I d'Arles, King of Italy, Regent of Lower Burgundy MP (c.880 - 947)

"Ugo", "Hugh of Italy Hugh of Arles (or Hugh of Provence"

Hugh of Italy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hugh of Arles or Hugh of Provence (before 887 – 10 April 948[1]) was King of Italy from 924 until his death. He was a Bosonid. During his reign, he...

5/30/2007 11/7/2010

Countess Adele de Vermandois, Comtesse de Châlons & de Beaune MP (c.945 - 975)

"Adele de Meaux", "Adelaide de Vermandois", "Aelis de Vermandois", "Adeliza de Chalon"

Adele of Meaux (c. 950-c. 980) Also known as "Adele of Vermandois" she was a daughter of Robert of Vermandois and Adelaide-Werra de Chalon . She married Geoffrey I of Anjou . He also had a wife named...

2/5/2007 11/5/2010

Geoffrey I "Greymantle", count of Anjou MP (940 - 987)

"known as Grisegonelle ("Greymantle")", "Grisegonelle", "Grisegonnelle", "Of Gatinais /Geoffroi/", "Comté D' Anjou", "Geoffrey "grey gown" d'Anjou", "Greymantle", "Compte D'ANJOU"

GEOFFROY I 958-987 --- GEOFFROY d'Anjou , son of FOULQUES II "le Bon" Comte d'Anjou & his first wife Gerberge --- ([938/40]-Marso 21 Jul 987, bur Châteauneuf, église Saint-Martin). The Gesta Consul...

2/5/2007 11/5/2010

Guérin, comte de Châlon et de Mâcon MP (c.777 - c.853)


12/14/2007 11/5/2010

3/2/2009 11/5/2010

Boson d'Autun, Comte de Vienne, Dux de Provence MP (850 - 887)

"/Boso I of Provence/", "boso de provence carolingian", ""Boso II", "King of Provence", "Count of Vienne"", "Bosso König von Niederburgund"

Boso, son of Bivin (Bouvinus), died 11 Jan 887. Comte de Vienne, King of Provence. 1st wife unknown. Child Willa (m. Rudolf d'Auxerre and Hugues d'Arles). 2nd wife Ermengarde (dau of Louis II King ...

5/15/2007 11/5/2010

Ermengarde de Bourgogne, Daughter of Boson MP (876 - 935)

"Ermentrud", "Ermentrudis", "Hersent Princess of the /Franks/", "Albérade", "Ermengarde Of /Bourgogne/"

Daughter of Boso, Comte de Vienne, King of Provence, and his wife Ermengardis (who was daughter of Emperor Louis II King of Italy & his wife Engelberga). The FMG lists her as an unnamed daughter, tho...

5/19/2007 11/5/2010

Manasses II "l'Ancien" de Châlon et de Vergy, Comte de Dijon MP (b. - 920)

"(The Old) (Count De Chalons)"

Is Manasses I "l'Ancien" (The Old) de Châlon et de Vergy, Comte de Châlon the same as Manasses II Comte de Dijon ? Charles Cawley in his Medieval Lands dabase (FMG) seems to believe so, since there is ...

9/13/2007 11/5/2010

Gilbert, duke of Burgundy MP (890 - 956)

"Duke of Lorraine", "Giselbert", "Gislebert", "Burgundy"

Giselbert, Comte de Chalon, Duc de Bourgogne. Parents: Manasses de Vergy & Ermengarde Spouse: Ermengard de Bourgogne LINKS MEDIEVAL LANDS GISELBERT, son of MANASSES Comte [de Vergy] & his wife ...

5/8/2007 11/5/2010

Ingeltrude de Bourgogne MP (c.910 - 967)

"Ingeltrude de Chalon"

: ROBERT , son of --- (-after 952). same person as…? ROBERT (-[958/60]). Bouchard suggests that Robert was the same person as the witness of the charter of Rodolfe Comte de Dijon dated Jun 952[362]. ...

9/13/2007 11/5/2010

(No Name) MP (deceased)

ROBERT , son of --- (-after 952). same person as…? ROBERT (-[958/60]). Bouchard suggests that Robert was the same person as the witness of the charter of Rodolfe Comte de Dijon dated Jun 952[362]. Vico...

9/13/2007 11/5/2010

Count Robert de Vermandois, comte de Meaux et de Troyes MP (c.910 - bef.968)

"Count of Troyes", "Robert of /Troyes/", "Robert of Vermandois", "Count of Meaux and Châlons", "Rodbert / Chrodobert / Chrodobertus"

Ben M. Angel's summary: Relationships: Parents: Heribert II, Comte de Meaux, de Soissons et de Vermandois (c880 - 943) Adela de Neustrie (b. c898) Siblings: 1. Eudes/Odo (c915-946), Vicomte de Vi...

3/17/2007 11/5/2010

Adélaïde-Wera de Bourgogne, Chalon et Troyes MP (c.915 - bef.967)

"Adelaide "Were" Of /Chalons/", "Burgundy", "Also called ‘Adelaide (Adelais) of Vermandois de Chalons’ ‘Aelis de Chalons’ ‘Adela of Troyes de Meaux’ ‘Countess of Chalon-sur-Saone’", "Were", "Werra", "/Were/", "Adelais of /Burgundy/", "Countess of Troyes", "Adelaide-"

Adelais (de Chalon, de Vergy, d'Autun, de Bourgogne) was the daughter of Giselbert Duke of Burgundy (Duc des Bourguignons, Comte de Chalon-sur-Saône et de Troyes) and Ermengarde de Dijon (de Bourgogne)...

3/17/2007 11/5/2010

Biography Hugues de Chalon soutint les revendications de Robert le Pieux sur le duché de Bourgogne mais fut battu en 1027 par les comtes Otte-Guillaume et Renaud . Hugues de Chalon supported the clai...

8/25/2008 11/5/2010

Lambert d'Autun, Comte de Chalon MP (c.924 - 978)

"Lambert d'Autun Count of /Chalons/"

Lambert of Chalon ( 930 to 27 February 978) was Count of Chalon ( 956-978 ) and Autun. Biography [edit code] Lambert was born in 930. Son of Viscount Robert de Dijon and Ingeltrude ; brother Robert...

9/13/2007 11/5/2010

Mahaut de Châlon, dame de Donzy MP (c.968 - 1016)

"Mahaut", "Mathilda", "Maud"

Heiress of Chalons-sur-Seine, Dame de Donzy. Alternative data from merges: Countess of Semur; b c940, d c1016 - Sharon April 2011 Ben M. Angel notes: Just spent the better part of an hour trying to f...

11/24/2007 11/5/2010

Geoffroy I Arlebaud de Semur MP (945 - c.1020)

"Count De Semur", "Squire De Vergy"

According to the FMG Medieval Lands database : GEOFFROY [I] de Semur , son of JOCERAN de Semur & his wife Richoara --- (-[1020]). The genealogy of the Seigneurs de Semur, included in the cartular...

11/24/2007 11/5/2010

Constance de Bourgogne, reine consort de Léon MP (1046 - aft.1093)

"Constantia of Burgundy"

Constanza de Borgoña De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Constanza de Borgoña (¿?, 1046 – ¿?, 1093). Noble francesa, fue reina de Castilla y León, segunda esposa de Alfonso VI. Era hija del duque Rob...

6/10/2007 11/5/2010

7/4/2008 11/5/2010

Ermentrude de Châlon MP (c.980 - d.)

12/23/2007 11/5/2010

COMTES de CHALON, family of SEIGNEURS de SEMUR THIBAUT de Semur , son of GEOFFROY [I] Seigneur de Semur & his second wife Mathilde de Chalon dame de Donzy (-Tolosa [1065]). "Gausfredus et uxo...

12/23/2007 11/5/2010

9/8/2008 11/5/2010

9/8/2008 11/5/2010

Guy I, comte de Chalons MP (c.1050 - 1113)

9/8/2008 11/5/2010

10/25/2008 11/5/2010

12/29/2007 11/5/2010

7/11/2010 11/5/2010

Ermentrude of Burgundy MP (960 - 1003)

Alt death year: 3/5/1005 Ermentrude, daughter of Count Renaud of Rheims married Otto-William, Count of Burgundy. They had two sons and three daughters: * Guy had been associated as count of M...

5/19/2007 11/5/2010

Otto Guillaume I, comte de Bourgogne et de Mâcon MP (c.958 - 1026)

"Othon Guillaume de Mâcon", "Otton I /de Lombardy/", "Othon", "Count De Toulouse", "Count De Bourgogne", "Conde de Borgonha", "Macon DeBurgundy et Nevers"

6/2/2007 11/5/2010

Agnes of Burgundy MP (c.995 - 1068)

"Agnes de Macon", "Agnes of Burgundy", "of Burgundy", "Agnes of /Gévaudan/"

Daughter of Otto-Guillaume, Comte de Bourgogne and Ermentrude de Roucy m firstly (1019) as his third wife, GUILLAUME III "le Grand" Comte de Poitou, GUILLAUME V Duke of Aquitaine ([969]-Abbaye de M...

11/1/2007 11/5/2010