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Tietje Gommels MP (bef.1645 - d.)

"Tytje Gommers"

aka Tytje Gommers, van Jever

9/2/2018 9/2/2018

David Wesselszen MP (bef.1645 - d.)

DRC marriage in New Amsterdam 1658 30 Nov; David Wessels, uyt Oost Vrieslant; Tytje Gommers, van Jever

9/2/2018 9/2/2018

Maria Rappalje MP (c.1640 - 1662)

"Maria Frederickse Lubbertse", "Maria Frederickse"

only one child with Jan (?) 1660 16 Apr; Jan Joriszen, jm van N. Amsterd; Maria Fredricks, Uyt den Hage this genealogy shows two wives: Marya Maer, Married Abt 1655 & Maria Fredericks...

6/3/2008 4/2/2018

Neeltje Cornelis MP (1634 - 1671)

"Neeltje Cornelius Loper van Amsterdam", "Neeltje Cornelius Loper"

According to her marriage Banns Neeltje was from Amsterdam. Other than this her origins are unknown, she is definitely NOT the daughter of Cornelis Segerse Van Voorhoudt and Brechtgen Jacobse. See fo...

12/13/2008 1/8/2018

12/4/2017 12/4/2017

Belitgen Hendricks MP (deceased)

12/4/2017 12/4/2017

1659 05 Jul; Cornelis Janszen, van Leyden, wid Lysbeth Jans; Josyntie Ver Sagen, wid Thomas Thomaszen (marriage in the DRC New Amsterdam)

12/4/2017 12/4/2017

Willemtje van Leyden MP (deceased)

"Willemtje van Leyden"

12/4/2017 12/4/2017

~• wiki tree states that Jan wouterszen is the same person as Jan Willemszen Van Iselsteyn .... I disagree for several reasons. Look at these two baptisms in the DRC. Even the wives names are different...

12/4/2017 12/4/2017

Marytje Dircks MP (deceased)

marriage DRC New amsterdam 1660 07 Oct; Dirck Janszen van Deventer; Marytje Dircks, van Hoorn Children bapt. in the DRC 1662 Jan 04; Dirck Janszen Smit, Marie Dircks; Tryntie ; Hans Styn & wife...

12/1/2017 12/1/2017

Dirck Janszen MP (deceased)

noted also as : Dirck Janssen Smit & Dirck Janszen van Deventer DIRCK SMIT MARRIED MARIEtie DIRCKS and had offspring: 1660 07 Oct; Dirck Janszen van Deventer; Marytje Dircks, van Hoorn children ...

12/1/2017 12/1/2017

Hendrick Janszen MP (deceased)

"Hendrick Janszen Backer", "Hendrick Janszen Van Feurden"

Hendrick was known as Hendrick Janszen , Hendrick Janszen Backer, and Hendrick Janszen Van Feurden.

11/30/2017 11/30/2017

Elizabeth Cornwell MP (deceased)

"Elizabeth Fiscock", "Elizabeth Corenwell"

11/26/2017 11/26/2017

Thomas Cornwell MP (deceased)

"Thomas Cornelis", "Thomas Corenwell"

DRC marriage New Amsterdam 1642 02 Nov; Thomas Cornelis, jm Uyt de Provnicie van Hertfort; Elisabeth Fiscock, jd van Pleymouth in Engelt

11/26/2017 11/26/2017

Dirck Janszen Van Oosten MP (deceased)

DRC marriage nYC 1672 14 Jan; Dirck Janszen van Oosten , jm van Beest in Gelderlt; Elisabeth Cornelis, jd N. Jorck

12/17/2008 11/25/2017

Adolph Pieterszen de Groof MP (b. - bef.1698)

"Adolf Pieterszen Van der Groest"

also known as Adolf Pieterszen Van der Groest indication of date of death in baptism of his son's child 1698 May 01; Dirk de Groof , Arriaantje Kierstede; Adolphus; Hans Kierstede, Aefje Dirks wi...

12/29/2014 11/20/2017

Dirck Teuniszen MP (bef.1619 - 1691)

Dirck Teuniszen aka Noorman Born before 1618 in Norway Known step daughters: Jacomyntie Frans Wallings (b. Est 1630 at Uyt Noordt Hollt); m. Joost Goderus ca. Oct 01, 1650 in New Amsterdam, NN.[7...

9/29/2008 11/20/2017

Rebecca Goderus MP (b. - bef.1732)

baptisms in the DRC of her children 1687 Jan 30; Frans Goderus, Rebecca Idens; Maryken ; Evert Duycking, Barent Hybon, Tryntie Cornelis[12] 1720 09 Oct; William Conihane; Maria Goderus [6] (mar...

11/19/2017 11/19/2017

Jacomyntje Frans MP (c.1630 - d.)

Jacomyntie Frans Wallings (b. Est 1630 at Uyt Noordt Hollt); m. Joost Goderus ca. Oct 01, 1650 in New Amsterdam, NN.[7]. She was daughter of Adriantje Theunis Wallings and possibly husband Frans Pieter...

11/19/2017 11/19/2017

Joost Goderus MP (deceased)

DRC marriage 1650 01 Oct; Joost Gouderus, jm van Haerlem; Jacomyntie Wallings, jd Uyt Noordt Hollt

11/19/2017 11/19/2017

Lubbert Gerritszen MP (deceased)

children baptized? 1651 Apr 09; Lubbert Gerritszen; Lysbeth; Capt. Nuyting, Marritie and Engel √ 1653 Mar 16; Lubbert Gerritszen; Dirck; Laurens de Noorman, Coenraedt ten Eyck, Thomas Hall, Michi...

11/14/2017 11/14/2017

Maryn Ariaeszen MP (b. - bef.1654)

"Marin", "Marin Adriaen"

was in New Amsterdam with Lysbeth his wife. He died, she remarried: 1643 Jun 07; Kors Pieterszen; Elsje; Marin Adriaen , Lysbeth Thys, Cornelis Bedert, Christina Vynen research Was Brechtie his dau...

11/14/2017 11/14/2017

11/14/2017 11/14/2017

Hendrick Janszen Van Schalckwyk MP (bef.1634 - d.)

marriage DRC New AMSTERDAM 1652 04 Dec; Hendrick Janszen, van Schalckwyck in't Stecht Uytrecht; Tryntje Lubberts, van't Fort Orangien

11/13/2017 11/13/2017

John de la Montagne MP (1655 - 1730)

"Jan de la Montagne", "John Montanye"

ID: I20 Name: Jan MONTANJE Sex: M ALIA: /John MONTANYE/ Birth: 1655 in Amsterdam, Holland Death: 12 JUL 1730 in New York City 1 Name: Jan DE LA MONTAGNE Name: John MONTANYE Note: Page 423. list of de...

5/21/2008 11/12/2017

Abraham Lubbertszen MP (c.1625 - d.)

marriage DRC New Amsterdam 1656 21 Oct; Abraham Lubberts, van Amsterdam; Francyntie Andries, van Amsterdam

3/1/2009 11/11/2017

baptizes child in New Amsterdam 1665 Mar 15; Willem Lubbertszen, Dirckje Roelofs; Hendrick; Jan Corneliszen, Geertruyd

11/8/2013 11/11/2017

Thomas Jacobs Verdon MP (deceased)

from the New Amsterdam Baptism project here on Geni In May, 1656, Fransen married Elsie Jans, a widow, who, having had two former husbands, brought him four step-children. He himself was a widower. B...

9/5/2008 11/11/2017

Elsje Jans MP (deceased)

"Elsken Jans van Voorden"

second marriage 1654 22 May; Barent Andrieszen, van Wreede in Westphalen; Elsken Jans van Voorden, in't Graefschap Zutphen, wid Jan Wesseling third marriage 1656 20 May; Thomas Franszen van Brist...

9/29/2008 11/11/2017

Jeurians Janzen MP (deceased)

DRC marriage New Amsterdam 1658 01 Jun; Jeuriaen Janszen, van Aurick in Oost Vrieslt; Harmentje Jans, van Zutphen

9/29/2008 11/11/2017

Harmentje Jans MP (deceased)


Castello Plan Block C , NO·9 Thomas Fransen, a public carman, purchased this house from Samuel Edsal , September 4, 1658. In October, 1661, he bought Claes Jansen de Ruyter's house, on Pearl Street...

9/29/2008 11/11/2017

Marrietje Hansen Westvaal MP (1636 - 1670)

"Mary", "Marritje Hansen"

Note: Maritje (Marretje,Marritje,Maria) came to New Netherland in 1640. Maritje and her sister Elsa were placed in the home of farm owner Philip Garretson,a tavern-keeper,by her father. The sisters wer...

1/31/2007 11/9/2017

Dirck Janszen de Groot MP (c.1631 - 1686)

"Dirck Jansz de Groot", "Dirk Jans de Groot"

possible sister? 1660 Nov 07; Barent Cruydop, Margriet de Groot ; Christoffel; Hans Dreper, Tietie Gommels and her ~• possible marriage 1660 11 Jun; Barent Christoffelszen Cruytdop, wid Ursel Coenrae...

9/5/2008 11/6/2017

marriage 1641 25 Aug; Hans Schroder, van Mansvelt, wid Lysbeth Jans; Aeltie Jans, wid Harmen Jans child 1642 Aug 10; Hans Van Mansvelt; Pieter; Jeurge Roelofszen, Pieter Pye, Hans Kierstede, Sara...

10/26/2017 10/26/2017

Andries Van der Sluys MP (b. - bef.1662)

New Amsterdam Marriage 1655 12 Nov; Andries van der Sluys, van Uytrecht; Marritje Pieters, van Amsterdam Research perhaps related to: 1655 Jan 01; Gerrit Janszen; Cornelia; Emmetie Van der Sl...

10/26/2017 10/26/2017

Claertje Van Hoboken MP (b. - bef.1662)

children born in New Amsterdam 1655 Feb 12; Harmen Hoboken; Emmetje; Gerrit Van der Neut, Lysbeth Pieters, Regina Lakes 1656 Nov 12; Harmen Van Hoboken, Claertje Pieters; Johannes;

10/26/2017 10/26/2017

Herman Van Hoboken MP (deceased)

New Amsterdam marriage 1662 28 Oct; Herman van Hoboken, wid Claertje Pieters; Marritje Pieters, wid Andries van der Sluys

10/26/2017 10/26/2017

Tryntje Jans MP (c.1633 - d.)

Tryntge Jans, 22 years : married as follows NA DRC: 1655 10 Oct; Thys Lubbertszen, van de Ryp in Noordt hollt; Tryntje Jans, van Amsterdam children's baptisms in the DRC an orphan (Almshouse ch...

12/11/2016 10/25/2017

Tryntie Pieters MP (c.1632 - 1690)

"Tryntie Van Tilburg"

marriage: 1655 04 Dec; Jan Theuniszen van Tilburg; Tryntje Pieters, van Amsterdam Children 1660 Aug 01; Jan Theuniszen ; Wynefrid; Frans Bloedtgoedt, Hillegond Joris, Marie (not enough info. to...

2/23/2009 10/25/2017

Jan Maurits MP (bef.1639 - d.)

An Englishman (according to his NA marriage record ~• possibly the same Jan as shown in a baptism: 1665 Jul 12; Jan Marcus, Marritie Hendricks; Jannetie; Hans Diedercks, Mathys Janszen "Jan" would ...

10/25/2017 10/25/2017

Marritjen Hendricks MP (c.1639 - d.)

Marritge Hendrik, 16 years old at arrival as an Almshouse child of Amsterdam >probable marriage: 1659 30 Nov; Jan Maurits, Uyt Oudt Engelandt; Marritjen Hendricks, van Amsterdam ? linked to? (bap...

10/25/2017 10/25/2017

Anneken Muller MP (c.1638 - d.)

marriage 1656 14 Mar; Matthys Muller, van Diedenhoven; Anneken Pieters, van Amsterdam children 1660 Dec 15; Mathys Mulder, Annetie Pieters; Pieters ; Bartel Meurois, Fredrick Hendricks, Belitje L...

10/25/2017 10/25/2017

Matthys Muller van Diedenhoven MP (deceased)

"Matthys Mulder"

New Amsterdam DRC marriage 1656 14 Mar; Matthys Muller, van Diedenhoven; Anneken Pieters, van Amsterdam

10/25/2017 10/25/2017

Jurian Blanch MP (b. - 1662)

10. Jurian Blanch , born in Amsterdam North Holland; died 1662 in New Amsterdam NY. He married 11. Catherine Cloes Abt. 1642.

2/6/2012 10/21/2017

Gerrit Bicker MP (c.1611 - 1658)


Gerrit Bicker , who died 1658, was in the service of the WIC as Commissary at Fort Casimir on the Delaware, in charge of the fort when it was taken over by the Swedes under Rysingh. Children Baptized...

2/6/2012 10/20/2017

Nicolaes Velthuysen van Lubeck MP (deceased)

"Nicolaes Velthuysen Bylevelt"

DRC marriage 1659 06 Jun; Nicolaes Velthuysen , van Lubeck, wid Jannetje Willems; Aeltje Lubberts, wid Bicker

10/20/2017 10/20/2017

Catherine Sluyter MP (deceased)


Catherine "Tryntie" was baptized in Amsterdam (Netherlands) childern baptized at the DRC New Amsterdam 1657 Mar 07; Hendrick Janszen Sluyter, Catharina Sluyters; Jannetie; Nicolaes Velthuysen Byl...

10/20/2017 10/20/2017

Aeltje Boeckhout MP (c.1657 - bef.1700)

"Roelof was married no later than 1680 to AELTJE2 BOECKHOUT (Jan1), born, probably in Leiden, Netherlands, circa 1657; she died, probably after 12 November 1699 when she and Roelof served as baptismal ...

10/18/2017 10/18/2017

Arent Evertszen Keteltas MP (c.1635 - aft.1674)

Birth c.1635, based on date of first known child's birth, location based on brother's place of origin. Marriage c.1660, based on date of first known child's birth. Children 1661 Sep...

12/19/2014 10/18/2017

Willemtie Jans MP (b. - bef.1664)

"Per their marriage record... Pieter and his first wife, Willemyntje, were both natives of Utrecht. ... Cornelis Potter served as a baptismal sponsor for their eldest son and this close association sug...

10/17/2017 10/18/2017

Pieter Roelofszen Bas MP (c.1632 - aft.1679)

marriages DRC New amsterdam 1653 01 Feb; Pieter Roelofszen, van Uytrecht; Willemyntje Jans, van Uytrecht 1664 16 May; Pieter Roelofs, wid, van tot N. Amersfoort; Lysbeth Jans, jd Uyt Brasiel, Won...

10/17/2017 10/17/2017

Lysbeth Jans MP (b. - bef.1699)

1664 16 May; Pieter Roelofs, wid, van tot N. Amersfoort; Lysbeth Jans, jd Uyt Brasiel, Wonende tot N. Amsterd Baptisms of children 1667 Oct 14; Pieter Roelofszen, Lysbeth Jans; Jacobus; Evert Pie...

10/17/2017 10/17/2017

Pieter Alrichs MP (c.1632 - 1697)

"Pieter Aldricks"

DRC New Amsterdam marriage 1664 09 Feb; Pieter Aldricks, jm van Nykerck in Groeningerlandt; Maria Wessels, jd van Uytrecht Pieter Alricks is one of the names on the 'Holland Dames Ancestor list'

6/22/2011 10/17/2017

Neeltje Onckelbach MP (c.1640 - d.)

"Neeltje Jans", "Neeltie Jans", "Neel Jans"

Neeltje Jansen [Van Hoorn], m. (1) Adam Onkelbach; 1660 21 Sep; Adam Unkelba [Onckelbach], van Rovaen; Neel Jans, van Amsterdam [NA DRC marriages 1639-1801] m. (2) 25 June 1676 NYC Ref Ch, As...

2/13/2016 10/16/2017

Charsten Luursen MP (c.1640 - 1705)

"Christiaen Luyerszen", "Carsten Lierse", "Karsten Luurtszen", "Cardston Luerson"

Carsten Luersen aka Charsten Luursten aka Charsten Luurtszen who married Anne de Vos, a relative of the Mattheus De Vos who had left a widow Mary Polet as recorded in the [ '''1668 Minutes, Records of ...

1/13/2015 10/15/2017

Anna de Vos MP (deceased)

DRC marriage 1665 11 Apr; Christiaen Luyerszen, jm van Ley, in't Stift van Bremin; Anna de Vos, jd van Amsterdam 1666 Jun 21; Charsten Luurtszen, Anna de Vos ; Aeltje ; Mattheus de Vos, Reynout Reyno...

1/2/2016 10/15/2017

Marritje Hendricks MP (c.1630 - aft.1690)

"Marritie Hendricx", "Marritie Hendricks"

Marriage 1671 01 Apr; Barent Gerritszen van Swoll, wid Geertje Dircks; Marritje Hendricks, jd van Amsterdam NA DRC marriages 1639-1801 Children 1677 May 16; Barent Gerritszen, Marritie He...

12/1/2014 10/14/2017

Jan Nagel MP (1629 - bef.1658)

"Jan Hagel", "Jan Vonlimbu"

Marriage 1652 22 Sept; Jan Nagel, van Limburg; Grietje Dircx, wid Jan Schut NA DRC marriages 1639-1801 Children 1653 Sep 28; Jan Hagel; Jeuriaen; Cornelis Van Tienhoven-fiscael, Cornelis ...

7/21/2008 10/14/2017

Jan Hermanszen Schut MP (c.1628 - 1652)

"Jan Jarmenszen Schut", "Jan Schut", "Schutt"

Marriage 1649 26 Dec; Jan Jarmenszen Schut , jm van Lubeck; Margarietje Denys, jd van N. Nederlt NA DRC marriages 1639-1801 Children 1651 Apr 23; Jan Hermanszen Schut ; Fytie; Dirck Volck...

5/4/2011 10/13/2017

Mathias de Haert MP (c.1640 - c.1675)

DRC marriage 1670 01 Oct; Mathias De haert , wid Annetje Jacobs Sprong; Johanna de Wit, wid Johannes de Wit

10/12/2017 10/12/2017

Carsten Jans Eggert MP (b. - bef.1678)

"Cors", "Cors Janszen", "Carsten Eggert"

Arrival in New Amsterdam ~• on the Bonte Koe The will of Carsten Jans Eggert (Cors Janzsen) It (has been)suspected hat "Cors Janszen" is in reality Carsten Jans Eggert, the writer of the will, an...

10/12/2017 10/12/2017

Anke Bruson MP (bef.1634 - 1668)

"Hage Bruynsen", "Hage", "Hage Bruynse", "Hacke"

aka Hage Bruynse (in baptism record for his son) his second wife arrived as a maiden on the Bonte Coue in 1660 (aka Hage Bruynsen — married 7 Apr 1661 ) related families (from: ) "Greetie Jans wa...

10/11/2017 10/11/2017

Egbertie Bosch MP (1623 - 1728)

Egbertie Dircx, maiden from Drenthe ~ she married 1661 07 Apr; Anke Bruson, wid Anneken Jans; Egbertje Dircks, van Meppel Meppel and Drenthe are confused in these records Egbertie Dircx , van Meppe...

12/19/2010 10/11/2017

Claes Michelse Vreeland MP (c.1631 - d.)

DRC marriage 1657 14 Apr; Claes Michielszen , van Amsterdam; Anne Marie Gerbrants, van Norden in Embdrelt

4/28/2009 10/7/2017

Anna Marie Gerrebrantse MP (deceased)

"Annetye Maria Gerbrant", "Annetye Maria", "Anne Marie"

4/28/2009 10/7/2017

Pierre Noe MP (1635 - d.)

DE BONTE KOE (The Spotted Cow) Sailed from Amsterdam 16 April 1663 , arrived in New Amsterdam between 11 May 1663 and 17 August 1663 Captain Jan Bergen ~• extracted list of three parties on the Spott...

9/29/2017 9/29/2017

Cornelia Jacobs Toll MP (1653 - 1702)

"Cornelia Jacobs van Tol", "Cornelia Tol", "Cornelia Jacobs"

Marriage 1 inschrijvingsdatum: 25-01-1675 naam bruidegom: Duijckinck, Evert naam bruid: Toll, Cornelia naam bruid: Jacobs, Cornelia bronverwijzing: DTB 501, p.249 opmerkingen: Huwelijksintekeningen v...

3/24/2009 9/23/2017

Kiers Wolters MP (c.1623 - d.)

2/28/2010 9/21/2017

Elizabeth Ackerman MP (1644 - 1670)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Apr 21 2016, 6:10:25 UTC

4/20/2016 9/20/2017

Thomas Evans MP (c.1677 - d.)

Marriage from NA DRC Marriages 1639-1801 1700 13 Aug; Thomas Evans, jm van London in Englt.; Engeltje Sipkens, jd van N. Yorck. beyde woonende alhier

9/5/2017 9/5/2017

Jan Sipkens MP (c.1650 - aft.1696)

"Jan Sipken", "Jan Sipkins"

Birth c.1650 based on wife's age. Marriage 1674 31 Oct; Jan Sipkens, Soldaet, jm van Amsterd; Elsje Burgers, jd van N. Orangien NA DRC Marriages 1639-1801 Children 1675 Aug 18; Jan Si...

12/30/2014 9/4/2017

Hendrick Pieterszen MP (b. - bef.1692)

"Hendrick Van Dusenburg"

Hendrick Pieterszen was probably born between 1610 and 1620 at Wesel, Germany. He married Geertie Everts .2 Hendrick Pieterszen married second Geertje Rutgers. 3 Hendrick Pieterszen died before 7 A...

2/25/2016 9/3/2017

Catharina Jane Johansdotter MP (c.1639 - 1720)

"Catherina Brassert"

Among the passengers on the Golden Shark when it left Göteborg on 15 April 1654 was a young woman named Catharina who expected, like the other passengers, to go to the New Sweden colony. The ship had...

4/2/2008 9/3/2017

Jacob Jacobson Van Der Veer MP (1625 - 1699)

------------------------------------------------------ Jacob Jacobsen Vanderveer b.~1630 d. 30 Mar 1699 Jacob's will dated 15 Apr 1698, prv 1699 Jacob Vanderveer is believed to have been born i...

4/2/2008 9/3/2017

Jannetje Theunis MP (b. - c.1658)

3/3/2009 8/31/2017

Dirck Jansen Jansen Dey MP (b. - 1687)

New Amsterdam marriage (DRC) 1641 28 Dec; Dirck Janszen , jm van Amsterdam; Jannetje Theunis, jd als Voren

3/3/2009 8/31/2017

Anna Quick MP (c.1620 - aft.1669)

"Anna Medford Quick", "Anna Medford", "Anna Cuyck"

Anna's 1st husband : Cuyck (Quick) Records of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church in the City of New York record the marriage of Thomas Hall to Anna Medford, widow of Willem Cuyck , on November 14...

4/14/2009 8/31/2017

Pieter Collet MP (1618 - 1645)

DRC marriage 1642 ?? Aug; Pieter Collet, jm van Coningsbergen in Pruysen; Aeltije Jans, van Bremen, wid Jan Cornelis van Rotterdam Child 1644 Aug 04; Pieter Colet; Willem;

12/10/2008 8/31/2017

Geertje Riddenhaus MP (b. - aft.1648)

"Geertie Nonnincks.Geertruydt Nannincks"

married thrice Geertie Nonnincks, wid Tjerck Hendrickszen (noted in NA baptisms) Oben Riddenhaus (1641) Claes de Backer 1647 21 Jul; Claes Janszen Kust, wid Aechtje Cornelis; Geertje Nannincks,...

8/30/2017 8/30/2017

Oben Riddenhaus MP (c.1616 - 1644)

"Oben Reddenhasen", "Abel Reidenhasen"

Husband of Geertje Nannings — married 28 Dec 1641 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland Born about 1616 in Graefschap Waldeck others renditions of surname Oben (Abel) Reddenhasen aka Riddenhaus, Red...

8/30/2017 8/30/2017

Gysbertje Harmens MP (c.1641 - bef.1679)

"Gysbertje Hermans", "Gysbertje Van Voorthuijsen", "Gysbartje Harmens Coerten", "Gysbartie", "Gysbertje Van Voratheysen"

Marriage from NA DRC marriages 1639-1801 1660 30 Jan; Arent Leonartszen, van Amsterdam; Gysbertje Hermans, van Voort huysen Children from NA DRC Baptisms 1639-1730 1661 Nov 13; Arent Le...

10/8/2008 8/18/2017

Pieter Suncam MP (c.1640 - bef.1702)

"Pieter Simcam", "Peter Timkam", "Peter Hinham", "Peter Sympkam", "Peter Stintham"

Peter Simkam (Hinham, Timkam, Stintham), from Nimwegen, tailor - in the service of Director Stuyvesant. arrival in New Amsterdam Immigrants to New Netherland 1660 In the Spotted Cow (Bontekoe) Sail...

12/11/2016 7/7/2017

Matthew Blanchan MP (1655 - 1715)

"Matys Blanjan", "Matthew Blanshan"

Marriage 1679 30 Mar; Matys Blanjan, jr, jm, of Manheim, Palatinate; Margrietje Claas Van Schoonhoove, jd, of New Albany. [Kingston DRC Marriages 1660-1809]

4/22/2007 6/30/2017

Geertruyd Dircks MP (1631 - 1698)

"Geertje Dircks", "Grietje Dircx", "Geertruyd Dircks", "Geertruyd Dircx", "Geertje Ducksen"

Children [32]NA DRC Baptisms 1639-1730 1658 Sep 04; Jan Adamszen Metselaaer, Grietje Dircx; Sebastiaen; Timotheus Gabry, Annetje Harmens [32] 1659 Nov 26; Jan Adamszen, Geertruyd Dircks; Geerti...

2/2/2010 6/27/2017

Jan Adamsz Metselaer MP (c.1626 - 1698)

"Jan Adamszen", "Jan Adamsen Metselaer", "Jan Adamszen Metselaaer", "Jan Adamszen Metselaer", "Jan Adamszen Metsaler", "Jan Adamsz Metselaer"

Children [32]NA DRC Baptisms 1639-1730 1658 Sep 04; Jan Adamszen Metselaaer, Grietje Dircx; Sebastiaen; Timotheus Gabry, Annetje Harmens [32] 1659 Nov 26; Jan Adamszen, Geertruyd Dircks; Geerti...

2/2/2010 6/27/2017

Jan Janszen Moll MP (1650 - 1708)

"Jan Janszen Mol", "Jan Janszen Moll", "Jan Mol", "Jan Moll"

Marriage 1675 20 Nov; Jan Janszen Moll, jm van Amsterd; Engeltje Pieters, jd van N. Yorke, beyde woonende tot N. Yorke [33] Chilldren [32] NA DRC Baptisms 1639-1730 1677 May 23; Jan Jansz...

8/13/2008 6/27/2017

Johannes de Hulter MP (b. - bef.1655)

Marriage Bruidegom:Johan de Hulter Woonplaats:'s Hartogenbosch Bruid:Johanna de Laet Geboorteplaats:Leyden Woonplaats:Rapenburch Eerdere vrouw:Alida Kuijste Gebeurtenis:Trouwen Datum:...

6/4/2014 5/26/2017

Jan Roos MP (c.1609 - aft.1633)

Maria married Jan ROOS about 1631. Jan died about 1632. They had one son, Gerrit Jansen ROOS. In 1634 she married Abraham VER PLANCK.

8/2/2007 5/20/2017

Pieter Tonneman MP (c.1610 - d.)

Pieter Tonneman was a long-time employee of the Dutch West India Company and became schout of the villages on Long Island in 1654, a position he held until he became schout of Brooklyn in 1656. He cont...

5/19/2017 5/19/2017

Sara Wilmerdonck MP (c.1607 - aft.1664)

Marriage inschrijvingsdatum: 27-10-1626 naam bruidegom: Gabrij, Timotheus naam bruid: Wilmerdoncx, Sara bronverwijzing: DTB 431, p.449 opmerkingen: Huwelijksintekeningen van de KERK. Ar...

12/20/2016 5/18/2017

Harmen Mathysszen Coerten MP (c.1610 - 1689)

"Harmen Van Voorthuijsen"

Harmen Coerten arrived in Nieuw Amsterdam in 1659 aboard the ship DeTrauw (The Faith), commanded by Captain Jan Jansen Pestevier, with his wife Aertje and their five children. They settled in New Utr...

2/11/2010 4/27/2017

Philip Smith MP (c.1650 - 1692)

"Phillip Smith was a vintner. In 1679, he was half-owner of the sloop Rutter, which traded in the Caribbean. Phillip Smyth, and four others, were certified 9 Dec 1685 by Governor Thomas Dongan to colle...

3/21/2016 3/8/2017

Jeurian Blanck MP (c.1600 - c.1686)

"Jeuriaen", "Jeurgie"

• signed the Petition to surrender New Netherland (1664) • the father of a 'wronged' daughter see: Province of New York Minutes apr. 22 1673

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Janneken Hillebrants MP (c.1639 - d.)


citation Jannetje "Jannatje" Telba formerly Hillebrants aka Hillibrans, Hillibrands, Tilba, D'Elba, D'Elva Born about 1639 in New Amsterdam, New Netherland Sister of Margariet Hendrickse (Westercamp) D...

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François Le Sueur MP (deceased)

"Francoys Le jere"

marriage DRC New Amsterdam 1659 12 Jul; Francoys Le jere, van Scalmeny by Diepen in Vranckryck; Jannetje Hillebrants, van Amsterdam aka Francois Le Sueur: removal to Esopus Francois left Harlem...

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Hillebrand Pietersen MP (deceased)

Source: S572556085 Repository: #R2190409259 Title: Ancestry Family Trees Publication: Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members. ...

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Johannis Smedes MP (deceased)

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Bastiaen, Captain of the 'Negers' MP (deceased)

"Bastiaen de Britto", "Bastayen"

many alternate names: Bastiaen de Britto from St. Domingo 1643 Mar 01; Pieter Portugies-Neger; Elisabeth; Sebastiaen-Neger , Pallas-Negrinne Van Angola 1645 Feb 18; Emanuel Trompetter; Christina; C...

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Trijntgen Roeloffs MP (1629 - 1684)

"Tryntje Roelofs", "Tryntje ROELOFFSE", "Trijntje Jans Roeloffse", "Tryn Roelofs"

from Wikitree Marriages Catharina (Trijntje) Roelofs married Februari 24, 1647 at New Amsterdam Guillaume (Willem) de Keij, son of Abraham Lievenszn de Keij and Abigail Mourisdr Regoot. Willem wa...

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Weijntje Sijbrants MP (1640 - 1668)

"Wyntie Sybrants", "Wyntie Sibrants", "Wyntje Sybrandts", "Wijntje Sybrandt", "Wyntje Sybrantsdr", "Wijntje Sybrantsdr"

Baptism kind: , Weijntje doopdatum: 17-07-1640 kerk: Nieuwe Kerk godsdienst: Hervormd vader: Jansz, Sijbrant moeder: Aerjans, Lijsbet bronverwijzing: DTB 42, p.207 Doopregister: NL-SAA-24360433 Mar...

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