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Replica Ship Half Moon

See It is on Hudson River, near Albany, NY

The National Huguenot Society - Who Were the Huguenots?

The Protestant Reformation began by Martin Luther in Germany about 1517, spread rapidly in France, especially amongth...

The Holland Society of New York

Genlias - Nieuw-Nederland

Genlias helpt u bij het uitzoeken van uw stamboom met behulp van gegevens uit de burgerlijke stand.

Original Explorers Map of New Netherland - 1611-1613.jpg

New York, NY, United States

This map was drawn by mapmaker Cornelis Doetsz during 1611-1612 expeditions, and completed by merchant Adriaen Block ...

Map of New Amsterdam - 1660.jpg

The 'Castello Plan', drawn by surveyor Jacques Cortelyou in 1660.

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