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Bastiaen, Captain of the 'Negers' (deceased)

"Bastiaen de Britto", "Bastayen"

many alternate names: Bastiaen de Britto from St. Domingo 1643 Mar 01; Pieter Portugies-Neger; Elisabeth; Sebastiaen-Neger , Pallas-Negrinne Van Angola 1645 Feb 18; Emanuel Trompetter; Christina; C...

2/13/2016 2/5/2017

Trijntgen Roeloffs MP (1629 - 1684)

"Tryntje Roelofs", "Tryntje ROELOFFSE", "Trijntje Jans Roeloffse", "Tryn Roelofs"

from Wikitree Marriages Catharina (Trijntje) Roelofs married Februari 24, 1647 at New Amsterdam Guillaume (Willem) de Keij, son of Abraham Lievenszn de Keij and Abigail Mourisdr Regoot. Willem wa...

5/11/2007 2/3/2017

Weijntje Sijbrants MP (1640 - 1668)

"Wyntie Sybrants", "Wyntie Sibrants", "Wyntje Sybrandts", "Wijntje Sybrandt", "Wyntje Sybrantsdr", "Wijntje Sybrantsdr"

Baptism kind: , Weijntje doopdatum: 17-07-1640 kerk: Nieuwe Kerk godsdienst: Hervormd vader: Jansz, Sijbrant moeder: Aerjans, Lijsbet bronverwijzing: DTB 42, p.207 Doopregister: NL-SAA-24360433 Mar...

5/26/2007 1/26/2017

Hendrik Vosberg MP (1643 - d.)

Evert’s son is not given a name in the records I have seen so the name Hendrick Vosberg may be an invention. In the book “Documents relative to the history and settlement of the towns a...

2/16/2009 1/20/2017

Mathys Capito (deceased)

Castello Plan Block C; Nos. 13 AND 14 Mathys Capito came to New Netherland as supercargo of the" Swol," the ship which brought Stuyvesant, in May, 1647.-Cal. Hist. MSS., Dutch, 40. He was an excell...

1/6/2017 1/6/2017

Barent Andrieszen (b. - 1656)

9/29/2008 1/6/2017

Jan Janszen Shepmoes (c.1620 - d.)

"Jan Jansen"

1654 Apr 12; Jan Janszen Schepmoes ; Sara; Abraham Jacobszen, Marritie Denys

8/28/2007 1/6/2017

Johannes De Wandelaar (c.1654 - 1705)

"Johannes De Wandelaer"

marriage 1672 17 Mar; Johannes de Wandelaer, jm van Leyden tot N. Albania; Sara Schepmoes, jd tot N. Jorck

8/28/2007 1/6/2017

Lieut. Peter Ebel (b. - 1672)

Castello Plan Notes Block C, NO·5 Jacob Eldertsen, "the Brewer's Man," bought a lot from Gerrit Fullewever, in February, 1656, and built this house before April 14, 1657, when he sold it to Pi...

10/16/2009 1/6/2017

Barentje Hendricks (b. - 1688)


Married Schaats on August 22, 1683 Castello Plan On August 22, 1683, his widow, Barentje Hendricks, married the well-known Domine Gideon Schaats, who had lately moved to New Amsterdam from Albany.-...

7/18/2011 1/6/2017

Gerrit, the miller (Gerrit Fullewever), bought this house (No. 4-7 , Block C, Castello) from Jan Jansen Schepmoes , the deed passing February 10, 1650. No doubt, he was in possession in July, 1647, the...

1/6/2017 1/6/2017

Castello Plan notes by Stokes=== (interactive map) "At some date prior to January 20, 1659, this house, which occupied the most northerly 25 feet of the site of the Standard Oil Company's building,...

1/5/2017 1/5/2017

Meynert Barentszen (1643 - d.)

lived on South William St. near Broad. .... marriages: 1659 06 Jun; Meynert Barentszen, van Jever in Oldenburg; Anneken Cornelis, van N. Amsterd 1660 24 Dec; Meynart Barents, wid Annetje Cornel...

1/4/2017 1/4/2017

Johannes Christopher (1647 - d.)


1/16/2009 1/3/2017

Heijman (Heyman) Conink (1659 - 1708)


10/2/2008 1/1/2017

Janneken Boel (1610 - d.)

1651 Aug 20; Coenraet ten Eyck; Margariet; Andries ten Eyck, Janneken Boel Her sister (not named here) is the mother of Margariet.

3/18/2009 1/1/2017

Sarah (Cornell) Willet Bridges Lawrence MP (1623 - 1690)

"Sarah (Cornell) Willet Bridges Lawrence"

Sarah Cornell (1623-1690), daughter of Thomas Cornell and Rebecca LNU m1. 1643 Thomas Willett, m2. 1647 Charles Bridges, m3. 1682 John Lawrence. Sarah Cornell Willett Bridges Lawrence has an aunt Sar...

6/3/2008 12/31/2016

Celitje Richard (deceased)

She married 09 February 1664 at Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam Celitje ? Van Der Wallen/Richard (Rn=18052). Occupation 1 - - Merchant. First Residence - - La Rochelle, Provence du Aunis, Fran...

12/30/2016 12/30/2016

Paulus Richard (1644 - d.)

"Paulus Ritsardt"

12/30/2016 12/30/2016

Maria Verveelen (1621 - d.)

12/30/2016 12/30/2016

Jacob Jansz De Lang (b. - c.1664)

Jacob de Lang, merchant, of Bemster, in Holland, bought this house and lot, afterward NO.5 Broadway,. March 17, 1655, through his attorney in New Amsterdam, Jacob Hendricksen Backer.-Ree. N. Am., I: 75...

12/30/2016 12/30/2016

Guilliame Varleth (c.1623 - 1659)

Those who arrived on the "Fortuyn" in 1650-1651 Their (Caspar's) son, Guilliam (William) Varlet , named after Guillaume Tentenier, his grandfather's brother. He was the third son, probably born about...

12/30/2016 12/30/2016

Francina Varleth (1618 - d.)

"William", "William Verleth"

12/30/2016 12/30/2016

Susanna Verleth (1649 - d.)

Those who arrived on the "Fortuyn" in 1650-1651: -- Their son, Nicholas Varlet, his wife Susanna Jans[30], and their baby daughter Susanna, born in 1649 in Amsterdam . Their youngest child, Abraham...

12/30/2016 12/30/2016

Abraham Verleth (1650 - d.)

birth Caspar Varlet and his wife Judith Tentenier did emigrate to New Netherland with several of their children late in 1650. They arrived at New Amsterdam shortly before the first of January, 1651, ...

12/30/2016 12/30/2016

Wyntje Willemszen (c.1620 - d.)

1/23/2010 12/28/2016

Aert Willemszen (1615 - d.)

"Arte Willem"

He was probably born in Gelderland, was an early settler in New Amsterdam. His wife Wyntje Elberts probably came from Nieuwkerken in Zeeland with her brother Elbert Elberts. Aert and his wife were reco...

1/23/2010 12/28/2016

• University of Leiden : 5 February 1659 25 May 1674 Holland, The Netherlands From his diploma, secured from the University of Leyden, it appears that he was graduated from that university wit...

2/18/2009 12/27/2016

Johanna de Laet (1628 - d.)

Orphan masters' request to de Hulters subsequent to the death of her first husband, a de Hulter. It is significant to point out the wealth of Johanna's family. Look back on her father's side through ...

6/4/2014 12/27/2016

Neesie Winster (deceased)

was she twice married: Here would be her 1st marriage: 1660 19 Jun; Ariaen Janszen, van Tserooskerck; Niesje van der Leeuwen, van Zutphen

12/20/2016 12/26/2016

Jan Evertszen Karseboom MP (c.1640 - c.1681)

"Jan Evertzsen Karseboon", "Jan Everse Karseboom", "Jan Evertszen Cossaboom", "Jan Evertszen Kaesenbroot"

Marriage 1664 29 Nov; Jan Evertszen Kaesenbroot , jm van Groll; Grietje Jaspers, jd van Thiel Jan Evertszen Karseboom or Karsseboom came from Holland to Bergen, New Jersey, in 1665 and took the...

8/29/2009 12/26/2016

Grietje Jaspars MP (c.1644 - 1692)

"Grietje Karseboom"

marriage #1 DRC New Amsterdam 1664 29 Nov; Jan Evertszen Kaesenbroot, jm van Groll; Grietje Jaspers , jd van Thiel Children 1667 Oct 19; Jan Evertse Kerseboom, Grietje Jaspers; Annetje; Paulus ...

8/29/2009 12/26/2016

Margriet Hendricks (1634 - d.)

12/21/2016 12/21/2016

Tryntie Bartelszen (deceased)

"Tryntie Weemeyders"

12/21/2016 12/21/2016

Timotheus Gabry (b. - 1672)

"Timothy", "Timothy Gabrie"

~• see discussion ...perhaps somewhat unprincipled: see search on Jacobus Vis although Vis was not so reliable a person.. from New Amsterdam baptisms (Billard)=== ~• where he was a wi...

12/20/2016 12/20/2016

Maria Briel (b. - c.1672)

Does not seem to have left children alive in New Amsterdam as she left her house to a friend: Toussaint Briel, a French Huguenot, and his wife, Maria Coutaine , lived in (a) little house for twenty yea...

12/19/2016 12/19/2016

Toussaint Briel (b. - 1671)

Tousein Bryel Probably came to New Amsterdam before 1645 May 07 when he seems to have witnessed a baptism (Cosyn Briel) Block C, #24 of Stokes.... Toussaint Briel , a French Huguenot, and his wife,...

12/19/2016 12/19/2016

Arent Jansen Moesman MP (1611 - 1669)

"Arent Jansz Moesman", "Arent Moesman"

from The Mahicans, the Dutch, and the Schodack Islands in the 17th and 18th Centuries Paul R. Huey Douw's attention had also turned to the next island farther south, which was Lower Schodack, or Mo...

12/17/2016 12/19/2016

Reynout Vanderculin Reynoutsen (c.1627 - c.1677)

1657 Jan 24; Reynout Reynoutszen , Jannetje Reynouts; Reynout; Coenraet Ten Eyck, Apollonia Pieters leatherworker (mentioned as a fire fighter, maker of buckets (Affairs of Men p.50} (baptism of chil...

1/1/2011 12/19/2016

Jacob Leunis (deceased)

"Jacob Leuning", "Jacob Leunius", "Jacob Leunens", "Jacob Leunissen"

~• from Billard's compilation of baptisms: 1656 Jul 16; Jacob Leunius , Margariet Jacobs; Levyntie; Jochem Caljer, Magdaleen Caljers (see Stokes' Castello Plan with notes ... ref. is in docu...

1/23/2016 12/19/2016

Nicholas Varleth (1622 - 1675)

"Nicholas Varlet"

• signed the Remonstrance to surrender New Netherland (1664) • Sold the island of Secaucus to the Earle family marriage 1656 14 Oct; Nicolaes Verlet, wid Susanna Jillis; Anna Stuyve...

7/8/2011 12/19/2016

Hilletje Barents (c.1620 - 1661)

marriage inschrijvingsdatum: 03-03-1646 naam bruidegom: Moesman, Jacob Jansz naam bruid: Barents, Hilletje naam eerdere man: Jansz, Tadick bronverwijzing: DTB 463, p.85

12/18/2016 12/18/2016

Jacob Jansen Moesman MP (1616 - 1665)

Merchant with a store on Wall Street Marriage inschrijvingsdatum: 03-03-1646 naam bruidegom: Moesman, Jacob Jansz naam bruid: Barents, Hilletje naam eerdere man: Jansz, Tadick bronverwijzing: DTB...

12/18/2016 12/18/2016

Metje Andries van Salee MP (1630 - 1686)

"Saturday, May 10, 1664. Metje Grevenraat boards the son of Claas Martens dec"*, for 250 guilders per annum." (there has been considerable study by genealogists as to the role of Metje Grevenraet's f...

5/21/2008 12/18/2016

Daniel Verveelen MP (1640 - c.1712)

"Daniel Ver Veele"

biography in Harlem (city of New York): Its Origin and Early Annals by James Riker (1881) • signed Remonstrance to Director Peter Stuyvesant to surrender to British 1664

6/5/2011 12/17/2016

baptism of her children in NY 1682 May 06; Evert Wesselszen, Jannette Claes; Grietie; Laurens Wessleszen, Aeltie Jans 1684 Jul 13; Evert Wesselszen, Jannetie Claes; Evert; Frans Wesselszen and hi...

3/22/2016 12/12/2016

Lysbeth Jans (1637 - 1678)

In the NYC Ref Ch record of their marriage banns, they were: Denys Van Hartevelt, Van Wyck te Duurstede, en Lysbeth Jans, Van Amsterdam. (Dec. 1659) possible identity Lysbeth may have been one os...

12/10/2016 12/10/2016

Denys Isaacszen Van Hartenvelt, (no confirm) (1640 - d.)

"Denys Van Hertenvelt", "Denys Isaacszen", "Denys Isacksz", "Dionys Isaacqs", "Denys Hartgovelt"

(see attached discussion) came to New Amsterdam in 1659. Married there. Had children, one of whom sees to have married Pieter Meyer. At marriage his name is listed variously as Denys Isaacszen van Hart...

12/10/2016 12/10/2016

Jacobus de Hardt (1652 - 1698)

"Jacobus de Haerdt"

from the NA marriages 1672 18 Aug; Jacobus de Haerdt, jm van Buuren in Gelderlt; Cornelia Beeck, jd van N. Jorck from the NY baptisms 1674 Dec 19; Jacobus de Hardt , Cornelia Pieters; Pieter; Dan...

12/9/2016 12/9/2016

Anneken Hendricks MP (c.1629 - c.1655)


F ii Annetje Hendrickse was born in 1620 in Doesburg Arnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands. She died before 1656 probably in Flatbush, New Netherlands. Marriage 6 FEB 1649/50 in RDC New Amsterdam 1 to ...

2/26/2008 12/3/2016

Dirck Gerritszen van Dien MP (c.1630 - c.1680)

"Dirck Gerritszen Van Tricht"

George Olin Zabriskie's article Geertje Hendricks, mother of the Hooper and Van Dien Families ; page 264 of Genealogies of New Jersey Families: Families A-Z, pre-American notes on old New Netherland fa...

10/29/2011 12/1/2016

Heyltje Pieters Cloppers MP (c.1640 - c.1701)

4/28/2009 11/23/2016

Olphert witnesses a baptism in his extended family 1697 Apr 18; Cornelus Klopper , Aefje Luykas; Cornelis; Olphert Sjoerts , Heyltje Kloppers

4/28/2009 11/22/2016

Aldert Swartwout, surgeon MP (c.1610 - 1656)

"Aldert Swarthout", "Aldart Swartwout"

The family is from Groningen but several of Aldert's brothers move to Amsterdam, in 1652 Aldert's brother Thomas and his family emigrate to America, it's reasonable to assume that Aldert emigrated abou...

1/12/2009 10/3/2016

Pieter Corneliszen (b. - 1666)

10 Dec 1666. Pieter Cornelissen, alias the Swede, had died, leaving daughter, Margrieta Pietersz, and widow Brieta Oloffs. She has married again, the orphan masters appoint as guardians of her daughter...

10/2/2016 10/2/2016

Britten Carbosie (b. - c.1683)


9/21/2013 10/2/2016

Wessel Evertsen (1624 - d.)

other children Evert: bap 1648 Jun 25; Wessel Evertszen ; Evert; Arie Dirckszen, Janneken Claes Laurens: bap. 1651 Apr 16; Wessel Evertszen; Laurens; Jan Teuniszen, Grietie Hendricks Frans: bap...

3/22/2016 7/6/2016

Jannetje Edsall (1635 - 1687)

"Anna Elisabeth Wessels"

5/22/2013 7/6/2016

Nicholas Bayard (1609 - 1646)

9/24/2010 7/5/2016

Pietertje Barents (deceased)

6/8/2016 6/9/2016

Dirck Albertsen (b. - 1676)


6/8/2016 6/9/2016

6/21/2011 5/23/2016

Egbert Beening (deceased)


1667: This 8th day of March I have by orders of Mayor Laval delivered to Symon Jansen Romeyn - attorney of Egbert Benningh from out of the goods left by Pietertie Jans, 1 silver gobblet, 1 gold ring wi...

5/18/2016 5/18/2016

Pietertje Bradt (c.1625 - 1667)

"Pietteje Jansen"

Claes Jansz (Ruyter) From Naerden, (province of North Holland); also referred to as Claes Jansz Ruyter, and as Claes de Ruijter; was a house carpenter by trade and 33 years of age in 1636. Aug 26, 1636...

3/8/2007 5/18/2016

Claes Jansen de Ruyter Mabille MP (c.1603 - 1661)

"Claes Janszen van Naerden", "Claes Jansen Ruijter", "Claes Jansen Ruyter"

father of Geertruydt: 1644 Dec 04; Claes Janszen Ruyter; Geertruydt; Maryken Liewents biog. at > Claes Jansz (Ruyter) From Naerden, (province of North Holland); also referred to as Claes Jansz Ru...

3/8/2007 5/18/2016

Pierre Maton Wiltsie (c.1620 - d.)

1/18/2009 5/17/2016

Adam Roelantsen (c.1606 - 1653)

Adam Roelantsen, the first Dutch school teacher that taught school in New Amsterdam. Schoolmaster 1633-1639 source:

8/30/2014 5/17/2016

Hessel Pieterse (1622 - 1688)

8/2/2008 5/1/2016

Femmete Westercamp Alberts (c.1610 - 1641)

11/21/2012 4/6/2016

Hilbrandt Pieterszen (c.1610 - 1641)

Children 1641 Sep 08; Hilbrandt Pieterszen; Wyntje; Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlandt, Maurice Jans, Lysbeth Dircks NA DRC Baptisms 1639-1730

11/21/2012 4/6/2016

Janneken Gerrits van Noordstrand (c.1610 - d.)

"Janneken Van Leeuwen"

marriage 1652 29 Nov; Jans Janszen van Noordstrant; Janneken Gerrits van Loon, op't Sandt in de Mayerye van den Bosch of this union, there was issue (see will): Further it is his will that ye chi...

9/9/2012 3/8/2016

Jannetjen Sijmons Schepmoes MP (1624 - 1683)

"Jannetje Symens", "Jannetje Symense Groot", "Jannetje Symons Pels", "Jannetje Symons Schepmoes"

Baptism Jannetjen was baptized September 22, 1624 in Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, the daughter of Sijmon Florisz (broekenmaker) and Klaer Arents. Marriage Jannetjen and Evert Evertsz Pels registered the...

2/14/2010 3/6/2016

Roeloff Jansen De Haes (b. - 1654)

"Roeloff De Haus"

? > Who is Andries? > 1654 May 24; Andries de Haes ; Sophia; Abraham de Lanoy, Jacob Visch, Cornelia de Peyster

1/27/2010 3/6/2016

Johannes Schenck married, before leaving Holland, Maria Magdalena de Haes, born Oct. 7, 1660, daughter of Hendrick and Maria de Haes. Memoir of Johannes Schenk : the progenitor of the Bushwick, L.I., f...

10/16/2008 3/6/2016

Thomas Farrington, Sr. MP (c.1617 - 1648)

"Thomas Pharenton"


3/11/2009 3/5/2016

Jan Gerretson Decker MP (1640 - 1717)

Jan Gerritsen was from Heerde, Gelderland, Netherlands. He married Grietjen Hendricks Westercamp 23 March 1664 in Kingston, Ulster, New York. Grietjen was baptized 19 Oct 1642 in New Amsterdam, New N...

8/17/2008 3/5/2016

Gysbert Uten Bogaert (1650 - 1678)

"Gysbert Elbertse Van Loenen", "Gysbert Elbertsen", "Gysbert Elbertszen"

approximate immigration date Approximate Arrival: 1660 Ringo Family History The information on the Family Page is from the "Ringo Family History. "Ringo Family History Series," pp. 362-363, son...

3/2/2016 3/3/2016

Willemtje Claes (1650 - 1692)

1661 Oct 23; Gysbert Elbertszen, Willemtie Claes; Claes; Jacob Olphertszen 1662 Nov 26; Gysbert Elbertszen, Willemtje Claes; Nicolaes; Govert Loockermans, Jannetje Loockermans 1664 Oct 22; Gysbert ...

3/2/2016 3/2/2016

Sophia is shown as "daughter" on "Du Trouw" passenger list to Neiu Amsterdam , along with Jan Wouterse(Father) and wife, in 1659 1678 May 12; Gisbert Jansz, Sophia Jansz van Putten; Heyltje; Elsje Ba...

1/5/2009 3/2/2016

Anna Elizabeth Masschop (c.1625 - 1667)

"Anna Massop"

10/23/2010 3/2/2016

Grietje Van Der Scheuren (1634 - 1690)

second marriage 1663 06 Apr; Willem van der Schuuren, Soldaet, jm van Loven; Grietje Plettenburg, wid Jan Doreth child of Grietje baptized in New Amsterdam 1666 Apr 25; Willem Van der Schuur, Gri...

7/30/2008 2/27/2016

arrived at Manhattan with parents in May 1659

2/27/2016 2/27/2016

Jan Willemse Roome (1658 - 1720)

"Jan Rome", "Jan Willemszen Romen"

1695 Apr 14; Jan Willemse Romen , Maria Bastiaens; Jannetje; Jan Hendricxen Brevoort, Hester Van Gelder 1701 Feb 09; Pieter Willemse Romen , Hester Van Gelder; Hester; Jacob Hassing, Aefje Roos wife ...

7/30/2008 2/15/2016

Hendrick Bastiaens (c.1648 - d.)

"Hendrick Bastiaenszen"

COPIED FROM BAPTISM RECORDS Checking sibling relationship through godparents 1669 Jan 13; Jan Hendrickszen, Annetie Bastiaenszen; Hendrickje ; Hendrick Bastiaenszen , Anna Bordings ....... shows ...

1/27/2010 2/14/2016

Adam Onckelbach (deceased)

"Adam Oncklebaen"

variant spelling: 1671 Apr 09; Jan Claeszen, Lysbeth Gerrits; Jannetje; Adam Oncklebaen , Neel Jans another occurence 1660 Oct 10; Cornelis Janszen, Anna Marie Jans; Hillegond; Adam Ongelba , Hil...

2/13/2016 2/14/2016

Emanuel Trompetter (1630 - 1663)

"Manuel Trumpeter"

1645 Feb 18; Emanuel Trompetter ; Christina; Claes Van Elslandt, Bastayen, Captyn van de Negers, Geertruyd Roelofs, Mayken Van Angola "A more ambiguous, but nevertheless intriguing case revolved arou...

2/14/2016 2/14/2016

4/19/2010 2/13/2016

Thomas Lawrence (c.1620 - 1703)

see: page 45: " Thomas Lawrence (Major), b. 8 March 1619/20 St. Albans, Hertford Co., England; d. July 1703 Newtown, L.I., NY; m. Mary (?)

1/10/2014 2/12/2016

Joris Waldron (1623 - 1680)

1680 Dec 29; Joris Waldron, Magdalena; Elsje; Thomas Laurenszen, Sara Waldron his son?

9/4/2007 2/11/2016

Sarah Waldron (c.1646 - d.)

"Saertie Waldron"

marriage to Van Voorst 1662 09 Jul; Jan Gerritszen van Voorst, jm van N. Nederlt; Sara Waldron, jd van Amsterdam 2nd marriage 1666 15 Aug; Laurens Janszen van Oosten, jm van Leyden; Sara Waldron,...

2/10/2016 2/10/2016

11/4/2010 1/25/2016

Hans Jacobszen Jacob Harty (1686 - 1686)

"Harberding; Harde"

marriage 29 JUL 1668 in Dutch Reformed Church, New York City 1668 29 Jul; Hans Jacobszen Harty , van Baren in Switserlt; Geertje Lambertszen Mol, van Nieuw jorck

12/13/2009 1/24/2016

Ester Hanse Banta (1657 - 1718)

"Hester Hanse"

Sibe Epkese (Banta) was the brother of Dirck Epkese (Banta), who married Hester Hansdr (Diedricks) 3 Oct 1681 at Bergen: [Bergen M#47] 1681; Banns registered September 18. Dirck Epkese, Y.M., from Mi...

11/11/2008 1/23/2016

Jacobus Fabritius (1640 - d.)

"Fabritius seems to have been a man of despicable character; the records teem with references to his quarrels with his wife, who implored the court to order him to vacate her house. He answered with a ...

1/23/2016 1/23/2016

Jan Cornelissen (c.1630 - c.1679)

• built house at what became 48 Broad St. NYC

12/3/2014 1/22/2016

Geertruyd Andruessen (b. - 1661)

did not survive long in New Nethrland. Made will (1656) and died (1661) (see documents: Castello plan)

1/22/2016 1/22/2016

Harman Smeeman (b. - 1682)

1/22/2016 1/22/2016

Elbert Elberts (b. - 1655)

Oct. 31, 1656 "Meeting of Oct. 31, 1656, Rynier Rycken had administered estate for Elizabeth Greveraet, widow of Elbert Elberts." from: I am wondering if this New Amsterdam baptism refers to Elbe...

6/22/2011 1/22/2016

(1) Zabriskie, George Olin, "The Jan Cornelisen Van Hoorn/Van Horne Family," The American Genealogist, Vol. 46, No. 1 (January 1970), pp. 47, 51-54: Cornelis Jansen Van Hoorn, eldest son of Jan Corne...

4/13/2008 1/3/2016

Grietje Jans MP (c.1630 - 1696)

Third Marriage [just when they married is not known so she may be mother of some listed above] Grietje Jans was the third wife of Teunis Jansen Lanen Van Pelt 7. Elisabethan VanPelt ca 1661 Feyde...

3/6/2012 1/3/2016