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Brian Bowman MP

Winnipeg, Division No. 11, Manitoba, Canada

Brian Bowman is the current Mayor of Winnipeg (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) since November 4, 2014.

11/22/2017 11/23/2017

Sheldon Sharik Souray (born July 13, 1976) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey defenceman who played 13 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) for the New Jersey Devils, Montreal Canadi...

4/3/2017 4/3/2017

Louis Paschal Chevalier MP (1730 - 1779)

"Louis", "Pascal"

9/6/2007 3/25/2016

James Ross MP (1835 - 1871)

JAMES ROSS (1835-71) Canadian journalist, lawyer, and member of the provisional government established by Louis Riel during the Red River Rebellion of 1869-70 James Ross is the son of Alexander Ros...

8/27/2013 2/12/2016

John Wolcott, IV MP (c.1695 - d.)

Joanna Woolcott, b. 1687 Newbury MA, d. 1751; m. Samuel Wheeler 1704 Brookfield MA, great-grandson of Pilgrim, William White. (4) Ruth Woolcott, b. c.1693, d. 1723 Brookfield, unmarried. (4) John W...

10/12/2009 1/6/2016

Antoine Lampreau, elder MP (1823 - 1909)


12/30/2012 3/1/2015

Nancy McKay MP (1831 - 1867)

MARY MCKAY Nancy McKay is the daughter of William McKay and his wife Mary Bunn. She is reported to have been born at Rupert House in Saskatchewan, Canada, on 11 May 1831 [doing canadianhistory n.0] d...

8/31/2011 9/27/2014

Reverend James Taylor MP (1850 - 1924)

THE REVEREND JAMES TAYLOR (1850-1924) Sometime Anglican Missionary to the Ahtahkakoops Band of the Cree Nation, then Principal of Emanuel College (Indian Industrial School), and afterwards Secretary ...

8/31/2011 9/25/2014

John Norquay MP (1841 - 1889)

JOHN NORQUAY Canadian Politician: He played only a minor role in the events of Louis Riel's Red River Rebellion (1869–70), but decided to enter public life shortly thereafter. He was acclaimed for th...

9/25/2014 9/25/2014

Paul Nioherasha (Thibaudier)Delaronde born 1813 son of Voyageur Charles Francois Denys Thibaudiere Delaronde and Madeleine Pewadjwonokwe Delarond from Kanesatake their own ancestors include Simom @ Jea...

9/27/2012 3/10/2014

de la Ronde LETTERS - Ida Schneider to J. C. Bonenfant From the Nipigon Historical Museum Archives March 24, 1964 Mr. J.C. Bonenfant Bibliothecaire Hotel du Gouvernement Quebec City Canada Dear M...

9/27/2012 3/10/2014

Donald Daniel Ross MP (1822 - 1885)

"Donald Ross", "Donald Hénault dit Ross"

Fought at the Battle of the Grand Couteau against Dakota Sioux in 1851 as well as Battle of Batoche in 1885 He died in the Battle at Batoche.. Source: by Del Majore.

11/16/2008 5/23/2013

Urbaine Delorme, I MP (c.1798 - 1886)

"Urbaine Delorme", "Urbaine Henault dit Delorme", "Urbain Henault dit Delorme"

Historian Lawrence Barkwell on the website Scribd called Urbaine Sr. the 'Richest Man on the Prairies'. He was chosen Captain of the Hunt up to 25 straight years. Urbain Delorme - The Rich Man of t...

1/14/2010 5/23/2013

Marie Marguerite Grant MP (c.1805 - 1856)

"Mary McGillis", "Marie-Marguerite McGillis"

Marie McGillis, wife of Cuthbert Grant Jr. was a descendant of the McGillis' & MacDonald's of Glengarry County. These two families were United Empire Loyalists, who served Canada in War of 1812, and th...

12/10/2008 5/23/2013

Robert Lyons MP (c.1760 - d.)

My 6th Great Grandfather, Robert Lyons, served the fur trade at Fort Albany, Osnaburgh House, Fort Gibraltar, and Brandon House. Sources: Dunn, W. S. (2000). Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online. Un...

4/8/2012 5/23/2013

John Lyons MP (c.1786 - c.1875)

John continued with the Fur Trading tradition, married Marguerite Kipling, also a Fur Trading family. Both John & Nancy are part of Manitoba Fur Trade history. See source: JOHN LYONS (c1786-1875) MAR...

1/1/2011 5/23/2013

Alexander Duncan Munro MP (1857 - d.)

MUNROE, Alexander Duncan. Born 1842 [See comment of descendant, Troy Sharp, below. Some internet sites apparently confuse Alexander with another individual of the same name: Born 20 March 1857 Red Rive...

2/3/2009 4/28/2013

Susan McGillivray MP (c.1769 - 1819)

Susan was a Cree lady whom William McGillivray had taken as 'country wife' in the tradition of the fur traders. They were the parents of three sons and a daughter, though one son did not survive to adu...

9/27/2011 3/20/2013

Alexis Cuillerier dit Beaubien MP (c.1745 - 1780)

12/31/2009 2/20/2013

Margaret Roy MP (c.1810 - 1843)

From: Author: Wayne Jones The information regarding Margaret ROY or she sometimes appears with the English equivalent KING is from a B.I.A. (Bureau of Indian Affairs) Probate File - Sault Ste. Mari...

1/23/2013 1/23/2013

Francois Roy MP (1796 - 1842)

1/23/2013 1/23/2013

Therese McGillivray MP (c.1800 - 1869)

From: Author: Wayne Jones PROP: 18 SEP 1877 Claim no. 2841; Scrip no. 12362 to 12365, Dec. 10, 1878 Baptism: 21 JUN 1836 St. James, Red River Colony Note: She was of mixed blood, French and Chipp...

9/27/2011 1/23/2013

Vincent S. Roy, Sr. MP (c.1795 - 1872)

From: Wayne Jones, author According to the details at the Hudson Bay Company, Vincent worked for the North West Company from 1819 till the merger in 1821. He then started working for the Hudson Bay...

2/3/2011 1/23/2013

John Corrigal MP (deceased)

NAME: CORRIGAL, PETER PARISH: Orphir, Orkney ENTERED SERVICE: 1797 DATES: 1782 [CORRIGLE] Islands d. Oct.10,1866 Appointments & Service Outfit Year*: Position: Post: District: HBCA Reference: ...

6/3/2011 1/22/2013

Francois Richard MP (1770 - 1872)

Claim #2427 Scrip #9710-9719

6/22/2008 1/22/2013

Marguerite Riel, metis(Sask) MP (c.1792 - 1890)

7/20/2007 1/21/2013

Thomas Alfred Majore MP (1909 - 1978)


Thomas "Tommy' Majore (b. 1909- d. 1978) was a proud Metis. He grew up in the traditional Metis community of Lebret, Saskatchewan. The 1940's were the years of his greatest achievements when he was a P...

4/13/2012 7/23/2012

Catherine Tate MP (deceased)

9/19/2011 10/17/2011

Ann Hallett MP (1809 - 1889)


ANN HALLETT Ann Hallett is the daughter of Henry Hallett and his wife Catherine Tenanse. She was born on 31 May 1809. Red River Ancestry: Henry Hallett

12/11/2007 10/17/2011

Andrew Fidler MP (1806 - 1846)

ANDREW FIDLER Andrew Fidler is the som of Peter Fidler and his wife Mary. He was born on 29 November 1806. Hudson's Bay Company Biographical Sheets: Peter Fidler

12/11/2007 10/17/2011

Elizabeth Anderson MP (1865 - 1920)

3/14/2010 10/17/2011

Kahnawpawamakan MP (c.1769 - 1813)


Scrip affidavit for Nancy (Cook) Garrioch states that her mother was Kahnawpawamakan, a member of the Cree nation.

10/18/2007 10/17/2011

William Erasmus, elder MP (1835 - d.)

9/1/2011 10/17/2011

Sarah Birston MP (c.1809 - 1833)

1/1/2011 10/17/2011

Alexander Birston, Jr. MP (1804 - 1869)

11/10/2010 10/17/2011

Margaret Twat MP (c.1767 - d.)

11/10/2009 9/27/2011

Nancy Rowand MP (1818 - 1850)

They appear to have had four daughters and two sons. Nancy Harriott died in 1850.

8/30/2011 9/23/2011

JOHN EDWARD HARRIOTT younger John Edward Harriott is the son of John Edward Harriott and his wife Nancy Rowand. Red River Ancestry St. Andrews, Selkirk, Manitoba, 1901 17-18 April 1901 St. Andrew...

9/16/2010 9/23/2011

Alexander Birston MP (c.1775 - 1829)

ALEXANDER BIRSTON Hudson's Bay Company Employee, 1793-1816 was born in the Orkney island parish of South Ronaldsay, in Scotland, in about 1775. His father's name has not been identified [Hudson's B...

11/10/2010 9/23/2011

Patasagawis (Nancy) Ann Henry MP (c.1787 - 1838)

"Patasagawis; Patasagausk"

9/2/2011 9/23/2011

John Peter Pruden MP (1778 - 1869)

Excerpt from George Simpson’s Character Book “ … A man of good conduct and character and of respectable appearance and manner but weak minded vain & silly without decision in or knowledge of business...

9/2/2011 9/23/2011

Catherine Tenanse MP (1774 - 1817)

Cree *2nd Wife of Henry-Senior HALLETT: .. +Catherine-TANSEE-DANSEE DUNGAS b: Abt. 1790 in Rupert's Land; being baptized October 18th 1824 in St John's in Old Kildonan, Red River Settlement [Manitoba...

9/23/2011 9/23/2011

Thomas Jonathan Fidler MP (1795 - 1875)

5'6 l/2", not fit for being an Interpreter disobedient, careless of property and afraid of the Indians but very hardy & ingenious" Source : Hudson's Bay Company Archives _____________________...

4/16/2007 9/23/2011

Charles Fidler MP (1798 - 1886)

9/29/2010 9/23/2011

Peter Fidler MP (1769 - 1822)

Peter Fidler was born in Bolsover, Derbyshire, England and at the age of 19 years signed a 5 year contract with the Hudson Bay Co. (H.B.C.) as a labourer at York Factory. Because of competition between...

9/26/2010 9/23/2011

Elizabeth Margaret Linklater MP (1829 - 1863)

Adopted the surname "Thomas" when her mother married Simon Thomas.

4/16/2007 9/22/2011

Margaret Favel MP (1839 - d.)

RG15 , Interior , Series D-II-8-b , Volume 1327 , Reel C-14938 , Access code: 90 File Title: Favel, Margaret - Concerning her claim as a head of family - Address, Edmonton - Born, St. Andrews in 1839...

4/23/2010 9/22/2011

John Robert Moore MP (1862 - d.)

In 1884 Robert MOORE (age 22) was recruited by General WOLSELEY as part of a group of 392 Canadian boatmen known as the Nile Voyageurs. This is the same Gen. WOLSELY whose troops ended the RIEL rebelli...

9/22/2011 9/22/2011

Grace Sanderson MP (1861 - d.)

In 1910 Agnes & Robert adopted Tena Irene, an illegitimate child of Sarah LAMBERT and George DICKINSON (1860-1930). Sarah LAMBERT was Grace’s niece, daughter of her sister, Harriet SANDERSON & Andrew L...

9/22/2011 9/22/2011

Jane McKenzie MP (deceased)

9/22/2011 9/22/2011

Roderick McKenzie, Jr. MP (c.1805 - 1850)

Apparently in 1844 Roderick Junior killed an Indian in a drunken brawl near Lake Nipissing (ref 27). He was acquitted on the murder charge, but his excessive drinking brought about his dismissal from t...

9/22/2011 9/22/2011

Roderick McKenzie MP (1772 - 1859)

Note: Do not confuse with Roderick McKenzie (1761-1844) of Terrebonne, or RODERICK McKENZIE JR (c1791-1830) who married SARAH “SALLY” SUTHERLAND (c1801-1829). .=== In 1839, appointed to the Council...

9/20/2011 9/22/2011

Colin Inkster MP (1843 - d.)


the Hon. Colin Inkster, served as High Sheriff of Manitoba for fifty-two years, and was acknowledged to be “a walking encyclopedia of Red River history,” in an article published in the Winnipeg Free Pr...

11/18/2007 9/21/2011

Josette Work MP (1809 - 1896)

""Little Rib""

Source Despite his infamous past romantic adventures, when Work met Josette Lagace in 1826 he became a devoted husband. Josette was a Metis (French voyageur father, Spokane Indian mother) girl who ...

9/21/2011 9/21/2011

John Work MP (c.1792 - 1861)

9/21/2011 9/21/2011

Reverend Henry Budd MP (c.1810 - 1875)

"Sakachuwescum or Going Up the Hill"

Rev. Henry Budd was the first Aboriginal ordained minister in the Church of England. Ordained December 22, 1850 at St. Andrew’s Church on the Red River.

9/1/2011 9/21/2011

A-pis-ta-Squa-sish MP (deceased)

Was paid an annuity after Matthew Cocking's death.

12/5/2010 9/21/2011

Mary Mith-coo-coo-man-E'Squew Cocking MP (c.1782 - c.1853)

"Mary Cocking", "Agathas"

From "Many Tender Ties" pg 140.... William Hemmings Cook persuaded to have his 35 year old union with Mary (Agathas) Cocking blest by the church, although the couple had lived in Red River since the ea...

12/5/2010 9/21/2011

Matthew Cocking MP (1743 - 1799)

"Cochin", "Cockan", "Cockings", "Coggins", "Goggins"

MATTHEW COCKING Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1765-99 Dictionary of Canadian Biography Hudson's Bay Company Biographical Sheets References: Dictionary of Canadian Biography , Vol. IV; biogr...

12/5/2010 9/21/2011

John Humprey Favel, junior MP (1740 - 1784)

JOHN FAVEL junior Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1754-84 Hudson's Bay Company Archives: Biographical Sheets Biographical and Genealogical Accounts Red River Ancestry: John Favel Hudson's Bay...

7/16/2011 9/21/2011

Colin Campbell McKenzie MP (1836 - d.)

9/20/2011 9/20/2011

Rev, Benjamin McKenzie MP (1837 - 1928)

9/26/2010 9/20/2011

Eliza Garrioch MP (1824 - 1894)

9/27/2010 9/20/2011

Mary Favel MP (1824 - 1891)

MARY FAVEL=== ===MARY FAVEL Her Metis Script Affidavit St. Andrews 26 July 1875: Scrip affidavit for Sanderson, Mary; born: May 1824; husband: James Sanderson (deceased); father: Thomas Favel (Méti...

9/19/2011 9/20/2011

Samuel Favel MP (1820 - 1896)

SAMUEL FAVEL Samuel Favel is the son of Thomas Favel and his wife Sally. He was born at Fort Ellice in the North West Territories on 11 June 1820. Library and Archives Canada, Metis Script Applicatio...

9/19/2011 9/20/2011

Richard Favel, Sr MP (1812 - 1873)


9/19/2011 9/20/2011

Jean "aka John" James Favel MP (c.1797 - 1821)

"Jack Favel"


9/19/2011 9/20/2011

Sarah Spence MP (c.1815 - 1891)

SARAH FAVEL (aka SALLY FAVEL) Red River Ancestry: Thomas Favel

9/19/2011 9/20/2011

Thomas Favel, Sr. MP (c.1780 - 1848)

THOMAS FAVEL Hudson's Bay Company Servant, 1793-1822 Thomas Favel is the son of John Favel and his wife Titameg (aka Whitefish). He was born in about 1780. Red River Ancestry: Thomas Favel Death ...

9/19/2011 9/20/2011

Mary Faries MP (c.1853 - 1938)

11/14/2008 9/20/2011

Joseph Favel MP (1828 - d.)

JOSEPH FAVEL Joseph Favel is the son of Thomas Favel and his wife Sarah Trout. He was born at St. Andrew's parish in Manitoba on 1 January 1828. [Library and Archives Canada, Metis Script Application...

4/23/2010 9/20/2011

Sarah "Sally Pa Sa" (Cree) Favel MP (1780 - 1874)


SARAH TROUT (aka SALLY TROUT) Metis Script Application by her son Joseph Favel ST. ANDREWS, 2 August 1878: Scrip affidavit for JOSEPH FAVEL born: January 1, 1828; father: Thomas Favel; mother: Sara...

9/19/2011 9/20/2011

Charles Favel MP (1823 - 1933)


9/19/2011 9/20/2011

Humphrey Martin Favel MP (c.1771 - 1810)

Note: HUMPREY MARTIN FAVEL is NOT "Humprey MARTEN", THE Chief Factor of York. He was named after Humprey MARTEN. Humphrey was born in 1771. He passed away in 1810. Humphrey Martin FAVELL was born 177...

9/20/2011 9/20/2011

Cuthbert Grant II MP (1793 - 1854)

"“Captain-General of all the Half-Breeds” and Warden of the Plains"

CUTHBERT GRANT Fur Trader with North West Compan: First leader of the Métis people Red River Ancestry Wikipedia: Cuthbert Grant Angus McGillis lived next door to his son-in-law Cuthbert Grant...

12/10/2008 9/20/2011

Mary Inkster MP (1804 - c.1892)

Mary was named after William’s youngest sister.

6/8/2007 9/18/2011

Born at Kildonan on 20 February 1848, of mixed-blood origin, Garrioch studied theology at St. John’s College during the Red River Rebellion of 1869-70. He negotiated with Riel for safe passage for his ...

9/16/2011 9/16/2011

Edward Bird MP (1883 - d.)

Script Affidavit for the Children of William Gilbert Bird and Harriet Cumming Bird, Frederick, Robert, Edward, and Donald; address: Willow Creek; claim no. 1129; born: 4 August, 1883 at Prince Albert...

9/16/2011 9/16/2011

Harriet Cumming MP (1855 - d.)

HARRIET CUMMING Script Affidavir for Harriet Cumming Scrip affidavit for Bird, Harriet (nee Cumming); wife of Willam G. Bird; born: 25 August, 1855; father: Robert Cumming; mother: Jane Monkman = D...

9/16/2011 9/16/2011

William Gilbert Bird MP (1848 - 1942)

Script Affidavit for William Gilbert Bird Scrip affidavit for Bird, William Gilbert; born: 25 July 1848; father: Frederick Adolphus Bird; mother: Ann Garrick = Demande de certificat pour Bird, Willia...

9/16/2011 9/16/2011

Anne Bird MP (1826 - 1919)

9/16/2011 9/16/2011

William Garrioch MP (1786 - 1844)

WILLIAM GARRIOCH (c1779-1849) NANCY (nee COOK) SUTHERLAND (c1785-1876) (Last Updated: August 06, 2013) William GARRIOCH was born around 1779 in the Orkneys of Scotland, said to have been a son ...

12/9/2007 9/16/2011

Nancy Calder MP (c.1787 - 1880)

Around 1828 Sam married Nancy Ann CALDER at York Factory, the eldest daughter of half-breed Nancy LINDSAY and Captain James CALDER (1775-1824) from the Orkneys of Scotland.

7/17/2008 9/16/2011

Thomas McNab MP (1782 - 1866)

8/30/2011 9/14/2011

WASH-E-SOO-E'SQUAW (aka MARY BUDD or AGATHAS) Wash-e-soo-E'Squew (alias Mary Budd or Agathas) was born ca.1780 and baptised in 1828 She married "Budd", a Muskego Cree Hudson's Bay Company Biographica...

12/6/2010 9/14/2011

Rev. John Alexander MacKay MP (1838 - 1923)

Church of England priest, educator, and translator; b. 14 July 1838 in Mistassini (Moose Factory, Ont.), tenth of the twelve children of William McKay and Mary Bunn, who were both of mixed blood; broth...

8/30/2011 9/14/2011

William Hemmings Cook MP (1768 - 1846)

Added by Vada McNicol - Citing this Record "England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975," index, FamilySearch ( ), William Hemmings Cook, 30 May 1768; citing SAINT ANDREW,HOLBORN,LONDON,ENGLAND, referen...

10/18/2007 9/14/2011

John Stuart, Canadian Fur Trader and Explorer MP (1780 - 1847)

"Chief Factor of The Hudson Bay Company"

Wikipedia contributors. " John Stuart (explorer) ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

12/28/2010 9/14/2011

Edward Umfreville MP (c.1755 - d.)

EDWARD UMFREVILLE aka HUMPHREYVILLE (c1755-) INDIAN WOMAN ===EDWARD HUMPHREYVILLE=== Biographical Accounts Red River Ancestry Dictionary of Canadian Biography Nipigon to Winnipeg

9/3/2011 9/14/2011

John Inkster MP (1798 - 1874)

"Orkney Johnny"

JOHN INKSTER Stonemason, Merchant and Politician in Manitoba: Member of the Council of Assiniboia from 1857 to 1868 John Inkster came to Rupert's Land in 1819, where he was employed as a stonemason...

6/8/2007 9/14/2011

Rachel Harriott MP (1840 - 1909)

RACHEL HARRIOTT Metis Scrip Application Scrip affidavit for Bunn, Rachel for herself and as heirs of Thomas Bunn; widow of Thomas Bunn; born: June 9, 1840; father: John Edward Harriott (English); m...

8/30/2011 9/14/2011

John Heckenberger MP (c.1840 - d.)

9/2/2011 9/13/2011

Jane Renville MP (1831 - 1926)

"Janette Heckland", "Jane Wakinburg Bruce"

Red River Pioneer Passes Away at Her Home Near Pembina at 105 Years of Age From Pembina Express: -- Mrs. John Baptiste Renville, mother of J. R. Renville of Pembinatownship, died at the home of her s...

9/2/2011 9/13/2011

William Flett MP (1775 - 1819)

9/2/2011 9/13/2011

John Edward Harriott, Sr MP (1797 - 1866)

JOHN EDWARD HARRIOT Hudson's Bay Company Chief Factor: "A very promising and interested young man well acquainted in the way of Trade and much beloved by the Natives" John Edward Harriot was born...

8/30/2011 9/12/2011

Excellent account of Colin Sinclair's life at [doing canadianhistory: Captain Colin Robertson Sinclair]

11/17/2007 9/12/2011

Lisette Louise Umphreville MP (c.1790 - c.1849)

8/31/2011 9/9/2011

Sir George Simpson MP (1792 - 1860)

""The Little Emperor" "Father of the Fur Trade""

SIR GEORGE SIMPSON Governor-in-Chief of the Hudson's Bay Company, 1820-60 Sir George Simpson is the illegitimate son of George Simpson, writer at Dingwall in Ross-shire, Scotland. He was born durin...

1/28/2009 9/8/2011

Harriet Lillie Asham MP (1884 - d.)

Asham, James; concerning the claim of his daughter, Harriet Lillie Asham; claim no. 395; address: Kinisota born: 5 April 1884 at Ebb Flow Lake Reserve; father: James Asham (Métis & deponent); mother: C...

6/2/2011 9/5/2011

Robert Campbell MP (1886 - 1886)

Campbell, Louison; heir to his deceased son, Robert Campbell; claim no. 316; address: near Winnipegosis; born: 1886 at Kenesota; father: Louison Campbell (Métis & deponent); mother: Flora (Métis); died...

1/13/2009 9/5/2011