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Страны Северной Европы - Прибалтика - Россия, Сотрудничество в строительстве средневекового генеалогического дерева

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  • Maj. Johan Köppen (1686 - 1732)
    Johan Köppen , adlad Köppen , född 1686 i Stettin. Volontär vid hertigens av Sachsen-Gotha regemente i Italien 1708. Auditör i svensk tjänst. Regementskvartermästare vid anklamska infanteriregementet 1...
  • Johan Rutenfelt (c.1590 - 1650)
    Johan Götzigerodius , adlad Rutenfelt , född i Slesvig. Med. doktor . Praktiserade 1625 i Eiderstadt. Inkom till Stockholm och fick 1629-05-06 tillstånd att praktisera i Stockholm. Drottning Christinas...
  • Joakim Wittfoth (1620 - 1677)
    Wittfooth, Jochim, syntyi 1620 Hampurissa. Kauppias Turussa noin 1647, valtaporvari. Kuoli 1677. Puoliso Anna Margareta Gevertintytär Bugenhagen, saksalainen, kuoli 1692, lähde (VP Toropainen) s.9/14tj...
  • Heinrich Frisius (b. - c.1670)
    Heinrich Frisius====Ylioppilasmatrikkeli 1640-1852=== Heinrich Frisius , Henricus Dieterici, Rostochiensis. Vht: rostockilainen juomanpanija Tiete (Diedrich) Friese ja Anna Jakobsdotter Degener . Yliop...
  • Hans Filip Lybecker (1608 - 1672)
    Hans Filip Lybecker , född 1608-09-08 i Alt-Leningen i Braunschweig ( ? ). Page hos greven av Eberstein 1620. Kom 1622 på faderns kallelse till Sverige. Inspektor över Garpenbergs koppargruvor och bruk...

In the Middle Ages there was cooperation and intermingling between people living around the Baltic Sea.

Nordic-Baltic-Russia Medieval Tree Collaboration project is a networking and collaboration forum for medieval genealogists in Nordic, Baltic and Russia. Please join the project if you have experience especially on medieval genealogy. Also everybody who is interested in this collaboration is welcome to the project, but please do not attach any profiles to this project.

To put its purpose into action the project tends to list by country all Nordic, Baltic and Russian medieval genealogists and genealogists with strong experience from the area in Geni. Please complete the list but note that when you add an other person's name on the list, you should ask his or her permission first.

The only target of this project in this phase is to complete the list below. Please share your information!

List of Nordic, Baltic and Russian medieval genealogists and genealogists with strong experience from the area in Geni











Please come & collaborate also other medieval projects

PLEASE DO NOT create or merge in duplicates on the Medieval Tree. We're suddenly getting lots and lots of knock on data conflicts from merged in duplicates by collaborators on this project! Please join: the Medieval Tree Clean Up - PLease Park Duplicates Here project.

  • Also come & collaborate on Medieval Europe and add to the list any new Medieval Projects you create.

Projects for corrections in medieval Finnish families:

This Finnish project includes also medieval families:

List of medieval projects in Europe: