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John Wyatt MP (1614 - 1668)


Settled in Ipswich in 1635. Farmer. Subscriber to Major Dennison fund in 1648 A founder of Haddam Notes Will of John Wyatt - Probate Records Vol. III (1663 to 1677) Page 59-60. This is the Third ...

10/12/2007 3/29/2016

Joseph Arnold MP (1635 - 1691)

The Two Hundredth Anniversary of the First Congregational Church of Haddam ... By First Congregational Church (Haddam, Conn.), p. 44 Joseph Arnold son of John and Susannah Arnold, and the father of...

9/21/2007 12/2/2015

Rebecca Hayward MP (1648 - 1682)

"This family also known by last name of 'Howard'"

3/1/2007 4/1/2014

John Spencer MP (1636 - 1682)

3/1/2007 4/1/2014

Thomas Shaylor, I MP (c.1639 - 1692)

"Thomas /Shayler/", "Shaylor", "Shailer"

From the Find A Grave page on Thomas Shaylor: Birth: 1639 - Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England Death: 1692 He was in Haddam in the Colony of Conn. by 1662 and his name is on the List ...

11/7/2007 4/1/2014

Marah "Alice" Shaylor MP (aft.1641 - 1714)

"Brooks", "Alice Brooks"

From Marah Spencer , also called Alice in the records, was born circa 1642 at Lynn, MA. Marah died before 22 Dec 1714, when she went unmentioned in the long-delayed disposal of her husband Thomas Sha...

11/7/2007 4/1/2014

Hannah Spencer MP (1618 - 1692)

"Hannah Johannes Hills", "Hannah Lobdel Calcott HILLS"

Hannah Hills married, as his 1st wife, 17 Dec 1636 at Lynn, MA, Ens. Gerard Spencer Jr., son of Gerard Spencer and Alice Whitbred. She "died before her husband made his will in 1683 and perhaps much ea...

3/1/2007 3/28/2014

Ens. Gerard Spencer, of Haddam MP (bef.1614 - bef.1685)

"Jared", "Garrad"

"Gerard (1) Spencer (1614-1685) along with his older brothers, William (1601-1640), Thomas (1607-1687), and Michael (1611-1653) were among the very first settlers in New England under the auspices of t...

3/1/2007 3/28/2014

Elizabeth Stannard MP (1646 - 1688)

5/23/2008 3/28/2014

Joseph Stannard, Sr. MP (1635 - 1688)

One of 28 founders of Haddam, Middlesex County, Connecticut. from:

5/23/2008 3/28/2014

Elizabeth Ventres MP (1632 - 1708)

9/20/2008 3/28/2014

William Ventres MP (1623 - 1701)

WILLIAM (HADDAM FOUNDER)1 VENTRES was born Abt 1623, and died July 02, 1701 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT. He married ELIZABETH. From CT Probate Records, Volume VIII, 1700 To 1710. Ventrus, William, Had...

9/20/2008 3/28/2014

William Clark, of Haddam MP (c.1610 - 1681)

"William Clarke"

WILLIAM CLARK (d. 1681) of Haddam Parents: Unknown William died on 22 Jul 1681 in Haddam. [Ref][Ref] The name of William's wife is (apparently) to be found no where in the records except possibly...

2/27/2007 3/28/2014

Katherine Clark MP (c.1620 - aft.1683)

"Catherine Bunce", "Catharine Bunce"

The name of William's wife is (apparently) to be found no where in the records except possibly in John Winthrop Jr.'s medical journal. On 23 May 1664, Winthrop says that he treated "Clark, William his ...

2/27/2007 3/28/2014

James Wells of Baltimore MP (1648 - 1681)

emigrated to MD in 1669 (with his father) from England; m. 1669, spouse Elizabeth. emigrated yo MD in1669 with his son, James Jr. The Wells Family Known as "The Little Wells" By Harold Henry & Na...

2/26/2007 3/28/2014

Elizabeth Wells MP (c.1648 - 1712)

From the will of William Clark of Haddam ( Will dated 30 June, 1681): "I give by Will unto my daughter Welles & to my daughter Fennoe & to my daughter Spencer 8 to each of them, and to my daughter ...

8/31/2007 3/28/2014

Mary Gaylord MP (1627 - 1690)

"Mary (Bronson) Wyatt Graves Allis"

Mary Bronson Born about 1627 in Earl's Colne, Essex, England Daughter of John (Brownson) Bronson and Frances (Hills) Bronson Wife of John Wyatt — married 1647 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut...

10/12/2007 3/28/2014

Elizabeth Smith MP (c.1632 - 1683)

"Elizabeth Ely", "Elizabeth Bateman", "Elizabeth Wells"

Elizabeth b. ABT 1632 England d. 1683 Haddam, Middlesex, CT. Parents: unknown Husband: Simon Smith AKA Bateman, Ely, Wells Children: Simon. Married Elizabeth Wells. Joseph b. ABT ...

2/26/2007 3/27/2014

Simon Smith, of Haddam MP (c.1628 - 1687)

The first settlers of Haddam, Connecticut were twenty-eight men and their families from Hartford, Wethersfield and Windsor: .... Simon & Elizabeth (Wells) Smith .... Children of Simon Smith and Eli...

2/26/2007 3/27/2014