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Fundamental Orders of Conneticut 1639.pdf

The Fundamental Orders were adopted by the Connecticut Colony council on January 14, 1638/39 OS (January 24, 1639 NS)...

Society of the Descendants of the Founders of Hartford: Founders


The Founders of Hartford Here are the 163 men and women listed in the Book of Distribution of Land as being those wh...

Monuments in Hartford.jpg


Hartford, Connecticut

two monuments to the founders--original proprietors--of Hartford. At the left is Adventurers' Boulder plaque at the c...



Hartford, Connecticut

The original brownstone Monument erected in 1837 was replaced by one of pink Connecticut granite in 1986, and the nam...

Reverend Thomas Hooker Statue


Hartford, Connecticut

In 1636, Thomas Hooker led 100 of his congregation west to found the new English settlement at Hartford, Connecticut.

People: Reverend T. Eli Hooker, Jr.

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