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Joseph Domachowski MP (1872 - 1942)

11/23/2009 4/28/2012

Dr. Frank Wasielewski MP (1874 - 1937)


An early and prominent physician in Milwaukee Polonia. Born in Bay City, Michigan, he received his M.D. from the University of Michigan in 1899, and by November of that year was practicing in Milwaukee...

7/14/2009 7/27/2011

Alan Dennis Kulwicki MP (1954 - 1993)

Perhaps the most unlikely of all NASCAR Winston Cup Champions. He was a Polish-American kid from Milwaukee in a sport dominated by Southern drivers. He may also have been the first Champion to hold a c...

7/20/2011 7/21/2011

Arthur G Czerwinski MP (1885 - 1939)

The "Singing Clerk." A baritone in the San Carlos Opera Co., he also sang at various Polish functions and gatherings in Milwaukee. He was a graduate of St. Mary's College in Lebanon, Kentucky. Early in...

7/1/2011 7/17/2011

Dr. Stanley Baranowski MP (1884 - 1942)

Listed in Who's Who in Polish America , he was an early physician in the Polish-American community. A graduate of the Marquette School of Medicine, he was a general practitioner for over thirty years. ...

7/10/2011 7/16/2011

Hattie Baranowski MP (1886 - 1963)


The first woman deputy sheriff in Milwaukee County being appointed on August 6, 1922. During her subsequent 32-year career as a deputy, she served under 14 different sheriffs and held such posts as bai...

7/10/2011 7/11/2011

Roman Czerwinski MP (1861 - c.1906)

Milwaukee City Comptroller from 1890-1894. He was the first of a long line of Milwaukee City Comptrollers of Polish descent. So consistent was this trend that the position became known as the "Polish m...

7/1/2011 7/4/2011

Frank Boncel MP (1883 - 1937)

A controversial figure in Milwaukee politics. He served as a Milwaukee Alderman (Socialist) from 1932-1936. During the term, he sponsored the "Boncel Ordinance" in response to a strike at the A.J. Lind...

4/20/2011 5/29/2011

John C. Kleczka MP (1885 - 1959)

A Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge for 23 years. He also served in the Wisconsin State Senate (1909-1911) and the U.S. Congress( representing the 4th Wisconsin Congressional District from 1918 to 1922 as ...

5/23/2011 5/24/2011

August Maciejewski MP (c.1868 - 1935)

He was a well-known merchant on the south side of Milwaukee. He and his wife operated a dry goods store below their residence at 2508 South Seventh Street, Milwaukee. After his death in 1935, his wife ...

5/11/2011 5/12/2011

Louis A. Fons MP (1878 - 1959)

Real estate developer, builder and banker, Louis Fons had a tremendous impact on the south side of Milwaukee where, according to the Milwaukee Journal, "he built hundreds of homes and developed scores ...

5/7/2011 5/7/2011

Donald Gralak MP (1952 - 2004)

America's Master of the Concertina. He began his public career with radio appearances beginning at the age of 9. He cut his first album in 1969 at the age of 17 and went on to release three others nati...

3/6/2011 5/4/2011

Rt. Rev. Michael Wenta MP (1877 - 1940)

Pastor at St. Stanislaus Parish and principal at St. Stanislaus High School from 1935 until his death. Prior to that time, he had been the pastor at a parish in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, and then, in 19...

9/21/2010 4/24/2011

Susan Primakow MP (1903 - 1951)

Co-owner (with her brothers George and Harry) and operator of the Rosploch Food Market, 500 E. Dover St., Milwaukee. Was in the grocery business from the age of 14. Her obituary in the Milwaukee Jour...

1/11/2009 4/22/2011

Andrew Boncel MP (1860 - 1901)

"Andreas Boncel"

A prominent member of the Milwaukee Polish community and of organized labor, he was among the first of the Milwaukee Poles to obtain political influence. As a master workman, he became a leader of the ...

11/21/2009 4/20/2011

Rt. Rev. Michael Domachowski MP (1875 - 1940)


Best known for being the Pastor at St. Vincent de Paul Church from 1909 until his death in 1940, he was also the founding pastor of St. Casimir's Church in Kenosha and St. Adalbert's Parish in Milwau...

11/23/2009 4/20/2011