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Leigh Brackett MP (1915 - 1978)

Leigh Douglass Brackett (December 7, 1915 – March 18, 1978) was an American writer, particularly of science fiction. She was also a screenwriter, known for her work on such films as The Big Sleep (19...

12/6/2014 5/3/2021

Harriet Ayers (1849 - 1903)

"Harriet Hubbard Ayer"

Harriet Hubbard Ayer (June 27, 1849, Chicago, Illinois – November 25, 1903, New York City) was an American cosmetics entrepreneur and journalist during the second half of the nineteenth century. Biog...

9/28/2019 4/7/2021

Sophronia was the daughter of Franklin Benjamin Rosebrook and Viesta A. Kenison.Sophronia became a doctor, was a pioneer in Osteopathy, and had her office in Portland, ME from 1903-1937 at 633 Congress...

2/20/2021 2/20/2021

Beula Viene Wood (Nixon) (1873 - 1946)

The Nixon Women of Texas When one views the photo of the spacious plantation home set on 14, 000 acres of the Texas Hill Country, most likely think, all the Nixon women were the typical southern debu...

8/18/2019 10/28/2020

Obedience Bodie Smith (1771 - 1847)


Here’s how the text of the historical marker reads: OBEDIENCE SMITH (January 21, 1771 - March 1, 1847) Obedience Smith was a pioneer of three American frontiers: Kentucky, Mississippi, and Texas. N...

4/13/2009 10/8/2020

Anna Magdalena Zeh MP (1672 - 1749)

"note from CLE: parents cannot be correct -they were born After daughter!"

Anna Magdalena Birth 1672, Germany Death 23 Aug 1750, Weiserdorf, Schoharie, New York Spouses 1Johannes SEE (ZEH) b 1672, Oppenheim, Germany Death7 Jul 1750, Scoharie, New York Children inclu...

4/1/2007 10/5/2020

Evelyn Jephson Cameron (1868 - 1928)

Photographer. Born on August 28, 1868, Evelyn Cameron came to Miles City, Montana, USA when she was 21 with her husband, Ewen. After trying to raise polo ponies on their ranch and renting space in thei...

9/30/2020 9/30/2020

Biography Mary Viola Nixon was born on May 12, 1889, in Medina County, Texas. Her parents were John Phillip Nixon and Dora Ann Wilson . Mary married Henry Louis Mofield on January 24, 1911, in Medi...

11/11/2019 9/24/2020

Dora Ann Nixon (Wilson) MP (1870 - 1914)

Biography Dora Ann Nixon (Wilson) was born on December 28, 1870, in Tehuacana, Frio, TX, United States. Dora married John Phillip Nixon on February 3, 1887, in Tehuacana, Limestone, Texas, United S...

11/11/2019 9/24/2020

Biography Mary Jane Wilson (Rowland) was born on July 31, 1836, in Bowling Green, Lewis County, Missouri. Mary married Levi Adamson Wilson in 1856 in Fannin, Texas, United States. Together they had...

2/26/2020 9/24/2020

Biography Mary Ann Lancaster (Jones) was born on January 15, 1829, in Bellefonte, Jackson County, Alabama, United States. Her parents were Judge Moses Jones and Delilah Jones . Mary married John Na...

2/7/2018 8/30/2020

Adaline Battle MP (1814 - 1883)

"Moseley", "Mosley", "Adaline Mosely", "Adaline Sanders Mosely", "Adeline Moseley", "Adeline Sanders MOSELY"

Biography Adaline Battle was born on October 12, 1814, in TN, United States. Her parents were Peter Guerrant Moseley and Judith Moseley . Adaline married Col Joel Allen Battle . Together they had t...

7/25/2011 8/29/2020

Ellen "Cattle Kate" Watson (1860 - 1889)


Ellen Liddy Watson (July 2, 1860[1] – July 20, 1889) was a pioneer of Wyoming who became known as Cattle Kate, an outlaw of the Old West, although the characterization is a dubious one, as subsequent r...

8/1/2020 8/1/2020

Martha Jane Coston MP (1826 - 1904)

Inventor. Born Martha Jane Hunt, when she was a young child her father died, and her mother moved the family to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania because of its reputation for good schools. At age 14 she me...

7/29/2020 7/29/2020

Cynthia Ann McColpin (1860 - 1940)

Biography Cynthia Ann McColpin (Wood) was born on December 9, 1860 in Marysville, Texas. Her parents were William Wood and Unknown Wood . Cynthia married John Henry McColpin . Together they had the...

1/27/2009 7/28/2020

Clarinda Belle Ash (1860 - 1946)

Biography Clarinda Belle Ash was born on August 27, 1860, in Warrean, Iowa, USA. Her Clarinda married Abram Alexander Ash in 1882 in Warren Co., Iowa. Together they had the following children: ...

7/26/2020 7/26/2020

Margaret Jenny Peyton (Foley) (c.1837 - c.1860)

Biography Margaret Jenny Peyton (Foley) was born circa 1837 in Benchley, Robertson, Texas, USA. Her parents were John H Foley and Margaret Peggy Foley . Margaret married John Randolph Peyton . Toge...

8/26/2017 7/24/2020

Mary Elizabeth Foley (1826 - 1872)

Biography Mary Elizabeth Foley was born on September 6, 1826, in Mississippi, United States. Mary married Hugh Reed Henry on December 27, 1848, in Brazos County, TX. Together they had the following...

7/10/2014 7/24/2020

Elizabeth Sharon Henry MP (1798 - 1882)

"Bettie Downing"

[ ] The following information provided by Lindsay Hale Boyd: Elizabeth Downing married Robert Hugh Henry in 1820 in Londonderry, Ireland. Both were ambitious and anxious to take advantage of the op...

2/9/2014 7/24/2020

Juliette Augusta Kinzie MP (1806 - 1870)

Juliette Augusta Magill Kinzie , née Juliette Augusta Magill, (born September 11, 1806, Middletown, Connecticut, U.S.—died September 15, 1870, Amagansett, New York), American pioneer and writer, rememb...

7/25/2007 7/23/2020

Elizabeth was the daughter of James and Ann Reeves McMillan. Elizabeth was born In Ireland, she and her family arrived in South Carolina in the 1820's , Her father died in 1821 in South Carolina. Ann M...

6/25/2020 6/25/2020

Elizabeth Henry Seale (1833 - 1919)

Biography Elizabeth Henry Seale was born on August 1, 1833 in Greene County, Alabama, USA. Her parents were Robert Hugh Henry and Elizabeth Sharon Henry . Elizabeth married Christopher Columbus Sea...

2/9/2014 6/24/2020

Johanna “Hannah” Mountney MP (bef.1601 - bef.1659)

"Hill", "Spelman", "Montjoy", "Hannah Spelman-Hill-Mountney (Boyle)"

Although sometimes given as being baptized and born in Shropshire, Hannah Boyle was likely baptized on 09 Jul 1601 as Johanna daughter of Richard Boyle, stationer, at St Helens Bishopgate, London, and ...

4/13/2009 4/15/2020

Ida B. Wells (1862 - 1931)


Ida Bell Wells-Barnett (July 16, 1862 – March 25, 1931) was an American investigative journalist, educator, and an early leader in the civil rights movement. She was one of the founders of the Nation...

10/14/2015 3/7/2020

Lula Reese, Suffragette (1858 - 1926)


Lulu Colyar Reese had her first introduction into the political world at the age of seventeen, when she joined other Nashville women in an appearance before the Tennessee General Assembly to secure t...

12/21/2012 2/2/2020

Anna Talbot (1868 - 1943)

THE honor of being chosen the first woman professor in any English university fell to the lot of one of our St. Louis women. Miss Anna C. Hedges, who was offered the chair of household economy in the...

5/19/2016 10/31/2019

Dr. Anna Elizabeth Broomall MP (1847 - 1931)

Anna Broomall was chief resident physician at the Woman's Hospital of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania from 1875 to 1883 and instructor of obstetrics from 1875 to 1879. She became chair of o...

9/4/2019 9/4/2019

Cornelia "Leila" Bryce Pinchot MP (1881 - 1960)

"Leila Bryce Pinchot", "Leila Bryce", "Leila Pinchot"

Suffragist, Congressional candidate, political activist, and conservationist. Taken from her official United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service biography: The daughter of wealthy jou...

2/11/2011 8/22/2019

Hettie Ogle joined Western Union telegraph Company in 1861, eventually becoming the manager of the WU office as well as the telephone exchange in Johnstown, Pa. On May 31, 1899 she sent a series of riv...

8/20/2019 8/20/2019

Dr. Anita Rosalie McGee MP (1864 - 1940)

Dr.Anita Newcomb McGee received her medical degree from Columbian College (now George Washington University) in 1892 and was one of a select few woman doctors practicing in Washington, D.C. McGee, th...

2/12/2009 8/17/2019

The daughter of Reverend Horatio Gates Jones, a prominent Baptist Minister, and the sister of Colonel John Richter Jones, Colonel of the 58th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, she worked to help equip...

7/11/2009 7/28/2019

Anne Catherine Green, 1st Female Printer MP (c.1720 - 1775)


Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Jul 25 2019, 4:59:15 UTC First Woman Printer. She was born most likely in The Netherlands. She apparently was brought to America as a child and grew up i...

1/10/2009 7/24/2019

Albion Bacon (1865 - 1933)

Albion Fellows Bacon1865-1933An Evansville writer, Albion Fellows Bacon was moved to become a social reformer after she spent some time as a "friendly visitor" for local charities. In time she organize...

7/17/2019 7/17/2019

Mary P Hartson (1917 - 1944)

She was assigned to be an Engineering Test Pilot and an Instrument Instructor. She was killed while on a test flight in BT-13A #42-88794 Valiant at Perrin Army Air Base, Denison TX, when the aircraft...

7/14/2019 7/14/2019

Rosalie Eugenia Calvert MP (1778 - 1821)

Had 9 Children Rosalie Stier Calvert (February 16, 1778 – March 13, 1821) was a plantation owner and correspondent in nineteenth century Maryland. A collection of her letters, titled Mistress of Rivers...

9/16/2008 6/23/2019

Kathryn 'Kay" Gunderson (1916 - 2019)

2/24/2019 2/24/2019

Mary Hearn (1921 - 2015)

The new recruits were taken to an auditorium, the lights were turned down and they were told “look to your right, now look to your left” – “Only one of you will graduate”. Mary was terrified! The wom...

2/17/2018 2/20/2019

Mildred Jane Doyle (1921 - 2019)

Petite Jane Doyle was not tall enough. "Men had to be 5-foot-4, but women could be 5-foot-2½. So I stretched, and passed the physical and got into the program that summer." t was her mother, Emma B...

2/3/2019 2/18/2019

Nancy Harkness Love (1914 - 1976)


Nancy Harkness Love (February 14, 1914 – October 22, 1976), born Hannah Lincoln Harkness, was an American pilot and commander during World War II. She earned her pilot's license at age 16. She worked...

10/23/2017 2/6/2019

Hazel Ying Lee (1912 - 1944)

Hazel Ying Lee (Chinese: 李月英; pinyin: Lǐ Yuèyīng; August 24, 1912 – November 25, 1944) was a Chinese-American pilot who flew for the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. In October 1932, Lee b...

10/22/2017 2/6/2019

Jacqueline Cochran MP (1906 - 1980)

"Jackie", "Cochran", "Odlum"

Jacqueline Cochran (May 11, 1906 – August 9, 1980) was a pioneer American aviator, considered to be one of the most gifted racing pilots of her generation. She was an important contributor to the for...

6/18/2012 2/6/2019

Lydia Kenny (1919 - 1979)


1/13/2019 1/13/2019

Capt. Ola Mildred McDonald (1917 - 2017)

"of the Ogala Sioux"

One day a superior flipped her the keys to a jeep to retrieve a training target in a field after she landed one day. "This was a big problem for me, because I didn't know how to drive," Rexroat said....

10/22/2017 1/13/2019

Dr. Zatae L. Straw (1866 - 1955)

Zatae Longsdorff was born on April 16, 1866, the second of six children of William Henry and Lydia R. Haverstick Longsdorff of Centerville, Pennsylvania, a few miles southwest of Carlisle. William Henr...

12/2/2009 12/17/2018

Ann Lewis MP (1613 - 1676)


GEDCOM Source ===Ancestral File (R) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Ancestral File (R) (Copyright (c) 1987, June 1998, data as of 5 January 1998) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-d...

5/29/2008 11/13/2018

Ann Nancy Sloan-Wasson MP (1717 - 1769)

"Nancy Sloan", "Nancy Wasson", "Nancy Means"

Nancy Ann MEANS was buried at Mercersburg, Franklin, PA. Name mentioned in father's will. She is the subject of a famous story concerning being captured by the Indians after her husband was killed ...

2/27/2008 6/17/2018

Mary Murray (1726 - 1782)

Mary Lindley Murray is known in American Revolutionary folklore as the Quaker woman who in 1776 held up British General William Howe after the British victory against American forces at Kips Bay. Accor...

9/12/2009 3/12/2018

Jane Straughan (August 24, 1913 – March 12, 2007) is known for her contribution as a Women Airforce Service Pilot from 1942 to 1944. She remained active in aviation throughout her life, serving on th...

11/1/2017 11/1/2017

Mary Jane Rewalt (1835 - 1896)

Mary Jane was born the daughter of James F & Rosanna Hinkle Magee in Wrightsville, PA. James was from Chester County & Rosanna was from York County, PA. Mary Jane & L.L. Rewalt were married in Middle...

10/3/2011 7/19/2017

Lucia Ophelia Case (1851 - 1925)

As wife of "Hib" Case, she became the 1st Female attorney in the State of Kansas.

6/11/2017 6/11/2017

Esther Reed (1747 - 1780)

Esther De Berdt Reed (1746-1780) Esther de Berdt Reed led the largest women’s organization of the American Revolution. She was born October 22, 1746, in London, England. Her father, Dennis de Berdt, ...

7/15/2007 4/26/2017

Mary Margaret Sullivant MP (1722 - 1837)

""Granny in the bed", "" Johnson", "Mary Charlton", "MARY JOHNSON-SULLIVANT (CHARLTON)", "Granny-in-the-bed"

findagrave... ; Mary was the daughter of Charlton, Thomas, Christopher, or John Charlton. She married (1) an old man Johnson who gave her a silk stocking filled with gold and silver. Upon his dea...

8/19/2009 4/19/2017

Dr. Patience Miller MP (c.1631 - 1716)

Patience ( Bacon ) Miller was a physician and surgeon, the only doctor serving the towns of Northampton and Northfield. According to Cutter, she was the first and only woman physician of the time in Am...

4/15/2007 3/30/2017

Elizabeth Gilmore, along with her sister Ann, were nurses at the winter camp of General George Washington at Valley Forge, west of Philadelphia (December 19 1777 to June 19 1778). She is also recorded ...

9/20/2008 3/16/2017

Elizabeth Clark McLaughlin MP (1759 - 1823)

"Betty Zane", "Betty Clark", "Betty McLaughlin", "Betty"

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor #: A130537 16. ELIZABETH "BETTY"6 ZANE (WILLIAM ANDREW5, NATHANIEL4, ROBERT3, ROBERT SR.2, SIMON1) was born 19 July 1759 in Moorefiel...

3/6/2008 3/11/2017

Martha Camilla Bratton (1749 - 1816)

DAR# A013870 Poisened 16 men at the "Battle of Huck's Defeat" Martha and her husband were entrusted with a precious commodity back then - gun powder. With her husband away, Martha was left in charg...

3/23/2010 2/10/2017

Rachel Despain MP (c.1778 - 1867)

"Rachael Lynn", "Rachal Lynn", "Rachel E. Lynn", "Rachel Lynn", "Rachel LYNN Despain", "Rachell Lynn"

FamilySearch Genealogy - SmartCopy : Dec 21 2016, 22:15:53 UTC From TCU Magazine Spring 2001 Fifty-six-year-old widow Rachel Lynn DeSpain climbed from the buckboard at Pecan Point and set her first...

9/7/2008 12/21/2016

Lydia Clementine West was born April 21, 1840, in Wadsbaron, Calloway County, Kentucky, to Samuel Walker West and Margaret Cooper West. Their family had converted to the Mormon religion about 1834 whil...

12/23/2009 10/18/2016

Margaret Fletcher Smith (1838 - 1864)

Margaret Fletcher West Smith, 1838-1864, the second wife of Jesse Nathaniel Smith, who died in Parowan in her 26th year, is characterized in this portrait as a young pioneer mother, filled with love, f...

1/23/2009 10/18/2016

A short documentary for a Utah History Class from Parowan, Utah, found on talks about Emma Seraphine West's family, including her brother, John Anderson West, and father, Samuel Walker Wes...

5/1/2007 10/18/2016

A short documentary for a Utah History Class of Parowan, Utah, found on talks about Susan West's brother, John Anderson West (1830-1917) and his family, including their father, Samuel Walk...

1/23/2009 10/18/2016

Sarah Esther West Barton (1829 - 1906)

Sarah Esther West was born November 8, 1829, in Chalk Level Township, Benton County,Tennessee. She was the first child of Samuel Walker West and Margaret Cooper West. According to a book entitled, "Our...

12/24/2009 10/18/2016

Mary Elizabeth Lightner MP (1818 - 1913)

Regarding the photograph above (per Mary Elizabeth's writing on the reverse of the photo says that she was 76 years old when the photo was taken. She was in Ogden, Utah, (location of pho...

10/14/2008 10/18/2016

Elizabeth Van Benthuysen Gilbert was the wife of Sidney Gilbert, who owned a store in Kirtland, Ohio, at the time the leaders of the LDS Mormon Church were gathered there around 1830. Earlier, her sist...

10/4/2009 10/18/2016

Keziah Keturah Van Benthuysen was born about 1795 or 1796 in Albany, New York, to Jacobus James Van Benthuysen and Mary Simonds Van Benthuysen, whose ancestors had come to America in the 1650's from Th...

2/4/2009 10/18/2016

Nancy Cressy Walker MP (1780 - 1871)

Oliver Walker was born in New York, New York 11 July 1782 to William and Leah Walker. In 1803 he married Nancy Cressy, daughter of William Cressy and Hannah Townsend, born in New Brunswick, New Jersey ...

5/23/2008 10/18/2016

Eveline Crissy Rollins (1823 - 1912)

Eveline Walker was born May 16, 1823, in Winchester, Randolph, Indiana, to Oliver and Nancy Cressy Walker. Oliver was born in New York and Nancy was born in North Brunswick, New Jersey. Eveline married...

8/26/2007 10/18/2016

Margaret West MP (1804 - 1882)

"Margaret West"

From Margaret Cooper's own writings posted Esther Fletcher Cooper (Margaret Cooper's mother) was the daughter of Robert Fletcher, and Lydia Williams, of Currituck County, Virginia. Robe...

12/24/2009 10/18/2016

"Nancy Malinda West was a charitable woman. She worked in the LDS Relief Society. She was skilled with medicine, going day or night to help the sick. She shared the produce from her small orchard and v...

4/27/2009 10/18/2016

1/16/2007 10/18/2016

Aseneth Dustin (1797 - 1875)

"Asenath", "Acenath", "Hurlbut", "Hurlburt", "Hurlbert", "Durstin", "Dusten"

Aseneth Hurlbut Dustin (c 1799 - c 1875) - Aseneth Hurlburt, daughter of Jesse Hurlbut (1769 - 1849) and Mary "Polly" Taft (1773 - 1848), was born about 1799 at Genesee County, New York. She died about...

1/16/2007 10/18/2016

Roxana Mahala Dustin Welker (1833 - 1904)

"Rocksena Mahalia Duston"

Roxana Mahala Dustin Welker , daughter of Bechias Dustin and Aseneth Hurlbut, was born in 1833, LeRoy, Genesee County, New York. She married John Welker , (1826 - 1913), son of James Welker and Elizabe...

2/21/2009 10/18/2016

Roxana Louisa Madsen (1851 - 1918)

Roxana Louisa Welker Madsen was born August 20, 1851, in Council Bluffs, Iowa, while her parents were getting ready to migrate west to Utah with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They fi...

6/29/2009 10/18/2016

The above photo was probably taken about 1890, since Dortha Roxana's daughter, Dortha Evelyn Rollins, would have been about 3 or 4 years old then and her son, John Delbert Rollins, would have been abou...

6/29/2009 10/18/2016

Mary Silliman MP (1736 - 1818)

Mary Fish Noyes Silliman (1736-1818) was a matriarch in Revolutionary and post-colonial Connecticut, USA, whose moral authority and determined spirit helped her family weather the hardships of war, i...

5/26/2008 8/13/2016

Bathsheba Lupton (1760 - 1847)

Birth: 4-10-1760 Smith Creek, Virginia, the fourth child of Jackson Allen and Betty Davis. Marriage: 11-4-1779 to William Lupton II at Smith Creek, Virginia: Circa 1798: Relocated with family to Fa...

7/24/2011 8/7/2016

Timeline of Abigail Mandana Holmes 1852-1938 1852 Abbie Mandana Holmes was born on January 28th to Reuben and Rebecca Holmes in Westboro, Massachusetts. 1864 Abbie moved with her family to Beaufo...

10/1/2015 8/7/2016

Maria Appolonia "Abigail" Rice MP (1742 - 1789)

"Rice", "Abigail"


12/2/2008 7/31/2016

Nancy Hart MP (1747 - 1840)

"War Woman", "Ann"

A Patriot of the American Revolution for GEORGIA. DAR Ancestor # A051652 Nancy Morgan Hart (c. 1735 – 1830) was a heroine of the American Revolutionary War whose exploits against Loyalists in the Geo...

7/20/2008 7/27/2016

Marion Talbot (1858 - 1948)

Marion Talbot (July 31, 1858 – October 20, 1948) was Dean of Women at the University of Chicago from 1895 to 1925, and an influential leader in the higher education of women in the United States duri...

1/24/2013 5/19/2016

Dr. Nancy Elizabeth Clark, MD (1825 - 1901)


Nancy Elizabeth Talbot Clark 1825 – 1901 sister of homeopath Israel Tisdale Talbot and the aunt of Marion Talbot was the fourth woman to graduate in medicine in America, and the first woman to graduate...

5/19/2016 5/19/2016

Leonie von Meusebach–Zesch (November 27, 1882 – July 7, 1944) was an American early 20th-century pioneer female dentist who practiced in Texas, Alaska, Arizona and California. She is also known as Le...

4/27/2016 4/27/2016

Idawalley 'Ida' Zorada Lewis MP (1842 - 1911)

"Ida", "Congressional Medal for Lifesaving"

Idawalley Zorada Lewis (later Lewis-Wilson) (February 25, 1842 – October 24, 1911) was an American lighthouse keeper noted for her heroism in rescuing people from the sea. Ida Lewis was born in New...

2/25/2016 2/25/2016

Mary Pratt Von Olnhausen (1818 - 1902)

Mary Phinney von Olnhausen (1818–1902) was an American nurse, abolitionist, and diarist.[1] Historians look to the book extracted from her diaries -- "Adventures of an Army Nurse in Two Wars" to unde...

3/21/2014 2/25/2016

Edith Abbott, PhD, Dean Social Service Admin (1876 - 1957)

"Social Reformer"

Miss Abbott was born to a family of activists in Grand Island, Nebraska, in the shadow of the Overland Trail. Her father, fresh from the Union army, served as the fledgling state's first lieutenant-g...

1/19/2015 1/22/2016

Biddy Mason MP (1818 - 1891)

"Biddy", "Smith"

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "...After petitioning the courts in 1856, Mason won freedom for herself and her daughters. She moved her family to L.A. and worked as a midwife and a nurse. After work...

5/17/2015 1/1/2016

Mary Jane Blake (1834 - 1891)


Mary Jane Safford-Blake (December 31, 1834 – December 8, 1891) was a school teacher, a prominent nurse in the Union army and worked closely with Mary Ann Bickerdyke treating the sick and injured near F...

12/31/2015 12/31/2015

Anne Royall (1769 - 1854)

Anne Newport Royall, born in western Virginia in 1769, became the first well-known travel writer. From 1821-1826, Royall traveled throughout the United States reporting on her findings, adventures, a...

12/25/2015 12/25/2015

Lydia Darragh (1729 - 1789)


I wrote this based upon my research. -Elizabeth R. Laumas Although the Darragh family were Quakers, and thus, pacifists, their son Charles fought in the Revolutionary War. During the year 1777, whe...

8/28/2013 12/6/2015

Sarah P. Remond, MD (1815 - 1894)


Sarah Remond, an African American abolitionist, gave her first speech against slavery at 16. Born in 1826 in Massachusetts, a state that abolished slavery in the 1780s, Remond's family worked hard to c...

11/28/2015 11/28/2015

Elizabeth Tyndall (1715 - 1796)

"Betty (Gilbert) Mears Lyndall"

Daughter of Robert & Margaret Gilbert. She Migrated from England with the Oglethorp Colony in 1735. Husband was lost at sea. She continued on with her son John and went to Georgia with Quakers. Eliza...

11/22/2015 11/22/2015

Mary Dixon Kies MP (1752 - 1837)

"Pike", "Dixson"

Mary Kies was the first woman to apply for a U.S. patent. In May of 1809, she received a patent for a straw-hat making process. Her process included weaving straw with silk or thread to create a styl...

5/9/2009 11/22/2015

Katherine Olivia "Kate" Sessions (November 8, 1857 – March 24, 1940) was an American botanist, horticulturalist, and landscape architect closely associated with San Diego, California, and known as the ...

6/5/2012 11/8/2015

Ann Eliza Robertson (1826 - 1905)

Native American translator Ann Eliza Worcester Robertson, born in 1826. Robertson’s parents were missionaries for the Eastern Cherokee Nation at Brainerd Mission in Tennessee. When the Cherokees were...

11/7/2015 11/7/2015

Dr. Hannah Brown (c.1782 - 1869)

Hanna's parents emigrated to US from Wales. Hanna was born on the boat enroute. She became a Dr. of medicine with a wide practice, covering her area on horseback and would at times be gone several days...

6/29/2008 11/3/2015

Rebecca Webb Lukens MP (1794 - 1854)

""America’s first woman industrialist.""

Fast Facts Rebecca Webb Lukens was the first woman owner of a mill business. Born: January 6,1794, in Fallowfield, Pennsylvania Died: December 10, 1854 in Fallowfield, Pennsylvania. Husband...

11/7/2008 10/28/2015

Eliza Lucas MP (1722 - 1793)

Eliza Lucas Pinckney was the daughter of Lieut.-Colonel George Lucas of the British Army. About 1738 Eliza migrated with her father from Antigua to South Carolina, where he bought several plantations...

2/17/2008 10/18/2015

Mary Ann Blanks Harmon (1808 - 1897)

Mary Ann Blanks Smithson was a Utah pioneer of 1847. She came with her parents, Bartley Smithson and Sarah Weatherford, from Mississippi, who spent the winter of 1846/47 in Pueblo, Colorado. She was bo...

9/29/2015 9/29/2015

Ellen Church (September 22, 1904 – August 22, 1965) was the first female flight attendant She worked as a stew for 18 months before being grounded as a result of injuries sustained in an automobi...

9/17/2015 9/17/2015

Mary Corinna Putnam (August 31, 1842 – June 10, 1906) was an American physician, writer, and suffragist who was the first woman to become a member of the Faculté de Médecine de Paris. The daughter of...

11/17/2010 9/10/2015