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Rachel Rich MP (1790 - 1877)

member of Buckingham MM at time of marriage (Buckingham MM records)

2/16/2018 2/16/2018

Will Book No. 10 10.1. Martha Michener, Plumstead Twp., "Advanced in age." August 6, 1813. Proved March 10, 1821. Son John Michener and George Burgess exrs. Ch. Elizabeth Plumly, Joseph Michener, Mar...

9/4/2007 2/16/2018

Elizabeth Carlile MP (1704 - 1772)

Born 03m 08d 1704 (May 8th, 1704)

3/17/2016 2/14/2018

Jonathan Carlile MP (c.1694 - c.1741)

2/13/2018 2/14/2018

At his father's death, he and his brother Joseph inherited a portion of the father's land. Martin must have sold out that land in Middletown and then moved bought the Lower Makefield land. See the Satt...

3/18/2008 2/12/2018

Elizabeth Wildman MP (1770 - 1819)

Elizabeth Carlisle was of the Falls MM while Martin was of the Middletown MM 9.173. Jonathan Carlile, "Now in Middletown Twp." November 9, 1810. Proved May 14, 1817. James Wildman of Middletown and s...

3/18/2008 2/12/2018

John Woolston MP (1744 - 1777)

10/23/2009 2/12/2018

Ann Paxson (Paxson) MP (1718 - 1783)

married her 2nd cousin died on the 10th day of the 2nd month (April 10, 1783)

3/18/2008 2/12/2018

John Paxson MP (1745 - 1779)

He died on the 3rd day of the 9th month (September 3rd, 1779)

10/23/2009 2/12/2018

James Paxson MP (1749 - 1779)

Note that many genealogies elsewhere get his death date wrong. He also did not marry more than once. Parents are confimed in Meeting record of his death

10/23/2009 2/12/2018

Rachel Paxson MP (aft.1750 - d.)

"Rachel Eastburn"

James Paxson, b. 12 Aug. 1749; d. 2 May 1779; married (1st ) 1778 Rachel CROASDALE, 1 daughter. 1st intentions declared at Middletown MM on Jan. 6, 1778 Rachel married (2nd) 6 Sept. 1784 Robe...

10/10/2009 2/12/2018

John Knight MP (1749 - 1808)

Siblings Abraham Knight – Ann Knight – David Knight – Ingish Knight (? English Knight) – Samuel Knight – Absolom Knight 1754 – 1818 Children Joshua Knight 1778 – 1841 Mary K...

10/23/2009 2/12/2018

John Shaw, Sr. MP (c.1670 - 1722)

The Shaws, English Friends, originally settled in Southampton township, but had removed to Northampton prior to the close of the seventeenth century. On July 7, 1697, William Buckman, Newtown, conveyed...

9/10/2008 2/11/2018

Elizabeth Ely MP (1718 - 1796)

~• named in will of her sister Hannah Paxson (Blackfan) as being deceased. (1798) Elizabeth had, in 1798 a living grand daughter named Hannah Smith

7/4/2008 2/11/2018

Olive Wells MP (c.1660 - d.)

8/9/2008 2/7/2018

John Wells MP (1660 - 1736)

8/9/2008 2/7/2018

Susanna Eavenson MP (1831 - 1887)

confirmed Susan Bean became the second wife of Alben Eavenson and was a Quaker dates are reported out of the Phila. MM records for her birth and the birth of several of her children research ac...

2/1/2018 2/1/2018

Robert Tatham MP (1651 - d.)

1/23/2018 1/23/2018

Marmaduke Tatham MP (1691 - d.)

1/23/2018 1/23/2018

Ann Wildman MP (1690 - d.)

1/23/2018 1/23/2018

William Ray MP (deceased)

1/23/2018 1/23/2018

Isabell Ray MP (deceased)

1/23/2018 1/23/2018

Frances Tatham MP (deceased)

A Writ was issued against the following during the Quaker disturbances: Marmaduke Tatham and Frances his wife, Francis, Robert, James, John and Alice their children Source: page 74 of The Quaker Mo...

1/23/2018 1/23/2018

Elizabeth Tatham MP (c.1660 - c.1730)

1/23/2018 1/23/2018

John Wildman of Rantreefold MP (1668 - 1716)

~• John, son of John Wildman of Mewith born 10th day 9th mo 1668 (Nov 10, 1668) Birth per Settle MM records John Wildman 1668 Birth Settle, Yorkshire RG6/1116 source: The Official Non-Conformist a...

12/29/2017 1/23/2018

Francis Tatham MP (1657 - d.)

See: Yorkshire Piece 1116: Monthly Meeting of Settle (1652-1775) ; page 270 of 296 for marriage

1/23/2018 1/23/2018

Agnes Tatham MP (deceased)

Married on Oct 21 1679 at house of George Bland (Quaker faith) Witnesses include: Ann Bland Tristram Ray Marmaduke Tatham Thomas Skirrow all prominent names in the formation of the Low ...

1/23/2018 1/23/2018

Thomas Skirrow, Junior MP (deceased)

1/23/2018 1/23/2018

Thomas Skirrow of Wray MP (1633 - d.)

~• One of the early members of the Quaker movement in Nether Bentham along the River Wenning in North Yorkshire Skirrow The family had been in Tatham parish for generations. All the below taken f...

1/23/2018 1/23/2018

1/22/2018 1/22/2018

Samuel Watson MP (deceased)

death of Hester date per Settle MM Yorkshire Piece 1116: Monthly Meeting of Settle (1652-1775)

1/22/2018 1/22/2018

Hester Watson MP (b. - 1705)

1/22/2018 1/22/2018

Rachel Wildman MP (b. - 1713)

at death: Known as Rachell Wildman dau.of John of Rantreefold

1/22/2018 1/22/2018

~• not much known by me about James. {MMvB 2018} Did he have a son named Joseph of Bentham who married: 1 May 1709 Joseph Wildman, Bentham parish & Jane Nealson ?? ~• followed in turn by a grandson o...

8/11/2009 1/22/2018

Jenet Bland of Croasdale Grains MP (bef.1668 - 1708)

"Jennet", "Janet"

12/28/2017 1/22/2018

12/28/2017 1/22/2018

George Bland MP (b. - 1704)

Research marriage of Isabell Name: Isabell Bland Event Type: Marriage Gender: Female Spouse: John Cooke Marriage Date: 23 Sep 1660 Marriage Place: Bentham, Yorkshire, England Meeting: Monthly M...

1/22/2018 1/22/2018

John Wildman of Mewith MP (b. - 1702)

important for identification Note: Moulterbeck, Branstontbeck and Mewith are synonomous... So John of Mewith is the same a John of Moulterbeck. Mouterbeck is a stream in the Mewith area just south of...

12/29/2017 1/22/2018

Jane Wildman of Keasden MP (b. - 1701)

1/22/2018 1/22/2018

Marmaduke Tatham MP (b. - 1691)

Marriages seems to have had three wives in this order: Mary Beckett (1612-1651) Frances Margaret MNU ( ? - 1692) A Writ was issued against the following during the Quaker disturbances: ...

1/22/2018 1/22/2018

Margaret Ray MP (c.1642 - d.)

Children per ancestry dot com William Ray 1667– Robert Ray 1668– Marmaduke Ray 1669–1693 Agnes Ray 1674–1693

1/22/2018 1/22/2018

Martin Wildman MP (c.1589 - d.)

date of death (often given as 1696) is in doubt and is not included. caution: the wives of Martin (Alice, Eliis) are seen here as the same person... and "Ellen" is yet a third rendering of the same...

4/11/2008 1/22/2018

Ruth Wildman MP (1662 - aft.1692)

Ruth the dau. of John Wildman of Mewith was born on the 6th day of the 9th mo 1662 (Nov 6th 1662) Ruth witnessed the wedding of her brother to Elizabeth Harrison 4th mo., 1683

12/29/2017 1/22/2018

Bartholomew Harrison MP (b. - aft.1683)

Appears as a witness (signed first) on the marriage document of 12th day, 4th mo., 1683 at the weeding of Elizabeth Harrison. By this arrangement on the doc., we can assume he is her father.

1/22/2018 1/22/2018

Ralph Cowgill MP (1635 - 1682)

Ralph was hanged in England in 1682 for being a Quaker.[1] After Ralph Cowgill's death, his family emigrated to Pennsylvania with William Penn's group of Quakers. His son Ralph arrived on Friends Adv...

9/24/2008 1/21/2018

Mary Meade MP (1716 - 1758)

4/27/2013 1/17/2018

John Ward MP (c.1628 - d.)

Attended the Quaker marriage of his daughter Ann at the house of George Bland in Nether Bentham and is named on the document.

6/7/2015 1/2/2018

Jonathan Wildman MP (1694 - d.)

birth in Settle MM records Jonathan the son of John of Rantreefould b. 15th day 10th mo., 1694 ( Dec. 15, 1694 ) ~• modern Rantreefold Road is in Lowgill (Tatham Fells)not far from Tatham parish's ...

1/1/2018 1/1/2018

Jonathan Wildman MP (1700 - d.)

birth in or near Bentham meeting Jonathan the son of John of Gruskholm {or Bruskholm} b. 9th of 1st mo., 1700 (J.T.jr.) per Settle MM records note: Gruskholm is in Mewith in the parish of Benth...

1/1/2018 1/1/2018

~• There are numerous references to Quaker Wildmans and Wards in trouble with the authorities contemporaneous to the death of Joseph's mother-in-law, Eliz. Wildman (Clapham): 1: Against Marmaduke Wil...

12/31/2017 1/1/2018

Travelled to Bucks county having married Mary Atkinson (Sept. 1694) in Yorkshire. Matthew died not too long thereafter. May have died of the yellow fever as he & his brother died of that cause that ver...

8/11/2009 12/31/2017

Mary Wildman MP (deceased)

12/30/2017 12/31/2017

Thomas Wildman, mason MP (1660 - d.)

Thomas the son of Thomas Wildman of Branstonbeck was born on the 23rd day of the 12th mo 1659 (Feb 23, 1660) (copied from Settle MM records for Bentham meeting area) Thomas Wildman 1659 Birth Se...

12/28/2017 12/31/2017

Agnes Ward MP (bef.1666 - d.)

" Upon ye 22nd day of ye 2nd month 1684 Joseph Ward of Croasdale Grains in ye parish of Tatham and County of Lancaster did take to wife Agnes Wildman daughter of Richard Wildman in ye parish and County...

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

~• "Richard Wildman of Keasden : died the 11th day 10th mo. 1700 and was buried 12th day 10th mo 1700 N.B. December 1700 {Settle Mtg. rec} ~• his widow died the following year "Jane of Keasden" ~• Wond...

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

Elizabeth Wildman MP (deceased)

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

Thomas Wilde MP (c.1662 - d.)

Children of THOMAS WILDE and ELIZABETH WILDMAN MATTHEW buried 8th day, 8th mo., 1682 (Settle MM. records) Some members of the WIlde/Wylde family/families were Quaker. A close reading of the Atk...

6/21/2015 12/31/2017

Elizabeth Wilde of Mewith MP (bef.1662 - 1726)

Note: Mewith, Elizabeth Wilde's place of death, is in between Settle and Bentham; coordinates: Lancaster United Kingdom 54.099056, -2.455820 Children of Matthew Wildman and Elizabeth are: Elizabe...

8/11/2009 12/31/2017

Matthew Wildman MP (aft.1696 - d.)

birth probably at Branstonbeck, south of the River Wenning near Bentham marriage per Settle MM records Matthew son of Thom. of Branstonbeck m. Jane dau of John Cummins deceased. 1745 Matthew Wild...

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

Mary Marshall MP (1709 - 1770)

Mary Edmonson dau of John Edmonson of Hornby married in Quaker mtg at Bentham Children per ancestry dot com Elizabeth Marshal 1736– Mary Marshall 1743– Moses Marshal 1744–1794 Thomas Marsha...

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

Marriage per Settle MM records Hannah Wildman dau of John Wildman of Gruskholm m.Thomas Chapman of Milldam 1726 (at Bentham mtg. per 1880 transcription)

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

Hannah Chapman MP (1703 - d.)

Birth in or near Bentham per Bentham meeting records Hannah the dau of John of Gruskholm b.10th of ye 5th mo., 1703 as recorded in Settle MM records note: Gruskholm is in Mewith in the parish of Bentham

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

Mercy Wildman MP (b. - 1739)

Mercy, the wife of John Wildman of Gruskholm. died the 18th bur. the 20th, 10th mo., 1739 ~ per Settle MM records Mercy Wildman 1739 Burial Settle, Yorkshire RG6/1116

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

John Wildman of Gruskholm MP (1668 - 1749)

Death per Settle MM records John Wildman of Gruskholm age 81 died the 17th, bur. the 19th, 2nd mo., 1749 note: Gruskholm is in Mewith in the parish of Bentham

4/11/2008 12/31/2017

Mary Hodgson MP (1684 - 1722)

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

Isaac Lancaster MP (deceased)

In marriage record: Isaac Lancaster of Mountebeck , yeoman Isaac Lancaster 1712 Marriage Settle, Yorkshire RG6/1116 probable death (also at Settle MM) Isaac Lancaster 1726 Burial Settle, Yorkshire ...

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

Elizabeth Lancaster MP (1688 - 1713)

marriage Extracted from the book at Bentham (Quaker mtg.) and put in Settle MM records probable burial at same mtg where she was married Elizabeth Lancaster 1713 Burial Settle, Yorkshire RG6/1116

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

Dorothy Carr MP (1717 - d.)

birth per Settle MM records Dorothy Carr 1717 Birth Settle, Yorkshire RG6/1116

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

Eleanor Carr MP (deceased)

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

Research on ancestry dot com: terence keeble of Hythe, Kent, England is interested in tracing the Keeble line. is the link Martin Carr 1689 Birth Settle, Yorkshire RG6/1116 Martin Carr 1724 ...

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

Mary Wildman MP (1684 - d.)

Mary (p) Wildman 1684 Birth Settle, Yorkshire RG6/1116 fits as the dau. of Thomas who m. 1680

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

theory only (needs to be confirmed evidence from: MARRIAGES at Settle MM Martin* Wildman 1678 Marriage Settle, Yorkshire RG6/1116 (Martin was an emigrant) Thomas Wildman 1680 Marriage Settle, Y...

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

John Davison of York MP (deceased)

12/31/2017 12/31/2017

John Hodgson of Mewith MP (deceased)

possible connection ~• perhaps the John Hodgson below is this John's father? page 74 of QUAKER MOVEMENT IN LANCASHIRE Tatham "Against Joseph Ward, Anne Ward, Martin Wildman, John Wildman, James...

12/30/2017 12/31/2017

Samuel Rowland Fisher MP (1745 - 1834)

"Samuel Rowland Fisher (November 6, 1745 – May 6, 1834) was a prominent Philadelphia merchant involved in transatlantic trade. He owned a large shipping line that ran between London and Philadelphia, b...

10/25/2009 12/30/2017

Martha Hodgson MP (1690 - bef.1721)

Settle MM birth record Martha dau. of John Wildman of Branstonbeck b. 29th day 2nd mo., 1690 ~Martha dau. of John Wildman of of Rantreefold b. 29th day 2nd mo., 1690 √ she married John Hodgson, hus...

12/29/2017 12/30/2017

Sybill of Settle Quaker Meeting MP (b. - 1743)

"Sybill Robinson", "Sybill Wildman", "Scibel"

marriages Thomas Robinson of Groongill, Yorkshire Thomas Wildman mason of Tatham parish (March 21 , 1695) Death Scibel Wildman 1743 Burial Settle, Yorkshire RG6/1116

12/30/2017 12/30/2017

~• James the son of John Wildman of Mewith was born 2nd mo., 26th 1666 (April 26, 1666) ~• James left Margaret a widow... ~• died 14th day and was buried 16th day, 5th mo., 1720 per Settle MM records.

12/29/2017 12/30/2017

Ann Wildman MP (1692 - d.)

Ann dau of James Wildman of Branstonbeck b. 19th day 10th mo., 1692 (Dec 19, 1692) ~• from: “Bentham Births continued extracted from the original book kept in Bentham by J. Tatham, Jr. in 1820”

12/30/2017 12/30/2017

Margaret Wildman widow late of Branstonbeck died on the 25th and was buried on the 27th day of the 7th mo.,1730 per Settle MM records

12/30/2017 12/30/2017

Margaret Wildman MP (b. - 1695)

Margarett the daughter of James Wildman of Branstonsbeck dyed the 8th day and was buried ye 9th day of ye 4th mo 1695 ~• from “Bentham Births extracted from the original book kept in Bentham by J. Tath...

12/30/2017 12/30/2017

Mary Marshall MP (b. - 1726)

Mary, died 27th day, 3rd mo. 1726 (Settle MM records) ~• seems to have died unmarried for she is listed simply as a daughter of Leonard Marshall w/o a married name.

12/29/2017 12/29/2017

Michael Satterthwaite of the Cragg MP (aft.1676 - 1744)

The six children of William and Agnes (Braithwaite) Satterthwaite: John, Michael , William, Rebecca, Hester and Daniel. Cragg (not Craggf) was the name of the house which belonged to William's parent...

12/7/2007 12/28/2017

Elizabeth Croasdale MP (1622 - 1672)

"Elizabeth Bond"

5/3/2008 12/22/2017

Mary Wildman MP (aft.1660 - d.)

sister to Thomas Atkinson who emigrated to Bucks County and married into Yorkshire/Lancashire Quaker families ~• from a close reading of Settle MM marriages with the witness names attached, it seems ...

6/7/2015 12/22/2017

William Paxson MP (1675 - 1733)

[ note William successorship to a large tract of land in Solebury by the Delaware (Pennsylvania side.)

12/7/2007 12/21/2017

Elizabeth Elizabeth Clayton MP (1666 - aft.1733)


Elizabeth Beezer was the daughter of Edward Beezer and wife Ann Fry. She was born in Wiltshire, England. She was still living, in Pennsylvania, in 1733 when her father wrote a release or quit claim, in...

7/17/2007 12/21/2017

William Mickel Clayton MP (1655 - 1727)

7/17/2007 12/21/2017

William Clayton MP (1632 - 1689)

Christening: 9 DEC 1632 Chichester, Sussex, England From notes taken by Duncan Rea Williams III in his "Cyber Niche": ) < now a dead link William Clayton came to America in 1677 on the ship "Kent...

2/10/2007 12/21/2017

Honour Browne MP (1661 - 1737)

Unattributed basic information on Honour Clayton: Honour Clayton Honour Clayton, born 18 Mar 1661/62 in Rumboldswyke, Sussex, England; died in Chester County, PA. She was the daughter of William Cl...

5/27/2007 12/21/2017

Josephine Krouse MP (1899 - 1934)

Her husband's name is: Daniel Harvey Krouse (1903-1986) Josephine Wildman was born on 12 Apr 1899 in Langhorne, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA. She died in 1934 in Philidelphia, PA. She married Daniel Harv...

10/23/2009 12/20/2017

William Satterthwaite, III MP (1775 - 1859)

12/10/2007 12/19/2017

Tacy Satterthwaite MP (1806 - 1868)

12/10/2007 12/19/2017

Jane Watson Brey MP (1895 - 1982)

Quaker genealogist A Quaker saga - Google Books › Religion › Christianity › Quaker A Quaker saga: the Watsons of ... Jane Watson Taylor Brey. Dorrance, 1967 ... Reference / Genealogy...

12/18/2017 12/18/2017

Hugh Thompson MP (1686 - 1735)

Account of wife's life indicates that this Hugh died in Ireland ... So: fields concerning death place might need to be changed (?) Having become a widow, Elizabeth emigrated to Bucks County Pennsylva...

1/29/2009 12/17/2017

Ezer Thackaray MP (deceased)


~• possibly the Ezra 'Thackary' in the 1800 Pennsylvania, Septennial Census, of Middletown Bucks ; #210 on the handwritten list

12/11/2017 12/16/2017

Clara Wilson Carter MP (1886 - 1970)

findagrave at Byberry cemetery

5/11/2015 12/16/2017

Oliver Paxson MP (1820 - 1876)

12/13/2017 12/13/2017

12/13/2017 12/13/2017

Thomas Chapman MP (1771 - 1849)

~• Quaker calendar conventions for DOB

9/26/2012 12/13/2017