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  • Pierre-Joachim Lévesque (1682 - 1759)
    Lévesque was born January 24, 1682. He was baptized on April 21 of the same year at Grande-Anse (Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière). His godfather was Pier Saint-Pierre and his godmother, mother Saint-Joachi...
  • Joseph-Robert Lévesque (1684 - 1755)
    Joseph Lévesque was born December 11, 1684, and baptized on January 6, 1685, at Rivière-Ouelle. His baptism is the second act recorded in the Rivière-Ouelle church register. His godfather was Joseph Re...
  • Theodule Levesque (1789 - 1863)
  • Eugene Levesque, Sr (1820 - d.)

An attempt to located and join together the descendants of Robert Levesque. Anyone who believes they are decended from Robert, please ask to join, any information you have would be greatly appreciated.

Robert Lévesque, son of Pierre Lévesque and Marie Caumont, was baptized September 3, 1642, at Hautot-Saint-Sulpice, Upper Normandy, France. His godfather was Robert Lévesque and his godmother, Anne Gontier. As his parents married in Hautot-Saint-Sulpice on October 27, 1641, one can assume he is the eldest of the family. We know Robert had one brother, François, baptized on April 5, 1644. Jean-Baptiste-François Deschamps de la Bouteillerie, gentleman from the region of Caux, the same area Robert Lévesque is from, was promised a seigniory by the king of France. At the end of June 1671, Deschamps sailed from Dieppe on the Saint-Jean-Baptiste with two carpenters, two masons and four laborers. Robert Lévesque was probably one of the carpenters. On October 29, 1672, lord Deschamps received the grant of the seigniory of la Bouteillerie. Chances are he was already working on his land as early as 1672, maybe even before the date of the grant.

Robert worked first as a carpenter during the construction of the lord’s manor. Then, on November 10, 1674, lord Deschamps gave him a tract of land of 12 by 30 acres southeast of the Houel river. A 1683 transaction pushed the depth of the land to 42 acres. His immediate neighbor was Gallerand Boucher and his second neighbor, Damien Bérubé, a mason also recruited by lord Deschamps.

Robert built his house and started to clear the land. For 20 months, between 1675 and 1677, he worked on the building site of the “Petit Séminaire” of Québec. The ledger of the Petit Séminaire shows that he was hired to work “on the framework” during his last four-month contract.

On April 22, 1679, Robert Lévesque married Jeanne Chevalier, the widow of Guillaume Le Canteur at L’Ange-Gardien, QC. She was the daughter of Jacques-Alexandre (Le) Chevalier and Marguerite Scormian of St-Nicolas de Coutances (or of Dieppe), Normandy. She arrived in New France during the same year as Robert Lévesque and married Guillaume Le Canteur on October 19, 1671. She had three sons from Le Canteur. Robert Lévesque adopted them and raised them as his own children. None of the Le Canteur children married and have descendants.

Robert Levesque died on September 11, 1699, at Rivière-Ouelle at the age of 57. After Robert’s death, Jeanne Chevalier married lord Deschamps in 1701. He died in 1703 and Jeanne passed away on November 24, 1716.

Robert Lévesque looked after the building of the first church of Rivière-Ouelle. He was also one of locals who fought back Phipps’ troops at Rivière-Ouelle Point in 1690. During his lifetime, Robert Lévesque built a substantial estate, especially after he purchased three properties from Joseph Renaud in 1692. At the end of his life, he owned two properties of 12 by 42 acres and three other smaller ones. Jeanne, on her part, inherited a piece of land granted by lord Deschamps to her son Nicolas Le Canteur who died in 1692. The Lévesque-Chevalier couple can be considered to be relatively wealthy.

Robert Lévesque and Jeanne Chevalier had six children: five sons and one daughter:

François-Robert was born February 12, 1680, at Rivière-Ouelle. He was baptized on the 14th in the lord of la Bouteillerie’s manor. Lord Deschamps and his wife, Gertrude Macard, are his godparents. François-Robert married Marie-Charlotte Aubert, November 7, 1701, at Rivière-Ouelle. She was the daughter of Félix Aubert and Claire-Françoise Thibault of Château-Richer. The couple settled in the northeast section of the Ouelle river, on one of the lands purchased from Joseph Renaud. In 1730-1731, François-Robert operated a pitchworks at Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière. The couple had 13 children; eight sons and five daughters. Three sons and a daughter choose spouses from the family of Mathurin Bérubé, son of Damien, Robert’s second neighbor on the Sud-de-la-Rivière tier. François-Robert died October 7, 1765, at the age of 85, only a few months after his wife Charlotte had passed away on March 25. She was 82 years old. Among Robert Levesque’s children, the descendants of François-Robert Lévesque and Charlotte Aubert are the most numerous.

Pierre-Joachim Lévesque was born January 24, 1682. He was baptized on April 21 of the same year at Grande-Anse (Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière). His godfather was Pier Saint-Pierre and his godmother, mother Saint-Joachim, a nun from the “Hospitalière” order, aunt of the lord Deschamps. He married Angélique Letartre, daughter of Charles Letartre and Marie Maheu, on June 30, 1705, at L’Ange-Gardien. His father-in-law was one of the witnesses who signed the marriage contract of Robert Lévesque and Jeanne Chevalier in 1679. The bride was 17 years old and he was 23. Pierre-Joachim inherited the paternal homestead and one third of the land of his father. His widowed mother resided in the same house. The couple had 13 children: seven sons and six daughters. Angélique Letartre died on January 30, 1742, and was buried on the 31st in Rivière-Ouelle. Pierre-Joachim died on November 8, 1759, at Rivière-Ouelle at 76 years of age. His death occurred at the fall of Quebec City, at a time when the inhabitants feared the effects of an English presence in the area. Joseph Lévesque was born December 11, 1684, and baptized on January 6, 1685, at Rivière-Ouelle. His baptism is the second act recorded in the Rivière-Ouelle church register. His godfather was Joseph Renaud, from whom his father purchased the lands in 1692, and his godmother, Marie Gobeil, wife of Pierre Hudon, a neighbor from the other side of the river. Joseph married Marie-Angélique Meneux, daughter of the late Jacques Meneux and Marguerite LePreuvier, on November 16, 1704, at Rivière-Ouelle. He inherited the southwest eight acres of the paternal land and consequently had his brother, Pierre-Joachim, as a neighbor. The couple had 10 children; five sons and five daughters. Joseph died at the age of 70 on February 12, 1755, a few years before his wife Angélique who died March 9, 1759, year of war. Jean-Baptiste Lévesque, born October 13, 1686, at Rivière-Ouelle, died in December 1687. A second Jean-Baptiste Lévesque, born February 3, 1688, at Rivière-Ouelle, is buried March 11, 1688. Marie-Anne Lévesque, born October 3, 1690, at Rivière-Ouelle, died October 13, 1690. Robert Lévesque and Jeanne Chevalier three surviving sons gave the largest number of Levesque descendants in North America.