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Puyi , of the Manchu Aisin Gioro clan, commonly known as Henry Pu Yi , was the last Emperor of China and the twelfth and final ruler of the Qing dynasty. When a child, he ruled as the Xuantong Emperor ...

9/1/2010 11/8/2010

The Guangxu Emperor , personal name Zaitian (Manchu: Dzai-Tiyan), was the eleventh emperor of the Qing dynasty, and the ninth Qing emperor to rule over China. His reign lasted from 1875 to 1908, but in...

9/1/2010 11/8/2010

Tongzhi Emperor of Qing Dynasty 清同治帝 MP (1856 - 1875)

"Tongzhi Emperor", "Emperor Muzong of Qing", "Zaichun", "Tsai Chun"

Tsai-ch'un 載淳, Apr. 27, 1856-1875, Jan. 12, the eighth Emperor of the Ch'ing Dynasty, who ruled under the reign-title, T'ung-chih 同治 (1862-75), was the only son of Emperor Wên-tsung (see under I-chu). ...

5/10/2010 11/8/2010

Xianfeng Emperor of Qing Dynasty 清咸豐帝 MP (1831 - 1861)

"Xianfeng Emperor", "Emperor Wenzong of Qing", "Yizhu"

I-chu 奕詝, July 17, 1831-1861, Aug. 22, was the seventh emperor of the Ch'ing Dynasty who ruled under the reign-title Hsien-fêng 咸豐 (1851-62). He was the fourth son of Emperor Hsüan-tsung (see under Min...

5/10/2010 11/8/2010

Daoguang Emperor of Qing Dynasty 清道光帝 MP (1782 - 1850)

"道光", "綿寧"

Min-ning 旻寧 (original ming Mien-ning 綿寧, Sept. 16, 1782-1850, Feb. 25, was the sixth emperor of the Ch'ing dynasty, who ruled for thirty years under the reign-title, Tao-kuang 道光 (1821-51). He was the ...

5/10/2010 11/8/2010

Jiaqing Emperor of Qing Dynasty 清嘉慶帝 MP (1760 - 1820)

"嘉慶", "永琰"

Yung-yen 顒琰, Nov. 13, 1760-1820, Sept. 2, the fifth Emperor of the Ch'ing Dynasty, who ruled from 1796 until his death, under the reign title, Chia-ch'ing 嘉慶, was the fifth son of Emperor Kao-tsung (se...

9/1/2010 11/8/2010

Qianlong Emperor of Qing Dynasty 清乾隆帝 MP (1711 - 1799)

"Qianlong Emperor", "Hongli"

Hung-li 弘曆 (H. 長春居士, 信天主人, 古稀天子, 十全老人), Sept. 25, 1711-1799, Feb. 7, 3: the fourth emperor of the Ch'ing dynasty, who ruled under the reign-title Ch'ien-lung 乾隆 (1736-1796). As the fourth son of Empero...

9/1/2010 11/8/2010

Yongzheng Emperor of Qing Dynasty 清雍正帝 MP (1678 - 1735)

"Yinzhen", "Yongzheng Emperor"

Yin-chên 胤禎 (H. 破塵居士, Dec. 13, 1678-1735, Oct. 8, third Emperor of the Ch'ing dynasty, ruled in the years 1723-36, under the reign-title Yung-chêng 雍正. He was the fourth son of Emperor Shêng-tsu. His m...

9/1/2010 11/8/2010

Kangxi Emperor of Qing China 清康熙帝 MP (1654 - 1722)

"Kangxi Emperor", "Kang Hsi"

Hsüan-yeh 玄曄 (H. 體元主人), May 4, 1654-1722, Dec. 20, second Emperor of the Ch'ing dynasty, who ruled during the years 1661-1722 under the reign-title, K'ang-hsi 康熙, was the third son of Fu-lin [q.v.]. Hi...

9/1/2010 11/8/2010

Fu-lin 福臨 (Buddhist name 行癡, H. 癡道人, 太和主人, 體元齋主人, Mar. 15,1638-1661, Feb. 5, first Manchu emperor of China, whose reign-period, Shun-chih 順治, covered the years 1644 to 1661, was the ninth son of Abahai...

9/1/2010 11/8/2010

Hong Taiji, Emperor Taizong of Qing 清太宗 皇太極 MP (1592 - 1643)

"Abahai (erroneously)"

Abahai, Nov. 28, 1592-1643, Sept. 21, known in official accounts as Huang-t'ai-chi 皇太極 (Khungtaiji), was the eighth son of Nurhaci [q.v.]. He had two reign titles, T'ien-ts'ung 天聰 (1627-36), and Ch'ung...

5/11/2010 11/8/2010

Emperor Taizu Nurhaci Aisin Gioro MP (1559 - 1626)


Nurhaci 努爾哈赤 1559-1626, Sept 30, founder of the Ch'ing Dynasty, was born in the Aisin Gioro 愛新覺羅 clan which held the hereditary chieftainship of a Jurjen or Ju-chên 女真, tribe. In some Ming accounts the...

5/11/2010 11/8/2010