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Rabbi Shmuel Einstein MP (1928 - 2017)

Hebrew Wikipedia Otzar Forum

9/10/2008 6/15/2017

Rabbi Yosef Gershon Horowitz MP (1869 - 1951)

ר' יוסף גרשון ממאה שערים

2/1/2012 4/18/2017

Rabbi Eliezer Yehuda Finkel, Rosh Yeshiva Mir MP (1881 - 1965)

"Rabbi Leizer Yehuda Finkel", "Reb Leizer Yudel Finkel"

Finkel was the son of the celebrated Mussar leader, the Alter of Slabodka. He studied under the famed Rabbi Chaim Soloveichik in Brisk (see Brisk yeshiva), where he developed a friendship with Rabbi Sh...

10/18/2007 4/13/2017

הרב אליהו ברוך קמאי (י"ט באלול ת"ר, 1840-י"ב בתמוז תרע"ז, 1917) היה רב העיר מיר וראש ישיבת מיר.נולד בטלז לרב אברהם, מנכדי רבי אברהם אחי הגר"א, ולחנה, בתו של הרב ברוך מניישטאדט בנו של הרב (הגביר) בנימין...

4/12/2008 4/13/2017

1/17/2008 4/13/2017

Rabbi Eliyahu Moshe Shisgal MP (1921 - 1973)

The words of the leader of the generation, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein ZT L, regarding his son-in-law, Rabbi Eliyahu Moshe Shisgal. This was published in the Am Hatorah Publication, 5734: הרב משה פיינשטיין...

5/15/2009 4/13/2017

4/19/2010 4/12/2017

Harav Aryeh Leib Lopian MP (1908 - 1979)

Rabbi Leib Lopian of Gateshead Yeshiva "England and Wales Death Registration Index 1837-2007," database, FamilySearch ( : 4 September 2014), Leib Lopian, 1979; from "England & Wales Deaths, 1837-20...

10/15/2007 4/10/2017

3/26/2012 4/9/2017

4/8/2017 4/8/2017

Rabbi Refael Binyamin Levin MP (1925 - 2002)

Yahrtzeit: 6th of Iyar, 5762.Buried next to his father, Reb Aryeh.

3/7/2009 4/3/2017

רבי אליעזר מנוח פלצ'ינסקי [נכדו של הסבא מסלבודקא], ראש ישיבת בית אריה, ומחבר ספר 'שלום יהודה'. נפטר כ"ד תשרי תשס"ח.

11/14/2008 4/3/2017

2/19/2008 4/3/2017

R' Shmuel Rozovsky MP (1913 - 1979)

3/27/2009 4/2/2017

Rabbi Eliyahu Meir Kovner MP (1902 - d.)

אנציקלופדיה דוד תדהר

11/24/2011 3/21/2017

Lithuanian-born rabbi, teacher, and leader of Gush Emunim, the religious Zionist settlement movement. Biographical information:

10/22/2007 3/1/2017

R' David HaKohen Rappaport MP (1890 - 1941)

"Tzemach David ", "R' David Hakohen ben Akiva Rappaport"

Tzemach David, R' David Hakohen ben Akiva Rappaport, 1890-1941 Hebrew Books Rav Dovid Rapaport (1890-1941). Born in Minsk, his mother was a descendant of the Gaon of Vilna while his father, Rav...

11/8/2010 1/30/2017

1/29/2017 1/29/2017

4/12/2012 1/22/2017

Rabbi David Danzig MP (deceased)

5/18/2008 12/30/2016
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HaRav Aryeh Ze'ev (Leib) Gurwicz MP (1905 - 1982)

"Zeev", "Gurwitz"

Author of Arza D'bei Rav ארזא דבי רב and Roshei Sheorim ראשי שערים Aryeh Ze'ev (Leib) Gurwicz (1906[1]–20 October 1982[2][3]) was an influential Orthodox rabbi and Talmudic scholar. He was the son-in...

10/30/2007 12/16/2016

Rabbi Aaron Gorovitz MP (1870 - 1956)

12/30/2012 12/8/2016

Author of and more works.

7/22/2007 11/19/2016

R' Moshe Schick (The MaHaRaM Schick) מהר"ם שיק MP (1807 - 1879)

"מהר"ם שיק", "MaHaRam Schick", "R' Moshe Shik", "Maharam Schick", "משה שיק", "Harav Moishe Schick"

Rabbi Moshe Shik (1807–1879; Hebrew: מהר"ם שיק) was a Rosh Yeshiva and Posek, and one of the leading Hungarian rabbis of his time. Yivo He is more commonly known as the Maharam Shik; Maharam is the...

4/25/2007 11/18/2016

R' Yitzchok Frankel MP (b. - c.1833)

3/22/2009 11/18/2016

Rav Refoel Shapiro MP (1837 - 1921)

Rabbi Refael Shapiro (1837–1921) was the famed Rosh Yeshiva of the Volozhin yeshiva and a son-in-law of Rabbi Naftali Zvi Yehuda Berlin (the Netziv). After the Volozhin yeshiva was closed down in 1892 ...

1/17/2008 11/18/2016

R' Nathan Nata Bilitzky MP (1898 - 1982)

3/20/2007 11/18/2016


9/2/2008 11/16/2016

Yechiel Heilprin (Seder Hadorot) MP (1660 - 1742)

"‎הרב יחיאל היילפרין בעל סדר הדורות", "Jehiel ben Solomon Heilprin", "Yechiel M'Minsk Bal Mechaber "Saider Hadoirois"", "Seder HaDorot", "הרב יחיאל אב"ד מינסק היילפרין", "בעל סדר הדורות"

Jehiel ben Solomon Heilprin (ca. 1660–ca. 1746) was a Lithuanian rabbi, kabbalist, and chronicler---he was one of the most eminent Talmudists of his time, a descendant of Solomon Luria, and traced his ...

11/13/2007 10/9/2016

Eliezer Halevi MP (deceased)

2/13/2009 10/9/2016

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Oct 7 2016, 21:05:53 UTC

9/22/2008 10/7/2016

9/27/2008 10/7/2016

9/17/2016 9/17/2016

R' Jacob Honig MP (deceased)

9/17/2016 9/17/2016

9/17/2016 9/17/2016

R' Eliezer Rotenberg MP (1928 - 2017)

9/23/2007 9/17/2016

sefer OTZAR Balum: sefer Marganisa dreb Meir: Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Mar 27 2016, 10:07:14 UTC

12/15/2009 9/17/2016

8/3/2011 9/17/2016

3/8/2016 3/8/2016

8/6/2010 3/6/2016

Rabbi Yisroel Flam MP (1927 - 2004)

"Rabbi Flam", "Rosh Yeshiva Spring Valley"

There are too many things that can be said about my beloved uncle. I will however state one thing that encompasses all that his life was about. Whenever there were choices to made or forks in the road ...

8/9/2007 3/2/2016

הגאון האדיר רבי ברוך שמעון שניאורסון חתן רבי דוב בעריש וידנפלד וממלא מקומו כראש ישיבת טשעבין.

4/26/2008 2/28/2016

Rabbi Shlomo Wahrman MP (1926 - 2013)

"Rabbi Shlomo Wahrman (Herskovitz)", "Shloimi Wahrman"

The library of Rabbi Shlomo Wahrman A"H Reminiscences of Rabbi Shlomo Wahrman: Torah and Ahavat Yisrael Book Review: Rabbi Shlomo Wahrman, Lest We Forget: Growing up in Nazi Leipzig 1933-1939.

7/3/2007 12/15/2015

R' Elijah David Stampfer MP (1893 - 1963)

3/27/2009 12/9/2015

3/7/2009 12/8/2015

The End Of An Era: The Sulitzer Rebbe Published on: June 19, 2013 05:04 PM By: Five Towns Jewish Times By Rabbi Yair Hoffman Far Rockaway, NY - The entire community is mourning the passing this pas...

9/4/2008 12/8/2015

R' Israel Piekarski MP (deceased)

12/2/2015 12/2/2015

Rabbi Moshe Avigdor Amiel (1883-1946) , philosopher, active for Eretz Yisrael settlement. In 1905 rabbi of Svencian, in 1920 rabbi of Antwerp, in 1936 Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Moshe Avigdor Amiel...

8/20/2008 11/26/2015

R' Chaim Grunem Lando MP (1910 - 1997)

12/27/2008 11/26/2015

Rabbi Avraham David Wahrmann of Buczacz MP (1770 - 1840)

"Rabbi Avraham David b'Asher Wahrman of Buchach", "Abraham David ben Asher Anshel Wahrman", "Avraham Dovid Wahrman", "Avraham David Wharman", "R. Avraham David ben Asher Anschil Wahrman"

Hebrew Books Fifth Generation Disciple of BeSHT Rabbi Avraham David A.B.D. Buchach JewishGen David ben Asher Anshel Buchach David ben Buchach Wahrman

4/18/2010 11/23/2015

R' Zvi Hirsch Feldman MP (b. - 1975)

9/3/2012 11/17/2015

R' Moses ben Isaac haLevi Minz MP (deceased)

"Moses Minz", "Moses Mintz", "Rabbi Moshe Mints", "Moshe Mintz", "Moshe Minz"

Moses ben Isaac ha-Levi Minz (15th century) was a German rabbi and contemporary of Israel Isserlein, whom he frequently consulted. He was successively rabbi at Mainz, Landau, Bamberg, and Posen. In h...

9/6/2008 11/7/2015

Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Binyamin Sofer, "Ktav Sofer" MP (1815 - 1871)

"Ksav Soifer", "Keszav-Sofer", "Ktav Sofer"

Chasam Sofer website Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Binyomin Sofer , (German: Abraham Samuel Benjamin Schreiber), also known by his main work Ksav Sofer (trans. Writ of the Scribe), (1815 - 1871), was one of the...

7/23/2007 11/7/2015

Harav Yaakov Koppel Reich MP (1838 - 1929)

Jakob Koppel Reich , Chief Rabbi of Budapest until 1929, and his grandfather Koppel Charif, founder of the Yeshiva in Vrbov (1838–1929), rabbi and Orthodox leader. Born to a well-known rabbinic family,...

9/21/2009 11/7/2015

Rabbi David Tzvi Hoffman MP (1843 - 1921)

"David Zvi Hoffman", "David Tzvi Hoffman"

Rabbi Dr. David Zvi Hoffmann was a unique figure in the history of both German Jewish Orthodoxy and academic Jewish Studies. He was widely regarded by contemporaries as an unequaled master of Halakha a...

8/6/2007 11/7/2015

"The head of the Yeshiva and rabbi of Brotchin (Bohorodczany)." -- Rabbis of Stanislav of the Horowitz Family (Notes from the Family Tree), translated by Jerrold Landau,

2/7/2009 11/1/2015

R' Menachem Mendel Halberstam, Admur Stropkow-New York MP (1879 - 1954)

"Stropkover Rebbe"

Kasztner Rescuee Rabbi Menachem Mendel Halberstam (1873–1954), tntzb"h. the son of Rabbi Avraham Shalom Halberstam was appointed chief rabbi of Stropkov and head of the Talmud Torah till WWII. Afte...

2/7/2009 10/15/2015

Jewish community of Stropkov Rabbi Avraham Shalom Halberstam (1856–1940) In 1897, Rabbi Avraham Shalom Halberstam was appointed Rabbi of Stropkov, succeeding Rabbi Yitzhak Hersh Amsel (c1855–1934) ...

1/7/2008 10/15/2015

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via brother יעקב יצחק וינשטוק by SmartCopy : Oct 9 2015, 0:29:52 UTC

7/10/2008 10/6/2015

Ben Zion Meir Hai Uziel MP (1880 - 1953)

הרב בן-ציון מאיר חי עוזיאל ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Ben-Zion Meir Hai Uziel (born 23.5.1880, died 4.9.1953) was the Sephardi chief ...

3/14/2010 10/1/2015

Established a large Yeshiva in Novomisk in 1896. Novominsk is a Hasidic dynasty originating in Mińsk Mazowiecki, Poland and now based in the United States. It also runs a yeshiva known as Yeshivas Novo...

7/12/2007 10/1/2015

R' David Klatzko MP (b. - 1858)

6/18/2007 10/1/2015

R' Shabtai Frankel MP (deceased)

שבתי פרנקל (13 באוגוסט 1909, כ"ו באב ה'תרס"ט – 30 בספטמבר 2000, א' בתשרי ה'תשס"א) היה נדבן והמו"ל של הוצאת שבתי פרנקל העוסקת בעיקר בהוצאה מוגהת וממופתחת של ספרי משנה תורה לרמב"ם.פרנקל נולד בביליץ, פולי...

9/22/2009 9/15/2015
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R' Jekutiel Klein MP (deceased)

9/14/2007 9/13/2015

Was nominated by his uncle, Issacar Ullman, to carry out his will regarding the continued Jewish education of his family.

4/16/2011 9/13/2015

9/13/2015 9/13/2015

10/27/2009 9/13/2015

Harav Eliezer Gordon, Reb Laizer Telzer, MP (1841 - 1910)

"Reb Laizer Telzer", "הרב אליעזר", "R' Eliezer Gordon"

Rabbi Eliezer Gordon (1841-1910) also known as Reb Laizer Telzer, served as the Rabbi and Rosh Yeshiva of Telz, Lithuania. Rabbi Eliezer Gordon was born in 1841 in the Lithuanian village of Chernian,...

7/24/2008 9/2/2015

Vizhnitz Hasidic dynasty Wikipedia Article See page 134 and on Makor Baruch. A street in Haifa is named after him.

9/3/2007 8/17/2015

R' Eliezer Hager, Rosh Yeshiva of Damesek Eliezer MP (1891 - 1946)

"Damesek Eliezer"

Vizhnitz Hasidic dynasty on Wikipedia Rabbi Eliezer Hager came to Israel in 1944.

3/7/2009 8/17/2015

3/7/2009 8/14/2015

Rabbi Yisrael Hager, Grand Rabbi of Vizhnitz MP (1860 - 1936)

"Ahavat Yisrael", "Ahavas Yisroel", "3rd Vizhnitz Rebbe"

(Yisroel) HagerIsrael (Yisroel) Hager was born on August 20, 1860. He was the firstborn son of Rabbi Boruch Hager. He married the daughter of Rabbi Meir Horowitz of Dzikov. In 1875 he moved to his fath...

12/19/2007 8/14/2015

Mordechai Shlomo Friedman (15 October 1891, Boiany, Ukraine – 2 March 1971, New York City),[1] sometimes called Solomon Mordecai Friedman, was the Boyaner Rebbe of New York for over 40 years. In 1927...

5/13/2008 8/12/2015

8/7/2015 8/7/2015

2/7/2009 7/28/2015

2/7/2009 7/28/2015

R' Yaakov Halberstam, Admur Chakov-New York-Jerusalem MP (1896 - 1967)

"The Tshokaver Rebbe", "Jacob Halberstam"

Born 1902? Died 1967? [Wiki]

7/11/2008 7/28/2015

Rabbi Gedalye Schorr R"Y Torah Vdaas MP (1910 - 1979)

"Rosh Yeshivah Torah Va-Das", "Gedalia", "Gedalyahu"

Rabbi Gedalyahu Schorr (27 November 1910 – 7 July 1979), also known as Gedalia Schorr, was a prominent rabbi and rosh yeshiva. He was regarded as the "first American Gadol" (Torah giant), an expression...

8/1/2008 7/23/2015

and rabbi; born at the end of the eighteenth century; died October, 1857, at Schafa, Moravia, where he was rabbi. He was the author of the following works: (1) "Berit Melaḥ" (Covenant of Salt), Prague,...

8/23/2007 5/11/2015

Rabbi Mordechai Banet MP (1753 - 1829)

"Mordecai ben Abraham Benet", "מרדכי בן אברהם בנט", "Marcus Benedict"

Published Gravestones from Nikolsburg on Jewishgen A Gifted Child. Talmudist and chief rabbi of Moravia; born in 1753 at Csurgό, a small vil lage in the county of Stuhlweissenburg, Hungary; died at Car...

7/23/2007 5/8/2015

5/8/2015 5/8/2015

5/27/2009 5/8/2015

Rav Noach Weinberg MP (1930 - 2009)

Rabbi Noah Weinberg, founder of Aish HaTorah, dies By Ben Harris NEW YORK (JTA) -- Rabbi Noah Weinberg, the founder and dean of the sprawling global outreach operation Aish HaTorah, was being called ...

2/5/2009 5/8/2015

5/5/2015 5/5/2015

Rabbi Abraham Moses Babad, "Sunderlander Rebbe" MP (1908 - 1969)

"Abraham Moses"

11/3/2009 4/5/2015

R' Eleazar Jacob Podhorzer MP (1860 - 1924)

אלעזר יעקב פודהורצר בויקיפדיה

2/25/2008 3/19/2015

Rabbi Matzliah Mazouz MP (1912 - 1971)

"Matzliah Mazouz"

R' Matzliah Mazuz On the night of Passover, Tunisian Jews have the custom of studying the work of Rabbi Matzliah Mazuz, that great Posek, the last of the Gaonim of Tunisia, and the Rav of all Jews in e...

8/7/2011 3/18/2015

3/18/2015 3/18/2015

11/14/2009 3/18/2015

R' Jacob Meir Shapira MP (1891 - 1971)

8/3/2007 3/18/2015

HaRav David Kaganoff MP (1890 - 1960)

Head of Congregation Anshei Mizrach and a Rosh Yeshiva of the Hebrew Theological College of Chicago.

1/13/2010 3/15/2015

Rabbi Avner German MP (1926 - 2012)

"Rav Avner German"

Be'er Hagolah Legacy Dinner 2012 Rabbi Avner German YouTube Rabbi Avner German News 12 Brooklyn Rav Avner German was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1926. His father, Reb Mordechai Nochum, was a ...

11/23/2014 3/4/2015

הרב פנחס דוד, אדמו''ר מבאסטאן-פלעטבוש Horowitz MP

"Bostoner Rebbe of Flatbush"

Brooklyn, NY, USA

2/10/2009 2/6/2015

R. Jakob Lubliner MP (1575 - 1643)

"The Lubliner Rebbe", "Yakov Hersch Lubliner", "Yakov Lubliner"

R. Jakob Lubliner: הגאון מו"ה יעקב אבד"ק לובלין - Av Beit Din Lublin. Rabbi and Dean of Yeshiva and ABD in Brisk (1634), also known as Brest-Litovsk; then also in Lublin The Unbroken Chain, Neil ...

3/23/2007 1/30/2015

Avraham Yehoshua Heschel [of Cracow] (Hanukat HaTorah) MP (1596 - 1663)

"Joshua", "Chacham Tzvi", "Chanukat H'atora", "בעמ"ס חנוכת התורה", "Rabbi Hoeschl of Cracow"

מחודשת למשפחת הרבי ר' העשיל מקראקא זי"ע Sefer Yuchasin הרב הגאון רשכבה"ג מו"ה יהושע העשיל זצ״ל אבדק קראקא הנודע בשם קדשו רבי ר׳ העשיל Hebrew Books Abraham Joshua Heschel Biography . Click on and Re...

3/23/2007 1/29/2015

Rabbi Mordechai ben Avraham Jaffe "Ba'al HaLevushim" MP (1530 - 1612)

"בעל הלבושים", "Mordechai Yofe H'Leibushim", ""Ba'al halevoshim"\\", ""Levush"", "Rav Mordechai Jaffe Halevush", "the Levush", "baal halevushim - בעל הלבושים"

Wikipedia: Mordecai Yoffe and מרדכי יפה . Mordechai ben Avraham Yafeh Yivo בעל הלבושים Baal - HaLevushim Rabbi Mordechai Jaffe was born in Prague, in the year 5290 (1530). His father Rabbi Abra...

8/28/2007 1/28/2015

Yitzhak bar Sheshet Perfet, Rabbi MP (1326 - 1405)


Isaac ben Sheshet Perfet (1326 – 1408) יצחק בן ששת was a Spanish Talmudic authority, also known by his acronym, Rivash (ריב"ש ). He was born at Valencia and settled early in life at Barcelona, where he...

11/23/2011 1/24/2015

Yiḥyah Qafiḥ רבי יחיא בן שלמה קאפח also Yiḥyah ibn Shalomo el Qafiḥ) (1850–1931), known also by the affectionate name "Ha-Yashish" (= "the Elder"), served as the Chief Rabbi of Sana'a, Yemen in the lat...

2/25/2008 1/23/2015