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Prathama Sekha Niyogulu Family Geneology

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Origins :

Legend says there lived a Brahmin who was articulate with Vedas in Bharat Varsha. He had two sons.He started teaching Vedas, Tapas (deeper meditation) to his sons. While one son was very articulate in learning Vedas and was filled with enthusiasm to learn Vedas, other son found it very difficult to learn Vedas and also lacked the zeal to learn Vedas.He was very enthusiastic and quick with warfare, administration. Father used to affectionately chide the son who was lagging behind in learning Vedas as Ayogi(inefficient in learning Vedas).Later the term Ayogi got transformed to Niyogi. The descendants of the son that was well versed with Vedas formed Vaidika community where the term Vaidika means one who is articulate in Vedas and the descendants of the son that was interested in administration formed Niyogi community where the term Niyogi originated from the term Ayogi.

According to Jogendranath Bhattacharya, the word Niyogi is derived from Yoga, which means "religious contemplation" or "meditation", as opposed to Yaga, which means "religious sacrifice". Niyogin in Sanskrit also means "employed" or "appointed" and it is probable that Niyogis were given this name because they accept secular employment.

Over the past millennium the Niyogis have been further divided further into various groups:

   * Aruvela (Aru-Vela translates as Six-Thousand = 6000) Niyogi
   * Pradhamasakha/Kanveyulu/Yagnavalkyulu
   * Nandavarikulu
   * Karanakamma Vyaparulu
   * Golkonda Vyaparulu
   * Sristikaranalu/Sistukaranalu/Sistakaranalu/Karanalu or Karanam
   * Pakanati
   * Pranganati

The Pradhamasakha group which belongs to the Shukla Yajurveda School. They are believed to have migrated from Maharashtra after the fall of Shivaji's empire. In Maharashtra too, they are considered Marathas / Kshatriyas of the Pradhamasakhi community. After migrating to Andhra Pradesh, they claimed themselves Pradhamasakha Niyogis since they were always in secular vocations. They belong to the Yagnavalkya, Kanveyua clan.

This is a project to map all the families which form the Prathama Sekha Niyogulu Tree for posterity.This can help younger generations keep track of their roots. This is also a central point where all profile managers can meet and sort out merge issues within the family tree. interesting link to understand tree origins