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5/25/2009 4/28/2011

James III of Majorca From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Upon the death of his uncle Sancho in 1324, James took over Majorca, being the grandson of James II. In order to establish friendly relati...

6/24/2007 1/31/2011

Jaume II, rei de Mallorca MP (1243 - 1311)

"Jaime II de Mallorca", "El buen Rey"

James II of Majorca From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia James II (Catalan: Jaume) (died 1311) was King of Majorca and Lord of Montpellier from 1243 until his death. He was the second son of James...

1/14/2008 1/31/2011

10/25/2008 1/31/2011

JAIME III 1324-1343 Infante don JAIME de Mallorca, son of Infante don FERNANDO de Mallorca, Prince of Achaia & his first wife Isabelle de Sabran (Catania 15 Apr 1315-killed in battle Lluchmayor 25 ...

6/24/2007 1/31/2011

Jaume IV, Rei de Mallorca MP (1336 - 1375)

James IV of Majorca (c. 1336 – January 20, 1375) was King of Majorca from 1349 until his death. James was the son of James III of Majorca and Constance of Aragon. His maternal grandparents were A...

12/21/2008 1/31/2011

Isabella of Majorca From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Isabel of Majorca) Isabella (Catalan: Elisabet) (1337 – 1406) was the last titular Queen of Majorca and Countess of Rous...

4/10/2009 1/31/2011