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  • Anna Elisabeth Janse van Vuuren (bef.1718 - bef.1727)
    GEDCOM Source ===@R203624263@ Ancestry Family Trees Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members. === GEDCOM Source ===Ancestry Fami...
  • Susanna Margaretha le Roux (1766 - 1830)
    Deesen inventaris is door de voorm: getuygen opgemaakt wegens den boedel van wylen Margaretha Roux en desselfs naagelatenen man de landb:r Ignatius Marais , nevens de bij den anderen in egt verwekte se...
  • Magdalena Fenesie Maree (bef.1726 - 1789)
    Baptism = Drakenstein (Paarl) Baptism Record = Marriage = De Wet - Maree Marriage Record (Tulbagh) (first entry of 1748)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  • Paulus Ignatius Mare (c.1724 - d.)
    Birth: 1724 in Drakenstein, Kaap Death: in Sergauts(?)rivier, Distrik Swellendam Note: Naam soms Poulus gespel, van soms Maree. Laat nie 'n nageslag nie, volgens SAG 5 en Pama I. Sources: 1. Author: Va...

This project is designed to collect Research Information, Discussions, Queries etc on the 'Mare / Maree' family of South Africa. BUT RIGHT NOW (AUG 2012) WE ARE USING IT TO TRY AND SORT OUT THE 'ROMPLSLOMP' ON THIS LINE, SO WE CAN CREATE A TEMPLATE TO DEFER TO. SEE BELOW & DISCUSSIONS:

Core profiles



Following some Discussion:

I think it should look like this (if we remove extra siblings)


Please see Summary of Discussions resulting in this configuration:

A) Paul Mare marries NN

B1) Ignace Mare i (c1670)

marries first NN (d c 1700)

C1) Catherina Mare (c 1690)

marries in 1713 Johannes Janse Van Vuuren i (1694 )

D1) Gerrit Janse van Vuuren (c 1716)

D2) Anna Elisabeth Janse van Vuuren (c 1718 - c 1727)

D3) Johannes Janse van Vuuren (c 1721)

D4) Lucas Janse van Vuuren (c1724)

D5) Anna Elisabeth Janse van Vuuren (c1727)

D6) Pieter Janse Van Vuuren (c 1730)

D7) Susanna Janse van Vuuren (c 1732)

D8) Daniel Janse Van Vuuren (c 1737)

C2) Ignatius Mare ii (c1690 - c1728)

marries second in 1706 Suzanne Janszoon van Vuren i (1691)

C1) Johannes Mare (c 1708)

C2) Anna Elisabeth Mare (c 1710

C3) Susanna Mare (c 1713)

C4) Lucas Marthinus Mare (c 1716)

C5) Francina Mare (c 1718)

C6) Maria Maree (c 1721)

C7) Paulus Ignatius Mare (c 1724)

C8) Magdalena Fenesie Mare (c 1726)

C9) Ignatius Mare iii (c 1729)


A) Gerrit Janszoon van Vuren i (1667) marries Suzanne Jacobs (1671)

B1) Suzanne Janszoon van Vuren i (1691)

marries in 1706 Ignace Mare i (c1670)

C1) Johannes Mare (c 1708)

C2) Anna Elisabeth Mare (c 1710

C3) Susanna Mare (c 1713)

C4) Lucas Marthinus Mare (c 1716)

C5) Francina Mare (c 1718)

C6) Maria Maree (c 1721)

C7) Paulus Ignatius Mare (c 1724)

C8) Magdalena Fenesie Mare (c 1726)

C9) Ignatius Mare iii (c 1729)

B2) Johannes Janse Van Vuuren i (1694)

marries in 1713 Catherina Mare i (c 1690)

C1) Gerrit Janse van Vuuren (c 1716)

C2) Anna Elisabeth Janse van Vuuren (c 1718 - c 1727)

C3) Johannes Janse van Vuuren (c 1721)

C4) Lucas Janse van Vuuren (c 1724)

C5) Anna Elisabeth Janse van Vuuren (c 1727)

C6) Pieter Janse Van Vuuren (c 1730)

C7) Susanna Janse van Vuuren (c 1732)

C8) Daniel Janse Van Vuuren (c 1737)

Delia Robertson’s First Fifty Year Project Site

Queries & Discussion

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  2. Next open the edit tab on the project page and add your Query or Finding to the list below. Project Help: How to add Text to a Project - Starter Kit
  3. Also start a Discussion on the profile in question, and, if you can, link that discussion to the entry you have added below.
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WARNING: AT RISK PROFILE: Please be very careful with changes and merges you make on this family line, which intermarries and creates MANY SAME NAME/ DIFFERENT PEOPLE that are tempting to collate, creating horrible incestuous tangles that take weeks to undo.

So far Four main areas of confusion arise:



See Discussion

Placing Catherina Mare as Catherina Marais, daughter of Charles Marais

Summary of Discussion:

The addition of Charles Marais as a father of one of Paul Mare's children is erroneous, and the Catherina Marais involved appears to often acquire all the life details of this Catherina Mare, making it appear a logical merge until the tree gives her two different fathers!


The Mare & Marais lines are two different families and the one is not an evolution of the other



See Discussion:

  • a) If there are 2: The elder Catherina Mare has either a name-sake niece or half-sister, Catherina Mare ii (1718), who then - to make the 'rompslomp' worse also became her daughter-in-law (with the effect that they both become Catherina Van Vuuren on marriage.)
  • b) If there are not 2, then who does Gerrit Van Vuuren ii (1716) marry in 1738?

Summary of Discussion:

a) It turns out that we cannot find primary sources for the existence of child of Ignace's called Catherina.

b) So far the only source on Geni for Gerrit marrying Catherina is Ancestry, with no good validation for it: I started a Discussion asking Judith Susanna Hendrika 5 Marais b2c1d6e5f2g7h7i12j2 if she had sources, and she doesn't find any either. Further, Alexander pointed out that “ The SAG has a number of mistakes in the Van Vuuren register'... it appears that Daniel and Andries Van Vuuren [both married Viljoens] are incorrectly placed as the children of Johannes Van Vuuren & Catherine Maree when they belong under Johannes Van Vuuren & Johanna Oelofse.


We STARTED TO clean up that Van Vuuren line; removed the younger Catherina Mare altogether; & have left Gerrit with a NN wife for the moment.


Problem: See Discussion

Either way, they both marry siblings after they get to SA:

In 1706 Ignace Mare i (1670) marries Suzanne Janszoon van Vuren i (1691) ;

In 1713 Catherina Mare i (1690) marries Johannes Van Vuuren i (1694 )

Summary of Discussion:

a) The first Fifty Years Project has her as his DAUGHTER. Their citation says " Edited & augmented by GISA Originally compiled by J.A. Heese & R.T.J. Lombard, S.A. Genealogies 5 L-M, p. 467." They also push his birth date back to c1670, but don't have data to validate this, so I'm [Sharon] assuming that this is in order to make him old enough to accommodate Catherine as his daughter. They also leave off Paul Mare as his father altogether - where we have him (without sources, though)as the father, born in 1661 (making the 1670 birthdate for Ignace, impossible.)

Contacting the FFYP provided new info that an adult Ignace Mare was on the 1713 Muster rolls with another adult Ignace Mare. The French ship records confirmed two Ignaces and a Catherina on the boat in 1705. Checking our records, we found that the Ignatius son (b1729) we had on our records was correct - pointing to there being two sons by this name. This gave weight to the possibility that Ignace (b1720) had come out to SA with two children, rather than one child and his own sister.

b) Pieter Coertzen: 'The Huguenots of 1688-1988, Tafelberg Publishers 1988' has Ignace and his SISTER Catherine

Sharon felt that their portraits do NOT look 20 years apart in age (as a father & daughter would). "As there are no portraits for spouses or other children (which it is reasonable to assume there would be if they were father and daughter), I assume the portraits (obviously by the same artist) were painted before they arrived in SA. (ie They are not likely to be a father and daughter painted at the same age, but not at the same time - otherwise the painter would have had to emigrate with them.) So, I think we should keep them as brother and sister, and assume Ignace's birth date is later than c1670." There was a difficulty validating the portraits - available, labelled on the net, but with no proofs. Further, some people felt that they weren't obviously painted by the same artist anyway.


Balance of probability favoured the creation of a profile for an older son called Ignatius (b c1690) for Ignace (b c 1670), who came out on the 1705 boat with his sister, Catherina (b c 1690) and not his aunt. Catherina Mare (b c 1690) was thus positioned as Ignace (b c 1670) 's DAUGHTER. We presumed the younger son, Ignace (b 1729) may have been so named because his older half brother had died by then.



See Discussion

Pieter Coertzen: 'The Huguenots of 1688-1988, Tafelberg Publishers 1988' has birth place of Ignace and Catherine as either Calabria in Italy or Cambresis in Germany, and points out also that there remains debate as to whether they were Huguenots.

  • Either a) He is from Calabria Italy (not France!)
  • Or b) He is from Cambresis (France? or Germany?)

Summary of Discussion (Please Add):




Overview of Family History / Progenitor Details

Pieter Coertzen, in 'Die Huguenote van SA' also places her as a sister, not a daughter:

Naam: Mare (Maree) Ignace? Plek van Herkoms:Calabrie in Italie of Cambresis in Duitlsland Datum van Aankoms: Ongeveer 1706

Naam: Mare, Catherine Plek van Herkoms:Calabrie in Italie of Cambresis in Duitlsland Datum van Aankoms: Ongeveer 1706, waarskynlik saam met haar broer.


The Mare Geneology page - supports the sister scenario:

1. Paul Mare was born in France.

Paul married Unknown.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i Ignace Mare was born in 1684.

+ 3 F ii Catharina Mare was born in 1692.

2. Ignace Mare (Paul ) was born in 1684 in France. He died in Cape,South Africa.

Ignace married Susanna Van Vuuren on 7 Feb 1705/1706 in Drakenstein,Cape,South Africa. Susanna was born in 1691 in Calais,France. She died in Cape,South Africa.

They had the following children:

+ 4 F i Maria Mare.

+ 5 M ii Johannes Mare died in 1793.

+ 6 F iii Susanna Mare died .

+ 7 M iv Lucas Marthinus Mare.

+ 8 F v Francina Mare.

+ 9 F vi Magdalena Fenesie Mare died .

+ 10 M vii Ignatius Mare was christened on 14 Aug 1729. He died on 1 Jan 1803.

+ 11 F viii Anna Elizabeth Mare was born on 4 Jan 1710/1711.

12 M ix Paulus Ignatius Mare was born on 27 Aug 1724 in Drakenstein,Cape,South Africa. He died in Cape,South Africa.

3. Catharina Mare (Paul ) was born in 1692 in Cape,South Africa. She died in South Africa.

Catharina married Johannes Van Vuuren on 29 Oct 1713 in Cape,South Africa. Johannes was born in 1691 in Cape,South Africa. He died in South Africa.

They had the following children:

13 M i Gerrit Van Vuuren died in Cape,South Africa.

Gerrit married Catharina Mare in 1738 in Cape,South Africa. Catharina was born in 1718 in Cape,South Africa. She died in South Africa.

14 F ii Anna Elisabeth Van Vuuren died in South Africa.

15 M iii Johannes Van Vuuren died in South Africa.

Johannes married Johanna Oelofse on 9 Oct 1746 in Cape,South Africa. Johanna was born about 1724 in Cape,South Africa. She died in South Africa.

16 M iv Lucas Van Vuuren died in South Africa.

Lucas married Sara Johanna Van Leeuwen on 17 Sep 1747 in Cape,South Africa. Sara was born about 1726 in Cape,South Africa. She died in Cape,South Africa.

17 F v Anna Elisabeth Van Vuuren died in South Africa.

Anna married Roelof Campher on 10 Sep 1752 in Cape,South Africa. Roelof was born about 1725 in Cape,South Africa. He died in South Africa.

+ 18 M vi Pieter Van Vuuren died .

19 F vii Susanna Van Vuuren died in South Africa.

20 M viii Daniel Van Vuuren died in South Africa.


Other Sources: (places Catherine as the daughter, not the sister)


Daar is heelwat meningsverskil rondom die herkoms van die stamvader. Hy word as 'n Hugenoot beskou deur party bronne (Cor Pama verwys na hom as 'n Franse vlugteling).

In Pieter Coertzen se boek Die Hugenote van Suid-Afrika word hy wel aangegee, maar met die opmerking dat sommige navorsers twyfel of hy wel 'n Hugenoot was. Hy was vermoedelik afkomstig uit Calabrië in Italië (Pieter Coertzen noem ook Cambresis in Duitsland as 'n moontlikheid).

Sy eerste opgaafrol in die Kaap dateer uit die jare 1704-1705, wat beteken dat hy in dié jare al aan die Kaap was - hy het dus nie in 1706 gearriveer soos wat verskeie bronne beweer nie.

Met sy aankoms in die Kaap was hy reeds 'n wewenaar met twee dogters, maar die name van sy eerste vrou en een van die dogters ontbreek. Met sy troue op 7 Feb 1706 met Susanna van Vuuren verklaar hy dat hy 'n wewenaar van Calabria in Italië is. Hy het heel moontlik 'n tyd lank in Italië gewoon, omdat hy later sy een dogter Magdalena Fenesië genoem het.

In 1707 kry hy toestemming van die Goewerneur van der Stel om hom in Drakenstein te vestig.Volgens die opgaafrol van 1712 het hy toe 2 seuns en 2 dogters gehad.

Hy was volgens onbevestigde bronne 'n tweede seun van ene Paul Maré. Van die Marés van Grootplaas het ek 'n afdruk van 'n portret van die stamvader se pa ontvang.

Hy het die volgende leeningplase gehad:

De Groene Kloof


Elsjeskraal "aan de Tygerberg"

Hy word die eienaar van Elsjieskraal op 14 Oktober 1714. Hierdie plaas verkoop hy in 1733 aan Theunis van Aardt. Ignace koop toe St. Omar in Daljosafat in 1723 van die boedel van Armand Veron.

Sy kind uit sy eerste huwelik met 'n onbekende vrou, wat saam met hom in die Kaap aangekom het was:

b1. Catharina x 29 October 1713 Gerrit van Vuuren

Catharina word in party bronne as sy suster aangedui, maar op hierdie stadium lyk dit of meeste bronne en navorsers saamstem met SAG 5 se interpretasie.

Hy trou op 7 Februarie 1706 met Susanna van Vuuren. Hulle kinders was:

b2. Johannes ~ 24 Sep 1708 + Drakenstein 1761 x Sara Delport

b3. Anna Elizabeth ~ 4 Jan 1711 x 21 Des 1727 Pieter Delport

b4. Susanna ~ 8 Okt 1713 x 13 Jun 1713 Jacob Delport

b5. Lucas Marthinus ~ 12 Jul 1716, burger Drakenstein, x 17 Sep 1741 Maria Jordaan

b6. Francina ~ 27 Nov 1718 x Pieter du Plessis

b7. Maria ~ 5 Jul 1721 x Nicolaas van Rensburg

b8. Paulus Ignatius ~ 27 Aug 1724

b9. Magdalena Fenesie ~ 15 Sep 1726 x Pieter de Wet

b10. Ignatius ~ 14 Aug 1729, burger Drakenstein, x Margaretha Roux xx 16 Jul 1775 Claudina du Toit xxx 19 Feb 1786 Anna Dorothea Pretorius, weduwee van David du Buisson

Oom Manie se Navorsing

Ek het hierdie navorsing onlangs ontvang, en is nog besig om dit te analiseer - maar gee dit solank weer vir die wat dit op eie risiko interesant mag vind:


Oom Manie skryf dat hierdie familie afstammelinge is van die ou Hugenote en volgens die heraldikus C. Pama van Kaapstad was die oorspronklike spelling van die familienaam: De Mare De Salgas. Die familie se voorsate was blykbaar eers in die suide van Frankryk gevestig. Die van is eers later, maar blykbaar voor of met die aankoms aan die Kaap, vereenvoudig na Maré. De Maré beteken eintlik strand- of kusbewoner waaruit afgelei kan word dat die voorsate se woonstreek waarskynlik naby die see was. Ignacé het opgeveer 1700 in Suid-Afrika aangekom vanaf Holland waar hy 'n tydlank moes gewoon het, want hy kon Hollands taamlik goed praat toe hy hier aangekom het. Hy is beskrywe as 'n wewenaar van "Calabria" wat toe 'n deel van Italië was, alhoewel dit destyds onder Franse bewind was. Hy was ongetwyfeld 'n Franse Hugenoot wat blykbaar eers na Calabria gevlug het voordat hy na Holland is.

Inligting bekom by die Hugenote Stigting bevestig die herkoms uit Calabria en voeg by dat dit moontlik ook Cambresis, Duitsland kon wees (Sy Hugenoot herkoms word nie betwis of bevestig nie.) Die Stigting gee Ignace (Let op, die e sonder aksent) se aankoms aan die Kaap aan as 1705.

In Suid Afrika word al Ignacé se kinders en kleinkinders, (behalwe sy oudste kleinseun Johannes (1741) en dié se nageslag), as Maré aangeteken. Hierdie oudste kleinseun se van is egter vir een of ander onbekende rede in die doopregister van Drakenstein as Maree aangeteken en op die wyse het daar twee spelwyses ontstaan. Die volgende is nou van belang:

Eerstens -- Die van Maré is (ten minste in Suid Afrika), die mees korrekte spelling.

Tweedens -- Die van Maree is onveranderlik gevestig en is waarskynlik net so eg Suid Afrikaans as byvoorbeeld die vanne Botha en Pretorius wat ook uniek in die vroeë Kaap ontstaan het.

Derdens -- Alhoewel die families Maré en Maree in die algemeen as afsonderlike families beskou word, is en bly hulle een en dieselfde familie. Desondanks moet sorg gedra word dat die vanne nie verkeerdelik vermeng word nie.

Laastens -- Daar is geen verband hoegenaamd, (behalwe miskien in latere huweliksverband), met die familie Marais nie. Dit blyk ook uit die verskil in die familiewapens wat geheel verskillend is.

Oom Manie skryf verder dat daar volgens die "Hugenote Boek" van Kannemeyer vandag nog 'n "Rue de Maré" (Maréstraat) in Parys is. Daar is natuurlik ook Jacob Maré straat in Pretoria en verskeie dorpe met Landros Maré strate wat na een van die twee bekende landros-broers vernoem is.

Plase en Woonplek

Ignacé se woonplaas was "De Jonge Fonteyn" wat op 14 Oktober 1714 aan hom toegeken is. Die plaas is geleë naby Elsieskraal tussen Parrow en Bellville in die distrik Kaapstad. Met betrekking tot die plaas skryf Oom Manie dat Maré volgens Kannemeyer, 'n haastige man was en het, toe die registrasie van sy plaas te lank gesloer het, die betrokke amptenaar met 'n sweep tot sy plig geroep. As mens egter mooi in Kannemeyer lees is dit een van Ignacé se nasate: Johannes (~22/5/1757) wat met sy vroutjie, Elisabeth van Jaarsveld, te Riebeeck Kasteel op 'n leningserf van 2 morge groot, woonagtig was. Dit is hierdie Johannes wat die twee amptenare, Horak en Bergh met "warm woorde" die saak laat afhandel het.

Die Hugenote Stigting verstrek die volgende inligting:

"Hy (Ignacé) het op 7/7/1706 aansoek gedoen vir 'n weilisensie in de Groene Kloof. Op 1/3/1707 het hy 'n weilisensie vir een jaar verkry in die gebied Langefontein. Op 14/10/1714 het hy die plaas Langefontein, Elsjeskraal in die Tygerberg in eiendom ontvang. Hy het die plaas in 1733 aan Theunis van Aardt verkoop. In 1723 het hy die plaas St Omer in Daljosaphat uit die boedel van Armand Veron gekoop. Sy weduwee het St Omer in 1750 aan Jan Oberholster verkoop."

Kannemeyer verwys na die plaas as "...Langefontein(1), geleë tussen die Kuylen en Tygerbergen..." 'n Voetnota lees "(1) Tussen Bellville en Parow". De Villiers/Pama sê net hy kry in 1707 verlof van Goewerneur van der Stel om hom in Drakenstein te vestig.


Volgens Kannemyer het Ignacé ".... as jonkman in die begin van 1700 na Suid-Afrika uitgewyk....". De Villiers/Pama skryf die volgende omtrent Ignacé:- "Franse vlugteling, wewenaar van Calabria". Die Hugenote Stigting bevestig sy wewenaarskap en sê verder dat uit sy eerste huwelik, blykbaar in Europa, is twee dogters gebore maar net een is bekend. Die bekende dogter, Catharina, is op 22/10/1713 in Kaapstad met Jan Janzoon/Janse van Vuuren getroud. GISA gee die troudatum as 29/10/1713 en noem die bruidegom Gerrit van Vuuren. (kan die Van Vuuren dalk een van haar stiefmoeder se kinders of familie wees?)

Dit is dus redelik om te aanvaar dat hy wel 'n wewenaar was, alhoewel geen besonderhede van die eerste huwelik bekend is nie. In samehang met GISA plaas ek Catharina as b1 synde 'n enigste bekende kind uit Inacé se eerste huwelik te wees. Derhalwe word Johannes, sy eerste kind uit sy tweede huwelik, as b2 geplaas.

Ignace se tweede vrou was Susanna 'n dogter van Gerrit van Vuuren en Susanna Jacobs van Holland wie 'n kleindogter van Pierre Jacobs en Susan de Vos was. Sy was dus die stammoeder van die familie Maree/Maré.

Tydens die inwyding van die Hugenote Monument te Franschhoek op 17 April 1948 is 'n pragtige voorstelling van Inacé en Susanna se huwelik gegee, alles in die klere en bybehorens uit hulle eie tydperk. Hierdie huwelik was blykbaar die eerste een wat in die Kaap tussen Hugenoot en Hollander voltrek is. Dit is nie bekend waar en wanneer hulle oorlede is nie. Dit is egter wel moontlik dat hulle in die Groot Kerk begrawe is aangesien baie mense in daardie tyd in die Kerk begrawe is.

Die Hugenote Stigting bevestig die tweede huwelik soos volg: " xx Kaapstad 7/2/1706 Suzanne JANSEN VAN VUUREN. * Bellingchamp, Drakenstein ca 1691, dv Gerrit Janse van Vuuren en Susanna Jacobs."


Franken skryf onder ansdere in sy boek oor die hugenote dat toe WA van der Stel uitvind van die klagskrif van die boere teen hom, het hy 'n "getuigskrif" in sy guns laat opstel en mense is versoek (soms met dwang) om die "getuigskrif" te onderteken met die doel om dit in sy guns as teenvoeter vir vir die klagskrif aan die Here 17 voor te lê. Ignacé het blykbaar hierdie "getuigskrif" onderteken. Dit is 'n ope vraag watter rol die ondertekening van die "getuigskrif" gehad het op die toekenning van sy weilisensie en plaas.



1. Cor Pama: Die Groot Afrikaanse Familienaamboek

2. De Villiers/Pama

2. Heese/Lombard

3. Stamouers Web

4. Danie Viljoen se webblad

5. Oom Manie Maree se verwysings na AJ Kannemeyer se Hugenote-Familieboek en sy korrespondensie met die Hugenote Gedenkmuseum, asook hulle Maré-lêer.

6. Whitey van Niekerk se verwyisngs na HP Maree se onvoltooide manuskrip: Die Stamregister van die Maré/Maree Familie.

Ignace MARE, Franse Hugenoot, het as wewenaar van Calabria aangekom in die Kaap in 1706. In 1707 kry hy toestemming van die Goewerneur van der Stel om hom in Drakenstein te vestig. Hy trou op 7 Feb 1706 met Susanna van VUUREN, sy was ook bekend as Susanna Janse van Vuuren. Haar ouers het gesterwe toe sy nog jonnk was. Ons vermoed dat Susanna en haar broers en susters deur hulle ouma Susanna Jacobs groot gemaak was:

Hy het heel moontlik in Italië gewoon, omdat hy se een dogter Magdalena Fenesie genoem het. Hy het die volgende leeningplase gehad De groene Kloof, Langefontein, Elsjeskraal "aan de Tygerberg". Hy word die eienaar van Elsjieskraal op 14 Oktober 1714. Hierdie plaas verkoop hy aan Theunis van Aardt in 1733. Ignace koop toe St. Omar in Daljosafat in 1723 van boedel van Armand Veron.


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