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David Pietersz de Vries MP (1593 - c.1662)

Zie Wikipedia...

6/6/2013 6/6/2013

David Ackerman MP (1615 - 1663)

"David (Johannes) Ackerman" ; .rootsweb.ancestry... ; ; Most of my dates are from "A Genealogical Dictionary of New Jersey" and The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey" Two family histori...

3/26/2007 5/5/2012

Jan Janse Verkerk MP (1630 - c.1688)

"Jan Janse(n)", "VerKerk"

Jan Janse Ver Kerken Jan Janse Ver Kerken - Family Tree Genealogy From Genealogical and Personal Memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey, p. 704:

11/1/2007 4/23/2012

Roeloff Janse Verkerk MP (1654 - 1708)

3rd of May 1687: Bill of Sale: Henrick Ryke to Roelof Verkerck , (Liber A:187, 189.) Desc.: A piece of land on S. side adjacent to purchaser's land and E. of the division line between Uytrecht and ...

7/16/2008 4/23/2012

Petrus Jean du Mont MP (1611 - c.1685)

"Jan", "Jean", "Dumond", "Dumont", "Du Monds"

freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.... 1. Petrus Du Mont (Rn=14849),, who was born about 1610 and died at Comines, Provence du Picardie, France. He married 03 July 1633 at Province de West...

11/6/2008 3/25/2012

Moses Du Puy, Sr. MP (1660 - c.1754)

"Moyse Du Puis", "De Puy", "du Puy"

New Amsterdam Immigrant Moyse DuPuy (DuPuis) The name of Moses DEPUIS is included on a list of persons who took the oath of allegiance at Ulster County, N.Y., 1 September 1687. Leroy Beck DeP...

7/29/2007 2/5/2012

Jean Dupuis MP (1657 - c.1732)

"John", "Depuy"

3/24/2008 2/5/2012

Pieter / Pierre Janse Monfoort MP (1616 - 1661)

"Pieter Monfoort", "Peter Monfort", "Pierre Jan", "Monfoort", "Montfoort"

Probably christened at St Anthonies. Died in the Wallabout region of Brooklyn, New York. New Amsterdam immigrant , Traveled onboard the ship 'De Eendracht' which departed in January 1625 for New ...

2/19/2007 1/20/2012

Meenske Jansz Van Wijcklen New Amsterdam immigrant Meenske Jansz Van wicklen

1/12/2012 1/12/2012

Gerrit Jansz Van Wicklen MP (c.1659 - d.)

New Amsterdam Immigrant family Gerrit Jansz Van Wicklen

1/12/2012 1/12/2012

Tietske Gerrits MP (b. - 1666)

"Sytje Gerrits", "Tijedske Gerrits", "Tijedtske"

Tijedtske Gerrits aka Sytje Gerrits New Amsterdam immigrant about Tijdedtske & her family married - Jentie Jeppes aka Jan Jacobzen De Vries, ca. 1653 10 Dec 1666. Tietske Gerrits, late wife...

1/12/2012 1/12/2012

an Jacobzen Jeppes (De Vries) MP (c.1630 - c.1673)

"Jentie", "Jan Jacobzen De Vries", "Jentie Jeppes", "Jan Jacobsz"

Jentie Jeppes aka Jan Jacobzen de Vries New Amsterdam immigrant "sailed on the ship 'Den Eendracht' under Capt. Jan Bergen to New Amsterdam with his wife, and his tree children 5, 4, & 2 years. T...

1/12/2012 1/12/2012

New Amsterdam Immigrant about - Adriaen Post The Post Family© by Lorine McGinnis Schulze 1998 The Dutch word for seagull is “pos” and this seems to have been the correct way of recording the ...

12/29/2007 1/5/2012

Andries Emans MP (1614 - 1661)

Andries Emens New Amsterdam Immigrant - 9 May, 1661 - Ship, St. Jan Baptist about - Emmons family.US Register in alphabetical order, of the early settlers of Kings County, Long Island By Teun...

2/5/2009 12/28/2011

Jan Barrentson Kunst MP (1638 - 1668)

First husband of Jacomyntje Slect an Barentsen Kunst Sex: M Birth: in Holland Event: Ships Name MAY 1558 Guilded Beaver Marriage 1 Jennete Ariens Married: in New York, U.S.A. Children Hil...

6/16/2007 12/12/2011

Willem Pieterse Van Slyck MP (1635 - 1699)

Arrived in 1660 on De Trouw from Amersfoort. Willem's descendants settled in Columbia Co. i. PIETER WILLEMSE4 VAN SLYCK, b. 1659, Kinderhook, Columbia Co., New York; d. January 16, 1740/41, Kinderhoo...

10/14/2007 12/5/2011

Warnaar Hornbeck MP (1645 - 1715)

"Hornbeck", "Hoornbeeck", "Hornbake", "Hornbeek"

1660 , , New Netherlands, America The West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia Vol 11 by Jim Comstock, pp 2262-2264, says: “Warnaar van Hornbeeck arrived in New Amsterdam, now New York City, from the Ne...

1/30/2008 12/4/2011

Françoise Morgan MP (c.1654 - 1700)

"Frances", "Francoise / Bilyeu", "Billiou/Largilliere", "Larzelere"

8/15/2008 11/22/2011

Christina Merlette MP (1658 - 1699)

"Chretienne Belyeu", "Christina Bilyeau"

Married 1677 in Church of Mannheim (French Church), Staten Island, NY One child: Abraham (1680)

3/24/2007 11/22/2011

Maria de la Montagne MP (1637 - 1711)

Maria de la Montagne, second daughter of Dr. Johannes de la Montagne and his first wife Rachel DeForest, was born on board the ship Rensselaerswyck off the coast of Madeira on 25 January 1637. Madeira ...

7/26/2007 11/15/2011

Pierre Parmentier MP (1630 - 1701)

"Pierre Palmatier", "Pierre Parmentier", "Pietre Palmetier"

Pierre Parmentier (1630 - 1701) of Belgium, Germany and NY (was born in Courtai, Belgium). Married Antoinette Terrin (daughter of Thonnet Thomas Terrin) about 1651 in Courtal, Belgium, and had one son,...

3/10/2009 11/6/2011

Antoinette Parmentier MP (1634 - 1714)

3/10/2009 11/6/2011

Yellis [Giles] Enjart MP (1651 - 1707)

"Giles", "Yellis", "Jollis", "Gillis Enjart", "Enyard", "Jniaert"

3/10/2009 11/4/2011

N.N. Enjart MP (c.1656 - d.)

11/4/2011 11/4/2011

N.N. Enjart MP (1658 - d.)

"Enjoert", "Enjart"

11/4/2011 11/4/2011

Hendrick Reycke Suydam MP (c.1639 - 1701)


Hendrick Reycke SUYDAM. Immigrated in March 1663 to New Netherland, on "The Rose Tree," from Zutphen in the Netherlands, or Zuydt Dam (South Dam), an unknown location. Hendrick Reycke died in 1701 in F...

12/13/2008 10/29/2011

Pieter Barentse Coeymans MP (1594 - 1665)

"Peter A /Vosburgh/", "Pieter Jacobse /Vosburgh/"

Pieter COEYMANS The children of Pieter Coeymans included: (1) Barent Pieterse COEYMANS, emigrated from Utrecht, Holland in 1636.Miller of Norman's Kil, married before 1654 to Agnietje ----; married...

7/29/2007 10/28/2011

Jean-Pierre Mellott MP (1658 - 1703)

"Johann", "John Peterson", "Malott", "Malotte", "Marlate", "Marlatt", "Marlet", "Marlett", "Mellott", "Melott", "Merlet", "Merlett", "Merlette.", "John Peterson Mallot", "John Peter Mellott"

From the Mellott-Eastman family tree: Birth 18 Apr 1658 Mannheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany [3] Gender Male Married of NY [3] Died 13 Jan 1702 Piscataway, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA [2]...

11/26/2007 10/28/2011

Abraham Marlette MP (1655 - 1714)


From the Mellott-Eastman family tree: Abraham Merlette Birth 26 Jan 1656 Long Island, Kings, New York, USA (This is in error, as the Merlet family would not be in the New World for another 6...

3/24/2007 10/28/2011

Paulus Merlet MP (1653 - 1699)

"Paulus Marlett"

From the Eastman-Mellott family tree: Birth 14 Sep 1653 Mannheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany Gender Male Died 1699 Quebec, Canada Person ID P3281741177 Mellott - Eastman Family Tree ...

9/20/2008 10/28/2011

Josias Merlet MP (1645 - 1710)

"Josias Merlette"

From the Mellott-Eastman family tree: Birth 17 Sep 1645 Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands Gender Male Died 1715 Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey, United States Person ID P3281741155 Me...

6/26/2008 10/28/2011

Marguerite Martijn MP (c.1622 - 1681)

"Marie Martijn", "Martin", "Marie", "Margriet", "Marguerite Martijn"

From the Mellott-Eastman Family Tree: Marguerite Martijn Birth 1622 Limbourg, Liege, Belgium [2] Gender Female Died 25 Aug 1681, Piscataway, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA Person ID P32817386...

3/24/2007 10/28/2011

Gedeon "La Plante" Merlet MP (1624 - 1683)

"Gideon", "Merleth", "Malott", "Malotte", "Marlate", "Marlatt", "Marlet", "Marlett", "Mellott", "Melott", "Merlet", "Merlett", "Merlette", "Merlitt"

From the Reid-Mellott family tree: Birth Feb 1624 Champagne, Dordogne, Aquitaine, France [2, 3, 5, 8] (Ben notes: Roucy, more or less his accepted birth city, is located in Picardy at: 49°22'14.6...

3/24/2007 10/28/2011

Adriaen Lamberts Smeets/Smits MP (1625 - 1702)

"Adriaen Lammertsen", "Adriaen Lammertsen van Tielderweert"

origin Note: Originally from Sint-Lambertskerk-Herk, just SW of Hasselt. He took up residence in Tuil, which is in the Tielerwaard, north of the River Waal and west of Tiel in the Gelderland, Netherl...

8/23/2008 10/23/2011

Trintgen (trintje) Matthisdochter Bosch MP (1620 - 1684)

"Tryntie "Katrina" Bos", "Tyssen Bos", "Tryntje Tysee Bosch", "Tryntje Matthijszoon Bosch", "Tryntje Tysse Bos", "Tryntje Tissa Bos"

Albert Heymans Roosa, Agriculturist from Gelderland with wife and eight children emigrated to New Netherland on the ship spotted Cow in April 1655 - O'Callahan, Documentary History of New York, iii, 36...

1/20/2008 10/21/2011

Aert Teunisse van Pelt MP (c.1664 - 1735)

marriage 1686 10 Sep; Aert Theunissen Lanen, jm van N. Uytrecht; Neeltje Jans van Thuyl, jd van N. Torke, d' Eerste woonende op N. Uytrecht, en Tweede alhier Aert Teunisse Van Pelt M, #53108, d...

9/12/2008 10/21/2011

Wouter Teunisse van Pelt MP (c.1654 - 1728)

9/12/2008 10/21/2011

Jan Teunissen van Pelt MP (1645 - 1737)

"'John' Teuniszen Lanen Van Pelt"

Jan "John" Teunissen Lanen VAN PELT Baptism 14 Dec 1645. Jan, son of Teunis Jansen van Pelt. Haaften, west of Tuil, Netherlands Register of Baptisms of the DRC of Tuil: DTB Haaften 819.1 De...

7/5/2008 10/21/2011

Anthoine Teunisse van Pelt MP (1648 - 1721)


1/11/2008 10/21/2011

Hendrick Teunisse van Pelt MP (c.1650 - 1693)

9/12/2008 10/21/2011

Susanna Cossart MP (1661 - c.1663)

7/12/2008 10/20/2011

Lydia Lea Villeman MP (1638 - 1731)

"Lydia /Villeman/", "Lea Villeman"

New Amsterdam - Immigrants Lea, a niece of Peter Stuyvesant at that time Dutch governor of New Amsterdam, now the city of New York. Governor Stuyvesant gave his niece and her husband a grant of land ...

3/16/2007 10/20/2011

Jacques Jacob Cossart MP (1639 - 1685)

Jacques came to New Amsterdam (what is now New York City) in 1663. Jaques, the younger, and his wife, Lydia moved to Frankenthal in Bavaria where their first three children were baptized. This couple...

3/16/2007 10/20/2011

Abraham Davidse Ackerman MP (1656 - 1724)

"Abram", "Abraham (David) Ackerman" Abraham David Ackerman moved with his brothers and sisters to what is now New Jersey about 1669. Later, he moved to Bedford in what is now Brooklyn and married...

7/29/2007 10/19/2011

Lodowyck Davidse Ackerman MP (1653 - 1723)

Settled in Kingston before his first marriage, and then later moved to Hackensack before 1694. In 1704, he moved to Philipsburgh Reference for him and his immediate family: The notes of Grenville M...

3/26/2007 10/19/2011

Laurens Ackerman MP (1650 - 1707)

"Lourens", "Laurens", "Ackerman", "Akkermans", "Laurents"

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Apr 21 2016, 6:10:25 UTC

11/13/2008 10/19/2011

David Davidse Ackerman MP (1653 - 1710)

David Ackerman was a founder of New Jersey. This fragment makes me wonder if there is a connection: "David Akarman" "He (Albert Van Voorhees) immigrated with his parents in 1660 and is listed in ma...

8/2/2007 10/19/2011

Anna Hennion MP (1642 - 1731)


Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Apr 21 2016, 6:10:25 UTC

11/13/2008 10/19/2011

Joris Jansen Rapalje MP (1604 - 1663)

"Georges Rapareillet", "Joris Jansen Rapalje", "Joris de Rapalje", "Joris Jansen de Rapelje", "Joris Jansen de Rapelji", "Hugenots"

Birth Joris was born in 1604 in Valenciennes which at the time was a town in the province of Hainut in the southern part of the Spanish Netherlands (now in the Nord department of northern France). ...

3/6/2007 10/15/2011

Marijke Gijsberts MP (1622 - c.1688)

"Mayke Verkerk", "Mayke Verkerck", "Mayke Gijsberts"

Mayke Gisberts was born before 1640 at Guilderland, Netherlands. She married Jan Janse Verkerk, son of Jan Verkerk, on 1 April 1651 at Buren, Gelderland, Netherlands. Mayke Gisberts died in 1688 at New...

11/1/2007 10/15/2011

Barentje Vandergrift (Van Kirk) MP (c.1659 - 1684)


Marriage in the Reformed Dutch Church, New York, NY Nicolaes Van der Grist, j. m. Van N. Yorke, en Barentje Verkercken, j. d. Van Buurmatzen, beyde woonende tot N. Uytrecht. Ingeschreven: 7 August 16...

3/24/2008 10/15/2011

Geertje Janse Verkerk MP (1658 - 1750)

2/1/2007 10/15/2011

Aerd Janse Verkerk MP (1655 - 1695)

"Arthur Johnson Van Kirk"

Andrew Johnson Van Kirk (on marriage record) Passenger: 15 Mar 1662/63, Ship Der Rosenboom Records show that Aert appeared as a plaintiff in a Sussex County Delaware court on July 12, 1683. He witn...

7/16/2008 10/15/2011

Adrian Gerritsz Van Laer MP (1634 - 1686)

"Adriaen", "Ariaen"

Adriaen van Laer arrived in 1658 in New Amsterdam on ship Vergulde Bever. (Ship sailed from Amsterdam May 17, 1658, arrived in New Amsterdam in July 1658). New Amsterdam Immigrant - May 1658 from Ams...

7/29/2007 10/13/2011

Janneken Andriens Melijn MP (1604 - 1681)

"Janneken", "Jannetje", "Johanna", "Janetje", "Adriaens", "Jannetie Arienss"

With her husband and her children, she emigrated from the Netherlands to America on the ship called "Den Eyckenboom". The ship arrived in Nieuw Amsterdam, NY, USA on August 14, 1641.

7/16/2007 10/13/2011

Cornelis Jacob Melyn MP (1600 - c.1663)

"Cornelius", "Melyn"

After several trading voyages between Europe and America, Cornelius Melyn immigrated with his family to America aboard the "Den Byckenboom" ship on August 14,1641. The ship arrived in Nieuw A...

7/16/2007 10/13/2011

Juriaen = George Abels Westphal MP (1621 - 1667)

"Jurian /Westvael/", "Juriach (George) /Westvael/", "Juriach (George) /Westphael/", "Juriaen /Van Westphalen/", "Westfall /Van Luyder/", "Juriaen Van Westphalen", "Jurien", "Jurian Westphalen or Westfall"

Juriaen left the Netherlands on 6, June, 1642, on the Ship " DeHoutwyn." He came to the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam (Manhattan Island) in August of 1642. He moved up the river to Fort Orange (Albany)...

1/31/2007 10/12/2011

New Amsterdam Immigrant Jannetje Lambertsen Brink - rootsweb Jannetje Lambertsen Brink

9/5/2008 10/12/2011

Cornelius Lambertsen Brink MP (c.1659 - 1726)

Born at sea on the way to New Amsterdam circa December 1659

9/5/2008 10/12/2011

Hendrickje Cornelis Brink MP (c.1638 - c.1696)

Mattheus Cornelissen Van Nieuwkercke of Slechtenhorst, Gelderland, Holland ba. 1600, his two sons both of whom sailed to America on the Mossman April 25, 1659 were Gerret ba. 1635 m. Cornelia (Chieltje...

3/26/2008 10/12/2011

Judith Demarest MP (1656 - 1728)

6/17/2010 10/12/2011

Marie 'Mynno' Demarest MP (1662 - 1692)

Marie Des Marets, born May 17, 1662 in Mannheim, Baden, Germany; died Aft. May 19, 1692 in New York; married Abraham Deveaux 1688 in New York City.

3/1/2008 10/12/2011

Samuel Davids Demarets MP (1656 - 1728)

"Demeray", "Demarest"

New Amsterdam Immigrant=== * Reference: RootsWeb's WorldConnect - SmartCopy : Dec 17 2016, 21:44:42 UTC

10/21/2007 10/12/2011

David Demarest, I MP (1620 - 1695)

"David /Des Marets", "David Demarest"

In 1886, David D. Demarest published a speech entitled Huguenots On The Hackensack, drawing attention to the important historical role played by David desMarets in the settlement of modern-day Manhatta...

3/22/2007 10/12/2011

Isaac Dye MP (c.1714 - c.1754)

, arrived in 1639 on ship Brant van Troyen, from Amsterdam (NL), settled in Nieuw Haarlem Laurens Duyts aka Laurens Grootschoe Though Laurens surname indicates that he or his forebears once resided i...

1/18/2007 10/12/2011

Pieter Carstensen employed by Dutch East Indies Company. He drowned when his son was 2 years old. His widow married again, and sailed for New Amsterdam. Children born to second marriage of Geesje Jans ...

9/15/2007 10/12/2011

Geesje Pier MP (1632 - 1703)

2/16/2009 10/12/2011

Arent Teunisse Pier MP (c.1639 - 1703)

Arent and his wife Geesje Jans embarked for New Netherlands May 9, 1661 on the Jan Baptist and settled at Kingston on the Hudson River in Ulster County, New York

2/16/2009 10/12/2011

David Uzille MP (c.1635 - c.1671)

(© 1996, Lorine McGinnis Schulze, OliveTree Genealogy): The French name Uzille was corrupted into Gille. One version of the name was Ziele - which may be a step toward Gille. (The name was also spelled...

9/27/2007 10/11/2011

Pieter Janszen Meet MP (c.1614 - c.1697)

New Amsterdam - Immigrants==== Pieter Janzn Meet married Styntje Jacobs on Sept. 22, 1654 Amersfoort, Utrecht, Netherlands in the Reformed Dutch Church. Arrived in ship "Rose Tree" at New Amste...

8/7/2008 10/10/2011

sharedtree.... Emigrated with father, Pieter Janszen Meet, to Brooklyn on the "Rose Tree" in 1663. Centennial History of Missouri By Walter Barlow Stevens, pg 424 Lawrence was apprenticed to th...

4/25/2008 10/10/2011

David Pieterse Schuyler MP (c.1636 - 1690)


David Pieterse Schuyler was a pioneer member of early Albany's most important New Netherland family. He was born in Holland in 1636, a younger son of German-born Amsterdam baker Pieter Diercks and Ge...

8/1/2007 10/10/2011

Phillip Pieterse Schuyler MP (1628 - 1683)

Birth: Feb. 8, 1628, Netherlands Death: May 9, 1683 Albany Albany County New York, USA Husband of Margaretta Van Slichtenhorst, parents of Arent Van Schuyler. Last known residence Beaverwyck, New...

5/11/2007 10/10/2011

Jan Fransse van Hoesen MP (1608 - c.1665)

"Jan Fransse Van Hoesem", "Jan Franszen Van Husum", "Jan Franszen van Huysen"

Jan and wife Volkie fled the netherlands so they wouldn't have to renounce their Protestant religion.They set sail on the "Den Harlinck" and arrived in New Amsterdam on 7/7/1639. By 1645 they had settl...

9/3/2007 10/9/2011

Catherina Jans Boudts MP (1637 - 1719)

Catherine Jans BOOTS was born in "Uyt Den Hage" per marriage record. Catherine married Stoffel Gerritsz VAN LAER, son of Gerrit Stoffelsz* VAN LAER and Baijken* AERJANS, in 10 Feb 1660 [banns] in New A...

5/1/2011 10/8/2011

Bartholomeus Vrooman MP (1659 - 1686)

He arrived in New Amsterdam on april 17,1664 aboard the d'Eendracht. Killed ("kild and burnt") along with his father, "Hend. Meese," in the Schenectady Masacre. The Vroomans lived on the north side o...

9/27/2007 10/8/2011

lutheransonline... ; ; Baptismal Record in Leiden shows as father "Heijndrick Meesen" (Meesen is derived from Bartholomeus), and as mother "Jannetge Wouters"

7/17/2007 10/8/2011

Johannes Hendrickse Vrooman MP (c.1652 - 1732)

"Johannes", "Jan"

lutheransonline.... ; Jan Hendrickse Vrooman ; Jan Hendrickse VROOMAN BIRTH: 15 Feb 1652, Leiden,Holland DEATH: AFT 25 Apr 1732 Father: Hendrick Meese VROOMAN Mother: Jannetje WOUTERS

9/27/2007 10/8/2011

Tonis Jansen van Pelt MP (1622 - 1699)

"Theunis Lanen", "Anthonius Lanen", "Theunis van Pelt", "Teunis Jansen", "Tonis Jansen Lanen van Peelt", "Tonis Jansen van Pelt (Lanen)"

Immigration: 1663 "Rosebud" Occupation: Fisher Note: He was the sponsor and 'Patroon' of the New Utrecht community. He immigrated in 1663 on the 'Rosebud' with his brother Matthys and their famil...

1/11/2008 10/8/2011

Joachim Ketelhuyn MP (1633 - 1682)

Joachim Ketelhuyn left Mechlenburg during the Thirty Years War and drifted to Amsterdam, Holland where he boarded the ship "De Houttyn" for New Amsterdam on 6 Jun.1642. He landed at Fort Orange (Albany...

2/11/2009 10/7/2011

Matthys Jansen van Pelt MP (1618 - c.1683)

"Matthys Laenen", "Thys Jansen Van Pelt", "Matthys van Pelt", "Matthys Jansen"

The Laenens were at one time traders who traveled with the famous Flemish cloth to Holland, Germany, and Lorraine. While staying in these places, they were referred to as "van pelt" (of pelt). Matthy...

12/31/2007 10/7/2011

Harmen Meyndertsz van der Bogart MP (c.1612 - 1648)

"Harmen Myndertse VanDerBogart", "Harmen", "Harmenise Meynderts", "van den Bogaert", "Bogardus"

Harmen arrived in New Amsterdam in 1630, on ship 'De Eendracht'. For the story about Harmen and his adventures in Mohawk territory, click here . Marriage 164? - Harmen Myndertse Van Der Bogart [b...

9/5/2008 10/7/2011

Egbert Fockenszen MP (1659 - 1705)

9/19/2008 10/7/2011

Jan Fockens MP (1657 - 1723)

JAN FOCKENS and ENGELTJE BREESTEDE: 1676 23 Aug; Jan Focken, jm van Ruynen in't Landschap Drenthe; Engeltje Breestee, jd van N. Yorke. Marriage Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam...

9/19/2008 10/7/2011

Hendrick Focken MP (1651 - 1677)

9/19/2008 10/7/2011

Grietje Margarette Focken MP (1650 - d.)

9/19/2008 10/7/2011

Willemtje Fockens MP (c.1641 - c.1667)

6/3/2008 10/7/2011

Gesje Fockens MP (1647 - 1668)

DE BONTE KOE (THE SPOTTED COW) Sailed 16 April 1660 from Amsterdam, arriving New Amsterdam Captain Pieter Lucasz Source unless noted otherwsie:Lists Of Inhabitants Of Colonial New York by Edmund ...

9/19/2008 10/7/2011

Adam Hendrickse Vrooman MP (1649 - 1730)

"Adam", "Hendricksz", "Meese", "Vrooman"

He arrived in New Netherlands on April 17, 1664 aboard the d'Eendracht. He was born in Leiden, Holland, 14 Sep 1649 and naturalized in the province of New York in 1715. Adam Vrooman married three tim...

9/27/2007 10/6/2011

Katlyntje arrived in New Amsterdam on April 17, 1664 aboard the d'Eendracht.

9/27/2007 10/6/2011

Pierre Praa / Prat MP (c.1620 - 1663)

"Pratt/praet/", "Prat/praet/", "Pieter", "Peter"

PIERRE PIETER PRAA / PRAT b abt 1620 Dieppe, Picardy, France; d March 6, 1662 Cripplebush, Queens Co NY; m 1st) Marie PHILLIPE; 2nd) in New Amsterdam, Catherine LOTHIE --Praa or Prat, Pieter, (or Pierr...

12/21/2007 10/6/2011

Hilletjen Hendricks MP (c.1642 - 1668)

Hilletje arrived in New Amsterdam on June 6, 1660 on ship 'De Hoop'. She was the sister of Roeloff Hendricksen, Femmetje Hendrickse (van Mepple) and Annatje Hendricks. She was not the sister of Macky...

1/17/2010 10/5/2011

Mathurin Lorion MP (c.1604 - 1683)

: Arrival Date: 1658 Place: Montreal

6/29/2007 10/3/2011

Goris Jurckxen MP (1605 - d.)

5/12/2008 10/3/2011

Stoffel Gerrtszen Van Laer MP (1637 - 1698)

Stoffel arrived in New Amsterdam in 1659 on ship De Trouw • information on children from: an article 'New Netherland Ancestors of Aeltye Van Laer' by David M Riker - De Halve Maen Newsletter -

9/22/2009 10/2/2011

From the web site Jerome Bovie came to the North American continent in april 1663 on "The Spotted Cow" from Pays de Vaud with wife and five children to settle in "New Netherland." this was a Dutch sett...

6/28/2008 10/1/2011

Dirck Adriansen Van Vliet MP (c.1656 - 1702)

9/5/2008 9/30/2011

Machteld Adriansen Van Vliet MP (c.1655 - c.1718)

"Machtel van Vlyet; Maghtel Arisse van Vlied", "Magtel van Vlied"

church records

9/5/2008 9/30/2011

Geertruyd Arents Van Vliet MP (c.1654 - 1716)

Geertruyd Van Vliet (daughter of Adrian Gerritsen Van Vliet and Agatha Jans Spruyt) was born 1654 in Holland, and died date unknown. She married Gysbert "Gilbert" Willems Krom on 1674, son of Willem Cr...

9/5/2008 9/30/2011

Gerrit Adrianse Van Vliet MP (1649 - 1734)

New Amsterdam Immigrant

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