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RMS Lusitania Victualling Crew

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RMS Lusitania Victualling Crew

This a sub project of the RMS Lusitania project , the crew list below is currently used as a worksheet while we are in the process of adding profiles. Here you can check if the profile you would like to add is added already Profiles currently on Geni :

Please add profiles with a link if they can be found on Geni Information about the Victualling Crew can be found here RMS Lusitania Victualling Crew members

How many Victualling Crew members were onboard?

306 crew members, 139 saved, 167 lost.

RMS Lusitania Victualling Crew members listed on Geni:

  • S - Survivor
  • C - Casualty



  • * ADAMSON, Mr. Thomas 32 British First Waiter
  • * AINDOW, Mr. Charles British Night Watchman 170
  • * ALLAN, Mr. Ashley British Third Waiter
  • * ALLEN, Mr. Norman Frederick British Second Waiter
  • * ALLPORT, Mr. Harry Ride George 34 British Saloon Steward
  • * ALMOND, Mr. John British First Waiter
  • * ANDERSON, Mr. James British Second Cabin Cabin Bed Steward
  • * ANDERSON, Mr. William British Barkeeper
  • * ARCHER, Mr. Joseph British First Waiter
  • * ASHCROFT, Mr. Gordon Ernest British First Waiter



  • BAIN, Mr. Duncan Campbell British Waiter
  • BALDWIN, Mr. Edgar British First Waiter
  • BALDWIN, Mr. Thomas 28 British First Waiter
  • BANNER, Mr. A. British Waiter
  • BARNES, Mr. William 44 British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • BATES, Master George 17 British Steward’s Boy
  • BECKETT, Mr. Henry 38 British Passenger Cook
  • BEESLEY, Mr. George William Alfred British Junior Assistant Purser
  • BETRAND, Mr. Maurice (Laparge) British Extra Second Cook
  • BIRD, Miss Marian “May“ 40 British Stewardess Cheshire, England
  • BIRD, Mr. Walter British Chief Butcher
  • BLEND, Mr. John Henry British Waiter
  • BLYTHYN, Mr. Robert William British Smokeroom Steward
  • BOND, Mr. Edward British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • BOSTOCK, Mr. Joseph James British Assistant Engineers’ Mess Steward
  • BOYD, Mr. Fullerton Rimmer 37 British Boots Steward
  • BROOKE, Mr. George British Third Waiter
  • BROWN, Mr. James H. 29 British First Waiter
  • BROWNE, Mr. E. Bennett British First Waiter
  • BURDEN, Mr. Arthur Howell British Assistant Purser
  • BURROWS, Master William British Waiter
  • BURROWS, Master Francis 15 British Steward’s Boy



  • CALDICOTT, Mr. Samuel 32 British Assistant Smokeroom Steward
  • CARTWRIGHT, Mr. Harry British Second Cabin Cabin Bed Steward
  • CASEY, Mr. Martin British Second Cabin Cabin Bed Steward
  • CASSELS, Miss Nora Isabel 44 British Stewardess
  • CHAMBERLAIN, Mr. Richard British Night Watchman 5 (K)
  • CHARLTON, Mr. George J. 53 British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • CHISHOLM, Mr. Robert Daniel Fletcher 33 British Second Steward
  • CHRISTIAN, Mr. K. British Second Cabin Cabin Bed Steward
  • CHRISTIAN, Mr. William Edward British Third Baker
  • CLARK, Master Robert James 15 British Steward’s Boy
  • CLARKE, Mr. James British Second Waiter
  • CLEGG, Mr. Arthur British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • COLLINS, Mr. James British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • COMERFORD, Mr. Thomas 31 British (Irish) First Waiter
  • CONNERTIN, Mr. Thomas British Extra Third Cook
  • CONWAY, Mr. Richard British First Waiter
  • COOPER, Mr. Frederick British Fourth Baker
  • COWAN, Mr. Alex British Lift Attendant
  • CRAIGIE, Mrs. Margaret 40 British Stewardess
  • CRANSTON, Mr. George British Night Watchman
  • CRAWFORD, Mr. Thomas British Third Butcher
  • CRITCHLEY, Mr. David British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • CUMMINGS, Mr. John British Scullion
  • CURRIE, Mr. George British First Waiter



  • DANSON, Mr. Richard 45 British Assistant Pantry Steward Birkenhead, England raft torpedo boat
  • DARCY, Mr. John British First Waiter
  • DAVIES, Mr. Charles British Assistant Pantry Steward
  • DAVIES, Mr. Fred British Ship’s Printer
  • DAVIES, Mr. Kenneth British Assistant Engineers’ Mess Steward
  • DAWES, Mr. Thomas George British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • DEINER, Mr. Frederick 32 British First Waiter
  • DENTON, Mr. Jonathan S. 47 British Barber
  • DEWHURST, Mrs. Elizabeth Ross Morris 32 British Stewardess
  • DEWRANCE, Mr. Sydney British Sculleryman
  • DICKINSON, Mr. John Faulkner British Third Waiter
  • DIMMOND, Mr. John British Scullion
  • DINGLEY, Mr. H. J. British Waiter
  • DODWELL, Miss Eleanor 26 British Stewardess
  • DRAPER, Mr. Percy 30 British Second Purser
  • DRISCOLL, Mr. Cornelius 20 British Third Waiter
  • DUNCAN, Miss Christina Campbell 36 British Stewardess
  • DUNCAN, Mr. Joseph British Assistant Cook


* EASTWOOD, Mr. William Henry British Second Cabin Cabin Bed Steward

  • EDGAR, Mr. William Henry British Second Waiter
  • EDWARDS, Mr. Henry British Sculleryman
  • EDWARDS, Mr. Joseph British Third Waiter
  • ENDERSON, Mrs. Anna 45 Norwegian Matron



  • FERRIS, Mr. John British (Irish) Assistant Steward Fenit, Co. Kerry, Ireland
  • FINUCANE, Mr. Noel 24 British First Waiter
  • FLETCHER, Mr. George British First Waiter
  • FLETCHER, Mr. William S. British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • FODEN, Mr. Robert Ernest (Foderic, Toder) British Waiter
  • FORD, Mr. Arthur Hugh British Extra Chief Steward 58
  • FOSTER, Mr. John British First Waiter
  • FOULKES, Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth (Margaret Elizabeth Hughes) 42 British Stewardess
  • FRANCOM, Mr. James British Extra Second Baker



  • FREEMAN, Mr. Matthew 19 ? British Waiter Brock
  • GADD, Mr. Lott 45 British Barber 14
  • GARDNER, Mr. William George 45 British Second Waiter
  • GAUL, Mr. Bart British Second Waiter
  • GERAGHTY, Mr. Martin 38 British (Irish) Waiter/Assistant Butcher
  • GERMAN, Mr. Samuel Henry British Assistant Pantry Steward
  • GIFTENBURG, Mr. Anton Dutch Extra Third Baker
  • GILROY, Mr. Charles Stuart 22 British Second Waiter
  • GLANCY, Mr. James Wilson British Assistant Steward
  • GLOVER, Mr. Edwin British Officers’ Mess Steward
  • GLOVER, Mr. George Alfred British First Waiter
  • GODLEY, Mr. Thomas G. British First Waiter
  • GORST, Mr. Frederick William British First Waiter
  • GOUDER, Mr. Charles Francis Vincent (Gontes Cloules) 26 British (Maltese) Waiter
  • GOWAN, Mr. G. British Waiter
  • GRAINGER, Mr. Robert British Waiter
  • GRANT, Mr. James 26? British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • GRIENER, Mr. Oscar British Roast Cook
  • GRIFFITH, Mr. George British Second Waiter
  • GRIFFITHS, Mr. John Humphrey 38 British Chief Steward Third Class
  • GRISDALE, Mr. Harry 26 British Library Steward
  • HAGEN, Mr. Francis J. 30 British First Waiter



  • HALE, Miss Sarah Rachel Orr “Sadie” 24 British (Irish) Typist Belfast, Ireland
  • HALL, Mr. Edwin British Assistant Engineers’ Mess Steward
  • HALLAM, Mr. Ernest 38 British Second Cabin Cabin Bed Steward
  • HANDLIN, Mr. David Cowell British Second Class Steward
  • HANNAH, Mr. Thomas British Waiter
  • HARKNESS, Mr. William Herbert 29 British Assistant Purser
  • HARRIES, Mr. George Edward British Assistant Baker
  • HARRIS, Mr. John Lewis British Assistant Butcher
  • HARROD, Mr. Alfred British Junior Assistant Purser
  • HAYBYRNE, Mr. James Benedict British First Waiter
  • HEAP, Mr. Harry British Boots Steward
  • HENDERSON, Mr. John 31 British First Waiter
  • HENDRY, Mr. William British First Waiter
  • HIGGINS, Mr. John British Sculleryman
  • HILTON, Mr. George Percival British First Waiter
  • HINE, Mr. John Benjamin 24 British Extra Vegetable Cook
  • HOLDEN, Mr. James William British First Waiter
  • HOLMAN, Mr. Frank Bowden 30 British Third Waiter
  • HOLTON, Master Benjamin R. H. 16 British Steward’s Boy
  • HORRIGAN, Master Cornelius 16 British Steward’s Boy
  • HOTCHKISS, Mr. Charles British First Waiter Heron
  • HOUGHTON, Mr. Thomas Johnson British Smokeroom Barkeeper
  • HOWDLE, Mrs. Jane Ellen (Jane Ellen Hughes) 33 British Stewardess
  • HUGHES, Mr. Edward British Assistant Pantry Steward
  • HUGHES, Miss Ellen British Stewardess
  • HUGHES, Mr. Thomas Owen British Assistant Storekeeper
  • HUGHES, Mr. William British Assistant Cook
  • HUGHES, Master (?) William Wilson British Steward’s Boy
  • HULL, Mrs. Margaret British Stewardess
  • HUTHER, Mr. Edwin Arthur British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward



  • IPSEN, Mr. Owen Alfred British Third Waiter
  • IRVINE, Miss Catherine 30 British Stewardess
  • IVERSON, Mr. Ambrose British Sculleryman


* JAMES, Mr. Oswald British First Class Steward

  • JESSOP, Mr. Robert Nelson British Second Cabin Cabin Bed Steward
  • JOHNSON, Mr. James Andrew Santie British Assistant Engineers’ Mess Steward
  • JONES, Mr. Alfred British Night Watchman
  • JONES, Mr. Charles (Cann Cooper Lann) British Second Butcher
  • JONES, Mr. John Frederick Valentine British Chief Steward 54 ?
  • JONES, Miss Mary Elizabeth 43 British Stewardess
  • JONES, Mr. William British Second Waiter
  • JORGENSON, Mrs. Karen 35 Danish Assistant Matron
  • JOYNSON, Mr. Edgar H. 19 British Steward’s Boy



  • KELLY, Mr. Alfred Aloysius British Scullion
  • KENNEDY, Mr. John British Extra Fourth Baker
  • KENRICK, Mr. Henry British Sculleryman
  • KENT, Mr. John George British Lounge Steward
  • KEWLEY, Mr. Ernest Alexander 38 British First Waiter
  • KIDD, Mr. Frank 40 British Second Cabin Cabin Bed Steward
  • KINSHOTT, Mr. William Henry British Waiter
  • KNIGHT, Mr. Charles 65 British Night Watchman
  • KNILL, Mr. George British Sculleryman
  • KUPFENAGEL, Mr. Alfred Felix C. British First Waiter



  • LAKE, Mr. William British Second Cabin Cabin Bed Steward
  • LAMONT, Mr. Charles 28 British Third Waiter
  • LAPPHANE, Mr. Charles 19 British Third Waiter
  • LAWSON, Mr. Percy British First Waiter
  • Le TOUZEL, Mr. Sydney Gybbon 32 British First Waiter (Head Waiter)
  • LEACH, Mr. John Neil 25 British (Jamaican) Waiter Kingston, Jamaica
  • LEACH, Mr. John F. 35 British Waiter
  • LEDGER, Mr. James British Third Waiter
  • LEDSON, Mr. John British Extra Extra Second Baker
  • LEE, Mr. Richard 21 British First Waiter
  • LEITCH, Mrs. M. British Matron
  • LEITH, Mr. Robert British Telegraphist
  • LIMBERG, Mr. Ferdinand 33 Dutch Confectioner Liverpool, England
  • LEWIS, Mr. Fred British Second Waiter
  • LIVERMORE, Mr. Vernon British Bugler, First Waiter



  • MACHELL, Miss Elizabeth British Stewardess
  • MacKENZIE, Mr. Henry British Waiter
  • MacKENZIE (McKENZIE?), Mr. Kenneth 22 British (Irish) Waiter Belfast, Ireland
  • MacPHERSON, Mr. John British Waiter
  • MARSHALL, Mr. James British First Waiter
  • MATTHEWS, Mr. Henry British Second Waiter
  • MAYLOR, Mr. George British Boots Steward
  • McALTEER, Mr. Matthew British Vegetable Cook
  • McARTHUR, Mr. William George British Assistant Cook
  • McCLELLAND, Mr. David British Extra Extra Second Cook
  • McCLEOD, Mr. William British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • McCONKEY, Mr. Christopher Evans 42 British (Irish) Second Waiter
  • McCORMACK, Mr. David British Assistant Telegraphist
  • McCORMACK, Miss Margarita Christina 34 British (Indian) Stewardess
  • McCUBBIN, Mr. James Alexander 62 British Purser Liverpool, England
  • McDONALD, Mr. Charles British First Waiter
  • McFARLANE, Mr. Malcolm John British First Waiter
  • McGREGOR, Miss Agnes 43 British Stewardess
  • McIVER, Mr. John British Assistant Steward (Waiter)
  • McKENZIE, Mr. Henry British Night Watchman
  • McLAUGLIN, Mr. Joseph British Sculleryman
  • McSANE, Mr. Patrick British First Waiter
  • MILLS, Mr. John British First Waiter
  • MITCHELL, Mr. George British Ship’s Printer
  • MITCHELL, Mr. William British Second Linenkeeper
  • MOFFATT, Mr. John Herbertson Bernstone Hyman British First Waiter
  • MORECROFT, Mrs. Herbert (Fannie Jane Chamberlain) 43 (claimed to be 36) British Stewardess
  • MORROW, Miss Isabel Harding 42 British Stewardess
  • MORSE, Mr. Robert 40 British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • MOSS, Mr. John Barrow British Second Waiter
  • MUDGE, Mr. John British Night Watchman
  • MURPHY, Mr. John Henry 32 British First Waiter



  • NEEMS, Mr. William F. British First Waiter
  • NEWBOLD, Mr. Hubert H. British Cellarman
  • NEWPORT, Mr. William British Smokeroom Steward
  • NICE, Mr. Reginald Bertie S. British Barber
  • NIEMANN, Mr. Robert British Waiter
  • NIXON, Mr. Harold British Storekeeper
  • NUSSBAUM, Mr. Samuel Swiss Soup Cook



  • ORWIN, Mr. Nicholas British Deck Steward, Second Cabin
  • OSTERMAN, Mr. Jacob British Waiter
  • OTTINO, Mr. John British Larder Cook
  • OWEN, Mr. Thomas British Linenkeeper



  • PARRY, Mr. Frank 45 British Assistant Deck Steward
  • PEDERSON, Mr. Johan Adolph British Interpreter
  • PENKEYMAN, Mr. Samuel J. British Pantry Steward
  • PENNY, Mr. Percy 33 British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward Liverpool, England
  • PERRY, Mr. John British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • PHILLIPS, Miss Mary 33 British Stewardess
  • PINKERTON, Mr. Robert British (Irish) Chief Baker Liverpool, England
  • POTTER, Mr. Benjamin British Waiter
  • PRATT, Mr. Richard British Grill Cook
  • PRICE, Mr. C. British Waiter
  • PRINGLE, Mr. Thomas British First Waiter
  • PROWSE, Mr. Thomas British Assistant Pantry Steward



  • QUINN, Mr. Alfred British Second Waiter



  • RANDALL, Mr. Charles/td>53BritishSaloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • REDMOND, Mr. James British Vegetable Cook
  • REID, Mr. Alfred British Third Waiter
  • RICHARDSON, Miss Annie 37 British Stewardess
  • RISTON, Mr. Issac British First Waiter
  • ROACH, Mr. John British First Waiter
  • ROBERTS, Miss Annie Jane 35 British Stewardess 60
  • ROBERTS, Mr. John 19 British Assistant Engineers’ Mess Steward
  • RONNAN, Master George 16 British Assistant Butcher 53
  • ROSE, Mr. William British Second Waiter
  • ROSS, Mr. Henry British Barkeeper
  • ROURKE, Mr. Stanley 21? British Lift Attendant
  • ROWBOTHAM, Mr. Harold E. British Second Waiter Heron
  • RUFFELS, Mr. William Samuel British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • RUSHTON, Mr. George British First Waiter
  • RUSSELL, Mr. Frederick British First Waiter
  • RYLANDS, Mr. William Deakin British First Waiter



  • SAULTRY, Mr. William British Ship’s Cook
  • SCANTLEBURY, Mr. Samuel British Sculleryman
  • SEPHTON, Mr. William British Night Fireman’s Cook
  • SETTLE, Mr. Vincent 55 British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • SEURRE, Mr. Etienne Pierre French Chef
  • SHANN, Mr. Sydney James British Third Waiter
  • SHARP, Mr. (?) Philip Archibald British Steward’s Boy
  • SHAVLEY, Mr. Gerald British Waiter
  • SHEIL, Mr. Michael S. 32 British Saloon Steward
  • SHEVLAND, Mr. John British Second Waiter
  • SIMPSON, Mr. Malcolm 34 British First Waiter
  • SKAY, Master Edward 16 ? British Kitchen Porter
  • SLOANE, Mr. Leonard Hanson British Junior Assistant Purser
  • SMITH, Mr. Oliver Barrow British Ship’s Cook
  • SMITH, Mr. William British First Waiter
  • SPENDLEY, Mr. David March British Waiter
  • STANLEY, Mr. David H. British First Waiter
  • STANSFIELD, Mr. Leslie British Second Waiter
  • STARK, Mr. Robert Lucas British Second Cabin Cabin Bed Steward
  • STEINBERG, Master (?) Arthur Valentine British Steward’s Boy
  • STEWART, Mr. Thomas Edgar 23 British Assistant Steward
  • STRINGER, Mr. Harry 26 British First Waiter
  • SUTTAN, Mr. Nugent Moore British Pantry Steward
  • SUTTON, Mr. Frank British Second Waiter
  • SWIFT, Mr. Edward British Third Cook



  • THOMAS, Mr. George Henry British Assistant Officers’ Mess Steward
  • THOMAS, Mr. John British Second Waiter
  • THOMAS, Mr. William Stanford 44 British Second Cabin Cabin Bed Steward
  • THORN, Mr. Alfred Richard British First Waiter
  • THORNLEY, Mr. George British Assistant Pantry Steward



  • ULGAR, Mr. Jean Spanish Sauce Cook



  • Van HOECK, Mr. Julius E. 27 Dutch First Waiter
  • VARNEY, Mr. John British Waiter
  • VERDIN, Mr. Francis British Sculleryman



  • WALLACE, Mr. James British Second Waiter
  • WEIGH, Mr. Edward British Waiter
  • WEIR, Mrs. Margaret 51 British Stewardess 40
  • WHALLEY, Mr. Leslie British Third Waiter
  • WIGGINS, Mr. William 23 British Deck Steward
  • WILKINSON, Mr. James British Engineers’ Mess Steward
  • WILLIAMS, Mr. Harold British Third Waiter
  • WILLIAMS, Mr. John British Second Waiter
  • WILLIAMS, Mr. Robert British Night Watchman
  • WILLIAMS, Mr. Robert Neptune British First Waiter
  • WILLIAMS, Mr. William H. British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • WILMIN, Mr. William British Pantry Steward
  • WILSON, Mr. James Robert British First Waiter
  • WISEMAN, Mr. James British Second Baker
  • WOOD, Mr. Alfred British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • WOOD, Mr. Henry Edward 35 British Assistant Pantry Steward
  • WOOD, Mr. Wallace Edkin British Barkeeper, Smokeroom Second Cabin
  • WOOD, Mr. Walter 31 British Saloon Cabin Bed Steward
  • WRIGHT, Mr. (?) Harold Joseph British Steward’s Boy
  • WYNNE, Master George 16 British Assistant Cook Liverpool, England
  • WYNNE, Mr. Joseph Dominic 37 British Sculleryman Liverpool, England