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Glimpses of the root families of the Pullampallil

During the 3rd century A.D a gentleman of Kalli illam( a Brahmin family of Kuravilangadu) embraced Christianity. His Christian name was Itty. When he faced non co-operation from his kith and kin, he decided to sell his immovable property and moved to another state. His younger brother who was still a Brahmin, decided to accompany the Christian brother. Together they moved southwards and after several day's journey found a suitable place of residence at prayer, on the bank of the Pampa. Prayar was at the time part of Chempakassery state. The two brothers lived in adjoining housed. Itty is believed to be the fore-father of the Thecheril family and his Brahmin brother is believed to be the founder of Applimadom -clan.

In course of the time the members of the Thecheril family grew in numbers and they became rich and prosperous. In A.D 300 they gave leadership in the establishment of the first Syrian Christian Church at Chengannoor. A side room of the church was set apart for the women of the Thecheril families. This state of the affairs continued for about 700 years. About A.D 1000 the ruler of Chempakassery was displeased with some members of the Thecheril family. So many of them were forced to migrate to Kadampanad which was under the rule of the King of Kayamkulam.

During A.D 1500 members of the Thecheril and related families had another migration. This time most of them chose places under the rule of the king of Pandalam. They had a common name of "Puthethukar" but there were five distinct family groups namely Kuzhikkala Puthethu, Thundiathu, Malayil, Kochethu, and Ramanchira.

Mulamoottil Varkey, the founder of the Pullampallil family was the grand son of Thundiathu Chandy Mathen who lived at Kuzhikkala in 1864. At the age of 35 Varkey came to Ranny. At first he lived along with his sister's family. A few months later he acquired extensive farm-land at Pullampallil and built a house of his own and settled there with family. Thus he got the family name Pullampallil.

Likely reasons for Varkey's migration to Ranny :

  1. Pre-mature death of his father - Thomas
  2. One of Varkey's sisters was married to Ranny - Meppurathu Itty Avira.
  3. Varkey's in-laws in the Mullumkattil family were willing to accompany him.
  4. Varkey had acquaintance with some of the earlier inhabitants of Ranny.
  5. Vast areas of fertile virgin soil was available at Ranny at cheap rate.
  6. Natural tendency in all human beings for changes.
  7. He had to provide for his five sons.