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R' Yechiel Mechel Fried - MP (b. - 1993)

step-Son-in-Law of Rav Hillel Lichtenstein ZT"L

2/7/2009 12/3/2013

HaRav Yitzhak Klauber, of Posen MP (1475 - 1530)

"Kloyber of Worms", "R'Jitschak Kloiber", "Yitzhak Kauber", "Rabbi Itzhak Kloiber of Worms", "Kloiber", "Rav Yitzchok Rav of Posen Klauber", "Rabbi of Posen", "Yitzchak Kloiber"

. . .when the Maharshal quotes his grandfather, R. Yitzchok Klauber, noted are many of the places where the Maharshal cites his grandfather, throughout his many seforim (p. 3, n.6), along with a brief ...

4/3/2007 1/28/2013

Simcha Hagadol HaCohen Rapaport, Rav of Dubno and Horodne MP (1650 - 1718)

"Simcha Hagadol Hakohen Rappaport", "Simcha Rappaport"

The death date was: July 4, 1717 Ori modified to: Aug 4/1718 based on the below grave story See Grave story here Became Rabbi of Horodna in 1688 ... 3&pgnum=66 -------------------------...

8/26/2007 11/4/2012

2/19/2009 6/24/2012

needs corrected dates

2/20/2007 6/24/2012

Baila Yaffa-Sirkis MP (1580 - 1638)

"widow Joel Sirkis during a six month period in 1640"

Maybe she was called also Yaffa Passed away on the seventh day of Passover, 5398

12/9/2007 4/19/2012

aka Maharik Morenu Ha Rav MaHaRIK, RIK Rabbi Joseph Kolon (Colon) French-Jewish descent. Lived 1469 in Mestre, near Venezia. from Jewish Encyclopedia: COLON, JOSEPH B. SOLOMON: By: Louis ...

6/23/2008 4/11/2012


3/15/2007 3/7/2012

Die Familie Wolf - by Ernst Wolf 1924see chart of family Latzko ID: I69061Name: Gershon (Rabbi) Ha-Cohen KATZ of PragueSex: MName: Gerson (Rabbi) HA-COHEN KATZName: Gershom KATZName: Gershon KATZName: ...

7/15/2007 3/7/2012

2/19/2009 3/7/2012

Yosef Treves MP (1355 - 1435)

another possible death year is 1429The Treves family is known for its descent from Rashi, although the exact lineage, generation for generation, has not been preserved.The first to report this connecti...

7/14/2007 3/7/2012

"Baal Shem Tov'' הבעש״ט MP (1698 - 1760)

"Baal Shem Tov", "Besht", "בעש"ט", "בעל שם טוב", "BeSh"T", "The Baal Shem /Tov/", "The Baal Shem-Tov", "BESHT", "Besh"t", "ר' ישראל בעל שם טוב"

Rabbi Yisroel (Israel) ben Eliezer (רבי ישראל בן אליעזר) (August 27, 1698 (18 Elul) – May 22, 1760), also called Israel Baal Shem Tov or Besht , was a Jewish mystical rabbi considered to be the founder...

4/15/2007 2/26/2012

Yoel ben Shmuel Yaffe-Sirkes, ["haBach"] MP (1561 - 1640)

"The BACH", "Sirkes. יפה Jaffe ?", "הב"ח", "מחבר הבית חדש", "Rabbi Joel Sirkes", "Joel Sirkis", "יואל יפה סירקיס - הב"ח", "Yoel ben Shmuel", "Joel ben Samuel Sirkis"

Yoel Sirkis, (1561-1640), also known as the Bach - an abbreviation of his magnum opus, Bayit Chadash - was a prominent Jewish posek and halakhist. He lived in central Europe and held rabbinical positio...

4/29/2007 2/25/2012

Dina Katz Heschel, "haGedolah"? MP (1590 - c.1664)

"The great", "הגדולה", "Wahl Katzenellenbogen", "Dina de Gedole (the great", "for her knowledge of Jewish Law)"

2/28/2008 2/25/2012

Beila Zyadger MP (deceased)

1/1/2008 2/24/2012

Rabbi David Segal (the TaZ) MP (1586 - 1667)

"the TaZ", "Turei Zahav", "בעל הטו"ז", "the TuZ"

David haLevi Segal , the famous author of Turei Zahav (TaZ) דוד הלוי סגל David HaLevi Segal, דוד הלוי סגל ,wrote a commentary on Joseph Caro's Shulchan Aruch (Yoreh De'ah), which he published in Lu...

12/2/2007 2/21/2012

….almost everyone with the name Shor (or one of the many variants thereof) has a family tradition claiming descent from one or more of the legendary rabbi's of this outstanding Literary/Rabbinic dynast...

6/28/2007 2/21/2012

Rabbi Ephraim Zalman Shor, author "Tevuat Shor" MP (1550 - c.1633)

"The Elder"

Author of Tevuat Shor: , , , .

6/28/2007 2/21/2012

Hanna Henele Shor MP (1589 - 1633)

"Hanale Henli Bas Wahl Shor (Katzenellenbogen)"

Polish King wanted to marry Hannah. Father asked Ephraim who, although very aged, agreed to save her. ========================================= Saul Wahl – by Dr. Neil Rosenstein Chapter two, pag...

6/28/2007 2/21/2012

Rabbi Yaacov Shor MP (b. - 1655)

"R' Jacob Shor"

The Unbroken Chain, by Dr. Neil Rosenstein - See Chapter Vl:B Jewish Gen - Pinkus Poland . . . There was also a Yeshiva in Ludmir headed by Rabbi Yom Tov Lipman Heller, the author of Tosfot Yom T...

8/30/2007 2/21/2012

12/26/2007 2/21/2012

'נכד שלש פעמים מהרבי רבי אלימלך זי"ע א~ ר אלעזר ב~ ר אליעזר ליפא ג~ מירש

12/26/2007 2/21/2012

Rabbi Elazar Weissblum, of Lizansk MP (1742 - 1806)

"הרב אלעזר וייסבלום", "Eluzer Weissblum"

הרבי אלעזר וייסבלום מליזענסק ~רבי אלעזר נקרא על שם דודו הרה"ק רבי אלעזר רוקח הבעל מעשה רוקח ~ אמו של רבי אלעזר הרבנית שפרינצא היתה בת רבי ארון מרגליות מלבוב אחיו של הרבי אלעזר רוקח הבעל מעשה רוקח

12/18/2007 2/21/2012

12/26/2007 2/21/2012

Shaul Yechezkel Greenfeld (Litchiker), "Magen Shaul" MP (1794 - 1849)

"Magen Shaul", "Magen Shaul from Litchik", "R. Shaul Litchiker"

Mechaber Sefer Mugen Shaul Town name is Lúčky, Slovakia Google map link ... The link for google maps street view of the House he lived in is: It is now a restaurant POTRAVINI

8/2/2007 2/14/2012

Rabbi Mordechai Deutsch MP (b. - 1772)

7/17/2009 2/8/2012

Rabbi Dovid Deutsch - MP (1755 - 1831)

Named after his great great grand father (from his mother's side). The following is from the Encyclopedia Judaica: DEUTSCH, DAVID BEN MENAHEM MENDEL (1756–1831), Hungarian rabbi and author. Deutsch...

10/16/2008 2/8/2012

12/5/2010 2/5/2012

Rabbi Hersh Karo, Rabbi of Buchach ("Neta Sha'ashu'im") MP (b. - 1814)

"R' Tzvi Hersh Kara"

3/22/2010 2/5/2012

Rabbi Avraham David Wahrmann of Buczacz MP (1771 - 1840)

"Rabbi Avraham David b'Asher Wahrman of Buchach", "Abraham David ben Asher Anshel Wahrman", "Avraham Dovid Wahrman", "Avraham David Wharman", "R. Avraham David ben Asher Anschil Wahrman"

Hebrew Books Fifth Generation Disciple of BeSHT Rabbi Avraham David A.B.D. Buchach JewishGen David ben Asher Anshel Buchach David ben Buchach Wahrman

4/18/2010 2/4/2012

Udel (dau. Baal Shem Tov) Ashkenazi MP (c.1720 - c.1787)

"‎אדל - בתו של הבעש"ט", "Adel", "Adele", "Odel"

Adil, was the only daughter of Rabbi Yisroel, the Baal Shem tov, and his wife, Chana chabad lea Rochel. Her father said that he took the name ADiL from the verse in the Torah which concludes with the w...

6/3/2007 2/3/2012

Feiga Horendenker MP (c.1755 - 1801)

"the Prophetess"

Feigi, Reb. Nachman of Breslov's mother, was born in Medzeboz to her parents, R. Yechiel Ashkenazi and Adil, the Baal Shem Tov's daughter. Feigi married R. Simcha in 1763. This match had been agreed ...

6/3/2007 2/3/2012

Perel ., [Breslaver sister] MP (bef.1800 - aft.1822)

Rabbi Nachman's sister, was the only daughter of Rabbi Simcha and Feiga. Perel was highly regarded by Rabbi Baruch and Rabbi Ephraim and she was the one who tried to restore peace when a dispute develo...

8/27/2007 2/3/2012

: I67170Name: Toyba COHENSex: FName: Toybe KATZ 1Birth: ABT 1660Death: 1717Father: Shabtai (Rabbi) "SHaCH" ben Meir COHEN b: 1621

8/26/2007 1/30/2012

Library ; ; Author/Creator Jonah Ashkenazi, 15th cent. Title Isur ṿe-heter / min ha-gaʾon m. ha-r. R. Yonah zal. Imprint Ferara : Bi-defus Avraham n. Ushḳi, 315 [1555]. Description [348...

7/14/2007 1/30/2012

ID: I67171 Name: David ben Yitzhak KATVAN 1 Sex: M Name: David (Rabbi) KATVAN 2 Birth: ABT 1655 Death: 1698 in On his way from Zolkiew to Lwow 1 Death: 1698 in Zolkiev Occupation: Rabbi and Community L...

8/26/2007 1/30/2012

Meir Volf Zaltzer- MP (1864 - 1944)

"מאיר זאב זאלצער ע"ה", "Mayer", "Wolf"

דומ"ץ ב'מונקאטש Munkatch'er Dayan

12/31/2007 1/2/2012

Shmuel Yehuda Wahl Katzenellenbogen MP (1566 - 1591)

"Judah Saul Wahls of /Brest/"

alt: Samual Judas Wahl Katzenellen He had eight brothers and four sisters, named Abraham, David, Henele, Jacob, Isaac, Unknown, Meir, Unknown, Feiwel, Geila, Pesia and Olga. (Samuel) Juda WAHL se...

6/28/2007 12/30/2011

Rabbi Naftali Hirsch Katz, ABD Lublin, "Peirot Genosar" MP (c.1588 - 1649)

"נפתלי כהן צדק", "ר״מ ואב״ד דק״ק לובלין"

= was the Av Beis Din in lublin, he wrote the sefer of peiros g'nusarDie Familie Wolf - by Ernst Wolf 1924see chart of family Latzko more

7/4/2007 12/30/2011

Avraham Yehoshua Heschel [of Cracow] (Hanukat HaTorah) MP (1596 - 1663)

"Joshua", "Chacham Tzvi", "Chanukat H'atora", "בעמ"ס חנוכת התורה", "Rabbi Hoeschl of Cracow"

הרב הגאון רשכבה"ג מו"ה יהושע העשיל זצ״ל אבדק קראקא הנודע בשם קדשו רבי ר׳ העשיל Hebrew Books Abraham Joshua Heschel Biography . Click on and Read Document: Abraham Joshua Heschel of Cracow (Chanikas H...

3/23/2007 12/30/2011

Rabbi Yosef Rabinowitz of Yampol MP (c.1750 - 1812)

"Reb Yosef of Yampol", "Yoseph Lima", "Yoseph לימא LIMA", "Ish Haemes איש האמת"

In 2009 (תשס"ט), an anthology of his sayings called Birkat Yosef (ברכת יוסף) was published by Mekhon Nahlat Tsvi, Bnei Braq. It also includes his biography and list his descendants.Rabbi Yosef of Yampo...

9/23/2007 12/29/2011

Rabbi Yitzchok Rabinowitz of Kalyus MP (deceased)

"Rabbi Yitzchok of Kalyus", "Reb Itzik'l Drohbitsher", "רבי איציק'ל דראהביטשער", "Yitzchok Rabinowitz Mi Yossi"

Rabbi Yitzchak of Drohovitch--a leading kabbalist in his generation and father of R. Yechiel Michel Zlotchov (1731-1786), a major disciple of the Baal Shem Tov, who first went to the Besht as a boy wit...

9/23/2007 12/29/2011

R' Yechiel Michel, The Maggid of Zlochov MP (b. - 1838)

"R' Yechiel Michel - The Zlotschover Maggid", "Yechiel Michel", "Maggid of Zlotchow", "The Zlotshiver Maggid", "Rabbi Yekhiel Michel Rabinowitz of Zlotshev", "Reb Mich'l Zlotchover", "Yechiel Michl", "Rabbi Yehiel Mechil of Drohobic", "Rabbi Yechiel Michel יחיאל מיכל מ..."

The Zlotchover maggid was the scion of an illustrious family of rabbis and kabbalists from Galicia who lived and operated in the town of Brody and its environs; the maggid’s great-grandfather was R. Mo...

9/23/2007 12/29/2011

Hilkiya ., High Priest MP (c.-700 - d.)

"Chilkiya", "Hilkija", "Hilkiah", "חלקיה", "Elcias Hilkiyahoo"

1 Chronicles 5:39 2 Chronicles 34:9-28

12/11/2007 12/16/2011

Jeremiah the Prophet MP (c.-655 - c.-586)

""Irmiya ibn Halqiya""

Jeremiah had no wife and no children at all! That Jeremiah from Libna was differend Jeremiah. Jeremiah the Prophet - Wiki Jeremiah was born about 457 BCE in the city of Libna. Libna is situated in ...

1/4/2008 12/16/2011

Elnathan . MP (c.-649 - d.)


2 Kings 24:8 Jeremiah 26:22

1/4/2008 12/16/2011

Jehosheba . MP (-1080 - -1080)


2 Kings 11:1-3 . 2 Chronicles 22:10-12 .

12/11/2007 12/16/2011

Hammutal . MP (c.-646 - d.)

"Chamutal", "Hamutal"

2 Kings 24:18 This is the daughter of Jeremiah from Libnah (2 Kings 23:31). Prophet Jeremiah was from Anatot (Jer 1:1) and had no wife nor children. So somebody should correct this connection, please...

1/4/2008 12/16/2011

Jechoniah Yehoiakhin son of Jehoiakim, 18th King of Judah MP (c.-616 - -561)

"Coniah", "Jeconiah", "Yehoakhin", "Yehoyakhin", "Yechonyah", "Eliakim"

2 Kings Chapter 24:6-16 2 Chronicles 36:8-10 Wikipedia: Jeconiah and יהויכין טז וּבְנֵי, יְהוֹיָקִים--יְכָנְיָה בְנוֹ, צִדְקִיָּה בְנוֹ. 16 And the sons of Jehoiakim: Jeconiah his son, Zedekiah...

2/20/2007 12/16/2011

Hai ben Sherira, Gaon v'haDayyan b'Pumbeditha MP (c.939 - 1038)

"Hai Gaon", "חי גאון", "גאון האי"

Hai ben Sherira , better known as Hai Gaon , was a medieval Jewish theologian, rabbi and scholar who served as Gaon of the Talmudic academy of Pumbedita during the early 11th century. He was born in 93...

2/20/2007 12/16/2011

Yeshaya Munk HaLevi Horowitz, The 1st Horowitz MP (c.1465 - 1517)

"Isaias", "founder of the Horowitz family name", "מייסד שם משפחת הורוביץ", "Isaiah Ha-Levi Horowitz", "Isaiah HaLevi Horowitz", "Isaiah Horowitz", "ישעיהו"

משפחת הורוביץ Levite DNA The Horowitz Levites Family R. Yishayahu ben Moshe Asher Ha-Levi Horowitz is the founder of Horowitz family name. He lived in Horovice and later in Prague at the beginn...

3/23/2007 12/16/2011

Hananya "Bustenai" ben Haninai, Exilarch & Gaon of Pumbeditha MP (c.589 - 638)

"Mar R. Huna", "Buṣbuhrā", "Nāsṭūnā", "and Ṣalūbā", "Taḥlifa", "Bostanai", "Bustanai", "Bustenai", "Bostenai"

Bostanai was the first exilarch under Arabian rule; he flourished about the middle of the seventh century. He was the son of the exilarch Hananiah. Hai Gaon, in "Sha'are Ẓedeḳ," p. 3a, seems to ident...

9/21/2007 12/16/2011

Rabban Gamliel II of Yavne MP (c.55 - c.118)

Rabban Gamliel, רבן גמליאל דיבנה‎ was the first person to lead the sanhedrin as nasi after the fall of the second temple, which occurred in 70 CE. Gamliel was appointed nasi approximately 10 years late...

10/11/2007 12/16/2011

Hillel Hazaken - 'The Elder' grandfather of Gamaliel I MP (c.-110 - c.10)

"Hillel the Elder", "Hillel the Great", "Hillel Hazaken Hanasi", "Hillel"

Hillel the Elder הלל הזקן (author of "The Golden Rule") Hillel (הלל) (born Babylon traditionally c.110BCE-10CE in Jerusalem) was a famous Jewish religious leader, one of the most important figures in J...

6/27/2007 12/16/2011

Rabban Shimon II ben Gamliel MP (-10 - 70)

"Shimon ben Gamliel", "Rashbag the Martyr", "רשב"ג הנהרג"

Shimon II ben Gamliel I , שמעון השני בן גמליאל הראשון ‎, was a Tannaist sage and leader of the Jewish people. He succeeded his father Gamliel I as the Nasi of the Sanhedrin after his father's death in ...

10/11/2007 12/16/2011

Rabban Gamliel I Hazaken MP (c.50 - 68)

"Gamliel the Elder"

Gamaliel the Elder , or Rabbi Gamaliel I (גמליאל הזקן; Greek: Γαμαλιήλ ο Πρεσβύτερος), was a leading authority in the Sanhedrin in the mid first century. Gamaliel holds a reputation in the Mishnah fo...

6/27/2007 12/16/2011

Rabbi Simeon ben Hillel HaNasi MP (b. - c.20)

"Shimon Hanasi", "Eighteenth Generation to RASHI", "Simon"

Shimon ben Hillel, שמעון בן הלל About Shimon ben Hillel very little is known. He was the son of Hillel the Elder, and when Hillel died, Shimon took over his place as Nasi. It is assumed that Shimon did...

6/27/2007 12/16/2011

Rabbi Noda B'Yehuda - Yechezkel Halevi Landau, הנודע ביהודה MP (1713 - 1793)

"Ezechiel", "Ezekiel", "Noda b'Yehuda", "Author of Noda BeYehuda", "Rabbi Ezekiel Landau", "Noda B'Yehudah לנדאו"

יחזקאל לנדא - יידיש הרב יחזקאל הלוי לנדא - הנודע ביהודה Yechezkel ben Yehuda Landau (8 October 1713 – 29 April 1793, Hebrew: יחזקאל לנדא) was an influential authority in halakha (Jewish law). He is...

3/15/2007 12/16/2011

Rabbi Yona Fraenkel Teomim, the "Kikayon DeYonah" MP (1596 - 1669)

"קיקיון דיונה"

Wikipedia: Jonah Teomim-Frankel & יונה תאומים-פרנקל . Rabbi Johnah Theomim (1595 - 16 April 1669) was the author of the noted work on Talmudic commentary " Kikayon D'yonah " (edited in Amsterdam 16...

4/29/2007 12/16/2011

Rabbi Yitzhak Luria, Ha'Ari HaKadosh MP (1534 - 1572)

"יִצְחַק לוּרְיָא", "Yitzchak Luria", ""HaAri"", "Yitzhak Ben Shlomo Ashkenazi", "Arizal", "The Lion", "HaAri HaKadosh"

I saac Luria (1534 – July 25, 1572) (Hebrew: Yitzhak Lurya יִצְחַק לוּרְיָא ), also called Yitzhak Ben Shlomo Ashkenazi and known as "The Ari", "Ari-Hakadosh", or "Arizal," meaning "The Lion," was a fo...

6/23/2008 12/16/2011

Jehiel Luria MP (c.1250 - d.)

11/11/2008 12/16/2011

11/27/2008 12/16/2011

Solomon Luria MP (c.1275 - d.)


11/11/2008 12/16/2011

Rabbi Shlomo Salman Spira, ABD Heilbron MP (1375 - c.1453)

"Solomon Spira of Heilbronn", "Solomon of Heilbronn", "Salman", "av beis din Landau and Heilbrun"

See document: Marx to Treves, Sapira & Luria. From: Rosenstein, Rottenberg, Encyclopeadia Judaica & Jewish Encyclopedia. See also Fig. 7 in Y-DNA Genetic Signature of the Savran-Bendery Chassid...

3/23/2007 12/16/2011

Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi Mintz MP (c.1405 - 1508)

"Minzi", "Mahari Minz"

Also known as Mahari Minz, he was the most prominent Italian rabbi of his time. He officiated as rabbi of Padua for forty-seven years, during which time he had a great number of pupils, among whom were...

3/23/2007 12/16/2011

Rabbi Avraham ben Yehuda Ha-Levi Mintz MP (c.1440 - 1530)

"Avrum Mintz"

Abraham ben Judah ha-Levi Minz was an Italian rabbi who flourished at Padua in the first half of the 16th century, father-in-law of Meïr Katzenellenbogen. The "Minz" family of rabbis and scholars, de...

3/23/2007 12/16/2011

Rabbi Shmuel Yehuda Katzenellenbogen, MaHaShik MP (c.1521 - 1597)

"MaHaRSHIK", "Samuel Judah of Padua", "Yehudan", "Mintz"

Samuel Judah Katzenellenbogen (1521 in Padua, Italy – March 25, 1597 in Padua) was an Italian Rabbi, the son of Rabbi Meir ben Isaac Katzenellenbogen). He was distinguished even in his youth for his ...

3/23/2007 12/16/2011

Saul Wahl Katzenellenbogen (1 day King) MP (1545 - 1616)

"Le Roi d'un jour", "Jewish King for a Night", "Saul Wahl of Brest-Litovsk", "King for a Day", "Saul (Hasar) Wahl Katzenellenbogen", "Sar Hagadol", "King for a night"

R' SHAUL WAHL KATZENELLENBOGEN - FAMOUS FOR HAVING BEEN "KING FOR A NIGHT." Jewish Dynasties Saul Wahl Death In Venice - seeking the Katzenellenbogen tombstones Saul Wahl (1541/5 -1617)

3/23/2007 12/16/2011

HaRav Shabty HaCohen Katz, HaShakh - הש״ך MP (1621 - 1662)

"Siftey Kohen", "Shabbatai ben Meir ha-Kohen", "Shach", "Shakh", "Rabeinu SHABSI Hakohen שפתי כהן - ש"ך", "ר' שבתי כהן בעל הש"ך", "The Shach"

Rabbi Shabse HaCohen was born in Vilna, in the year 5382 (1622), that is, a little less than 350 years ago. His father Rabbi Meir was Av Beth-Din (Head of the Jewish Court). In Vilna Shabti became the ...

8/18/2007 12/16/2011