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Ernest Bury MP (1902 - 1967)

no entry for 1910 Census 1920 Census, Ernest Bury city?, Providence County, Rhode Island birth abt 1903 1920 Census Name: Ernest Bury Residence: , Providence, Rhode Island Estimated b...

3/24/2009 4/22/2018

Henry Howarth Bury MP (c.1795 - c.1858)

[believed to be R-L48 Y-DNA haplogroup] There aren't many "Henry Bury"s on the 1841 census, if he is listed under that name, and only one is in Blackburn: Henry Bury (b.1796) Age at time of censu...

5/12/2010 4/6/2018

William "Billy" Allison Stake MP (1821 - 1903)


Company C, 210 Regiment, Civil War Children: John F Stake (1844 - 1892)* Benjamin F. Stake (1846 - 1931)* Anna Rebecca Stake Bouse (1855 - 1938)* Minnie Stake Querry (1876 - 1932)* Martha B. ...

11/30/2011 2/9/2016

Nils Rasmusson Ås MP (c.1615 - d.)

"Nils Ås", "Nils Aas"

Nils Rasmusson gifte seg til Nordigarden, Ås. notatar Brukar på Nordigarden, Ås 1647-69: Nils Rasmusson...... Ås (1604-ett.69) c. 1641 g.m. ukjend Guttormsdotter Ås. Barn: Rasmus c. 1642- , Gut...

10/17/2009 12/20/2013

Leopold III der Heilige, Markgraf von Österreich MP (c.1073 - 1136)

"Den Helige;", "Leopold the Good", "Saint Leopold III", "Margrave of Austria", "patron saint of Austria Lower Austria Upper Austria and Vienna"

) Leopold III., genannt der Heilige, der Milde oder der Fromme (* 1073; † 15. November 1136), aus dem Hause der Babenberger, war Markgraf der bairischen Marcha orientalis (Ostarrichi) 1095–1136...

4/12/2007 6/11/2013

Ulysses S. Grant, 18th President of the United States MP (1822 - 1885)

"Ulysses S. Grant", "Ulysses Simpson Grant", "President /Grant/", "Sam", "Hiram Ulysses Grant", "President van de USA"

Ulysses S. Grant (born Hiram Ulysses Grant; April 27, 1822 – July 23, 1885) was the 18th President of the United States (1869–1877) as well as military commander during the Civil War and post-war Recon...

4/1/2009 9/26/2012

Krispinus Olson Gjølanger MP (c.1688 - 1769)

"Chrispinus Olsen"

Familietradisjonen er at Rasmus Gjølanger nedstammer fra første protestantiske presten på Jølster, Krispinus Johannessen Sandnes Herr Crispinus (som var femte, ikke første, prest på Jølster) var født...

8/13/2007 6/14/2011

3. 1558 [r. Cap.* . .] Peder Thøgersen (Løvenbalck) af Vibg. Sortebr. K., f. 32; ~ F. D. Margrethe Jensdtr.; 2 S., 3 D.; see Jens P. L. her; Thøger P. L. t. Aalbg. Bud. K.; J. J. Holm her; Peder P....

10/9/2007 4/5/2011

Erik Christoffersen Løvenbalk, Prins MP (c.1300 - 1338)


Erik Christoffersen Løvenbalk Født: Skønnet 1310 Notater der vides stortset intet om ham Kilder Danmarks Adels Aarbog, Thiset, Hiort-Lorenzen, Bobé, Teisen., (Dansk Adelsforening), ...

6/10/2007 4/5/2011

Christoffer uden land His father lost(pawned) most of the country to the Holstein Duke - Gerhard III of Holstein-Rendsburg and Christoffer was forced to continue this. By his death there was no fre...

5/6/2007 4/5/2011

Petter Cavat MP (c.1732 - 1759)

Petter Jönsson Cavat (c1732-1759), infantry soldier. His ancestry is uncertain. Biography In 1752 he joined the army and took the military surname Cavat, which means "plucky" or "brave". He served ...

5/10/2009 3/30/2011

Jonas Svanström MP (1754 - 1811)

Jonas (Pettersson) Svanström (1754-1811). He was a cavalry soldier, joining the army in 1787. He served in Tjust Company of the Andra Livgrenadjärregementet during Gustav III's Russian War ( Gustav III...

5/10/2009 3/30/2011