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Missing Links - Profiles with recorded famous Jewish ancestors/descendants

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  • Rabbi Asher Grunis, Rabbi of Cardiff, Wales (1873 - 1937)
    Biography Asher Grunis was born in Czarnocin, piotrkowski, Łódź Voivodeship, Poland, in 1873 and died in Cardiff at the age of sixty four. He was the son of Rabbi Velvella (Zev) who was a grandson of ...
  • Hersh Apter (1866 - 1899)
    MISSING GENERATIONS ( Missing Links Project ) Descendant of R' Abraham Joshua Heschel "Ohev Israel"
  • Reb Meshulam Heller of Zbarizh (bef.1742 - 1794)
    Wrote Derech Emes, Kisvei Kodesh & Yosher Divrei Emes Considered one of the Gedolei Hador of his generation. Student of Rabbi Yechiel Michel of Zlotchov known as the Maggid of Zlotchov. Yechiel Miche...
  • Shimon Mendel Heller (1827 - c.1890)
    Shimon Heller was a direct descendant of Rabbi Yom Tov Lipman Heller (1578 - 1654), author of Tosfos Yom Tov, famed rabbi of Cracow, Prague and Vienna. It seems that Shimon was a fourth generation to R...
  • Rabbi Duvid Moshe Avrohom Ashkenazi (b. - c.1749)
    MISSING GENERATIONS ( Missing Links Project ) Moshe Nugelberg

A collection of profiles that are known through record or legend to be descended from or closely related to a famous Jewish figure, but the generations in between or exact conection are unknown. This list should include both the descendant and the ancestor. The aim is that with a communal effort we could solve some of these mysteries and then remove them from the project.


  • Don't include 'unsolvable' connections e.g. huge generation gaps
  • Don't include legends based on very unreliable information at the best
  • Don't include extremely common lineages e.g. RASHI - רש״י. (see PatentlyJewish)
  • Don't include profiles of people descended from half a dozen missing ancestors. The known information is simply too vague to deal with.

This is not just a list of people with distinguished lineage, the purpose is to actually solve some of the mysteries.

Additionaly, only direct blood ancestral connections should be included, as well as very close relatives i.e. up to 3rd cousin.

Please ensure that there is a section called 'Missing generations' in the about section of both profiles. A link to the project should be provided as well as a note of the missing link to the famous personality for example:


Descendant of Rabbi Shlomo Ephraim Luntschitz, ABD Prague, auth. "Kli Yakar"

This project should prove to be highly valuable to Geni curators and genealogy enthusiasts alike.