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Jacinta Rafaela MP (deceased)

Jacinta Rafaela was a Chinese mestiza. She is believed to be the daughter of a Christian Chinese and a Chinese mestiza. The "Rafaela" part of her name was very likely added in adulthood, in honor of th...

3/22/2009 6/29/2012

Agustin Chinco MP (deceased)

Agustin Chinco, of Chinchew, China, was a rice merchant. "His baptismal record suggests that he was an educated man, as already indicated, for the name of his town proved a puzzle till a present-day Do...

3/22/2009 6/29/2012

Regina Ursua MP (deceased)

Regina Ursua was of Spanish, Chinese and Tagalog ancestry. She is sometimes referred to as an Ochoa. According to alternative oral histories, Regina was wedded to the lawyer in second marriage, being...

9/23/2009 6/29/2012

Manuel de Quintos, I MP (deceased)

Manuel de Quintos was a lawyer and served as the municipal captain of Lingayan, Pangasinan. Source: Craig, Austin. "Lineage, Life and Labors of Jose Rizal". Manila: Philippine Education Company, 1913.

6/14/2011 6/29/2012

Manuel F. de Quintos MP (deceased)

Manuel de Quintos was an attorney (like his father) and whose family were Chinese mestizos of Pangasinan. He graduated from Santo Tomás University, Source: Craig, Austin. "Lineage, Life and Labors of...

9/23/2009 6/29/2012

Gregorio Alonso MP (deceased)

Captain Gregorio Alonzo, was a native of Quiotan barrio, served as municipal captain twice, in 1763 and in 1768. He headed the Chinese mestizos’ organization of the Santa Cruz district in Manila. Sou...

3/25/2011 6/29/2012

Cipriano Alonso MP (b. - 1804)

Cipriano Alonzo served at the municipal captain of Biñan in 1797. Source: Craig, Austin. "Lineage, Life and Labors of Jose Rizal". Manila: Philippine Education Company, 1913.

4/18/2010 6/29/2012

María Alejandro MP (c.1771 - 1817)

The origins of Maria Florentina need to be clarified. Panlasigui lists her as belonging to the famous FlorentinA Clan of Baliuag, Bulacan. Craig alludes to her connection to the affluent FlorentinO...

9/23/2009 6/29/2012

Lorenzo Alberto Alonzo MP (c.1790 - c.1854)

Lorenzo Alberto Florentina Alonzo was believed to be a descendant of Lakandula, a Bornean Moslem (as traced by Mr. Luther Parker in his study of the Pampangan migration from oral histories). Lorenzo ...

9/23/2009 6/29/2012

Teodora de Quintos Alonso MP (1827 - 1911)

Teodora Alonzo was the mother of Philippine national hero Jose Rizal, and a native of Sta. Cruz, Manila. She was known for being a disciplinarian as well as a dedicated, courteous and hard-working moth...

7/31/2008 6/29/2012

Francisco Alejandro Mercado MP (1818 - 1898)

Francisco Mercado was only eight years old when his father died. He attended the Latin school in Biñan where his sons would later matriculate. He also attended the Colegio de San Jose in Manila where h...

6/30/2008 6/29/2012

Juan Monica Mercado MP (c.1770 - c.1834)

Juan Mercado lived in a large stone house in the center of Biñan, Laguna; and was known as "Capitan Juan". Like his father, Juan served as the town's capitan del pueblo (in 1808, 1813, and 1823). On ma...

6/30/2008 6/29/2012

Bernarda Vargas Monicha MP (c.1729 - d.)

Cirila Bernarda Monicha was a Chinese mestiza born in the Hacienda San Pedro Tunasan; but being orphaned early, she had to live in Biñan with relatives where she met her future husband. Source: Panla...

6/30/2008 6/29/2012

Francisco Chinco Mercado MP (c.1731 - 1801)

Francisco Chinco Mercado was named after a mestizo Friar (Francisco) known for his botanical studies and after an honest Spanish encomiendero (Mercado) who lived in the region. Francisco became an in...

3/17/2009 6/29/2012

柯長豊 Cua Siong-co MP (deceased)

"Cua Na"

The name Siong-co appears in the baptismal certificate of Domingo Lam-co. Sources: Cua / Ke Clan Genealogy. Siongque, Fookien, China. Panlasigui, Isidro. "Dr. Jose Rizal's Chinese Ancestry". Fo...

3/10/2010 6/28/2012

Domingo Lamco (Mercado) MP (1662 - c.1732)

"柯儀南", "柯南", "Lam Cua", "Cua Yi Lam", "Ke Yi-nan"

Lam-co (also called Cua Lam, Cua Yi Lam in Hokkien or Ke Yi-nan in Mandarin) was a native of Sionque, in the Chinchew district of the province of Fookien. He moved to the Philippines due the growing po...

6/30/2008 6/28/2012

Angel Tiaoqui Hidalgo MP (c.1918 - 1991)

Angel Tiaoqui Hidalgo completed his education at the Ateneo de Manila and the Ohio State University. He was inducted into the Order of the Knights of Rizal in 1953 and was sent to Hong Kong in 1960 by ...

6/14/2011 4/6/2012

Olimpia Ubaldo-Lozano was the grandniece of Jose Rizal. She was a renowned educator at the Centro Escular University. She was the second woman to receive the Philippine Legion of Honor, for her meritor...

8/14/2009 7/16/2011

Aristeo Rizal Ubaldo MP (c.1886 - 1954)

Dr. Aristeo Rizal Ubaldo was a nephew of Jose Rizal. As a young man, he would write letters to his expatriated uncle, telling him of his progress at the Ateneo de Manila. A pioneering specialist in opt...

8/14/2009 7/16/2011

Antonio Rizal Lopez MP (1880 - c.1928)

Antonio Rizal Lopez was Jose Rizal's nephew, His wife Emiliana was his first cousin. Antonio was one of only two godsons of Jose Rizal. Together with other family members, they made the journey to visi...

3/31/2009 7/16/2011

Narcisa Rizal-Lopez MP (1852 - 1939)

Narcisa Rizal was the third eldest sibling of Jose Rizal. She was a teacher and a musician by profession. It was Narcisa who looked for and found the unmarked grave of Dr. Jose Rizal at the Paco cemete...

3/17/2009 7/16/2011

Emiliana Rizal-Lopez MP (1888 - d.)

Emiliana Decena Rizal is Jose Rizal's niece. Her husband, Antonio Rizal Lopez, was her first cousin. More here: Source: "Philippines, Marriages, 1723-1957," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 22 Fe...

3/31/2009 7/16/2011

Paciano Alonso Mercado MP (1851 - 1930)


Paciano Rizal Mercado was a revolutionary general and gentleman farmer. The oldest brother of Jose Rizal, he supported his brother financially by sending him to Europe to study. He was also a big influ...

3/17/2009 7/16/2011

Saturnina Rizal-Hidalgo MP (1850 - 1913)


Saturnina "Neneng" Rizal-Hidalgo is the eldest of Rizal's siblings. More here:

3/17/2009 7/16/2011

Dr. Jose Rizal MP (1861 - 1896)


Jose Protacio "Pepe" Mercado Rizal is the Philippine national hero, whose writings inspired the Filipino movement for freedom from Spanish rule. More here: . During his stay in Spain, Rizal became th...

7/31/2008 3/28/2011