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Bartow Hawes (November 15, 1869 – July 31, 1947) was an American politician who served as a Democratic member of the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate from Missouri.Born in Covington, Kentucky, Hawes move...

1/25/2012 8/25/2017

Henry Ernest Cooper (1857 - 1929)

Ernest Cooper (1857–1929) was an American lawyer who moved to the Kingdom of Hawaii and became prominent in Hawaiian politics in the 1890s. He was the first Territory of Hawaii Attorney General, 1899–1...

6/14/2015 6/14/2015

Jared Knapp Smith (1849 - 1897)

Jared Knapp Smith (1849–1897) became a physician and carried on his father's medical practice. He was shot dead on September 24, 1897. It was suspected to be in retaliation for ordering patients suspec...

6/14/2015 6/14/2015

Owen Smith (1848–1929) was a lawyer from a family of American missionaries who participated in the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii. He served as attorney general for the entire duration of the provi...

6/14/2015 6/14/2015

Hon. Peter Cushman Jones (1837 - 1922)

"Peter Cushman Jones", "Minister of Finance"

Cushman Jones (1837–1922) was a businessman and politician during the Kingdom of Hawaii, Provisional Government of Hawaii, Republic of Hawaii and Territory of Hawaii. He founded the second bank in the ...

6/13/2015 6/13/2015

Alfred Wellington Carter (1867 - 1949)

Wellington Carter (April 27, 1867 – April 27, 1949) was a lawyer and judge in the Republic of Hawaii and the Territory of Hawaii who managed the Parker Ranch.-------------------------------------------...

2/29/2012 6/13/2015

Biography== William Hyde Rice, Governor of Kauai was born on July 23, 1846, in Honolulu, Honolulu County, Hawaii, United States. His parents were William Harrison Rice and Mary Sophia Rice . He was a F...

1/10/2010 6/13/2015

Charles Montague Cooke (1849–1909) was a businessman during the Kingdom of Hawaii, Republic of Hawaii, and Territory of Hawaii.* US census*Wikipedia: Charles Montague Cooke

2/3/2011 6/13/2015

William Dewitt Alexander MP (1833 - 1913)

(see below)William Dewitt Alexander, son of Rev. William P. Alexander, was b. in Honolulu on Apr. 2,1833. He m. July 18,1860, with ABIGAIL CHARLOTTE BALDWIN, dau. of Dwight Baldwin and Charlotte Fowler...

10/14/2008 6/13/2015

James A. King (1833 - 1899)

Anderson King (December 4, 1832 – October 16, 1899) was a ship's master who became a politician of the Republic of Hawaii.LifeJames Anderson King was born in Bridge of Allan, Scotland in December 4, 18...

6/18/2008 6/13/2015

Benjamin Franklin Dillingham MP (1844 - 1918)

Benjamin Dillingham From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaBenjamin Franklin Dillingham (September 4, 1844-April 7, 1918) was an important businessman and industrialist during the late Kingdom of Hawaii ...

7/23/2009 6/13/2015

Robert William Wilcox ("Iron Duke of Hawaiʻi") (1855 - 1903)

"Iron Duke Of Hawaii Wilcox"

William Kalanihiapo Wilcox (February 15, 1855 – October 23, 1903), nicknamed the Iron Duke of Hawaiʻi, was a native Hawaiian revolutionary soldier and politician. He led uprisings against both the gove...

2/14/2013 6/12/2015

James Bicknell Castle (1855 - 1918)

Bicknell Castle (1855–1918) was a Honolulu businessman in times of the Kingdom of Hawaii, Republic of Hawaii and Territory of Hawaii.LifeJames Bicknell Castle was born November 27, 1855 in Honolulu. Hi...

1/7/2013 6/12/2015

William Richards Castle MP (1849 - 1935)

Richards Castle (1849–1935) was a lawyer and politician in the Kingdom of Hawaii and Republic of Hawaii.FamilyWilliam Richards Castle was born in Honolulu March 19, 1849. His father was Samuel Northrup...

1/7/2013 6/12/2015

From Lost Kingdom by Julia Flynn Siler=Sanford Ballard Dole - A missionary's son and cousin of the Dole Food Company (Hawaiian Pineapple Co.) founder who described himself as "of American blood but Haw...

10/28/2011 6/12/2015

D. Howard Hitchcock (1861 - 1943)

Howard Hitchcock (1861–1943) was an American painter of the Volcano School, known for his depictions of Hawaii.LifeDavid Howard Hitchcock was born May 15, 1861 in Hilo, Hawaii. Since his father was als...

1/7/2013 6/12/2015

Edward Griffin Hitchcock (1837 - 1898)

""Holy Terror""

Griffin "Holy Terror" Hitchcock (1837–1898) was a law enforcement officer in the Kingdom of Hawaii, who rose to the position of Marshal of the Republic of Hawaii.LifeEdward Griffin Hitchcock was born J...

1/7/2013 6/12/2015

William Fessenden Allen (1831 - 1906)

Fessenden Allen (1831–1906) was an American businessman in the Kingdom of Hawaii and Republic of Hawaii.LifeWilliam Fessenden Allen was born December 19, 1831 in Bangor, Maine. His mother was Sarah Eli...

1/11/2013 6/12/2015

Lorrin Andrews Thurston MP (1858 - 1931)

From the book Lost Kingdom by Julia Flynn Siler=Lorrin Andrews Thurston - A grandson of New England missionaries to the islands, Thurston was a fiery orator, lawyer, and entrepreneur who led Lili'u 's ...

6/25/2008 6/12/2015