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Capt. Thomas Cromwell, Privateer MP (1617 - aft.1649)

From page 2 of Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, Volume 1 By American Antiquarian Society Mr. Hale asked if there was any evidence that any buccaneer ever lived in "comfort and credi...

2/19/2015 2/1/2018

) John Newland Maffitt (February 22, 1819 – May 15, 1886) was an officer in the Confederate States Navy who was nicknamed the "Prince of Privateers" due to his remarkable success as a blockade runner...

4/25/2014 11/25/2017

Captain James Anderson MP (1748 - 1796)

11/14/2017 11/14/2017

Capt. John Kendrick MP (1740 - 1794)


) John Kendrick (born John Kenrick, c. 1740–1794) was an American sea captain, both during the American Revolutionary War and the exploration and maritime fur trading of the Pacific Northwest alongsi...

10/7/2008 11/10/2017

Robert Gray MP (1755 - 1806)

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Robert Gray (May 10, 1755 – circa July, 1806) was an American merchant sea captain who is known for his achievements in connection with two trading voyages to the nor...

10/27/2014 11/10/2017

Mathurin Desmarestz MP (1653 - 1700)

Mathurin Desmarestz (1653-1700, last name also Demarais) was a French pirate and buccaneer active in the Caribbean, the Pacific, and the Indian Ocean. Born Isaac Veyret (or Vereil) in 1653, Mathurin ...

10/30/2017 10/30/2017

Jean Fantin MP (b. - 1689)

A French pirate active in the Caribbean and off the coast of Africa. He is best known for having his ship stolen by William Kidd and Robert Culliford.

10/30/2017 10/30/2017

Jean Bart MP (1650 - 1702)

"Jan Bart", "Jan Baert"

Jean Bart (21 October 1650 – 27 April 1702) was a French naval commander and privateer. Jean Bart , en flamand Jan Bart ou Jan Baert , né le 21 octobre 1650 et mort le 27 avril 1702 à Dunkerque, es...

7/7/2012 6/13/2017

John Darby, of Marblehead MP (c.1650 - bef.1690)

1. John Darby , fisherman, resided at Marblehead, Mass. His parentage, place and date of birth, place and date of marriage, and of death are unknown. The earliest known mention of him occurs in Coffin'...

3/19/2016 1/11/2017

Andries Grevenraet MP (1659 - c.1710)


baptism: 1659 Jul 16; Isaac Grevenraet, Lysbeth Jeuriaens; Andries ; Hermanus Blom, Margarietje Steenwyck sold father's property (Castello Plan notes) NO·9 This house, which stood on the exact si...

8/2/2008 1/10/2017

Admiral Sir Edward Spragge MP (c.1620 - 1673)

See Wikipedia... See The History of Parliament...

1/31/2015 12/21/2016

Capt. Charles Ridgely MP (1733 - 1790)

Captain Charles Ridgely (1733-1790) supplied iron implements, arms, and ammunition from his Northampton Iron Works as well as privateers to the Patriot cause during the Revolutionary War. His merchant ...

8/27/2009 5/12/2016

John Baxter Carr MP (1760 - 1814)

John Baxter Carr was born in Arundel, York County, ME on 6 May 1760 to Mary Baxter and Benjamin M. Carr, John Baxter Carr was named after his maternal grandfather. Mary Baxter’s mother Mary had been th...

5/7/2016 5/8/2016

Richard O'Brien was a privateer during the American Revolution and was later appointed US Consul-General to the Barbary state of Algiers. He had previously spent 10 years as a slave in Algiers after hi...

12/22/2015 12/22/2015

Jean Lafitte, "Laffite" MP (c.1780 - c.1823)

"The Corsair"

Another Sephardic pirate played a pivotal role in American history. In the book "Jews on the Frontier" (Rachelle Simon, 1991), Rabbi I. Harold Sharfman recounts the tale of Sephardic Jewish pirate Je...

4/20/2015 12/16/2015

Captain George Hanford Burr MP (1821 - 1860)

Capt. George Hanford Burr of Bayshore, L.I. m. Apr. 1, 1844, Deidamia R. Thurber, of Bayshore, by whom he had: 1622. Aranzas R., R b. Feb. 15, 1845 ; 1623. Hanford Wait," b. Sept. 28, 1847; 1624. D...

9/21/2013 12/5/2015

9/12/2015 9/12/2015

Capt. John Scott MP (1634 - 1704)


11/18/2008 9/11/2015

Samuel Hildreth, M.D. MP (1749 - 1823)

Samuel Hildreth (1750–1823) was a surgeon in the Massachusetts militia and aboard Massachusetts naval privateers during the American Revolutionary War, and was subsequently a prisoner-of-war.After th...

4/2/2013 8/23/2015

Thomas Tew (Pirate) MP (1649 - 1695)

Thomas Tew, also known as the Rhode Island Pirate, was a 17th-century English privateer-turned-pirate. Wikipedia: Thomas Tew

7/15/2015 7/15/2015

Capt. Isaac Sears MP (1730 - 1786)

He is known as the "Liberty Boy" of the Revolutionary period. He is also referred to as "King Sears", and his daughters are described as "beautiful and accomplished, dispensing the hospitalities of the...

3/4/2014 4/27/2015

Thomas Cavendish , Cavendish also spelled Candish   (baptized September 19, 1560, Trimley St. Martin, Suffolk, England—died c. May 1592, in the North Atlantic), English navigator and freebooter, leader...

12/8/2012 4/25/2015

Pierre Bouet Lafitte MP (1770 - 1821)

Pierre Lafitte (1770–1821) was a privateer in the Gulf of Mexico and smuggler in the early 19th century. He also ran a blacksmith shop in New Orleans, his legitimate business. Pierre was the historic...

4/20/2015 4/20/2015

John Yates Beall MP (1835 - 1865)

John Yates Beall (January 1, 1835 – February 24, 1865) was a Confederate privateer in the American Civil War who was arrested as a spy in New York and executed at Fort Columbus, Governors Island, New...

2/8/2015 3/11/2015

Fletcher Christian..... Fletcher Christian (25 September 1764 – 20 September 1793) was a master's mate on board the Bounty during William Bligh's fateful voyage to Tahiti for breadfruit plants (see...

6/8/2008 3/9/2015

Joseph Bradish MP (1672 - 1699)

Bradish was a young man when he worked as a boatswain’s mate aboard Adventure, a British 400-ton “interloper”—a ship interfering in trade monopolies—from London bound for the island of Borneo. During t...

7/25/2008 3/1/2015

Sir Thomas Shirley, MP MP (1564 - c.1630)

Thomas Shirley Sir Thomas Shirley (1564 – c. 1634) was an English soldier, adventurer and politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1584 and 1622. His financial difficulties...

5/15/2013 1/10/2015

Palsgrave Williams MP (1676 - aft.1724)


Palsgrave Williams was born in 1676.1 He was the son of John Williams and Anna Alcock.1 He married Elizabeth (?).1 Children of Palsgrave Williams and Elizabeth (?) Abigail Williams+1 b. 1700 Pa...

12/17/2014 12/17/2014

Daniel Lane MP (c.1734 - d.)

"Daniel Lane entered the Naval Service from Gloucester, Mass, as a privateer in the war of the Revolution and was taken captive to England. When sick on board the ship Buford of 70 guns, he was ordered...

1/30/2009 12/11/2014

Philippus Defos MP (c.1565 - c.1605)

Philippus Defos (ca 1570 - ca 1605) fransk kaperkaptein. 1602 herjet han i Vardø men kom seg vekk derfra. Defos ser ut til å bli tatt i 1605.

11/22/2014 11/23/2014

Juan de Mendoza, "Jan Mandaus" MP (c.1575 - 1615)

Jan Mandaus kaperkaptein ble fanget 1615 i området mellom Barentshavet og Kvitsjøen ved Vardø av danske marineskip ledet av Jens Eriksen Munk Jens Eriksen Munk (1579 - 1628) og Jørgen Daa (ca 1570 - 16...

11/22/2014 11/23/2014

Sudel Deul MP (deceased)

10/22/2014 10/22/2014

Subatol Deul MP (deceased)

Several Jewish corsairs operated against Spanish ships off the coast of Chile. There are reports that their galleys were kosher and they abstained from raids on the Sabbath. A maritime museum in Chile ...

10/22/2014 10/22/2014

Johan Lewerentz MP (b. - 1712)

Under sommaren 1712 förlorar Lasse i Gatan fartyget "Vinthunden" som togs av en kraftigt bestyckad dansk kapare från Norge. Vinthundens kapten Johan Lewerentz dödas i striden.

8/18/2014 8/18/2014

Tage Lewerentz MP (1677 - 1731)

8/18/2014 8/18/2014

William Babson MP (1745 - c.1777)

William Babson Birth: Oct 25 1745 - Gloucester, Mass Parents: William Babson, Mary Williams Married: Betty Wallis 5 children notes From 38. William6 Babson (27) (William5, John4, Rich...

8/12/2014 8/12/2014

Capt. James Brooks MP (1788 - 1814)

Capt. James Brooks commanded the privateer Yankee during the War of 1812, and was lost at sea near the end of 1814. Born in England. Died when the privateer Yankee which he commanded in the War of 18...

9/22/2012 6/9/2014

Adm. Sir John Hawkins MP (c.1532 - 1595)


Francis Drake, son of Edmund Drake and one of twelve brothers, was brought up at the expense of and support of his relative, Sir Admiral John Hawkins. Francis Drake made his early voyages with Sir John...

6/28/2007 5/19/2014

Joshua Huddy MP (1735 - 1782)

Photo: Joshua Huddy on the Way to Prison ' Joshua "Jack" Huddy (November 8, 1735 – April 12, 1782), the commander of a New Jersey Patriot militia unit and a privateer ship during the American Revol...

4/29/2014 4/29/2014

Israel Thorndike MP (1755 - 1832)

Israel Thorndike (1755–1832) was a sailor and merchant, born in Beverly, Massachusetts. He went to sea at an early age, commanded a privateer during the American Revolution, and became active in the ...

7/8/2008 4/26/2014

Rear Admiral Sir Francis Knollys, Kt., MP MP (1552 - 1648)

"Francis Knollys the younger"

Family and Education b. c.1550, 6th s. of Sir Francis Knollys, and bro. of Edward, Richard, Robert, William, and Henry Knollys II. educ. ?Eton 1561; Magdalen Coll. Oxf. c.1564; G. Inn 1565. m. 26 Dec. ...

2/25/2008 4/26/2014

Lancelot Blackburne (sometimes Blackburn or Blackborne or Blackbourn[e]), (10 December 1658 – 23 March 1743) was an English clergyman, who became Archbishop of York, and – in popular belief – a pirat...

1/8/2014 1/8/2014

Capt. Martin Pring MP (c.1580 - c.1626)

Martin Pring (1580–1626) was an English explorer from Bristol, England who in 1603 at the age of 23 was captain of an expedition to North America to assess commercial potential; he explored areas of pr...

1/6/2014 1/6/2014

Andrew Clark MP (c.1780 - 1813)

1. Andrew, b ca 1780 (Chase Charts, 1858), m Phebe Roach, 3 ch. Lost on board Privateer "Portsmouth", 1813 (Chase Charts, 1858). Links

7/13/2008 1/3/2014

Capt. William Furness MP (c.1759 - c.1820)

From Journeys Hike Scripts - William Furness, 1800 In the mid-1700s, this street was called Furness Road, after the seagoing Furness family, who owned a wharf on the riverbank.  Blacksmith Robert Fur...

1/2/2014 1/2/2014

Jonas Wessmann MP (deceased)

12/31/2013 12/31/2013

Abraham Falkengréen MP (1686 - 1752)

6/6/2010 11/2/2013

Nils Nilsson MP (b. - 1733)

en av de mest fruktade kaparkaptener under det Nordiska kriget

10/24/2013 10/24/2013

Erik Andersson Gathe MP (1694 - 1712)

Kaparekapten på skeppet La Revange, endast 18 år

2/28/2007 8/29/2013

Anders Thorsson MP (b. - 1711)

Lars Gathenhielms brother in law.

10/22/2009 8/25/2013

Christen Gathenhielm MP (1682 - 1722)

"Christian", "Kristen"

Adlad Gathenhielm 1715 Christian (Kristen), f. 6 oktober 1682 - d. 5 mars 1722 och begravd i Tyska kyrkan den 9 mars, samma år. Christian gick redan 1693 till sjöss och gjorde resor på England, Holland...

2/21/2007 8/25/2013

Mårten Persson Lund MP (c.1685 - d.)

During the Great Northern War (" ") 1700-1721 between Sweden and Russsia/Danmark/Saxony Marten Persson who used to be a skipper and a boat owner became a privateer captain. (se Lars Gathenhielm)

7/2/2011 8/18/2013

Hans Börjesson Wessing MP (c.1660 - 1711)

During the Great Northern War (" ") 1700-1721 between Sweden and Russsia/Danmark/Saxony Hans Börjesson who used to be a skipper and a boat owner became a privateer. 1710 he sailed under the command of ...

8/14/2011 8/18/2013

Börje Hansson Wässing MP (deceased)

Kaparkapten under det Nordiska kriget; senare kofferdikapten och 1723 borgare i Göteborg. During the Great Northern War (" ") 1700-1721 between Sweden and Russsia/Danmark/Saxony Börje who later becam...

10/22/2009 8/18/2013

Christian Persson MP (c.1690 - 1711)

During the Great Northern War (" ") 1700-1721 between Sweden and Russsia/Danmark/Saxony Christian Persson who used to be a skipper and a boat owner became a privateer. He commanded the "Nordstierna" wh...

8/14/2011 8/18/2013

Stefan Sasse MP (bef.1500 - 1566)


Staffan Sasse, Staffenn Sasse eller Stephanus Sasse var Skeppshövitsman och väpnare . Staffan Sasse, krigare av westfalisk härkomst, levde ännu 1558 . S. var i svensk tjänst redan under Sten Sture d....

8/23/2010 7/29/2013

Maj. James Pearson MP (1752 - 1793)

"Capt. James Pearson"

From History of the Town of Gloucester, Cape Ann, Including the Town of Rockport  By John James Babson JAMES, the second son of Capt. James Pearson, was bred to a maritime life; and during the Revolu...

7/10/2013 7/11/2013

Epes Sargent, Jr. MP (1748 - 1822)

Epes Sargent (1748-1822) was a merchant and first collector of the port of Gloucester, Mass., appointed by George Washington in 1789. He moved to New Hampshire in 1794 to pursue his interests in botany...

9/28/2012 7/10/2013

Capt. John Somes MP (c.1745 - 1816)

"Old Toby"

John Somes was born in Gloucester in 1745, a son of Abraham and Martha (Emerson) Somes. He served as commander of the privateer Swallow during the Revolutionary War, was the first president of the Glou...

7/6/2013 7/8/2013

Samuel Hall Lord MP (1778 - 1844)

"Sam Lord"

Profile photo: Sam Lord's Castle seen from the ocean Samuel Hall Lord, also called "Sam Lord" (1778 – 5 November 1844) was one of the most famous buccaneers on the island of Barbados. Sam Lord as h...

6/28/2013 6/28/2013

Henry Strangways MP (b. - 1562)


) Henry Strangways (died 1562), also sometimes known as Strangwish, was an English "Gentleman Pirate" who attacked Spanish and other shipping. He was repeatedly imprisoned, and pardoned by highly-pla...

6/28/2013 6/28/2013

Wiley "Little" Harpe MP (c.1770 - 1804)


First of all, the Harpes might not have really been brothers, but first cousins instead who emigrated (or whose parents did) from Scotland. One account says the Harpes were sons of a Revolutionary War ...

6/28/2013 6/28/2013

Micajah "Big" Harpe MP (c.1768 - 1799)

"William", "Micajah Roberts"

First of all, the Harpes might not have really been brothers, but first cousins instead who emigrated (or whose parents did) from Scotland. One account says the Harpes were sons of a Revolutionary War ...

6/28/2013 6/28/2013

Capt. William Babson MP (1749 - 1831)

DAR# A004309 Capt. William Babson Birth: 5 Sep 1749 at Gloucester Parents: Capt. William Babson, Martha Haraden Married: Anna Rogers, daughter of Rev. John Rogers and Mary Ellery, 17 Apr 1777...

9/7/2008 6/20/2013

Captain Cornelius Grinnell MP (1758 - 1850)

History It is from Cornelius that the legendary New Bedford Grinnells originated. Cornelius, born 11 Feb 1758 at Little Compton, RI, was the son of Daniel4 Grinnell (continuing back to Richard3, Dani...

11/23/2008 6/17/2013

Sir Kenelm Digby MP (c.1603 - c.1665)

Sir Kenelm Digby (July 11, 1603 – June 11, 1665) was an English courtier and diplomat. He was also a highly reputed natural philosopher, and known as a leading Roman Catholic intellectual and Blacklo...

10/14/2009 6/13/2013

Elizabeth Killigrew MP (bef.1514 - 1582)

"Old Lady Killigrew"

From her English Wikipedia page: Elizabeth Trewinnard Born Before 1525 - St Erth, Cornwall (most likely before 1514 - her son Henry was born circa 1528) Died After 1582 - St Budock, Cornwall ...

10/28/2008 5/28/2013

Piet Hein, luitenant-admiraal MP (1577 - 1629)

"Piet Hein"

See Wikipedia... Pieter Pietersen Heyn (Hein) (25 November 1577 – 18 June 1629) was a Dutch naval officer and folk hero during the Eighty Years' War between the United Provinces and Spain. Earl...

6/7/2012 4/15/2013

Hugh Despenser the Younger MP (aft.1286 - 1326)

"the Younger", "the younger Despenser", "Hugh Despencer", "Hugh Spencer"

another possible birth year is 1287 possible burial 15 December 1330 ===================================================================== "Hugh Despenser, 1st Lord Despenser (c. 1286– 24 Novembe...

1/29/2007 4/6/2013

John Nelson MP (1654 - 1734)

"Jan Nelse"

John Nelson (1654 to 1734) was an English colonial merchant, trader, and statesman, active in New England. family John Nelson was born near London, England in 1654 to Robert and Mary Nelson. He w...

5/11/2007 4/5/2013

Commodore Abraham Whipple MP (1733 - 1819)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for RHODE ISLAND with the rank of COMMODORE. DAR Ancestor # A124140 Abraham Whipple (September 26, 1733 – May 27, 1819) was an American revolutionary naval comm...

10/14/2008 2/3/2013

Alexander McDougall (about 1731–1786) was an American seaman, merchant, a Sons of Liberty leader from New York City before and during the American Revolution, and a military leader during the Revolut...

2/2/2013 2/2/2013

John Silkman MP (1720 - 1805)

DAR Ancestor #: A103589 John Silkman left Rotterdam on the ship 'Harle,' which reached Philadelphia on 1 September 1736. He is listed on the ship's manifest as John Jacob Seidemann (seide means 'silk...

3/12/2008 1/24/2013

Nathaniel Fanning (31 May 1755 – 30 September 1805) was an officer in the Continental Navy and later the United States Navy, who served on board Bonhomme Richard during its 1779 battle with HMS Serap...

5/16/2009 1/12/2013

William Dampier MP (1651 - 1715)

William Dampier (5 September 1651 - 8 March 1715) was the first man of English descent to explore sections of New Holland (Australia) and also the first person to circumnavigate the world three times...

12/11/2012 12/11/2012

David Hamilton Weems MP (1706 - 1779)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for Maryland. DAR Ancestor #: A121600 Service description: 1) OWNER OF PRIVATEER 'WILLIAMANTA' 2) OATH OF FIDELITY 1778 Military Record of David Weems ...

10/1/2008 11/28/2012

Stephen Higginson MP (1743 - 1828)

Stephen Higginson (November 28, 1743 – November 28, 1828) was an American merchant and shipmaster from Boston, Massachusetts. He was a delegate for Massachusetts to the Continental Congress in 1783. ...

7/10/2008 9/21/2012

Commodore Thomas Truxton MP (1755 - 1822)

"Thomas Truxtun"

A Patriot of the American Revolution for PENNSYLVANIA with the rank of PENNSYLVANIA. DAR Ancestor # A116510 Thomas Truxtun (or Truxton) (February 17, 1755 - May 5, 1822) was an American naval officer...

1/31/2009 9/12/2012

Pierre Belain d'Esnanbuc MP (1585 - 1637)

He was a corsair, and Governor of Martinique. He obtained the Antilles for France at the beginning of the 17th century.

9/7/2012 9/7/2012

Margaritus of Brindisi (also Margarito; Italian Margaritone or Greek Megareites or Margaritoni [Μαργαριτώνη]: c. 1149 – 1197), called the new Neptune, was the last great ammiratus ammiratorum (Grand ...

12/19/2011 8/25/2012

Samuel Chester Reid (24 August 1783 – 28 January 1861) was an officer in the United States Navy who commanded a privateer during the War of 1812. He is also noted for having helped design the 1818 ve...

7/8/2011 8/23/2012

Capt. Samuel Ross Mason MP (1739 - 1803)

Samuel Mason or Meason (1739–1803) was a Revolutionary War militia captain on the frontier, who following the war, became the leader of a gang of river pirates and highwaymen on the lower Ohio Rive...

8/17/2012 8/17/2012

Paul Dudley Sargent (Baptized 23 June 1745 Salem, Massachusetts – died 28 September 1828 Sullivan, Maine) was a privateer and soldier in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. ...

1/16/2009 8/17/2012

Capt. Moses Brown, Privateer MP (1742 - 1804)

"Gentleman Brown"

Captain Moses Brown of the U.S. Navy was born Jan 23, 1741/42 in Salisbury, MA;  bp. Jan 25, 1741/42, Newbury, MA. Died at sea, Jan 2, 1804. He is memorialized in the Old Burying Ground, Newburyport, M...

6/30/2012 6/30/2012

Thomas Sparrow, Pirate Captain MP (c.1672 - c.1719)

“In the late summer of 1705 five men outlawed in Maryland on charges of high treason seized the West River sloop Little Hannah and were ‘suspected to be going on a Pyratical design’ The villains includ...

7/22/2009 6/19/2012

Philip De Saumarez MP (1710 - 1747)

) IGI Individual Record FamilySearch™ International Genealogical Index v5.0 British Isles Phillip De SAUSMAREZ Pedigree Male Event(s): Birth: 1710 , Guernsey, Channel Islands Death: 14 OCT 17...

10/19/2008 5/25/2012

Joseph Peabody MP (1757 - 1844)

Joseph Peabody (December 9, 1757 – January 5, 1844) was a merchant and shipowner who dominated trade between Massachusetts and the Far East for a number of years. He was descended from Francis Peab...

3/5/2009 4/5/2012

Gráinne Ní Mháille, Sea Queen of Connacht MP (c.1530 - c.1603)

"Grace O'Malley", "Gráinne O'Malley", "Granuaile", "Gráinne Mhaol", "Bald Gráinne"

From the English Wikipedia page on Grace O'Malley, Pirate Queen: Gráinne Ní Mháille (c. 1530 – c. 1603), Gráinne O'Malley[1] or Grace O'Malley,[2] was Queen of Umaill, chieftain of the Ó Máille cla...

2/7/2009 3/16/2012

Robinson Elsdale MP (1744 - 1783)

Celebrated privateer, whose unpublished exploits formed the basis of the novel by Frederick Marryat, The Privateersman (1846).

2/3/2012 2/3/2012

James Richard Erisey, Jr. MP (1501 - 1543)

"Erisa", "Erissey"

James Erisey was born at Erisey House near Mullion, in the parish of Grade in Cornwall. He sailed as a privateer with Sir Francis Drake. In 1585 Drake hired James Erisey to captain a man-o-war, fol...

10/13/2008 1/24/2012

George Clifford, 3rd Earl of Cumberland Portrait of George Clifford by Nicholas Hilliard, c. 1590. This portrait commemorates his appointment as the Queen's champion, showing Clifford in tilting at...

5/10/2007 1/12/2012

James DeWolf ("Captain Jim"), U.S. Senator MP (1764 - 1837)

"second richest man in america @ time"

James DeWolf (March 18, 1764 – December 21, 1837), nicknamed "Captain Jim", was a United States Senator from Rhode Island, a long-time state legislator and a successful Privateer during the War of 18...

9/30/2007 1/2/2012

David Hawley (1741–1807), Captain in the newly formed United States Navy and Privateer, commanded the USS Royal Savage in the first U.S. naval battle of the American Revolutionary War in 1776. Bi...

12/29/2011 12/29/2011

John Darvil, Jr. MP (c.1698 - d.)

John Darvil Jr. was an infamous Bahamian pirate in the early 1700s. His father, John Darvil Sr., owned a fleet that sailed from the Eleuthera, then the chief inhabited Bahamian island, to Cuba in 171...

10/20/2011 10/20/2011

Renaud de Châtillon, Prince d'Antioche, Lord of Oultrejordain MP (1125 - 1187)

"Reynaud", "Renaud", "Reynald", "Reynold", "Renald or Reginald de Chastillon", "Renald or Reginald of Chastillon", "-Renaud de Châtillon- né vers 1120- exécuté en 1187 à Hattin- prince consort d'Antioche (1153-1163)- puis seigneur d'Outre-Jourdain et d..."

NOT the son of Hugues (IV) de St Pol and Yolande de Hainaut. His ancestry is obscure and confused. interesting source: [BAD LINK] Reynold de Châtillon (1) M, #114112 Last Edited=8 Jun 2003 Ch...

6/10/2007 10/9/2011

Admiral Guillermo de Casenove MP (deceased)

"Guillermo de Casenove"

Spanish historian Fernando del Valle Lersundi argues that Columbus was a Basque from Nafarroa and, at one time, fought as a Basque pirate for his uncle, Admiral Guillermo de Casenove. Lersundi states C...

8/23/2011 8/23/2011

Christopher Columbus MP (c.1451 - 1506)

"Christopher Columbus", "Cristóvão Colombo", "Christophorus Colonus", "Segismundo Colon"

Adicionado por Eduardo Cardoso Mascarenhas de Lemos,a 9 de Janeiro de 2014, baseada nas fontes disponíveis na discussão. Segundo a tese defendida pelo historiador português Mascarenhas Barreto ("Colo...

3/24/2008 8/23/2011

Geoffrey FitzRobert, Baron of Kells MP (1150 - 1203)

"Justicer of Ireland"

Geoffrey FitzRobert, Baron of Kells was born. Geoffrey FitzRobert married Basile De Clare AFTER 1188. Geoffrey FitzRobert, Baron of Kells is my 28th great uncle. Sources: 1. [ ] Geoffrey de Mar...

5/10/2009 8/17/2011

Capt. Christopher Newport, Admiral of Virginia MP (1561 - 1617)

"Captain Christopher Newport"

Curator Note: Capt. Christopher Newport was married three times, to Katherine Proctor, Ellen Ade and Elizabeth Glanfield. He had four children -- Christopher, Jane, John and Elizabeth. Two additional...

1/30/2007 8/17/2011

Lanfranco Grimaldi , Lord of Monaco Married: Aurelia de Caretto Children of Lanfranco Grimaldi: Ranieri I Grimaldi, signore di Cagnes Andaro Grimaldi

8/2/2008 6/26/2011