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Rabbi Samuel Zalman Shapira, [1st Shapira - of Speyer] MP (c.1345 - 1414)

"Head of the Shapira Family", "ראש משפחת שפירא"

According to Finding our fathers: a guidebook to Jewish genealogy by Dan Rottenberg he was a descendant of RIVAM _____________________________________________ Read the interesting article on Speyer...

6/27/2007 12/12/2013

Rabbi Meir ben Baruch, the "MaHaRa'M" of Rothenburg MP (1215 - 1293)

"Mahara'm", "R. Meir ben Baruch of Rothenburg MAHARA"M", "Maharam MeRotenburg"

Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg (the Mahara"m" m) of the thirteenth century Rabbi Meir ben Baruch of Rothenburg was a Tosaphist (codifier and commentator on the Talmud), as well as a liturgical poet. He is ...

2/26/2007 12/12/2013

Rabbi Jacob Ha-Levi Moelin (Maharil Segal) MP (c.1365 - 1427)

"Jacob ben Moses Mulin", "Jacob ben Moses Molln", "Jacob ben Moses Moellin", "Maharil", "Mahari Segal", "Mahari Molin", "Jacob ben Moses Moelin", "Jacob ben Moses haLevi Molin"

MOELLIN, JACOB BEN MOSES (c1360 – 1427), usually referred to as Maharil (Morenu ha-Rav Jacob ha-Levi) and also as Mahari Segal and Mahari Molin ), the foremost talmudist of his generation and he...

3/19/2013 3/19/2013

Samuel ben Kalonymus he-Hasid of Speyer (Hebrew: שמואל החסיד‎) was a Tosafist, liturgical poet, and philosopher of the 12th ...

8/11/2008 11/5/2012

Shlomo ha-Levi Alkabetz MP (1500 - 1580)

Shlomo ha-Levi Alkabetz , also spelt Alqabitz, Alqabes; ( שלמה אלקבץ) (c.1500, Thessaloniki– 1580, Safed ) was a rabbi, kabbalist a...

2/24/2012 2/24/2012

Daniel Israel Lopez Laguna MP (c.1640 - c.1720)

Spanish poet; born in Portugal about the middle of the seventeenth century of Marano parents, who subsequently settled in southern France. He studied the humanities at a Spanish university. Persecuted ...

1/6/2012 1/6/2012

‘Mrs Dunash’ is the only female Jewish poet to have been identified between the biblical prophetess Deborah and the late middle ages. In her poem she tells of the lovers’ exchange ...

11/13/2011 11/13/2011

Dunash ben Labraṭ ha-Levi 1. Life Dunash ben Labraṭ was a central figure in the flowering of Hebrew culture in al-Andalus. Very little is known about his life. According to Moses ibn ...

11/13/2011 11/13/2011

Shmuel HaLevi HaNagid, al-­Wazīr al-­ad̲j̲all al-Zīryūn MP (993 - 1056)

"שמואל הלוי בן יוסף הנגיד", "Samuel ha-Nagid", "Samuel ibn Naghrela", "Sh'muel HaLevi ben Yose‎ Abu Yusef Ismā‘īl ibn al-Nag'hdīlah ibn Aṭā al-yahūdī", "Abu Iṣḥāq Ismā‘īl bin an-Naghrīlah", "שמואל הנגיד‎"

Samuel ibn Naghrela שמואל הלוי בן יוסף הנגיד‎, Sh'muel...

8/21/2008 11/2/2011

Meshulam Kalonymos Hagadol MP (900 - c.1020)

"Meshullam ben Kalonymus", "Meshullam the Great", "Meshullam ben קלונימוס", ""The Great" - Hagadol"

Kalonymus Family Jewish Encyclopedia Meshullam HaGadol / Meshullam the Great Wikipedia Kalonymos or Kalonymus (Hebrew: קלונימוס‎) is...

11/19/2007 11/1/2011

Israel ben Moshe Najara MP (c.1555 - c.1625)

רבי ישראל נג'ארה אינציקלופדי...

11/1/2011 11/1/2011

Jose b. Jose (Hebrew: יוסי בן יוסי‎) was an early payyetan who lived in Israel in the 6th century CE. Some of his poetry is ...

11/1/2011 11/1/2011

Elazar Kalir - אלעזר הקליר (c.570 - c.640)

"אליעזר הקליר"

רבי אלעזר בירבי קליר, או אלעזר &#...

11/1/2011 11/1/2011

Yannai MP (c.675 - d.)

"יניי", "ינעי‎", "Piyyutim by Yannai", "payyetan Yannai", "Yanai"

Mahzor Yannai : A liturgical work of the 7th century (download) Read online Yannai (Hebrew: יניי or ינעי‎) was the first payyetan to e...

11/1/2011 11/1/2011

Abraham ibn Ezra MP (1089 - 1164)

Rabbi Abraham Ben Meir Ibn Ezra אברהם אבן עזרא or ראב"ע, ابن ع...

10/31/2011 10/31/2011

Moses ibn Ezra (1055 - 1138)

Rabbi Moses ben Jacob ibn Ezra, known as ha-Sallah ("writer of penitential prayers") (Arabic: أبو هارون موسى ب...

10/31/2011 10/31/2011

Rabbi Shalom Shabazi MP (1619 - 1720)

"Abba Shalem Shabbezi"

youtube : Im Ninalu - אם ננעלו - עפרה חזה Ayelet chen - Noa Rabbi Shalom ben Yosef Shabbazi , also Abba...

10/31/2011 10/31/2011

Yehuda Alharizi (1165 - 1225)

Yehuda Alharizi , also Judah ben Solomon Harizi or al-Harizi (Hebrew: יהודה בן שלמה אלחרי...

10/31/2011 10/31/2011

Judah ben Samuel ha-Levi MP (1075 - 1141)

"יהודה בן שמואל הלוי", "Judah HaLevi", "Yehuda Ha Levi", "יהודה הלוי", "Judah HaLevi Abulafia"

Judah Halevi (also Yehuda Halevi; Hebrew: יהודה הלוי; Arabic: يهوذا هالي&#x...

10/31/2011 10/31/2011

Shimon HaGadol of Mainz MP (c.970 - 1020)

"שמעון הגדול הראשון ממגנצא", "Shimon HaGadol of Mainz", "Simeon ben Isaac ben Abun of Mainz", "The Elder", "Shimon HaZaken", "Rabbi Simeon The Great", "אבון קלונימוס"

R' Shimon authored many liturgical compositions that have become part of our Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and yom tov prayers. He also wrote the poem Baruch Hashem Yom Yom which is part of the Shabbat mor...

8/25/2007 10/31/2011

Solomon ibn Gabirol MP (1021 - 1058)

Solomon ibn Gabirol Solomon ben Judah שלמה בן יהודה אבן גבירול...

10/31/2011 10/31/2011