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George Gastineau's Parentage DEBATABLE this is the only fair way I can see putting this up since there are Gedcoms floating out there stating that george gastineau IS the son of Job Sr. then yo...

1/25/2011 7/20/2015

George Gastineau's Parentage DEBATABLE this is the only fair way I can see putting this up since there are Gedcoms floating out there stating that george gastineau IS the son of Job Sr. then yo...

7/21/2011 7/20/2015

Thomas W. Williams (deceased)

Said to be a family bible and was written with the information as follows: Said to have set sailed from Liverpool Eng. May 30 1831 landed 6 Jul. 1831 On Ship Davey. It is said that Rebecca went to Engl...

7/13/2010 7/20/2015

Thomas and her were married 9 Apr 1852 , Greene, Indiana [bk. e pg. 317]. I this time fra there were only 2 Thomas whitworth's in Greene county - Thomas and his son Thomas bryant who was 12 years old. ...

7/8/2010 11/4/2011

Thomas B Hays (c.1818 - d.)

I am to be the biological father of Charles Anderson Emery - who was to have been adopted by ambrose Emery and Mary Andreson - Biographical Memiors of Greene County, Indiana; 3 Vols., 1908 B. F. Bowe...

11/6/2010 9/26/2011

However, in a book titled, "The History of Whitley Co., KY", there is a section written about the WILLIAM SAXSON family that states the father of LEAH FREE was ISAAC FREE (FERREE) b. PA. HE IS NOT TH...

4/19/2011 9/26/2011

James Burns (c.1778 - d.)

Nothing can be found of his ancestry or tying him into the lineage of Robert Burns the Poet to date tho family member are bound and determined to do it. RECORD: 1. Scotland Census Schedules, 6 Jun ...

7/14/2010 8/20/2011

Spelling variations of this family name include: MacWalter, MacWatter, MacQualter, MacQuatter, MacWater, MacQualtrough, Qualtrough, Qualters and many more. First found in Ayrshire where they held a f...

7/14/2010 8/20/2011

7/14/2010 8/20/2011

james boswell (1776 - d.)

MARRIAGE RECORD: 1. © 1999-2002 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. /v.2.5.0, International Genealogical Index, microfich, and internet. " JAMES BOSWELL Marriages: Spouse: ELISABETH WALLS Family M...

7/14/2010 8/20/2011

Robert Walls (deceased)

MARRIAGE RECORD: 1. Scotland, Vital Records of British Isle 2nd Edition, The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints. " WALLS, Robert Marriage Wife: Janet HARRAWAR Marriage Date: 24 Dec 1765 Recor...

7/14/2010 8/20/2011

age is based on 18-21 when married .

7/14/2010 8/20/2011

john Burgess (c.1786 - d.)

MARRIAGE RECORD: 1. , Scots Ancestry Research Society - B/38,882, 21 Nov. 1978, 16 Jul. 1979 and 7 Oct 1986, Scots Ancestry Research Society, 3 Albany Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3PY Scotland. " Februar...

7/14/2010 8/20/2011

jean Scott (c.1786 - d.)

7/14/2010 8/20/2011

Andrew Thomas (c.1761 - d.)

7/14/2010 8/20/2011

Mary Welsh (c.1761 - d.)

7/14/2010 8/20/2011

Michael Quinn (deceased)

7/14/2010 8/20/2011

mary McDonald (deceased)

7/14/2010 8/20/2011

Edward Mullin (Mullen) (c.1806 - d.)

possibly RECORD: 1. Name: Edward Molan Age: 35 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1806 Gender: Male Where born: Ireland Civil parish: Muirkirk County: Ayrshire Address: Muirkirk Garranhi...

7/14/2010 8/20/2011

John McCann (deceased)

7/14/2010 8/20/2011

Cecelia Morran [Monn] (c.1792 - 1865)

RECORD: 1. Scotland Census Schedules, 1851. " Name: Cecillia McCann Age: 59 Estimated birth year: abt 1792 Relationship: Head Gender: Female Where born: Ireland Parish Number: 607 Civil parish: Muirk...

7/14/2010 8/20/2011

Agnes or Elizabeth Maxwell (c.1840 - 1921)

PROBABILITY AS A DAUGHTER - Scotland Census Schedules, 7/8 Apr 1861. partial listing is - full below Name: Janet Maxwell Age: 43 Estimated birth year: abt 1818 Relationship: Head Gender: Male Where...

7/14/2010 8/20/2011

THe Meek ancestry HAS NOT been proven - John Dean "Jack" Hardesty gives her father as Richard Meek. also found on My is below but majority does not list any parents for her. Catherin...

7/22/2007 8/20/2011

Patience Gastineau (1804 - 1872)

She was 17 years old at marriage and her father's name appears on his letter of permission.

10/30/2008 8/20/2011

Ruth Emery MP (1700 - 1763)

This Ruth Watson was not the daughter of John watson and Ruth Giffen. Further research on the Ruth Watson that was the daughter of John Watson and Ruth Griffen pretty much shows she was NOT the wife of...

3/12/2009 8/20/2011

[-?-] Barr (deceased)

Elizabeth W. Dayton,of Bedford, Indiana in a letter stated: "When I was a small child I was taught to say, - "Grandmother White was a Mewhirter; Grandmother Mewhirter was a Taylor; Grandmother Taylor w...

7/28/2010 8/20/2011

Robert Long (c.1788 - 1859)

At a county court holden for the Body of Whitley County May term 1819 p 55 Ordered that John Arthur Snr. and John Arthur Jr. be alloted to Daniel Morgans precinct and Two of the Magees. Daniel Targ, Wi...

10/1/2010 8/20/2011

Leonard Divan (c.1750 - c.1827)

Pvt. 5th class Washington co. Pa.; Militia 5th Battalion George Mair's Co. as of 2 Nov. 1781; Effective supply Tax Co. Pa. D.A.R. Lineage Papers #660 & 436 1781- Pa. Tax Lists Washington co., Bethl...

5/14/2010 8/20/2011

Lydia Ferguson (1809 - 1834)

7/13/2010 8/20/2011

John I Moore (1810 - 1836)

Petition for dv. from Nancy non resident of Harrison Co. Oh. Public Notice given in Harrison Telegraph He charged her with adultry. only mention of John I. Moore is In History of Tuscaraswas county...

7/13/2010 8/20/2011

One theory was for his parentage - but seems to be discounted Rationale for assuming that John Todd (1746-1829) was the son of Andrew Todd. Todd family historians have known for many years that the...

12/29/2010 8/20/2011

Thomas Bartlett (deceased)

Nothing can be found on this family or the father Thomas or the name of the mother. Names of the children and data was found on a scrap of paper in items sent to me by June McKee who is now decased. ...

10/1/2010 8/20/2011

Robert Mewhirter (1792 - 1872)

The family bible gives the date on the group sheet; given in Pickaway co. records as 6 Mar. 1830 and his name is spelled Mc Whorter, ! Land held in 1890 S 1/2 of NE 1/4 of SW 1/4 Sec. 6 T6 R5 except ...

7/8/2010 8/20/2011

Elizabeth Mewhirter (1807 - 1874)

Elizabeth W. Dayton of Bedford, Indiana . "When I was a small child I was taught to say, - "Grandmother White was a Mewhirter; Grandmother Mewhirter was a Taylor; Grandmother Taylor was a Barr"." Her...

7/8/2010 8/20/2011

Rebecca Meredith (deceased)

Mildred Uland, Gone But Not Forgotten An Anthology of Fact and Folklore, 1986, pg. 86. Jacob Fessler was of German ancestry. His father and mother came to America and settled in Coshocton county, Ohi...

7/13/2010 8/20/2011