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Ravnstrup is a manor house and estate situated north of Næstved, on the southern part of Zealand, Denmark.

Ravnstrup has existed since the 14th century. The first known owner was Esbern Pedersen Krumpen who owned the estate from 1396 to 1407. His son, Jens Esbernsen Krumpens. inherited Tavnstrup in 1407. He had no sons and when he died in 1438 Ravnstrup was therefore passed on to his son-in-law, Herluf Nielsen Snekken, who was married to Jens Esbernsen Krumpens datter Gyde Krumpen. They had no sons either and Ravnstrup was therefore passed on to their son-in-law Claus Daa through his marriage to their daughter Dorthe Herlugsdatter Snekken. Claus Daa, a knight and member of the Privy Council, owned Ravnstrup until his death in 1496 and the estate would after that remain at the hands of the Daa family for almost another 200 years. His son, Olud Daa, was the owner from, 1496-1532. His son, was also called Claus Daa, was the owner from 1496 to 1532. His son, Oluf Daa, who was the owner from 1496 to´1532, constructed a new two-storey main building in 1595. Through his marriage he also acquired another manor in the area, Holmegaard. His son, Claus Daa, took over both estates after his father's death in 1600. He became a major landowner after also acquiring the estates of Borreby and Fraugdegaard through his marriage to Dorthe Friis in 1618. He also expanded the Ravnstrup estate by buoying up more land in the area and purchased Herlufmagle Church where he constructed a chapel. He was appointed to Admiral of the Realm by Christian IV. Christian Daa, his oldest surviving son by his second wife, who was the queen's avener, inherited Tavnstrup, Borreby and Fraugdegaard in 1641. He was ruined during the Swedish Wars and had to pledge his estate which was taken over by Erik Krag, Oluf Rosenkrantz and Mathias Worm in 1668 and son thereafter sold to Anders Jespersen Engberg. He once again expanded the estate through the ecquisition of more land prior to his death in 1690. Tavnstrup was then passed on to his son-in-law Hector Gottfried Masius, a prominent theologian. He became the owner of several estates in the area. He died in 1709 and his children were ennobled by letters patent in 1712 with the name von der Maase. His son Christian von der Maase increased the number of tenant farms before selling the estate to Jacob Hjort in 1719.

In 1712 Friis sold the estate to Christian von der Maase's brother Frederiks con der Maase the following year. That same year he sold it to Edele Cathrine Kaas, the widow of Valentin von Eickstedt. The following year married Caspar Wessel, Tordenskjold's brother, who then became the owner. It was difficult times for Danish agriculture and Wessel had to sell Ravnstrup in 1740 to pay off his debts.

In 1747, Ravnstrup was acquired by Niels de Hofman. He acquired more land and improved the buildings. In 1760, he sold Ravnstrup to count Eggert Christopher Knuth.

List of owners

  • (1396-1407) Esbern Pedersen Krumpen
  • (1407- ) Jens Esbernsen Krumpen
  • ( - ) Herluf Nielsen Snekken
  • ( -1496) Claus Daa
  • (1496-1532) Oluf Daa
  • (1532-1575) Claus Daa
  • (1575-1600) Oluf Daa
  • (1600-1641) Claus Daa
  • (1641-1668) Christian Daa sold mannor
  • (1668-1672) Erik Krag by purchase
  • (1668-1672) Oluf Rosenkrantz
  • (1668- ) Mathias Worm
  • (1672- ) Jens Nielsen Spend
  • (1672-1690) Anders Jespersen Engberg
  • (1690-1709) Hector Gottfried Masius
  • (1709-1719) Christian Masius von de Maase
  • (1719-1720) Jakob Hjort
  • (1720) Frederik von de Maase
  • (1720-1721) Edele Cathrine, gift 1) Kaas, 2) Wessel
  • (1721-1740) Caspar Wessel
  • (1740-1747) Thomas Nielsen
  • (1747-1760) Niels de Hofman
  • (1760-1768) Eggert Christopher Knuth
  • (1768-1778) Jørgen Mauritsen
  • (1778-1805) Frederik Wilhelm Wedel-Jarlsberg
  • (1805-1823) Conrad Danniskiold-Samsøe
  • (1823-1843) Johanne Henriette Valentine Danneskiold-Samsøe bée Kaas
  • (1843) Gustav Grüner
  • (1843-1890) Georg Johan Røbye Grüner
  • (1890-1896) Boet efter Georg Johan Røbye Grüner
  • (1896-1917) Victor Hahn
  • (1917-1918) Justus Ulrich
  • (1918-1919) C. Jakheller
  • (1919-1920) C. Wester
  • (1920-1921) Johannes Berntsen
  • (1921-1929) G.C. Jessen
  • (1929- ) G. Howden-Rønnekamp
  • (1936- ) U.O. Fischer-Rasmussen
  • ( - ) E. Fischer-Rasmussen
  • (2010- ) Hans Erik Larse,_N%C3%A6stved_Municipality

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