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Ona Austrė MP (1601 - 1666)

Anne of Austria From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Anne of Austria Queen consort of France and Navarre Tenure 24 November 1615 – 14 May, 1643 Spouse Louis XIII of France Issue Louis XIV of Fra...

8/28/2011 1/23/2016

Clovis I the Great, King of the Franks MP (c.465 - 511)

"Chlodovech", "Chlodovechus", "Ludovicus", "Clovis", "Clovis Magnus", "Clovis the Great", "Chlodio", "Clodio", "Clodion", "Chlodion", "Chrlodwig", "the Old (le Vieux)", "King of the Franks; the Merovingian dynasty", ""The Magnificent"", "(Clovis I) "The Parricide"", "(The Great King..."

Settipani (1989) is the main authority on the genealogy of the Merovingian and Carolingian Kings of France, and the pedigree shown here in Lineage 1, is from his work. Settipani's research was preceded...

3/8/2007 3/4/2013

Charlemagne MP (742 - 814)

"Karolus Magnus", "Karl 1 den store", "Charlemagne", "Carlos Magno"

Charlemagne (English: Charles the Great, German: Karl der Grosse, French: Charles le Grand, Latin: Carolus Magnus, Dutch: Karel de Grote), King of Neustria (768-771), King of the Franks (771-814), King...

1/25/2007 12/19/2011

Henri III de Valois, King of France MP (1551 - 1589)

"Alexandre-Édouard de Valois-Angoulême", "крал Анри III Валоа"

Henryk III Walezy Henry III (19 September 1551 – 2 August 1589, born Alexandre-Édouard de Valois-Angoulême was King of France from 1574 to 1589. As Henry of Valois, he was the first elected mon...

5/11/2007 12/18/2011

Charles IX de Valois, roi de France MP (1550 - 1574)

"Charles of France" , ... ; Charles IX (June 27, 1550 – May 30, 1574) born Charles-Maximilien, was King of France, ruling from 1560 until his death. He is best known as king at the t...

5/11/2007 12/18/2011

François II, roi de France MP (1544 - 1560)

"Francis", "François"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia King of France: Reign: 10 July 1559 – 5 December 1560, Coronation: 21 September 1559 Predecessor: Henry II Successor: Charles IX

5/11/2007 12/18/2011

King Henri de Valois-Angoulême-Orleans, II, King of France, duc de Bretagne, MP (1519 - 1559)

"Henry II of France de Valois-Angoulême-Orleans"

Henry II of France Henry II (French: Henri II) (31 March 1519 – 10 July 1559) was a monarch of the House of Valois who ruled as King of France from 31 March 1547 until his death in 1559.[1] The secon...

4/23/2007 12/18/2011

Rudolph, King of Western Francia MP (c.890 - 936)

"Radulf", "Ralph", "Raoul"

Rudolph (also Radulf, Ralph, or Raoul) (c. 890 – 14/15 January 936) was the Duke of Burgundy between 921 and 923 and King of Western Francia from thereafter to his death. Rudolph inherited the duch...

5/12/2008 12/18/2011

Odo (Eudes), King of France MP (852 - 898)

"Eudes", "Odo"

Odo or Eudes of the West Franks, later King of France Son of Comte Robert "le Fort" & his wife According to the FMG Medieval Lands database on the Capetians : 1. EUDES [Odo] (in Neustria [after 8...

5/14/2007 12/18/2011

Robert I, King of France MP (866 - 923)

"Robert", "Rodbertus", "Rotbertus rex", "/Robert/I", "King of France", "Robert I /Capet/", "Robert (Rodbert) I "the Posthumous" Robertarian", "Count of Paris and King of France", "Robert I", "King of Western France", "Robert //", "The /Pious/", "Count of Paris", "Count of Poitie..."

Ben M. Angel notes: Robert I was never a Capet (this was a family name created by Hugh Capet, based on a place name). The name of his family or dynasty was "Robertian" (from Robert Le Fort, his fat...

2/3/2007 12/18/2011

Lothair IV, roi de France MP (c.941 - 986)

"Lothaire", "sometimes called Lothair IV", "Carolingian king of West Francia"

And in French: Lothair (French: Lothaire; Latin: Lothārius; 941 – 986), sometimes called Lothair IV,[1] was the Carolingian king of West Francia (10 September 954 – 1 March 986), son of Louis IV and ...

5/14/2007 12/18/2011

Carloman I (28 June 751 – December 4, 771) was the king of the Franks from 768 until his death in 771. He was the second surviving son of Pepin the Short and Bertrada of Laon and was a younger brothe...

8/22/2007 12/18/2011

Napoleon III, President of French Second Republic and 3rd Emperor of France MP (1808 - 1873)

"Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte", "Charles Louis Napoléon Bonaparte", "Шарл Луи Наполеон Бонапарт (Наполеон III)", "Carlos Luis Bonaparte", "III", "Emperor of France"

Napoleon III , ne Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, born in Paris, France, 20 April 1808, died 9 January 1873, Chislehurst, Kent, England, age 64. 1st President of the French Second Republic, term 20 Decembe...

3/20/2007 12/18/2011

Napoléon Bonaparte (15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821), was a military and political leader of France and Emperor of the French as Napoleon I, whose actions shaped European politics in the early 19th century...

3/20/2007 12/18/2011

Louis Antoine d'Artois, duc d'Angoulême MP (1775 - 1844)

"Bourbon", "ANGOULEME", "Angou", "Ame duc d’Angoulême", "Louis XIX King of France & Navarre"

Louis Antoine, Duke of Angoulême From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Louis-Antoine, Duke of Angoulême) Jump to: navigation, search For other uses of "Louis, Dauphin", see L...

5/11/2007 12/18/2011

Charles X, roi de France et Navarre MP (1757 - 1836)

"Louis Anthe' Muller"

Charles de Bourbon Member of the House of Bourbon. Comte d'Artois on 9 October 1757. In July 1789 he left France. Lieutenant-General of the Kingdom on 28 January 1793. 12 April 1814 he re-entered Paris...

5/11/2007 12/18/2011

(open link for English version; also below after French version) Louis XVIII, né Louis Stanislas Xavier, fut roi de France de 1814 à sa mort en 1824. Né le 17 novembre 1755 à Versailles, il est le qu...

5/11/2007 12/18/2011

Louis XVI, roi de France MP (1754 - 1793)

"King Louis XVI", "King Louis XVI of France", "d'Bourbon", "Navarre", "Louis 16th", "King of France", "Louis Capet"

The Peerage Wikipedia: English Francais King of the French Reign 1 October 1791 – 21 September 1792 Predecessor Louis XV Successor: Monarchy abolished Next reigning monarch in France was ...

5/11/2007 12/18/2011

Louis XIV le Grand, roi de France et Navarre MP (1638 - 1715)

"Le Roi Soleil (the Sun King) / крал Луи XIV", "also known as Louis the Great (in French Louis le Grand or Le Grand Monarque", ""the Great Monarch")", "Louis the Great", "Sun King", "Saulė"

King Louis XIV of France belonged to DNA haplogroup R1b (Y-DNA) Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia King of France and Navarre: Reign 14 May 1643 – 1 September 1715 (72 years, 110 days)

5/11/2007 12/18/2011

Louis XIII le Juste, roi de France et Navarre MP (1601 - 1643)

"France /Louis/", "Known as The Just", "крал Луи XIII Бурбонски"

(open link for English version) Louis XIII (27 septembre 1601, Fontainebleau-14 mai 1643, Saint-Germain-en-Laye), roi de France et de Navarre (1610-1643). Il est le fils d'Henri IV et de Marie de Méd...

5/11/2007 12/18/2011

Henri IV de Bourbon, Roi de France MP (1553 - 1610)

"Henry IV "Le Grand" De Bourbon", "крал Анри IV", "Henri IV "The Great" King Of /France/", "Henry Of /France/", "King of France", "Good King Henry", ""Le Vert Galant""

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Henry IV (French: Henri IV) (13 December 1553 – 14 May 1610), ruled as King of France from 1589 to 1610 and, as Henry III, King of Navarre from 1572 t...

4/29/2007 12/18/2011

Louis II, 'The German' MP (c.805 - 876)

"The German", "/Louis/II", "'The German'", "Emperior Louis I of the Holy Roman Empire"

Louis the German From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Louis (or Ludwig) the German (also known as Louis II or Louis the Bavarian) (806 – August 28, 876), the third son of the emperor Louis the Pio...

6/20/2007 12/18/2011

Louis I, The Pious MP (778 - 840)

"Ludwig der Fromme", "Louis le Pieux", "Keiser Ludvig I le Pieux av Franken", "Keiser Ludvig den fromme", "Keizer Ludvig der Fromme", "Louis the Fair", "Louis the Debonaire and King of Aquitaine", ""the Pious"", "The Pious", "der Fromme", "le pieux", "emporer", "King of Aquita..."

Louis the Pious, son of Charlemagne & Hildegard Please see Charlemagne Project for Source Details Wikipedia * English Louis the Pious

1/25/2007 12/18/2011

Charles 'the Younger', King of the Franks MP (c.772 - 811)

"Karolus", "Karlus", "Carolus des Francs", "Charles II", "Duke of Ingelheim"

Charles the Younger Carolingian, Duke of Maine, King of the Franks Please see Charlemagne Project for Source Details I have found a place where his death is listed as April, 810. [From Familypedi...

7/5/2007 12/18/2011

Carloman, King of the Franks MP (c.713 - 754)

"Carloman de France"

B: 708 or 713 D: 754 or 755 D.Place: Cassino Monastery, Monte Cassino, Frosinone, Italy or Isere, Rhône-Alpes, France Note from Ben M. Angel: In the era of Carloman, France did not exist. Furth...

2/7/2007 12/18/2011

Pépin III, King of the Franks MP (714 - 768)

"Pepin the Short", "Pepin Caroling the Younger", "King Pepin the Short of the Franks and Mayor of the Palaces of Neustria and Austrasia", "Pâepin le Bref", "Pepin The Short ; Pepin the Younger", "il Breve", "den Lille", "; le Bref", "Pepin III Krótki", "P.....", "Duke of B..."

From the English Wikipedia page on Pepin III The Short: and in French: and in Dutch: and in German: üngere Pepin or Pippin (714 – 24 September 768), called the Short, and often known as Pepin...

1/25/2007 12/18/2011

Charles III 'the Fat', King of the Franks MP (839 - 888)

"Charles II", "Roi des Francs; Karl II", "Imperator Romanorum", "also known as Charles III", "was the Carolingian Emperor from 881 to 888."

Charles II, Roi de France (1) M, #103213, b. 13 June 839, d. 13 January 888 Last Edited=9 Sep 2007 Charles II, Roi de France was born on 13 June 839. He was the son of Louis II 'the German', Ki...

5/14/2007 12/17/2011

Carloman II (c. 866 – 12 December 884), King of Western Francia, was the youngest son of King Louis the Stammerer and Ansgarde of Burgundy, and became king, jointly with his brother Louis III of Fran...

6/3/2008 12/17/2011

Charles III "the Simple", King of the Franks MP (879 - 929)

"Karolus Simplex", "il Semplice", "den Enfaldige", "Charles the Simple", "Charles 'The Simple'"

Charles III (17 September 879 – 7 October 929), called the Simple or the Straightforward (from the Latin Karolus Simplex), was the undisputed King of France from 898 until 922 and the King of L...

2/27/2007 12/17/2011

Louis XV, roi de France et de Navarre MP (1710 - 1774)

""le Bien-Aimé"", ""the Well-Beloved"", "le Bien-Aimé"

Louis XV (15 February 1710 – 10 May 1774) was a Bourbon monarch who ruled as King of France and of Navarre from 1 September 1715 until his death. He succeeded his great-grandfather at the age of fi...

5/11/2007 12/19/2010

Eleanor of Austria, also called Eleonor of Castile and Éléonore de Habsbourg in France (15 November 1498 – 25 February 1558) was born Archduchess of Austria and Infanta of Castile from the House of Hab...

6/4/2007 11/21/2010

Claude de Valois-Orléans, reine de France MP (1499 - 1524)

"The Good", "Claude of France", "Duchess of Brittany", "Queen consort of France"

and in French: Claude of France (French: Claude de France, 14 October 1499 – 20 July 1524) was a princess and queen consort of France and ruling Duchess of Brittany, was the eldest daughter of Loui...

5/3/2007 11/21/2010

François I, roi de France MP (1494 - 1547)

"'le Chevalier'", "King Francis I", "His Most Christian Majesty", "Monsieur Le Roi", "Duke of Milan"

Francis I (French: François Premier and François d'Angoulême) (12 September 1494 – 31 March 1547), was crowned King of France in 1515 in the cathedral at Reims and reigned until 1547. Francis I is co...

4/7/2007 11/21/2010

Mary Rose Tudor MP (1496 - 1533)

"Queen of France", "Queen Dowager of France", "Queen Consort of France"

some sources refer to her as Mary Rose Tudor ======================= "Mary Tudor (18 March 1496 – 25 June 1533) was the fifth daughter of King Henry VII of England and queen consort of France throu...

2/6/2007 11/20/2010

Jeanne de France (1464-1505) Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. ) Jeanne de France (Valois) (née le 23 avril 1464 à Nogent-le-Roi - morte le 4 février 1505 à Bourges), seconde fille...

5/3/2007 11/20/2010

Louis XII, roi de France MP (1462 - 1515)

"Louis XII King of France", "the "Father of the People" (French: Le Père du Peuple)", "King Louis XII Of France"

Louis XII de France Links: The peerage: [ ] Geneall: [ ] English: [ ] Francais: [ ] Louis XII (27 June 1462 – 1 January 1515), called "the Father of the People" (French: Le Père du Peuple) ...

5/1/2007 11/20/2010

Anne de Bretagne, reine de France MP (1477 - 1514)

"Anne Duchess of Brittany", "Anne of Bertagne", "Anna of Brittany", "Anne de Bretagne; Anna Vreizh"

and in French; Anne, Duchess of Brittany (25 January 1477 – 9 January 1514),[1] also known as Anna of Brittany (French: Anne de Bretagne; Breton: Anna Vreizh), was a Breton ruler, who was to beco...

5/3/2007 11/20/2010

Charles VIII, roi de France MP (1470 - 1498)

"called the Affable (French: l'Affable)"

Charles VIII de France Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia King of France: Reign 30 August 1483 – 7 April 1498 (14 years, 220 days) Coronation 30 May 1484 (Reims) Predecessor: Loui...

5/11/2007 11/20/2010

Charlotte of Savoy(di Savoia) By marriage Princess of (dauphine de) France Queen Consort of (Reine de) France 22 July 1461 Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia

5/11/2007 11/20/2010

Margaret of Scotland, dauphine de France MP (1424 - 1445)

"Dauphine of /France/", "Of Scotland /Margaret/"

Princess of Scotland By Marriage Queen Consort of France Without issue Biography In 1435 she was betrothed to the future Louis XI, King of France. In 1436 an English flotilla, sent to interce...

5/11/2007 11/20/2010

Louis XI "le Prudent" de Valois, Roi de France MP (1423 - 1483)

"Louis /XI/", "King of France", "called the Prudent (French: le Prudent) and the Universal Spider (Middle French: l'universelle aragne) or the Spider King"

Charles The Prudent (French: le Prudent) Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia King of France: Reign 22 July 1461 − 30 August 1483 Coronation 15 August 1461, Reims Predecessor: Charles...

5/11/2007 11/20/2010

Marie d'Anjou, reine de France MP (1404 - 1463)

"Marie of /Anjou/"

Marie of Anjou From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Marie of Anjou (October 14, 1404–1463) was the daughter of Louis II of Anjou, King of Naples, titular King of Sicily, and Yolande of Aragon, Que...

5/2/2007 11/20/2010

Charles VII de Valois, roi de France MP (1403 - 1461)

"Charles de Valois; Charles VII de France; Charles VII 'le Victorieux' de France (trad.: es. 'el victorioso'; en. 'the victorious'); Charles VII 'le bien servi' de France (trad: es. 'el bien servido'", "'the well-served')"

Charles VII of France From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Charles VII (22 February 1403 – 22 July 1461), called the Victorious (French: le Victorieux) or the Well-Served (French:le Bien-Servi),...

5/11/2007 11/20/2010

Elisabeth von Bayern, reine de France MP (c.1369 - 1435)

"Isabella De Bavaria", "Isabeau", "Isabella", "Alžběta z Wittelsbachu", "Isabeau of Bavaria", "Isabel"

Isabeau of Bavaria (also Elisabeth of Bavaria-Ingolstadt ; c. 1370 – 24 September 1435) was Queen of France as the wife of King Charles VI, whom she married in 1385. She was born into the old and p...

2/11/2007 11/18/2010

Charles VI de Valois, roi de France MP (1368 - 1422)

"Charles VI "The Beloved" King of France", "The Beloved", "The Mad", "Emperior Charles IV", "The Mad King Of France", "Charles /Valois/", "Charles VI the Beloved // King of France", "Le Bien-Aimbe", "called the Beloved (French: le Bienaimé) and the Mad (French:le Fol or"

Charles VI (3 December 1368 – 21 October 1422), called the Well-loved (French: le Bien-Aimé) and the Mad (French: le Fol or le Fou), was the King of France from 1380 to 1422, as a member of the Hou...

2/11/2007 11/18/2010

Jeanne de Bourbon, reine de France MP (1339 - 1378)

"Joan /Bourbon/", "De \Bourbon\ /Jeanne/", "Queen consort of France"

Joanna of Bourbon From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jeanne de Bourbon (Vincennes, February 3, 1338 – February 6, 1378, Paris) was the Queen consort of France, due to her marriage to King Charles ...

5/3/2007 11/17/2010

Charles V le Sage, roi de France MP (1338 - 1380)

"the Wise", "Charles V "Le Sage" King Of France /(1364)/", "V "Le Sage" King Of France /Charles/", "V /Charles/", "Of France", "Charles /De Valois/", "Charles V "Le Sage" King Of /France/", "le \Sage\", "The Wise", "Le Sage", "called the Wise (el Sabio)", "le Sage' ~", ""the w..." ; Charles V of France From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Charles V (21 January 1338 – 16 September 1380), called the Wise, was King of France from 1364 to his death and a mem...

5/3/2007 11/17/2010

Jeanne d'Auvergne, reine consort de France MP (1326 - 1360)

"Jeanne De Auvergne Et /Boulogne/"

Jeanne d'Auvergne Jeanne d'Auvergne ou Jeanne de Boulogne (8 mai 1326 - 20 septembre 1360) est une comtesse d'Auvergne et de Boulogne, puis une reine de France par son second mariage. Elle est fill...

6/16/2008 11/16/2010

Bonne de Luxembourg, reine consort de France MP (1315 - 1349)

"Guta von Luxemburg", "Bonne de Luxembourg;", "Bona", "Jutte (Bona) Princess Of /Bohemia/", "Bonne /Luxemborg/", "Bonne De /Luxembourg/", "Bonne Of /Luxembourg/", "Bonne De /Luxenburg/", "Bonne", "Guta", "Bonne de Luxembourg"

Jutta was born in Prague, Bohemia on 20 May 1315, the second eldest daughter of John the Blind of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia and Elisabeth of Bohemia. Jutta was an elder sister of the future Holy Roma...

6/18/2007 11/16/2010

Jean II le Bon de Valois, roi de France MP (1319 - 1364)

"Jean II "The Good" King of France", "Jean II", "Jean of Burgundy", "Le Bon", "called the Good (French: Jean le Bon)", "Jean Philippe /DeBilly Seigneur Mauregard/", "Jean le Bon", "le bon", "The Good", "The Bold"

Jean II de France Jean II de France, dit Jean le Bon, (né le 26 avril 1319 au château du Gué de Maulny du Mans - mort à Londres le 8 avril 1364), fils du roi Philippe VI et de son épouse Jeanne de ...

6/18/2007 11/16/2010

Blanche de Navarre, reine de France MP (1331 - 1398)

"Blanche d'Évreux", "Blanche of Navarre Queen Consort of France"

and in French: Blanche of Navarre (French: Blanche de Navarre, Blanche d'Évreux; 1331 – 5 October 1398) was a Queen consort of France. She was the second child and daughter of Queen Joan II of Na...

5/11/2007 11/15/2010

Jeanne de Bourgogne, reine de France MP (1293 - 1348)

""la Boîteuse"", "The Lame", "Jeanne de Bourgogne"

Joan was the daughter of Robert II, Duke of Burgundy, and princess Agnes of France. Her mother was the youngest daughter of Louis IX and Marguerite of Provence. Her older sister, Marguerite de Bourgo...

5/11/2007 11/15/2010

Philip VI was the 1st French King of the House of Valois. History of the House of Valois and list of related descendants: In 1328, King Charles IV died without a direct male descendant; however...

5/11/2007 11/15/2010

Adélaïde la Blanche d'Anjou, Reine consort d'Aquitaine MP (c.946 - 1026)

"Blanche", "the White", "Adelaide "the White" d'Anjou", "Adela /d'Anjou/", "Blanca /d'Anjou/", "Adelaide /de Anjou/", "Blanche /de Anjou/", "Blanche /De Anjou/", "Adelais", "/Blanche/", "Arsinde d'Anjou", "Adelaide the White", "Blanche d'Anjou", "Blanca", "Arside Blanche d'Anjou"

Adélaïde 'Blanche' d'Anjou : Parents: Foulques II d'Anjou and Gerberge Spouses: 1. Etienne de Brioude 2. Raymond IV, Comte de Toulouse 3. Louis, Roi d'Aquitaine 4. Guillaume 'le Libérateu...

1/25/2007 11/15/2010

Louis V 'le Fainâeant' de France, Roi de Francie Occidentale MP (967 - 987)

"King Louis V of /France/", "called the Indolent or the Sluggard (from French Louis le Fainéant", "meaning "Louis Do-Nothing")"

Louis V of France From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Louis V (c. 967 – 21 May 987), called the Indolent or the Sluggard (from French Louis le Fainéant, meaning "Louis Do-Nothing"), was the Kin...

5/14/2007 11/15/2010

Adélaïde d'Aquitaine, reine des Francs MP (950 - 1004)

"Adélaïde of Poitiers", "Adelheid", "Adele", "Adelaide /Of Guienne/", "Adelaide //", "of Poitou /Adelaide/", "Adelaide of Poitiers", "Adelaide Of /Aquitane/", "Adelais /D' Aquitaine/", "Adelaide of Aquitaine", "Queen Consort of France", "Abdelahide", "Adelaide de Poitiers", "Adb..."

Adélaïde de Poitou d'Aquitaine Parents: Guillaume 'Tête d'étoupe' III d'Aquitaine & Geirlaug Adela de Normandie Spouse: Hugues Capet, Roi de France Children: 1. Gisèle, Countess of Ponthieu(c. ...

1/29/2007 11/15/2010

Hugues Capet, roi des Francs MP (c.940 - 996)


Reign: 3 July 987 – 24 October 996 Coronation: 3 July 987, Noyons Titles: Duke of the Franks, Count of Paris (956 – 987) Hugh Capet (c 940 – 24 October 996) was the first King of France of the ep...

1/29/2007 11/15/2010

Constance d'Arles, reine consort de France MP (987 - 1032)

"Constance of Provence", "Taillefer", "Constança de Provença", "of Arles", "of Toulouse", "of Berengar 'Berenger' Constance d'Arles", "Constance /De Toulouse/", "Constance de Taillefer", "Constance of Arles "Constance of Provence"", "Queen Consort of Western France", "Cons..."

"Constance d'Arles - also known as Constance de Provence [ .. ] fille de Guillaume Ier (c.950-†993) comte d’Arles, et Adélaïde d'Anjou (†1026)" Daughter of Guillaume Ier d'Arles (William I, cou...

1/29/2007 11/13/2010

Berthe de Bourgogne, Reine consort de France MP (964 - c.1010)

"Bertha of Burgundy and Queen Of France"

Bertha of Burgundy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Reign as consort 996-1000 Spouse Odo I, Count of Blois Robert II of France House House of Burgundy House of Capet Father Conrad of B...

8/27/2007 11/13/2010

Rozala d'Italie, reine consort de France MP (950 - c.1003)

"Rosali", "Rozalie of Italy", "Rozala di Italia", "van Ivrea", "de Ivrea", "of Provence", "Susannah of Italy", "Rosele", "DeIwill", "Suzanna", "Susanne", "Suzanne", "Susanna of /Ivrea/", "Susannah /Italy/", "Rozala /Provence/", "Susanna Of /Italy/", "Rosala of Lombardy", "Rosele /De Ita..."

Rozala Susanna de Provence, d'Italia, Gravinne van Vloandern, Reine de France Rozala of Italy (also known as Rozala of Provence, or Susannah of Italy) (c. 937–7 February 1003) was the daughter of K...

2/28/2007 11/13/2010

Robert II the Pious, King of the Franks MP (972 - 1031)

"the Pious"

"Comme pour son père Hugues Capet, on ne connaît ni la date, ni le lieu précis de la naissance de Robert, et cela bien que les historiens penchent fortement pour l’année 972 et pour Orléans, capitale d...

3/3/2007 11/12/2010

Anna of Kiev, Queen Consort of the Franks MP (1036 - 1075)

"Анна (Агнеса) Ярославна", "Anna/Agnesa Yaroslavna/ (Anna of Kiev Queen of France)aroslavna", "Anne of /Kiev/", "Anne of Kiev", "Anna Yaroslavna", "Queen", "Agnesa", "Jaroslavna Kiev", "Anne of Russia", "Ruthenian Queen Consort of Henri I", "Anne Yaroslavna", "Agnes", "Anne of..."

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Russia Rurikid (covering her birth family): IAROSLAV Vladimirovich, son of VLADIMIR I "Velikiy/the Great" Grand Prince of Kiev & his first wif...

1/29/2007 11/12/2010

Matilda of Frisia, queen consort of the Franks MP (1025 - 1044)

"Matilda of Frisia"

(from Mathilde de Frise (v.1024-1044), reine de France, fille de Luidolf de Frise et de Gertrude d'Eguisheim, nièce de Bruno, évêque de Toul qui est élu pape en 1049 sous le nom de Léon I...

5/14/2007 11/12/2010

Henry I, King of France MP (1009 - 1060)

Henry I (4 May 1008 – 4 August 1060) was the King of the Franks from 1031 to his death. The royal demesne of France reached its smallest size during his reign, and for this reason he is often seen ...

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Bertrade de Montfort, Reine des Francs MP (1059 - 1117)

"Also called Bertrada", "Bertrade De Montfort Countess Of /Chester/", "Countess of Chester /EVREUX/", "Bertrade De Montfort", "Queen Consort of the Franks", "Queen of the Franks"

Es incredible creer, mi numero 26 bisabuelita Bertrade de Montfort was the daughter of Simon I de Montfort and Agnes, Countess of Evereaux. She first married Fulk IV, Count of Anjou having a son na...

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Bertha of Holland MP (c.1058 - 1093)

"Bertha of Holland", "Bertha of Frisia", "Berthe de Holland", "Queen Consort of the Franks"

Bertha of Holland (c. 1055–1094) was the first wife and queen of Philip I of France, King of France. She was the daughter of (Florent I) Floris I, Count of Holland, by his wife Gertrude of Saxony, th...

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Philip I, king of France MP (1052 - 1108)

"Philippe Capet de France; Philippe "l'amoreaux" de France (trad: es. Felipe I "el enamorado" de Francia; en. Philip I "the amorous" of France ; de. Philipp I. Frankreich; ned. Filips I van Frankrijk)", "Philippe I /Capet/", "Philip I /Capet/", "the..."

Philippe is probably the first prince in Western Europe to receive this name which was going to continue until today. He owes it to his mother, Anne of Kiev, whose paternal great-grandfather Romanus ...

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Adélaïde of Maurienne, Queen of France MP (1092 - 1154)

"Adèle de Savoie", "Alix Countess of Savoy", "Adelaide de Maurienne Queen of France", "Adelaide de Savoie", "Adeliza", "Alix Countess Of /Savoy/", "Adelaide of Savoy (or Adelaide of Maurienne)"

And in French: Adelaïde de Savoie, Adèle de Savoie F, b. circa 1092, d. 1 August 1154, #2904 Father Count Humbert II of Savoy2,3 b. circa 1062, d. 14 October 1103 Mother Gisela of Burgundy2...

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Lucienne de Rochefort LUCIENNE (-6 May after 1137). Her betrothal is recorded by Orderic Vitalis, who calls her "Luciana", names her father and specifies that she later married "Guiscardo de Bello ...

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Louis VI the Fat, king of France MP (1081 - 1137)

"Louis VI the Fat King of France", "Louis Capet", "King Louis VI the Fat of France", "The Fat", ""le gros" (the fat) or "roi de Saint-Denis"", "the Fat (French: le Gros)", ""roi de Saint-Denis"", "Louis VI the Fat", "Louis /Capet/", "le Gros", "roi de Saint-Denis"

LOUIS VI OF FRANCE From Wikipedia, Louis VI (1 December 1081 – 1 August 1137), called the Fat (French: le Gros), was King of France from 1108 until his death (1137). Chronicles called him "roi de S...

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Charles "le Bel" Capet, roi de France MP (c.1294 - 1328)

"Charles IV King of France", ""The Beautiful"", "le Bel" (open this link for English version) Charles IV de France, dit Charles le Bel, né le 18 juin 1294 au château de Creil (Oise), mort le 1er février 1328 à Vincennes, fut comte de ...

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Blanche de Bourgogne (v. 1296-1326) ) Blanche de Bourgogne, née vers 1296, morte en avril 1326, fut, par mariage avec le futur Charles IV, reine de France quelques mois en 1322. Elle était la fil...

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Marie de Luxembourg (1305 - 1324) ) Marie de Luxembourg, née vers 1305, morte le 21 mars 1324 à Issoudun, fille de l'empereur Henri VII de Luxembourg et de Marguerite de Brabant. Le mariage du ro...

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Jeanne d'Évreux From Wikipedia ... ; the free encyclopedia Jeanne d'Évreux (1310 – 4 March 1371) was the third wife of King Charles IV of France, daughter of his uncle Louis d'Évreux and Margaret o...

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Jeanne I, comtesse d'Artois MP (1292 - 1330)

"Joan", "de Chalon", "also known as Jeanne de Bourgogne", "Jeanne", "Comtesse de Bourgogne and Joan", "Countess Palatine of Burgundy"

Jeanne II, Countess of Burgundy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jeanne, Countess of Burgundy (15 January 1291 - 21 January 1330), also known as Jeanne de Bourgogne, Jeanne, Comtesse de Bour...

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Philippe V "le Long", roi de France et de Navarre MP (1293 - 1322)

"Le Long", "the Tall"

Medlands (open this link for English version) Philippe V de France, dit Philippe le Long, né le 17 novembre 1291, mort le 3 janvier 1322 à Longchamp (Paris), est roi de France de 1316 à 1322, le ...

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Jean I, roi de France MP (1316 - 1316) John I (15 November 1316 – 20 November 1316), called the Posthumous, was King of France and Navarre, and Count of Champagne, as the son and successor of Louis X, for the five days he...

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Clemencia de Hungría MP (1293 - 1328)

Clémence de Hongrie Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Clémence de Hongrie, (née en 1293 - morte le 12 octobre 1328 à Paris), reine de France et de Navarre, fut la fille de Charles-Ma...

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Margaret of Burgundy, Queen of France From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Margaret of Burgundy, (French: Marguerite de Bourgogne) (1290 – August 14, 1315), was the first queen consort of King Lou...

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Louis X le Hutin, roi de France MP (1289 - 1316)

"Louis I of Navarre", "le Hutin", "el Obstinado", "the Quarreller", "the Headstrong", "the Stubborn", "The Headstrong", "called the Quarreller", "or the Stubborn (French: le Hutin; Spanish: el Obstinado)"

Ludvig X av Frankrike Louis X of France Louis X de France Louis X of France, Louis I of Navarre, (October 4, 1289 – King of Navarre since 1305 - King of France since 1314 - 5 June 1316), called t...

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Juana I, reina de Navarra MP (1273 - 1305)

"Jeanne of Navarre de Champagne", "Queen of France", "Jeanne Queen of Navarre", "Jeanne I de Navarre", "Johanna or Joan of Navarre", "Joan", "Countess of Champagne", "Queen regnant of Navarre", "Queen consort of France"

Joan I de Navarre, also known as Joanna or Joan of Navarre (c. 14 January 1271 – April 4, 1305), Queen regnant of Navarre and Queen consort of France, was the daughter of king Henry I of Navarre and Bl...

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Philippe IV le Bel, roi de France MP (1268 - 1314)

"Philippe", "Philip", "The Fair", ""The Fair"", "King Philip IV of /France/", "'The /Fair'/", "Philip IV the Fair // King of France", "the Fair", "Phillip IV", "King of France", "called the Fair (French: le Bel)", "le Bel", "Philip the Fair", "Philip I King of Navarre", "King of F..."

wikipedia - Philip IV of France Philip IV (April–June 1268 – 29 November 1314), called the Fair (French: le Bel), son and successor of Philip III, reigned as King of France from 1285 until his ...

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Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen consort of France and England MP (1124 - 1204)

"Princess Eleanor of Aquitaine", "Queen Consort of England and France", "Aliénor d’Aquitaine", "Éléonore de Guyenne", "Countesse of Poitiers et Duchesse of Aquitaine", "Eleanor of Aquitaine", "Elbeonore Of /Aquitaine/", "Eleanora", "Que...", "Duchess of Aquitaine", "Queen ..."

Eleanor of Aquitaine (Aliénor d'Aquitaine in French), Duchess of Aquitaine and Gascony and Countess of Poitou (1122[1] – April 1, 1204) was one of the wealthiest and most powerful women in Europe durin...

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Constance de Castille, reine consorte de France MP (c.1138 - 1160)

"Constance // of Castile", "Constance of Castille"

Constance de Castille (v. 1136-1160) Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. ) Constance de Castille (v. 1136 † 6 octobre 1160) est une infante de Castille et une reine de France par son...

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Adèle de Champagne, reine de France MP (1140 - 1206)

"Alix", "Alice", "Adèle", "Reine de France", "Countess of Champagne", "Adela of Blois", "Адела (Аликс) дьо Блуа-Шампан", "Countess of Champagne /Adele/", "Alix de Champagne", "Queen of France"

Adèle of Champagne (c. 1140 – 4 June 1206), also known as Adelaide and Alix, was the third wife of Louis VII of France and the mother of his only male heir, the future Philip II. She was also the daugh...

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Louis VII le Jeune, roi de France MP (1120 - 1180)

"Louis VII le Jeune", "o Jovem", "the Young", "The Younger", "Louis VII King of France", "The Young", "Louis VII", "King of France"

Different birth dates: 9/18/1120 or 8/29/1120 Died September 18, 1180[aged 60] Saint-Pont, Allier Burial Saint Denis Basilica Louis VII, called the Younger or the Young, French: Louis le Jeune (112...

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THE PRINCESS IN THE TOWER.Feb2006History Todayby Sanmark, Alex Table of ContentFOR FURTHER READING Alex Sanmark tells the strange tale of the ill-fated marriage of Philip Augustus of France and his...

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Agnès de Méranie MP (1180 - 1201)

"Agnes Marie of Meran"

Nedan från koenig_von_frankreich_1223.html Der Thronfolger war dem Vater spät geboren worden. Nach 28 Ehejahren Ludwigs VII. hatte seine 3. Gemahlin, Adela vonChampagne, am 21. August 1165 ...

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Isabelle de Hainaut, Reine de France MP (1170 - 1190)

"Isabelle d'Artois", "Isabella of Hainault", "Elizabeth"

Isabelle de Hainaut Birth: Apr. 23, 1170 Death: Mar. 15, 1190 Isabelle de Hainaut French Queen. Wife of Philipp II. Auguste. The marriage between the two was probably aranged by his advisors an...

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Philip II Augustus, king of France MP (1165 - 1223)

"Philippe II of France", "a Dádiva de Deus", "'Dieu-donne' Given by God Capet Augustus", "Philippe // II", "Augustus", "Филип II Огюст", "Philippe II Auguste", "Auguste", "Philippe //", "Philippe II Auguste Capétiens", "Philippe II Auguste roi de France", "Philippe // (Geni .."

PHILIP II OF FRANCE From Wikipedia, And in French: Philip II Augustus (French: Philippe Auguste) (21 August 1165 – 14 July 1223) was the King of France from 1180 until his death. A member of th...

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Blanche de Castille, reine consort de France MP (c.1188 - 1252)

"Branca or Blanche de Borgoña", "also know as Blanca", "Princess Of Castile", "**Blanche of Castile //", "Blanche Alphonsa of /Castile/", "Blanca de Castilla", "Blanche de Castille", "reine consort de France", "Blanche Alphonsa of /Castile/ (Geni Tree Match)"

Blanca de Castilla De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Blanca de Castilla, también conocida como Blanca de Borgoña (Palencia, 4 de marzo de 1188 – Melun, 1252), fue infanta de Castilla y reina co...

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Louis VIII le Lion, roi de France MP (1187 - 1226)

"Louis VIII 'the Lion' King of France", "le Lion", "the Lion", "Coeur de Lion", "The Lion", "/Louis/", "Louis VIII le Lion", "roi de France", "/Louis/ (Geni Tree Match)"

From Wikipedia, Louis VIII of France Louis VIII the Lion King of the Franks and Count of Artois Reign 14 July 1223 – 8 November 1226 Coronation 6 August 1223, Reims Titles Count of Arto...

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Maria of Brabant MP (1254 - 1321)

Marie de Brabant1 F, b. 1256, d. 12 January 1321 Marie de Brabant was born in 1256 at Louvain, Belgium. She was the daughter of Henri III de Brabant, Duc de Brabant and Alix de Bourgogne. She m...

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Isabelle d'Aragon, reine consort de France MP (1243 - 1271)

"Princess of Aragon", "Queen consort of France"

Find a Grave Isabella of Aragon, Queen consort of France. Consort 1270- 28 January 1271 Consort to Philip III Father James I of Aragon Mother Violant of Hungary Born 1247 Died 28 January ...

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Philippe III le Hardi, roi de France MP (1245 - 1285)

"крал Филип III", "Phillip III", "The Bold", "Le Hardi", "El Atrevido", "King of France", "He was called "the Bold" on the basis of his abilities in combat and on horseback and not his character.", "The Bold ~ 'le Hardi'", "Phillip the Bold", "Philip the Bold", "Duke of Or..."

From Wikipedia, Philip III (30 April 1245 – 5 October 1285), called the Bold (French: le Hardi), was the King of France, succeeding his father, Louis IX, and reigning from 1270 to 1285. He was a memb...

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Marguerite de Provence, reine consort de France MP (1221 - 1295)

"Marguerite of Provence", "Marguerite", "Margaret Queen of France", "Countess of Provence", "**Marguerite of Provence //", "Marguerite de Provence", "reine consort de France", "Margarida de Provença", "**Marguerite of Provence // (Geni Tree Match)", "Queen of France"

Marguerite of Provence Marguerite of Provence (Forcalquier, c. 1221 – December 21, 1295, Paris) was the eldest daughter of Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Provence and Beatrice of Savoy. Her materna...

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Louis IX, Roi de France1,2 , b. 25 April 1215, d. 25 August 1270 Louis IX, Roi de France was born on 25 April 1215 at Poissy, Île-de-France, France. He was the son of Louis VIII, Roi de France ...

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Louis III, king of Western Francia MP (c.835 - 882)

"The Younger", "der Jüngere", "le Jeune"

Louis III (863–865 – 5 August 882), King of Western Francia, was the second son of King Louis the Stammerer and Ansgarde, and became king, jointly with his brother Carloman, on his father's death in 87...

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Carloman, king of Bavaria MP (c.830 - 880)

"Bavaria", "Karlmann", "King Carloman of Bavaria", "King Carloman of /Italy/", "King Carloman of /Bavaria/", "duke of Carinthia", "king of Bavaria & Italy"

Summary for Carloman I, King of Bavaria Relationships Parents: Father: Ludwig II "der Deutsche" King of the East Franks, Ludwig I King of Lotharingia (c806 - 28 August 876 Frankfurt-am-Main, bu...

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Charles II "the Bald", Western Emperor MP (823 - 877)

"Charles II "the Bald"", ""le Chauve"", ""el Calvo"", "Karel "de Kale"", ""il Calvo"", "Charles II", "Holy Roman Emperor", "King of West Francia", "Charles the Bald", "The Bald", "Emperor of HolyRoman empire", "Karel de Kale", "Charles the Bald.he was not in fact bald", "but rat..."

Ben M. Angel notes: Again, if the year is before 962, it is not the Holy Roman Empire, and the ruler is not the Holy Roman Emperor. The first Emperor of the entity that later becomes known as the Hol...

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