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Violet Jessop - the luckiest woman afloat

April 12, 2012

Violet Jessop – The Luckiest Woman Afloat By Turtle Bunbury In the moments before the Titanic struck the iceberg, 24-...

People: Violet Constance Jessop and Healy (Kalishoek)

RMS Titanic Only Existing Footage - YouTube

The only existing footage of Titanic.

titanic sinking simulation - original version by clctitanic - YouTube

clctitanic fan page!!/pages/Clctitanic-fan-page/141645995933935 FROM 1997 FILM TITANIC [ TH...

Titanic - 1912 Original Video Footage - YouTube

Original Footage of titanic of 1912 before its departure to its final journey . This is a Detailed Video showing many...

a suvivors story - Titanic A Dedication To Alexander J. Littlejohn

“I went to fill up Boat 13 and got about 35 women and children into it. We shouted for more women but there were none...

People: Alexander James Littlejohn

TIC - Titanic Infomations Center Deutschland e.V.

Die offizielle Internetseite des Titanic Informations Center Deutschland e.V.

Titanic: Demographics of the Passengers

I hesitated before creating yet another Titanic Web site, but after I saw the movie Titanic (that tells you how long ... - RMS Titanic Information, News, Research & More is one of the largest Titanic information resources on the Internet, and it ...

1911 census London

April 1911

London, England

Alice worked as a domestic nurse for the Sargent family from 67 Harley street, London in 1911

People: Alice Catherine Williams


When the legendary Titanic set sail from Queenstown, Ireland, her last port of call, on 11 April 1912, there were 31 ...

People: Knud Paust Andersen Rommetvedt

Titanic showcase | The National Archives

April 15, 1912

Over two-thirds of passengers and crew – 1,523 men, women and children – lost their lives in the freezing North Atlan...

The National Archives | Treasures from The National Archives | Titanic

April 15, 1912

The National Archives holds a collection of rare material relating to the famous ship.

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