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Author of Sefer Meiras Einayim "Sma" on the Shulchan Aruch see: Die Inschriften des alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien by dr. Bernhard Wachstein- I Teil page 241, 38,40 MISSING GENERATIONS ( Missing Lin...

10/12/2007 6/10/2021

R' Aryeh Leyb Bloch (b. - c.1754)

Buried in Old Cemetery of Snipishok; Not moved with HaGra to new Ohel

6/2/2021 6/2/2021

meshel tarnugrad (deceased)

5/25/2009 5/20/2021

Judah Leib Bonhardt Wikipedia Judah Leib Bonhardt of Frankfurt (Oder) (Yiddish: יהודה לייב באנהאַרד פון פראנקפורט) (German: Juda Löb Bonhardt aus Frankfurt; c. 1720 - 1784) was a prominent mid-18th...

7/27/2011 5/14/2021

Rabbi Dov Ber Friedman, The Maggid of Mezeritch MP (c.1710 - 1772)

"המגיד ממזריזיטש רבי דוב בער", "רבי דוב בער המגיד ממעזריט", "Dov Ber of Mezeritch", "המגיד ממזריטש", "The Maggid of Mezeritch", "ר' דב בער המגיד ממעזריטש", "R' Dov Ber Ha'magid M' Mezritch", "R' DovBer", "the Maggid of Miedzyrzecz Volhyn"

Rabbi Dov Ber ben Avraham of Mezeritch (Hebrew: דֹּב בֶּר מִמֶּזְרִיטְשְׁ‎) (died December 1772 OS), also known as the Maggid of Mezritch, was a disciple of Rabbi Yisrael Baal Shem Tov, the founder of ...

7/8/2007 4/1/2021

Moses ben Isaac Alashkar (c.1466 - c.1542)

FROM: ALASHKAR, MOSES BEN ISAAC ALASHKAR, MOSES BEN ISAAC (1466–1542), talmudist and liturgical poet. Alashkar, who was born in Spain, studied in his youth with R. Samuel Valensi in Zamora. In 1492...

2/21/2021 2/21/2021

R. Eliyahu HaKohen (aft.1715 - d.)

5/19/2020 1/30/2021

Rabbi Samuel Zalman Shapira, [1st Shapira - of Speyer] MP (c.1345 - 1414)

"Head of the Shapira Family", "ראש משפחת שפירא"

According to Finding our fathers: a guidebook to Jewish genealogy by Dan Rottenberg he was a descendant of RIVAM _____________________________________________ Birth year seems wrong - could be 1348...

6/27/2007 1/23/2021

Death Record of Shmuel ben Chaim of Ostrah, Poland - 2nd from bottom left side [ ] According to Sefer Nacheli Dvash, by Rav Shmuel Freidman, Rav Shmuel ben Chaim of Ostroh was a fourth generation des...

1/22/2009 1/13/2021

Rabbi Chaim Zvi Herson (1890 - 1957)


"In the Yeshiva Ramailes I studied under the reknowned Gaon R. Zvi Gradzensky of righteous memory, brother of the Gaon R. Hayim Ozer gradzensky and Chief Rabbi of Vilna. After studying there for half a...

10/19/2011 1/6/2021

Shalom Shachna Kahana RaSHaCH of Cracow (c.1650 - 1685)


Sources: Toldot Yehudi Brody; Jewish Virtual Library; Sefer Mazkeret li-gedole Ostraha In Toldot Yehudi Brody, Abraham Kahana's father is identified as Shalom Shachna Kahana. In the Jewish Encylcoped...

1/12/2012 1/5/2021

Rabbi David Halevi Segal, the "Turei Zahav" (Taz) MP (1586 - 1667)

"the TaZ", "Turei Zahav", "בעל הטו"ז", "the TuZ"

David haLevi Segal , the famous author of Turei Zahav (TaZ) דוד הלוי סגל David HaLevi Segal, דוד הלוי סגל ,wrote a commentary on Joseph Caro's Shulchan Aruch (Yoreh De'ah), which he published in Lu...

12/2/2007 12/23/2020

GEDCOM Source ===23 FEB 2019 19:24:42 GMT -0500 derek shapiro FAMILY TREE - JUNE 2011 Web Site MyHeritage family tree Family site: FAMILY TREE - JUNE 2011 Web Site Family tree: 151256501-1 Discovery 15...

3/3/2012 10/20/2020

3/3/2017 10/18/2020

Rabbi Yermiyahu Akiva Alfes (1825 - 1866)

"Eremlya Kivel"

Y-DNA-111 Haplogroup - J-M267/J-ZS1682. Also known as "Navaredker Matmid/Mitnaged" (Rebel from Novogrudok). מעשה אלפס: תולדות וזכרונות מאת: בנציון בן ירמיהו עקיבא אלפס Yirmiyahu ben Akiva was...

7/29/2008 10/17/2020

7/28/2020 7/28/2020

Dayyan of Vilna

7/28/2020 7/28/2020

R' Tzvi Elimelech Spira of Dynov MP (1783 - 1841)

"Zvi Elimelech Shapiro", ""Bnei Yesoschor" Hersh Meilech (Dinov)", "Bnei Yissoschar", "Bnei Yisaschar", "R' Hersh Mylech", "Shapira", "Bnei Yisosschor", "BNEI YESOSCHOR", "TZVI ELIMELECH SHAPIRO", "Hersh Maylech", "Bnei Yisoscher", "Bnei Yissoschur"

The Bnei Yisoschor — HaRav R' Zvi Elimelech Shapira ztvk"l of Dinov   Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech Shapira of Dinov (1785 - 18 Teves, 1841), a renowned scholar, nephew of Rebbe Elimelech of Lizhensk and di...

9/10/2007 7/15/2020

R' Eliezer Lipa Lipman ("Noam Elimelech's" father) MP (1687 - d.)

"RABBI ELIEZER LIPMAN WEISBLUM רבי אליעזר ליפמן וייסבלום", "Eluzer Lipman", "Eliezer Lipa Weisblum", "רבי אליזר ליפא מליז'ענסק", "אליעזר ליפמאן", "father of Noʹam Elimelekh", "Elimelech Of Lyzhansk"

Eliezer Lipman vs Eliezer Weisblum? The Name Weisblum aparently was taken from his wife, Mirl Weisblum. It seems that in those days it was hard to get a marriage licenses so children were born and ...

11/13/2007 7/15/2020

Rabbi Yosef Peimer (Behmer) (1796 - 1864)

"Rabbi Joseph Peimer"

Known as very big Rabbi in Slutsk. Also known as Reb Yossele. According to a family member, the name Peimer was originally Behmer. The name became Peimer in Russia.

6/5/2008 5/11/2020

His sons, Abraham and Moshe built the grand synagogue of Vilijampole (Slobotke) in 1772. It stood in this part of what is now Kaunas (Kovno) until it was partially destroyed by fire in 1892 and then pe...

12/10/2007 4/27/2020

1/12/2010 4/7/2020

10/22/2007 3/26/2020

Rabbi Aryeh Yehuda Leibisch Bomze (c.1740 - c.1825)

"The Maggid of Mikulince"

3/17/2015 2/24/2020

Baruch Bendit Goitein aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Baruch Bendit Goitein (auch: Baruch Benedikt G., * um 1770 in Kojetín, Mähren; † 16. November 1839[1] in Hőgyész, Ungarn), war ein Rabbi...

3/20/2009 2/22/2020

Haplogroup: J-M267 (contact ) From town of Halitsits, then moves to Antopol Antopol YB p.206:

2/12/2020 2/18/2020

"source" - Tombstone of his son Israel Friedmann buried in Budapest, Hungary

4/17/2011 2/13/2020

Admor Shneur Zalman of Liadi Boruchovitch MP (1745 - 1812)

"Baal HaTanya", "Alter Rebbe", "Rabbeinu HaZaken", "Rabbeinu HaGadol", "RaZaSh", "the GRaZ.", "האדמו"ר הזקן"

Shneur Zalman of Liadi (Hebrew: שניאור זלמן מליאדי‎) (September 4, 1745 – December 15, 1812 O.S.), was an Orthodox Rabbi, and the founder and first Rebbe of Chabad, a branch of Hasidic Judaism, then ba...

1/21/2007 2/13/2020

Aryeh Zeev Kagan (1807 - 1853)

"Pupko", "Poupko"

"In our times the main Rabbi of Great Soletchnik was Khanokh Sharshevski. He was a scholar and well known in rabbinical circles, not only because of his virtues but also because he was the son of the G...

4/12/2008 2/12/2020

Joseph Gershon (deceased)

3/4/2012 2/12/2020

Rabbi Israel Isser Spektor MP (b. - 1838)


Rav and moreh tzedek in the Lithuanian town of Ros, located in the Volkovisk district of Grodno, at the turn of the nineteenth century. * Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Mar 15 2017, 1...

4/25/2007 2/6/2020

Head of the Yeshiva in Rome SHEVET YEHUDA - ANAVIM FAMILY

12/11/2016 2/6/2020

Yaakov Blumenzon, of Widoma MP (c.1795 - 1885)

"Yekele of Widoma", "Jankiel"

called "Yekele of Widoma The picture of the gravestone is that of Moshe Blumenzon, born 1870, an older brother of Aron Blumenzon, in Lodz. The gravestone says that he was the son of Shaya Shlomo, and d...

10/20/2008 2/5/2020

R' Pesach Langsam MP (1748 - 1820)

Pesach Langsam (1748 - Nov 2, 1820) married Ita and lived in Jawornik Polski, Galicia (near Blazowa & Dynow). Six known children lived to adulthood. Family lore has it that Pesach Langsam was a direct ...

2/2/2007 1/28/2020

3/31/2009 1/28/2020

From "Tiferes Aryeh"

4/16/2012 1/28/2020

Chaim Itzkovitch (deceased)

5/1/2009 1/27/2020

5/15/2015 1/27/2020

Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Landau Falk (b. - 1719)

"of Kruke and Reishe"

GEDCOM Source הגר עופרי-אור עופרי-אור Web Site אילן יוחסין MyHeritage אתר משפחתי: עופרי-אור Web Site אילן יוחסין: 364343031-2 Smart Matching 364343031-2 MH:S500001 GEDCOM Source 3 התווסף על ידי א...

2/13/2008 1/26/2020

Source: Different sources quote different years of birth and death within 20 yrs of the quoted ones

6/27/2007 1/10/2020

Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev MP (1740 - 1809)

"Itzchak", "Yitzchok", "The Berdichever Rebbe", "Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev (Derbarimdiker)", "Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditzhov", "Rabi Levi Itzchak of Baditchev Derbaremdiker", "R' Laivy Yitzchok M'Barditshev", "Kedushas Levi"

Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev (1740–1809), also known as the Berdichever, was a Hasidic leader. He was the rabbi of Ryczywół, Żelechów, Pinsk and Berdychiv, for which he is best known. He was one of the ...

7/5/2007 1/10/2020

3/28/2019 1/9/2020

R' Mordechai Fried (deceased)

7/13/2019 1/9/2020

Abraham Chayot (1500 - d.)

"אברהם חייז.ר' אברהם חיות", "Chajes", "Chayot", "Chayes", "Avrohom", "אברהם חיות אלטשולער"

אברהם חיות, המכונה עבעריל אלטשולער - אברהם אלטשולר. אברהם חיות מפורטוגל, ספרד ומפרובאנס, נכד רש"י Listed in Toldos Avrohom , p. 464 Descendent of Spanish Jews and of Rashi. (see above source) ידו...

8/27/2007 1/9/2020

HaGaon Rabbi Elias Eliyahu Halevi Öttingen MP (c.1510 - d.)

"Ettingen Halevi", "Halevi Ettingen", "Ettinger", "Elia Ottingen", "Eliahou Oettingen", "Levy-Öttingen"

cf Faustini p. 388 "Die Inschriften des alten Judenfriedhofe in Wien" Dr. Bernard Wachstein, Band I - page 4

7/6/2008 1/6/2020

הגאון רבי אהרן משולם זלמן תאומים זצ"ל,מגזע רש"י

7/10/2017 1/5/2020

R' Shaul HaLevi Frankel (c.1760 - bef.1822)

If R' Shaul was a Levi, there is a very good chance he was the son of R. Eliezer Beer HaLevi Frankel who (to my knowledge) was the only member of the Frankel family of Furth who had sons who settled in...

10/21/2015 1/4/2020

Israel Henshel Isserles MP (b. - 1520)

"of Krezmir", "Lazars"

11/23/2007 1/4/2020

4/20/2019 1/4/2020

היה רב ומוהל,וגם עסק במסחר ביינות מאד - הקהילה היהודית של מאד,ספר הקהילה(עמודים 16-17)

12/1/2009 1/4/2020

המידע אינו וודאי The information is uncertain

10/4/2019 1/4/2020

From the book of jewish in kolo. The information is uncertain

7/18/2019 1/4/2020

8/23/2007 1/4/2020

Rabbi Mordechai Yollis of Cracow MP (c.1600 - d.)

"Mordecaha Yalish", "OF KRAKOW; YOLLIS"

GEDCOM Note ===From Mordechai Yalis of KrakowLeader of the community of Cracow and leader of the city and the state for 30 years.Among the grandsons of Rabbi Joseph Kolon (Maharik, ...

6/23/2008 1/4/2020

R' David Halevi Katvan MP (1655 - 1698)

ID: I67171 Name: David ben Yitzhak KATVAN 1 Sex: M Name: David (Rabbi) KATVAN 2 Birth: ABT 1655 Death: 1698 in On his way from Zolkiew to Lwow 1 Death: 1698 in Zolkiev Occupation: Rabbi and Community L...

8/26/2007 1/4/2020

tsoyzmir=Sandomierz הקדוש והטהור" הגאון מוהר"ר רבי יום טוב ליפמאן מצויזמער,מכתבי הרב נפתלי אהרן ווקשטיין "

5/29/2019 1/4/2020

5/26/2019 1/4/2020

חתנו של Rabbi Yehoshua Shmelkes, of Premysl

11/24/2019 1/4/2020

Rabbi Klonyimos Kalman Haberkstein (c.1490 - c.1550)

"Klonimus", "Kalmen", "Rabbi Kalonymous Baal Haness", "רבי קלונימוס בעל הנס"

Rav Klonyimos Kalman has met with the Arizal(Rav Yitzchok Luria) and his disciple, RavChaim Vital. He is also mentioned in Sha'alos U'Teshuvos MaHarshal, Responsa 98. Polish rabbi of the sixteenth cent...

10/12/2007 1/4/2020

Rav Mordechai Rosenthal (c.1710 - d.)


5/3/2011 1/4/2020

Author of the book "gaon zvi" - גאון צבי ********************************** NB: There is another book called Gaon Zvi, written by another Zvi Hersh: Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Horowitz, ABD Zamot

11/29/2009 1/4/2020

Rabbi ZysmanRajzman,zt"l (1868 - 1911)

בעלה הראשון,ואבי כל ילדיה של : הרבנית דישקא רייזמן/ורדיגר(לבית ויינגוט-תאומים)זצ"ל ה"יד(נכדתם של ה"ה הרה"ק אדמו"ר ר' דוד מורגנשטרן-האדמו"ר מקוצק,זצוק"ל וה"ה הצדקת הרבנית חיה טויבע מורגנשטרן,לבית גרינ...

4/16/2017 1/4/2020

rabbi Michael (falk?) Kroll (deceased)


אשתו(חנה) ככל הנראה הייתה אף היא ממשפחת קרול כנראה שהיו קרובי משפחה/בני דודים צאצא ישיר של שושלת קרול. צאצא של שאול ואהל,המהר"ל מפראג(דרך בנו),רש"י...דוד המלך ע"ה הערה:יתכן שנישא בשנית לאסת...

7/25/2018 1/4/2020

The information about his date of birth and death is uncertain המידע לגביי תאריך לידתו ופטירתו,אינו וודאי הערה:Szandla חייבת להיות האמא-סבתא שלו /של אשתו הערליך

11/11/2018 1/4/2020

Wolfgang Grätz MP (deceased)

Note: any relation to ???:: Hugo Gold Bunzlau / Mladá Boleslav history and in Jungbunzlauer Rabbiner book ( both in German) : "..Diesem folgte Rabbi Elieser Lipmann , sohn des gelehrten Rabbi Wolf Gr...

7/6/2016 1/3/2020

262 halamdan gadol hajashish Zvi bn Shlemo zTs”l hankro Hirsch Porit 1639 Also known as Israel Naftali Hirsch PORIT/PORJA Rabbi and was the Dayan of the Jewish community in Prague

10/20/2010 1/3/2020

Rabbi Sinai Ahron Schlackenwerth MP (b. - 1676)


Ref-1: Judaica Bohemiae ..Rabbi Leib Neustädtl ( Nasch ) the husband of Rabbi Gaon Simon Spira's granddaughter Slawa Schlackkenwerth . Simon’s grandson was the brother of Slawa , Rabbi Aharon Sinai S...

6/23/2008 1/3/2020

Rabbi? Eliezer (Elieser, Leser) Todros / Toderes MP (b. - bef.1635)

"Leser", "Elzazr", "Elieser", "Toderes", "Todres", "Elasar Todros", "Eleasar Todros", "Eleasor Todros", "Eliaser Todros", "Eliezer Todros"

137 Elieser bn Todros z”l gabai zadik age 39 1634/35 Note: family tree DNA Todres is a distinguished name throughout Jewish history, but until now we have not been able to trace the descent from th...

6/23/2008 1/3/2020

Rabbi Jechiel Michel Jerusalem MP (c.1530 - 1598)

"Jechiel Michl Shapira", "Jechiel Mechel", "Jehiel Mich"

If anyone has information or sources regarding this profile, please send a message to the managers, or add a note in this section. PLEASE NOTE: Further investigation is required to verify Jehiel ...

6/23/2008 1/3/2020

R' Yehoshua Heschel Charif, of Krakow, Meginei Shlomo MP (c.1593 - 1648)

"בעל מגיני שלמה", "ופני יהושע", "Maginei Shlomo", "Shu"t Pnei Yehoshua"

Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Charif (born in Vilna around 1580 and died in 5408-1648 in Krakow) was one of the students of the Maharam of Lublin and of Rabbi Yehoshua Falk. He served in Grodno from Elul 5394...

4/30/2007 1/3/2020

haZadik haNistar Rabbi Benjamin Menachem (Benasz) Wartski,(HaCohen) ztk"l MP (1830 - 1907)

"ווארטסקי", "Beinush"

rabbi benjamin menachem(Benasz ) wartski ztvk"l from Kalisz,poland,was one of the 36 righteous people== 1:he was married twice: his first wife was:rachela tencer2.: his second wife was:malka rivk...

7/7/2010 1/3/2020

Rabbi Shlomo Luria, MaHaRSHaL MP (1510 - 1573)

"מהרש"ל", "חכמת שלמה", "Solomon", "Yam Shel Shlomo", "Rashal", "Maharshal", "מר"ל", "Shlomo Luria MaHaRShaL"

Leading rabbinical authority of his generation. Solomon Luria (1510 - November 7, 1574) (Hebrew: שלמה לוריא) was one of the great Ashkenazic poskim (decisors of Jewish law) and teachers of his time. ...

4/29/2007 1/3/2020

RASHI MP (1040 - 1105)

"Rashi", "רש"י", "Rashi of Troyes", "Rachi", "רבי שלמה יצחקי"

Rashi was the outstanding Biblical commentator of the Middle Ages. He was born in Troyes, France, and lived from 1040 to 1105. He is considered the "father" of all commentaries that followed on the Tal...

6/27/2007 1/3/2020

Rav Shalom Shachna of Lublin (1490-1558), teacher and father-in-law of the Rema. His grandfather and namesake was Rav of Neustadt and the Gadol Hador in Austria, who along with the Maharil founded th...

3/23/2007 1/3/2020

4/25/2008 1/1/2020

Yehuda Azriel ben Nathan, RIBAN MP (c.1065 - 1105)

"ריב"ן", "Rivan", "Ryban", "Riban", "R'Ban", "חתן רש"י", "Yehdah (Rivan) Ben Nosson", "R Yehuda mi bnei R'Noson?", "RINA"N rishon m'balei tosfos", "Yehuda Bar Natan", "RIBAN"

Judah ben Nathan (RIBaN)Son-in-law and pupil of Rashi, and to a great extent his continuator. It was Judah who completed Rashi's commentary on Makkot (from 19b to the end) and who wrote the commentary ...

6/27/2007 12/31/2019

Rabbi Joseph HaLevi MP (c.1380 - c.1450)

This profile has been disconnected from Rabbi Benvenisti ben Yossef Ha'Levi . We the management of appreciate the tremendous religious and cultural significance of the alleged connection bet...

10/5/2007 12/31/2019

רלב"ג Levi ben Gershon , better known by his Latinised name as Gersonides or the abbreviation of first letters as RaLBaG (1288–1344), philosopher, Talmudist, mathematician, astronomer/astrologer. He wa...

5/22/2012 12/31/2019

Was seen having his head cut off by massacres, wife refused to remarry feeling he was still alive even though witnesses testified they saw him being killed, and the Rabbi permitted her to remarry, she ...

7/3/2007 12/31/2019

HaRav Yitzhak Ben Shmuel Jaffe, haR"I, the Elder of Dampierre MP (1120 - 1189)

"הר"י בעל התוספות", "Yitzhak Ha Zaken", "R. Isaac of Dampierre", "Ri", "Ri Ha Zaken"

----------------------------------------------------------------Isaac ben Samuel the Elder, also known as the Ri ha-Zaken, was a French tosafist and Biblical commentator. He flourished at Ramerupt and ...

8/26/2007 12/31/2019

Rabbi Moses ben Israel Isserles, "RaMA" MP (c.1530 - 1572)

"Rabbi of Krakow", "Moses of Cracow", "the ReMA", "הרמ"א", "Rema", "(or Remo", "Rama) (רמ״א)", "the Hebrew acronym for Rabbi Moses Isserles", "The REMA", "remoh", ""Rama""

Moses ben Israel Isserles (or Moshe Isserlis) (February 22, 1530 / Adar I 25, 5290 – May 11, 1572 / Iyar 18, 5332), was an eminent Polish Ashkenazic rabbi, talmudist, and posek, an inline commentary on...

3/23/2007 12/31/2019

HaRav Shabty Ashkenazi HaCohen Katz, the "SHaCH" MP (1622 - 1663)

"Siftey Kohen", "Shabbatai ben Meir ha-Kohen", "Shach", "Shakh", "Rabeinu SHABSI Hakohen שפתי כהן - ש"ך", "ר' שבתי כהן בעל הש"ך", "The Shach", "SHAKH"

Eli Handel - The wives and children of this profile are NOT well merged, so it would seem that additional Shach trees should NOT be merged onto this one until someone who knows the genealogy of the Sha...

8/18/2007 12/31/2019

Rabbi Meir Katzenellenbogen, Maharam of Padua MP (c.1482 - c.1564)

"Maharam of Padua", "Meir of Padua", "המהר"ם מפדואה"

Meir ben Isaac Katzenellenbogen (1482 – January 12, 1565) (also, Meir of Padua, Maharam Padua , Hebrew: מאיר בן יצחק קצנלנבויגן) was an 'Italian rabbi born at Katzenellenbogen, Germany. The name was ...

3/23/2007 12/31/2019

Rabbi Benyamin Beinish Mendels of Posen MP (c.1540 - 1626)

"Beinush", "ביינוש", "זכריה הנביא", "Binyumin Beynish Klausner", "Binyamin Bunish Klausner", "Rav Binyamin Beinish [Parnas & Manhig in Posen]", "Binyumin Bunish Klausner", "Rav Binyamin Beynish of Posen. Binyamin Beinish From Pozna", "Binyamin Kloisner", "Binyamin Klausner"

He was a chief of the city of Posen (Poznan), Poland. The sister of the Maharal of Prague married Zecharia Mendle KLOIZNER the Elder of Posen. Their son Binyamin Beinush KLOIZNER (d. 1626) married ...

4/29/2007 12/31/2019

MaHaRaL of Prague - המהר״ל מפראג MP (aft.1512 - 1609)

"Juda", "Lewa", "Maharal of Prague", "Judah", "Rabi Löw"

Traditionally genealogy revised according to modern scholarship as set forth in A. Putik and D. Polakovic (2009) 'Judah Loew ben Bezalel, Called Maharal * A study on his genealogy and biography', in P....

2/20/2007 12/31/2019

Yisrael Meir HaKohen (Chofetz Chaim) MP (1838 - 1933)

"Chafetz Chaim", "חָפֵץ חַיִּים", "Yisrael Meir Kagan", ".Yisrael Meir (Kagan) Poupko", "MEIER HAKAHAN YISRAEL", "MEIER KAGAN (HAKAHAN)", "Meier Kagan", "הרב ישראל מאיר הכהן החפץ חיים", "Chofetz Chaim (Israel Meir) Hakoen", "Chofetz Chaim"

HaRav Yisrael Meir (Kagan) Poupko (1838 - 1933) known popularly as The Chofetz Chaim was an influential Eastern European rabbi, Halakhist, posek, and ethicist whose works continue to be widely influent...

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Eliyahu Pesseles (b. - 1771)

First cousin of the Vilna Gaon’s father, His grandson, Rav Zvi Hirsch Pesseles ben Rav Dov Baer ben Rav Eliyahu, is thought to be buried in the Vilna Gaon's tomb. Buried in Old Cemetery of Snipishok

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Ramban Nahmanides MP (c.1194 - 1270)

"Ramban", ""Bonastruc ça Porta""

[   Nahmanides [Nah-man-nid-ez (רבי משה בן נחמן), also known as Rabbi Moses ben Naḥman Girondi, Bonastruc ça (de) Porta and by his acronym Ramban (1194 – 1270), was a leading medieval Jewish scholar,...

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HaSar HaGaon Avraham ben Joseph Jaffe Margulies MP (1513 - 1564)

"הרב אברהם יפה", "R' Avraham ben Joeseph Jaffe Margolius", "Yufe"

1913-1996- Eger Family Association- pg. 31913-1990- Eger Family Association - אילן אא

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Shlomo Zalmen Rabinowitz (1842 - 1868)

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Rabbi Refael Shapiro (1837–1921) was the famed Rosh Yeshiva of the Volozhin yeshiva and a son-in-law of Rabbi Naftali Zvi Yehuda Berlin (the Netziv). After the Volozhin yeshiva was closed down in 1892 ...

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;Rav Zalman Sender Kahana-Shapira, born in Nisowiz, in the Minsk region, to Rav Moshe Shapira Kamenetzky, av beis din of Lida and son-in-law of Rav Chaim of Volozhin. Rav Zalman sender learned ...

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ג"מ מאיר כ"ץ רפאפורט זצ"ל.פו"מ בלבוב.(ע"פ ספר היחוסין של הילל גולדשטוף).

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R' Nachman Hacohen Hacohen Lifshitz Rappaport, of Belz, Kremnitz, Dubno MP (1610 - 1674)

"ABD Dubno", "Rabbi Nachman Lifshis after his mother"

Named: R' Nachman Lipshus, AB"D Levov and Belz (in Ukraine), Kremnitz (in Slovakia), Poznan (in Poland) and of Dubna (Russia).

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