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Leonard Cohen, CC GOQ MP (1934 - 2016)

Leonard Cohen, Master of Meanings Leonard Cohen (1934 - 2016) Hallelujah Leonard Cohen’s new 2016 album A Song of Love and Memory for Leonard Cohen

1/9/2009 9/1/2013

Rabbi Nachman Mi'Breslev MP (1772 - 1810)

"Rabbi Nachman of Breslev", "Nachman M'Uman", "Nachman of Bratslav", "Reb Nachman Breslover", "רב נחמן ברעסלאווער", "Nachman from Uman", "Nachman Braslaver", "Breslover Rebbe", "Nachman of Breslav", "בעל ליקוטי מוהר"ן"

! Breslever Rebbe / Na Nach Nachma Nachman M'Uman Nachman of Breslov נחמן מברסלב‎, also known as Reb Nachman of Bratslav, Reb Nachman Breslover רב נחמן ברעסלאווער, Nachman from Uman (April 4, 177...

6/3/2007 8/22/2013

"Baal Shem Tov'' הבעש״ט MP (1698 - 1760)

"Baal Shem Tov", "Besht", "בעש"ט", "בעל שם טוב", "BeSh"T", "The Baal Shem /Tov/", "The Baal Shem-Tov"

Rabbi Yisroel (Israel) ben Eliezer (רבי ישראל בן אליעזר) (August 27, 1698 (18 Elul) – May 22, 1760), also called Israel Baal Shem Tov or Besht , was a Jewish mystical rabbi considered to be the founder...

4/15/2007 8/22/2013

Elchanan by legend the Jewish Pope, - MP (950 - 1020)

"Elchanan", "Elchanan ben Shimon HaGadol of Mainz", "by legend Pope Andreas"

Pope Andreas The legend first appears in print in 1602 in the Basle edition of the Yiddish Mayse Bukh. Four earlier Hebrew versions of the legend, written between the early fourteenth and the early six...

12/1/2008 9/12/2012

Website Neil Diamond Discography Neil Leslie Diamond (born January 24, 1941) i s the third most successful Adult Contemporary vocal artist ever , ranking behind only Barbra Streisand and Elton Jo...

4/30/2011 10/8/2011

Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, Maimonides - הרמב״ם MP (c.1138 - 1204)

"The Great Eagle", "Rambam", "Moshe ben Maimon", "Abū ʿImrān Mūsā bin ʿUbaidallāh Maimūn al-Qurṭubī"

From Moshe (of the Torah) to Moshe (Maimonides) there was none like Moshe R' Moshe ben Maimon , Moses Maimonides the Rambam , [ca. 1138 (or 1135?) - 1204] was the preeminent medieval Jewish philosoph...

1/7/2010 10/6/2011

Franz Rosenzweig MP (1886 - 1929)

Franz Rosenzweig (1886-1929) ranks as one of the most original Jewish thinkers of the modern period. There can be little doubt that Franz Rosenzweig was not only one of the most seminal thinkers of his...

10/18/2007 10/5/2011

Hershel J. Matt MP (1922 - 1987)

On Hershel Matt's 20th Yarhtzeit by Daniel C. Matt Rabbi Hershal Matt would tell his children that our family name Matt is an abbreviation of ma’asim tovim , or good deeds. Hershel embodied this Je...

2/22/2009 9/28/2011

Menachem Mendel Schneerson [7th ADMOR of CHABAD] The Lubavitcher Rebbe MP (1902 - 1994)

"The Lubavitcher", "Lubavitcher Rebbe", "The Rebbe", "Our Rebbe"

[Wikipedia]Menachem Mendel Schneerson (April 5, 1902 OS – June 12, 1994 NS, known as The Rebbe, was a prominent Hasidic rabbi who was the seventh and last Rebbe (spiritual leader) of the Chabad Lubavit...

6/7/2007 9/28/2011

Perry Como MP (1912 - 2001)

"Perry Como"

‪Perry Como: A Biography   Google Books Perry Como's “Kol Nidre” Jewish Journal Article

9/27/2011 9/28/2011

Family Tree Samuel David Luzzatto (שמואל דוד לוצאטו‬‎) was an Italian Jewish scholar, poet, and a member of the Wissenschaft des Judentums movement. He is also known by his Hebrew acronym, Shadal (...

9/27/2011 9/27/2011

Rabbi Dr. Milton Steinberg MP (1903 - 1950)

Milton Steinberg (November 25, 1903 - March 20, 1950) was an American rabbi, philosopher, theologian and author. As A Driven Leaf Milton Steinberg's novel Prophet Hosea Sixty years after the ra...

9/27/2011 9/27/2011

Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch MP (1808 - 1888)

"Shamshon Hirsch", "Samson Raphael Hirsch", "הרב שמשון הירש", "הרב שמשון הירש - הרש"ר הירש", "rav"

Samson Raphael Hirsch (June 20 1808 – December 31 1888) was a German rabbi best known as the intellectual founder of the Torah im Derech Eretz school of contemporary Orthodox Judaism and has had a cons...

7/24/2007 9/27/2011

Hillel Hazaken - 'The Elder' grandfather of Gamaliel I MP (c.-110 - c.10)

"Hillel the Elder", "Hillel the Great", "Hillel Hazaken Hanasi", "Hillel"

Hillel the Elder הלל הזקן (author of "The Golden Rule") Hillel (הלל) (born Babylon traditionally c.110BCE-10CE in Jerusalem) was a famous Jewish religious leader, one of the most important figures in J...

6/27/2007 9/27/2011

Simeon the Just, High Priest of Israel MP (c.-311 - -260)

"Simon", "Simeon the Just"

There is some uncertainty about his identity. He is either Simon I (310–291 or 300–273 BCE), son of Onias I, and grandson of Jaddua, or Simon II (219–199 BCE), son of Onias II. The line here follows Jo...

12/11/2007 9/27/2011

Martin Buber MP (1878 - 1965)

"‎מרטין מרדכי בובר"

Martin Buber (Hebrew: מרטין בובר‎; February 8, 1878 – June 13, 1965) was an Austrian-born Jewish philosopher best known for his philosophy of dialogue, a form of religious existentialism centered on th...

11/3/2008 9/27/2011

King Solomon MP (c.-1024 - c.-975)

"Shishak", "Sheshonq", "Solomon", "Shlomo", "Jedidya", "King Solomon", "سليمان", "Prophet Sulayman The Wise", "Salaaman", "Salamaan", "نابت"

2 Samuel 12:24-25 Named Solomon by his father, and Jedidya by G-d (via Nathan the Prophet). Wikipedia: Solomon and שלמה Jewish-Encyclopedia - Solomon Islamic view of Solomon

2/20/2007 9/27/2011

Yehuda ben Betzalel Loew [MaHaRaL of Prague] MP (aft.1512 - 1609)

"Maharal of Prague", "Judah Loew ben Bezalel", "המהר"ל מפראג", "רבי יהודה לאו המהר"ל מפראג"

Talmudist, Kabbalist, chief rabbi of Prague. Popularly known as the "MaHaRaL", the abbreviation of "Moreinu Harav Rabbi Loew" ("Our teacher Rabbi Loew"). The Maharal of Prague was a towering giant in...

2/20/2007 9/27/2011