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Newman Family History Notes

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William Alexander Hesskew and two brothers left Scotland when quite young and came to the Untied states. They came on to Texas and William Alexander settled in Rockport. One brother went to Gonzales and the other went on to Mississippi or Alabama.

William Alexander Hesskew and Mary Ann Tronson were married on Dec 19, 1844 in San Antonio and to this union 14 Children were born. Eleven lived. Mary Ann Tronson was French and knew no English and William Alexander Hesskew knew no French. They both knew Spanish so the courted in Spanish. After their marriage, he told her that she was in America now and had to learn English. She learned English, but spoke very brokenly at the time of her death. 'Mary Ann had one brother that was an attorney in San Antonio, William was rippled and used a cane to walk. Some of Williams sons changed the spelling of Hesskew by dropping an "s" therefore changing Hesskew to Heskew. Family Record Information Copy June 25, 1940 from Dewey Hesskew - December 1968

William Alexander Hesskew - Mary Ann Tronson married Dec 19, 1844 in San Antonio, Bexar County William Alexander Hesskew Died: Oct 13, 1891 Buried Leming, Texas 12 Miles NE of Jourdanton Mary Ann Died: April 15, 1912 Buried Harper, Texas

'Children Born Daughter: Mary Jane Hesskew (Billings) Born: Nov 2, 1845 Died: Oct 23, 1919 Son: Henry Hesskew Born: Aug 4, 1947 Died: ? Son: James Albert Hesskew (single) Born: Oct 12, 1848 Died: Jan 11,1930 Daughter: Elizabeth Sarah Hesskew (Neal) Born: Oct 31, 1850 Died: ? Daughter: Martha Ann Hesskew (Stonell) Nov 14, 1852 Died: April 19, 1923 Son: Moses Horry Hesskew Born: March 30, 1854 Died: Dec 7, 1937 Daughter: Lucy Elliot Hesskew (single) Born: Jan 30, 1856 Died: July 26, 1908 Son: Edward Alexander Hesskew Born Feb 27, 1858 Died: Feb 7, 1939 Daughter: Josephine Lucinda Hesskew (Stewart) Born: Dec 9, 1860 Died: ? Daughter: Arreny Ann Hesskew (Newman) Born: Jan 18, 1867 Died: July 19, 1937 Son: William R Hesskew Born: Oct 12, 1870 Died: ? '

Seab Newman son of Lawrence and Sarah Ann Newman was born in Mississippi, Feb 22, 1854 and died Feb 9, 1925 13 days before he was 71 years old. He had one sister, "Frankie Brister" and one brother "George", whose son went by the name of Nolan instead of Newman and also four other sisters.

Seab Newman and Arreny Ann Hesskew, married on Nov 9, 1882. They got their marriage license at Camp Bellton, Texas Atascosa County. To this union, 14 children were born... Mary Elizabeth, an infant girl still born, Norvel Robertson, Ida Isabella, Allie Nora, James Albert, Dollie Francis, Lulu Arreny, Lydia Jane, Thomas Jefferson, twins.. George Washington and Georgia Mae, William Seab, Addie Myrle.

Seab Newman had bought some land close to Falls City, Wilson County Texas, The first three children were born near there. Then he traded his land for a wagon and a team of horses and moved his family to La Para, Live Oak County, Texas. There the next seven children were born. Then in 1903, they moved in their wagon to Sarita, Texas, Kleberg County near Kingsland, and it was there that George and Georgia were born. Seab was working helping build the St Louis Brownsville and Mexico Railroad. He had his team hired also. Seab and Arreny Ann then moved back to La Para, Texas where the last two children were born.

Norvel Newman Sarah Jane Chandler, he must have been bashful. He always said he would never ask a girl's father for her hand and he didn't, he and Sarah Jane Chandler Guynes were married on May 1, 1913. Two children were born to this union.. one son died in infancy, and one daughter Lois Irene.

'Ida Isabella Newman, 'Clint Wait. met while they were living at Sarita that Clint was also working on the St Louis Brownsville and Mexico Railroad. Their court ship lasted 7 years, because Seab keep running Clint off. They married on March 17, 1910 to Clint Wait and four children were born to this union... Noel, Ralph, Carol and Frank.

Allie Nora, Luther Phillips married on Sept 1, 1915 at The First Baptist Church was located in Taft Depot. The preacher was detained and got to the Taft Railroad station just as the train did. He boarded the train and married them on the way to Gregory. Allie's sister, Lulu and Claude C Beard accompanied them to Corpus Christi. As they got off the train, some people threw rice at the newlyweds. To this union, four children were born... Ethel, Luther Preston, William Marion and Clarence Richard Phillips. (CR).

Jim Newman and Maggie Barker were married on July 15, 1915. Maggie was wearing another man's ring when Jim asked her to marry him. she didn't know how to return the first ring, but it was solved for her. She was setting our tomatoes and lost it. To this union were born five children... Josephine, Ida Mae, Luther James, twins Lee Ford and Lela Evelyn.

Dollie Mae Newman and Hardy H Hutto married on April 10, 1914 at her home. They were living at the Sand Ridge, four miles south of Taft at that time. A speedy courtship of 3 months. Seab was clearing land 3 miles south of Sand Ridge on the Cole place. Each day Dollie had to ride past the Flinn place where Hardie was working. They met in the cow lot of a neighbor (Mr & Mrs Tom Bell), that lived across the road from the Flinn place. Hardie needed horses and came to talk to Seab about buying a roan and a grey horse (Sid), which Dollie claimed. she said Ole Sid was so good that whoever got him would got boot. Hardie did, he got Dollie. To this union was born 11 children... Charles Wesley, Frances Irene, Hardy Homer Jr, Minnie Lucille, Thomas Howard, Robert Lee and infant son that died, Dollie Mae, Lottie Belle, James Edward and Mary Jane.

(Lydia) Jane Newman, Elvin Da Crone married on March 21, 1925. She was working at Gay's rooming and boarding house in Sinton when they met. She never talked much and Elvin, on a dare asked her for a date, which led to marriage. Six children were born to this union... Maurice Elvin, Zelda Hazel, Helen Inez , Lulu Luceil, and twins Ronnie Wayne and Bonnie Jane.

Tom Newman was married to Zola Beard, and seven children were born to this union... J.T., James, Everett, Leonard, Dee, Dorothy, Alline, Ernest, Seab, Jack and James Ray. Zola met Tom while they were quite young. Tom was ridding on the back of a buggy coming to school in the third grade. One day Zola was over at the Crawford's, when they lived where Charlie Hutto lives own, and Tom was going hunting across the field, and Lola Crawford and Zola had a fight over him and Zola won. That was in 1918. they were married on Christmas Eve, 1921 in the Sodville Baptist Church. Most of the people there thought that it was a part of the Christmas program.

George Newman married Blanche McKinley. George was with Jessie when Jessie got his marriage license and he wanted to get his, but he was afraid Blanche would not marry him, but later they were married. 5 children were born to this union... Paul Vernon, Odell, Millie Ann, Patricia Louise, and David Allen.

Georgia Newman met Howard Deaver at a play party at Jim and Maggie Newsman's when they were living on the Fickie place in 1922. Howard saw her standing behind a stove and thought she was just a small doll. Two years later they were married on Jan 29, 1924 in Robstown. 4 children were born to this union... Albert Berton, Zelma Mae, Virginia Lucille and Howard Huxley Jr.

Seab met Ruby Almond' and they decided to get married at Campbelleton, Texas, because his mother and daddy were married there. so they went to Campbelleton to get their license and were informed that the courthouse had been moved to Jourdonton twenty years ago, so they went to Jourdonton and got their license and were married n Dec 15, 1941. On March 31, 1942 they got Susie Q. (a cocker spaniel) , their pride and joy.

Addie Myrle Newman,' the baby of the family met Jessie Koonce the end of July 1926 Jessie and his brother Dick had a blind date with Myrl and Nellie Guynes, but it wasn't blind ot Jessie, because in 4 months he and Myrl were married on Nov 20, 1926. Four children were born to this union... Edith Evelyn, Mavis Arreny, Lillie Marie and Peggy Jeanette.

Seab farmed, fished, cleared land, picked cotton, broke horses, worked on railroads, and was a horse trader. Ole "Red Jim", his horse was his pride which he challenged other to race against. During Seab and Arreny Ann's married life, they made their homes in wagons, tents and houses. They bought some land seven miles south of Taft, Texas, San Patricio County in 1924. They expired before oil was discovered and the wells are still producing.

'Seab Newman was on a Cattle Drive when a cowboy died of a rattlesnake bite and one of them wrote the song, "Bury Me Not On the Lone Prairie". He was also the on whom Pancho Vella said, "There's only one man in the world I would be afraid to draw a gun on...... Seab Newman".

Copy.. June 14, 1969 complied by Ethel evenly Phillips Turner typed by niece- Cheryl Ann Phillips, daughter of Clarence Richard Phillips, son of Allie Nora Newman Phillips

  • Jim Newman
    • Noel Wait

This information was given to us at a 1969 Reunion and I had it stored in a file box and post it to the Genealogy site today June 28, 2011 I thought you would appreciate reading a little history. types by Inez (Johnson) Day, Helen (Crone) Johnson, daughter, (Lydia Jane's grand-daughter)