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Nicholas de Lewknor MP (c.1179 - 1267)

3/23/2011 12/28/2017

Sir Richard Lewknor, Kt. MP (c.1362 - d.)

10/16/2009 10/15/2012

Margaret Coven MP (c.1373 - d.)


10/16/2009 10/15/2012

Eleanor Myll MP (c.1394 - d.)


CAREW1 Elizabeth CAREW Born: ABT 1372, Mallerforde, Buckinghamshire, England Died: 25 Sep 1410 Father: John CAREW Mother: Agnes MARTIN Married: Roger LEWKNOR (b. ABT 1369 - d. BEF 1405) ABT...

7/4/2008 10/15/2012

William Scott was the son of John Scott and Agnes Beaufitz, and was married to Sybilla Lewknor, the daughter of John Lewknor (killed at Battle of Tewkesbury) and Johanna Halsham. In her own right Syb...

4/13/2007 10/15/2012

Sir John Lewknor, of Goring MP (1406 - 1471)

Driven to rebellion? Sir John Lewknor, dynastic loyalty and debt by Malcolm Mercer The events leading up to the death of Sir John Lewknor, fighting for the Lancastrians at the battle of Tewkesb...

10/11/2012 10/11/2012

Edmund Lewknor, of Tangmere MP (1496 - 1545)

In 1535 Archbishop Cranmer granted Edmund Lewknor a 50-year lease of Tangmere Manor. The Lewknors continued to lease the manor after its confiscation by Henry VIII in 1542 and re-grant to Cardinal Pole...

4/11/2008 12/22/2010

Elizabeth (Lewknor) Stoughton MP (1532 - 1630)


She was born before the christening records were kept at Tangmere, but her identity is known from her father's will. Sources Martin Hollick, The Royal Line of Rose (Stoughton) Otis 1629-ca. 1677 ...

4/9/2008 12/22/2010

Beatrice Kempe MP (c.1355 - 1390)

There seems to be 3 Beatrice de Lewknors as follows: 1. Beatrice (Lewknor) Roper[b1335 Gretworth, Norhtants] 2. Beatrice Lewknor[b1375, Cuckfield] 3. Beatrice (Lewknor)Kemp [b 1355 Sussex] The ...

8/27/2007 12/22/2010

Sir Roger Lewknor, of Horsted Keynes MP (c.1369 - bef.1405)

He was Knight of the Shire (Member of Parliament, 4th Hen IV). Collections for a history of Staffordshire, Volume 2 By Staffordshire Record Society

7/25/2007 12/22/2010

Sir Thomas de Lewknor, of Horsted Keynes MP (c.1392 - 1452)

"Thomas Lewkenor Sir Knight", "Thomas Lewckenor", "Thomas Lewkin"

He was Knight of the Shire (Member of the House of Commons). A Lancastrian, he was attainted under Richard III. Sir Thomas Lewknor was born circa 1392.1 He married Phillippe Dallingridge, daughter ...

3/20/2007 12/22/2010

Roger Lewknor, of Trotton MP (c.1421 - 1478)

"Roger Lewkenor"

He was Lord of Dedisham (Sussex) and Trotton (Surrey). He was restored in blood in 1477. His children were entitled to quarter the arms of Lewknor, Dallingridge, Tregoz, Folyott, Camoys, Bardolph, Gran...

8/12/2007 12/22/2010

Nicholas de Lewknor MP (c.1211 - bef.1268)

He was Lord of Rayne, and Keeper of the Wardrobe of King Henry III. The Lewknor family takes its name from the hundred of the same name in Oxford. Arms of Lewknor: Azure three chevrons Argent.

11/27/2008 12/21/2010

Roger de Lewknor MP (c.1243 - 1294)

He was Lord of Selmeston, Itford and Horsted Keynes, and Sheriff of Surrey (1284).

11/27/2008 12/21/2010

Thomas de Lewknor MP (c.1270 - 1337)


8/12/2007 12/21/2010

Roger de Lewknor, Sheriff of Sussex MP (c.1304 - 1363)

"Roger Lewckenor", "Roger Lewkenor"

He was Knight of the Shire (1336), and Sheriff of Sussex (1341, 1347, 1356, 1358). He seems to have been a retainer of the de Clare family. He held the manors of Horsted Keynes and Selmeston (Sussex), ...

8/12/2007 12/21/2010

Sir Thomas de Lewknor, Knight MP (c.1341 - 1375)

8/12/2007 12/21/2010