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Patrick Bruen Hong Kong How the science explain that the coffee prevents us from sleep?

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Patrick Bruen Hong Kong How the science explain that the coffee prevents us from sleep?

For many people, take a last coffee in the evening, after the meal, is impossible: it is then synonymous with insomnia, and for some, of white night simply. For these people, the last coffee must not be drunk after 17 hours, and yet, the night is still far away. How coffee can therefore prevent us from sleeping?


The responsible of these insomnia is caffeine that contains the coffee. Patrick Bruen Hong Kong Caffeine is a stimulant general, and particularly a its psychomotor stimulant effect, which therefore leads to an acceleration of the pace of our heart. 2.

This substance acts not only by blocking our slumber, but also by preventing us from we sleep in case of alarm clock night, depending on the time at which we will have drunk the last coffee of the day. In fact, caffeine is between two and four hours following its decision, depending on the person and his physical condition. This means that if we drink one last coffee at 17 hours, the caffeine will be between 19 and 21 hours, preventing sleep. 3.

In the same way, if the coffee is bu toward 21 hours, Patrick Bruen Hong Kong caffeine will be between 23 hours and 1 hour of the morning, and may prevent the slumber. If the person fell asleep between two, and is woken up for any reason, the caffeine acting late may then prevent it from sleep. 4.

The persons who are sensitive to caffeine should therefore avoid drinking coffee after 18 hours at the latest, if they want to go to blow a safe night calm and serene.

Tips and warnings


For those who feel that the coffee after the meal is synonymous with pleasure, think of the decaffeinated: this coffee is devoid of caffeine, Patrick Bruen Hong Kong and has therefore no effect on sleep, and is just as good.