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24.12.2017 Unfortunately it has not been possible to find any documentation confirming the identity of this woman who became the partner of William Vaudery Glascott when he came to India, However, be...

9/29/2012 9/19/2015

Mary Anne Donohoe (1816 - 1873)

Born about 1815 in Bombay India. Married Thomas Edwards on the 6th October 1829 aged 14, at St James Church, Tannah (Bombay). Thomas Edwards died in 1831 and Mary married Patrick Donahue (Donohoe) ...

8/15/2009 9/19/2015

William Vaudrey Glascott (c.1789 - 1821)

Born 1789 Hatherleigh, Devon, England Baptised 14th July 1789 Hatherleigh, Devon, England on 21st July 1810 at the age of 21 arrived in Bombay India on the East india Company's Indiaman, "Sir Steve...

9/29/2012 9/19/2015

Ellen 's first marriage was to Samuel Philips and she gave birth to their son Thomas Patrick Philips (later to become known as Thomas Arthur Savage) before his sudden death. He died while the boy was s...

2/20/2014 9/19/2015

Ellen Sarah Davison (1866 - d.)

child: Ellen Sarah Savage other: James Davison, John Davison Name James Davison Birth Date Birthplace Age Spouse's Name Ellen Sarah Savage Spouse's Birth Date Spouse's Birthplace Spouse's Age Eve...

3/6/2014 9/19/2015

Doris Ellen Davison (1895 - 1980)

Name Dorothy Ellen Davison Gender Female Christening Date 24 Dec 1895 Christening Place Lahore, Bengal, India Birth Date 19 Oct 1895 Birthplace Death Date 8.7.90 Name Note Race Father's Name James ...

3/7/2014 9/19/2015

Jean Ross Pope (1927 - 1991)

8/10/2014 9/19/2015