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George Micklejohn (c.1717 - 1818)

George Micklejohn, Anglican clergyman in colonial North Carolina, was probably a native of Berwick-upon-Tweed in the north of England, but no details of his family or early life have been found nor i...

5/8/2009 5/25/2020

Capt. William Lea, of South Hico MP (c.1714 - bef.1804)

"William (Coobs/Hyco Creek) Lea", "William of South Hickory Creek Lea"

William Lea Birth: Circa 1714 - St Stephen's Par, King Queen, Virginia Death: Aug 3 1803 - Person Co., NC Parents: John Lea, Anne Taylor brief biography From Rose, Ben Lacy and Satterfiel...

2/16/2007 5/21/2020

James Hunter (c.1735 - c.1783)

James Hunter, leader of the Regulator movement, was born of Scotch-Irish ancestry probably in Pennsylvania. Tradition has him the son of James, Sr., but his mother was the former "widow Ann Hunter" w...

5/5/2020 5/5/2020

Rednap Howell (1726 - 1787)

Rednap Howell, "poet of the Regulators," moved to North Carolina from New Jersey, probably in the early 1760s. He settled first in present Chatham County, then moved about 1768 to what is now Randolp...

5/3/2020 5/3/2020

Martin Howard (c.1725 - 1781)

Martin Howard, Loyalist and chief justice of North Carolina, was born either in England or in New England (authorities disagree) but grew up in Rhode Island where his father, Martin, Sr., was admitte...

5/2/2020 5/2/2020

Colonel Philemon Hawkins, II MP (1717 - 1801)

"Philemon Hawkins"

Col Philemon Hawkins, Jr BIRTH 28 Sep 1717 Charles City County, Virginia, USA DEATH 10 Sep 1801 (aged 83) Warren County, North Carolina, USA BURIAL Hawkins Cemetery Warrenton, Warren County, North Car...

7/7/2007 4/21/2020

Col. Philemon Hawkins MP (1752 - 1833)

Philemon Hawkins, Sr BIRTH 23 Dec 1752 Franklin County, North Carolina, USA DEATH 27 Jan 1833 (aged 80) Warrenton, Warren County, North Carolina, USA BURIAL Hawkins-Carroll Family Cemetery Middleburg,...

6/16/2008 4/21/2020

Col. Thomas Hart MP (1730 - 1808)

Thomas Hart, merchant, public official, and militia officer, the son of Thomas and Susannah Rice Hart, was born in Hanover County, Va., on a plantation settled in 1690 by his English-born grandfather...

6/24/2007 4/20/2020

Nathaniel Hart MP (1734 - 1782)

"Captain", "Sr"

Nathaniel Hart, pioneer, Revolutionary officer, and proprietor in and chief negotiator for the Transylvania Company of Kentucky, was born in Hanover County, Va., the son of Thomas and Susannah Rice H...

8/11/2007 4/20/2020

Simon Bright, Jr. (c.1734 - 1776)

Simon Bright, Jr., Continental Army officer, colonial planter, legislator, county official, and member of revolutionary provincial congresses of North Carolina, was born about 1734 in Craven Precinct...

4/2/2020 4/2/2020

George Sims, Jr. (1728 - 1808)

George Sims, schoolmaster and Regulator spokesman, thrust himself into the limelight with a timely appeal to the agitated people of western North Carolina and then just as suddenly disappeared from t...

8/13/2014 3/4/2020

John Willcox, I (1728 - 1793)

John Willcox (or Wilcox), Chatham County iron manufacturer, was born in Concord, Chester County, Pa., the first son of Thomas and Elizabeth Cole Willcox. About 1759 he moved to Cross Creek where he o...

5/5/2007 2/11/2020

Major John "Jack" Walker (1741 - 1813)

Major Jack Walker, the shrewd, eccentric pioneer of his family in America, quickly established himself as a popular citizen of the Wilmington, North Carolina area. He early became a colorful figure in ...

2/3/2020 2/3/2020

Richard Cogdell (1724 - 1787)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A023870 Residence : Craven, North Carolina - 1769 Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Apr 17 2019, 5:18:45 UTC

9/6/2008 1/27/2020

) Thomas Clark (August 1741 – 25 December 1792) was an American officer from North Carolina who fought in the American Revolutionary War. Born to parents Thomas Clark and Barbara Murray, he became a ...

2/10/2013 1/26/2020

Moses Griffin (c.1753 - 1816)

Moses Griffin, founder of Griffin's Free School at New Bern, one of the first trade schools for poor girls, if not the first, was a native and lifelong resident of Craven County. His father, Solomo...

9/3/2012 12/11/2019

Joseph Leech (1720 - 1803)

Treasurer of North Carolina in 1771 and President of the Council of State during the Revolutionary War. Joseph Leech, businessman and soldier, was living in New Bern by 1758, when he was an execu...

4/24/2012 9/25/2019

James Few the Regulator was hung without trial by British Royal Governor William Tryon, after the battle of Alamance before the Revolutionary War. This act is thought by most historians to be the actua...

3/6/2007 9/10/2019

Samuel Strudwick (b. - 1797)

Samuel Strudwick, colonial official, was living in a fashionable section of London when he purchased George Burrington's North Carolina holdings in September 1761. The former governor estimated the t...

9/7/2019 9/7/2019

Col Samuel Morris Benton MP (1720 - 1770)

Samuel Benton, colonial official, was a native of England (probably Worcester County); he owned land in the part of Craven County that became Johnston County in 1746 and also in the part of Edgecombe...

3/16/2008 8/3/2018

Major John Hinton, III (1748 - 1818)


John Hinton, colonial and Revolutionary soldier, legislator, councilor of state, justice, and sheriff of Wake County, was born in that part of Johnston County that became Wake in 1771. He was the old...

11/25/2008 8/3/2018

Paul Herrington MP (1725 - 1773)

Update 6/19/2016(CLM): KIA during The Regulator War in Orange Co,N.C.

8/6/2008 6/19/2016

Capt. John Farrar MP (1758 - 1830)

"John William Farrer"

6. JOHN WILLIAM10 FARRAR (WILLIAM9, GEORGE8, WILLIAM7, WILLIAM6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, HENRIE2, HENRY1)1 was born 01 Aug 1758 in Mecklenburg, Chesterfield County, Virginia1, and died 1830 in Cryus...

1/7/2009 10/21/2013

John Blair MP (1750 - 1819)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor #: A010858 John Blair was a private at the Battle of King's Mountain in the Revolutionary War. from: Lt. John Blair ("The Mil...

12/17/2008 10/18/2013

Hugh Blair, JR (c.1744 - 1815)

5/1/2009 10/18/2013

William Beeson (1743 - 1809)

10/21/2008 10/18/2013

Benjamin Beeson MP (1714 - 1794)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA.    DAR Ancestor Number: A008558 Benjamin Beeson was born 14 January 1714/1715 in Chester County, Pennsylvania to Richard Beeson and Charity Gr...

10/25/2007 10/18/2013

Isaac Beeson MP (1739 - 1811)

Married in New Garden Meeting, North Carolina BEESON, ISAAC Ancestor #: A008561 Service: NORTH CAROLINA Rank: PATRIOTIC SERVICE Birth: 12-26-1739 FREDERICK CO VIRGINIA Death: 9-21-1811 GUILFO...

9/17/2008 10/18/2013

John Phillip Clapp, Sr. MP (1731 - bef.1798)


The family information listed in this profile is not accurate according to facts & sources listed in ref to John Phillip Clapp, Sr., his wife was Barbara (not Sally) and their bio-children were Valenti...

5/27/2007 10/17/2013

George Tobias Clapp (1735 - 1800)


(George) Tobias, John, and their cousins George (Tobias) and Ludwig (Jr.) have been listed as Regulators and participants in the Battle of Alamance. A Patriot of the American Revolution for North Carol...

11/21/2008 10/17/2013

William Armfield, Jr (c.1746 - 1832)

"Little Billie"

5/27/2009 10/17/2013

William Armfield, Sr (1720 - 1812)


5/27/2009 10/17/2013

Isaac Armfield (1726 - 1780)

9/27/2009 10/17/2013

James Hunter MP (1735 - 1782)

DAR # A 060489 for NC.

8/4/2008 10/17/2013

James "the Regulator" Emerson, Sr. MP (bef.1737 - 1786)

"The Regulator", "Emison", "Emmerson", "Emberson", ""the Regulator""

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A036409 James Emerson (1736-1786) James EMERSON, Sr. was one of a group of dis-satisfied colonists who signed a petition know...

4/11/2009 10/17/2013

William Floren Butler (bef.1730 - 1790)

William Butler, farmer and insurgent, was probably born in Virginia before 1730. He was one of at least seven children: brothers Aaron, General John of Revolutionary War rank, and Edmund; half-brothe...

5/29/2008 10/17/2013

Rednap Howell (b. - 1787)

""Poet of the Regulators""

10/17/2013 10/17/2013

James Pugh MP (c.1749 - bef.1810)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A106132 James Pugh ~ was a leader in the Regulator movement. He was hanged on 19 June 1771 for his involvement. He was the brot...

9/16/2007 10/17/2013

Robert Johann Messer (1734 - 1771)

A concrete slab placed inside an iron railing gives the illusion of a grave here but no one is buried at this spot. The bronze plaque, which replaces earlier black plaque, marks only the site of the ha...

4/7/2008 10/17/2013

John Gillespie ~ was a "well-known Regulator leader and strategist" [Breaking Loose Together: The Regulator Rebellion in Pre-Revolutionary North Carolina, by Marjoleine Kars; published by UNC Press, 20...

10/17/2013 10/17/2013

Daniel Gillespie ~ was a "well-known Regulator leader and strategist" [Breaking Loose Together: The Regulator Rebellion in Pre-Revolutionary North Carolina, by Marjoleine Kars; published by UNC Press, ...

5/28/2008 10/17/2013

Maj. Gen. John Ashe MP (1725 - 1781)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA with the rank of BRIGADIER GENERAL. DAR Ancestor # A003388 John Ashe (c. 1720 – October 24, 1781) was a general officer in the North Carolina...

2/11/2009 10/17/2013

DAR#A079475 James Moore (c. 1729 or 1737 – April 15, 1777) was a member of a prominent political family of the Carolinas. He served as Patriot military commander in North Carolina during the American...

11/13/2008 10/17/2013

John Alexander Lillington MP (1725 - bef.1786)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA with the rank of BRIGADIER GENERAL. DAR Ancestor #: A070388 Revolutionary War Patriot. He was elected to the New Hanover County Safety Committe...

5/12/2010 10/17/2013

Richard Caswell Birth: 1729 Death: 1789 North Carolina Governor. Served as the Governor of North Carolina from 1776 to 1780, and 1785 to 1787. Also served as a Delegate to the Continental Congres...

9/6/2008 10/17/2013

Brig. General Francis Nash MP (1742 - 1777)

"Namesake of Nashville", "Tennessee"

DAR# A081563 Francis Nash (c.1742—October 7, 1777 ) was a brigadier general in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. Prior to the war, he was a lawyer, public official, and politi...

11/16/2008 10/17/2013

Joseph Boring MP (1730 - 1775)

"Boren", "Borin"

4/19/2008 10/17/2013

Joshua Teague MP (1732 - 1804)

DAR Ancestor #: A113206 Patriotic Service Joshua was a colonist in North Carolina who rose up against the corrupt British Officials and became a "Regulator" along with many other Carolinian colonists...

3/20/2008 10/17/2013

General Griffith Loch Rutherford MP (1721 - 1805)

"John Griffith", "Griffith Loch Rutherford"

Burial record: DAR Ancestor #: A098670 Griffith Rutherford (c. 1721 – August 10, 1805) was an officer in the American Revolutionary War, a political leader in North Carolina, and an important f...

3/13/2008 10/17/2013

Representing North Carolina at the Continental Congress Born: June 28, 1742 in Boston, Massachusetts Education: Harvard College (Lawyer.) Work: Elected to General Assembly of North Carolina, 17...

1/20/2007 10/17/2013

Judge Richard Henderson MP (1735 - 1785) says Roberta Jean Geeting Russell is related as 4th Great Grandfather I am also looking for a MALE HENDERSON from this line to test Y-DNA for me. Contact me at . ) D...

7/5/2007 10/17/2013

Edmund Fanning (1739 - 1818)

) Edmund Fanning (April 24, 1739 – February 28, 1818) was a British North American colonial administrator and military leader. Born in New York, he became a lawyer and politician in North Carolina in...

5/16/2009 10/17/2013

Herman Husband MP (1724 - 1795)

"Harmon", "Husbands"

Herman Husband; Also known as Harmon Husband Born in Maryland in 1724, Herman Husband was a successful farmer and an influential leader during the Regulator Rebellion in pre-Revolutionary North Carol...

4/21/2008 10/17/2013

William Tryon was a British soldier and colonial administrator who served as governor of the Province of North Carolina (1765–1771) and the Province of New York (1771–1780). William Tryon was bor...

3/17/2009 10/17/2013

General Hugh Waddell (c.1734 - 1773)

) Hugh Waddell (c. 1734 – April 9, 1773) was a prominent military figure in the Province of North Carolina during its control by the Kingdom of Great Britain. Waddell formed and led a provincial mi...

10/17/2013 10/17/2013

Capt. Benjamin Merrill MP (1731 - 1771)

Red Flagged: "THIS LINE MAY NOT BE USED FOR MEMBERSHIP IN THE DAR."[ ] Created: 2002-03-27 23:23:50.97, Updated: , By: Conversion 1) BATTLE OF THE ALAMANCE WHICH IS NOT ACCEPTED AS REV SERVICE. The B...

9/14/2007 10/16/2013