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Roberts Families of Eastern Pennsylvania (Bucks County. primarily)

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A project that attempts to add more 19th century Bucks County/Montgomery County ROBERTS surnames to the World Family Tree here on Geni and to find interconnections

rotating_world.gif Click on the map, here to the right, and enlarge it to see some of the townships. ROBERTS heads of households of the 1810 census are listed below.


This project was origianaly conceived to look for the parents of Phebe Saxton (Roberts). Now that those parents have been found, the project has morphed into being a general research tool for all Roberts family members of the Bucks County area in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Please add profiles.

Roberts is a very common surname for this region and there are many unrelated ROBERTS families. Some are Quaker and many are not; some are Scots; some are Welsh. Some were part of the Presbyterian church. Some were part of the Low Dutch Reformed Church. {~• MMvB vol. curator, last edit August 2020 •~}

interactive Bucks County mapping

  1. Lower Makefield 1798 < includes Peter Roberts

Use of Symbols

  1. The icn_favorite.gif mark was used to indicate suggestions for the father of Phebe Saxton. He has been found.
  2. external/twitter_bird_small.gif each use of this Phoebe bird indicates where there is a ROBERTS household where there was a candidate female child under 10 years old who might have been Phebe Saxton
  3. ✖ rules out a ROBERTS household either because there was no female child under 10 or that these households females had all been identified and none were names Phebe...

Look at the summary list further down the page and then...

Join the discussions

There is a separate discussion for each ROBERTS household.

  1. (Code1) James Roberts of Bensalem ~• is descended from William Roberts of Moreland
  2. (Code12)Levi Roberts of Milford
  3. Code 16B David Roberts of Newtown And formerly, Richland. David married Elizabeth Stokes in Wrightown (1804)
  4. icn_favorite.gif (Code17) James Roberts
  5. (Code18) JOSEPH ROBERTS of Plumstead may be Joseph Roberts, yeoman but his wife would have to be Abigail (search wills)
  6. (Code20) David Roberts of Richland
  7. (Code22) Evan Roberts of Richland
  8. (Code27) Pvt.John Roberts of Warwick Township whose brother Jonathan died before 1810. But Jonathan had a a son (Code 28) Jonathan (JONT) Roberts but, after seeing Jonathan of Warwick's will, no daughter named Phebe.
  9. (Code26) Joseph Roberts of Warrington with two candidate daughters Joseph Roberts of Warrington Township
  10. a discussion of (Code28) JONT ROBERTS is included above in the discussion of (Code 27) Pvt. John, his uncle.
  11. (Code29) John Roberts of Wrightstown
  12. (Code30) Joseph Roberts of Wrightstown
  13. General Notes


  1. (In later life) Phoebe belonged to the Langhorne Attleborough United Methodist Church
  2. Phebe and family members are buried in Richboro's Union cemetery a few miles east of Newtown.
  3. By 1820 Phebe and Joseph were the parents of Plumley Saxton, Company I, 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry "Bridgetown") on the border of Northampton and Middletown Townships. Was Phebe married at age 18-19? If so, where?
  4. There is a Bridgetown Pike that crosses the Neshaminy at Feasterville-Trevose, Pennsylvania. Where Phoebe's son Plumley Saxton, Company I, 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry was born.
  5. the notation " {1F u10} " means 1 female under 10... so {2F u10} mean two females under 10
  6. The 'tactic' of this project is to identify the households in Bucks County 1810 that have female children under 10 years old and then start eliminations. A tally is chronicled in the <Prime Township> list (below).
  7. Resolution on 1/9/2017

Prime Townships

~• The list below is arranged alphabetically by county, by township.
~• However, some townships in this list are better candidates as Phebe and her husband Joseph lived on the border of Northampton and Middletown Townships just south of Newtown. >> Map with house located
~• Consequently, as of Sept. 2016, the scrutiny has become focused on Roberts individuals who lived and worked close to Northampton Township.
~• Central to the project is the realization that the Phebe Roberts/Joseph Saxton couple were not Quakers

Bucks County Roberts Surnames in the 1810 Census


  1. external/twitter_bird_small.gif (Code1) JAMES ROBERTS {1F u10} descended from the immigrant William Roberts of Moreland ; 1820 Census Bensalem note two James Roberts ~• James Sr. disappears from ancestry dot com records thereafter (Bensalem Historical Society (215) 639-6575) 3211 Knight's Road, Bensalem PA 19020


  1. external/twitter_bird_small.gif (Code2) BENJAMIN ROBERTS 8... {3F u10}
  2. ✖ (Code3) BENJAMIN ROBERTS 4... (no females under 10)
  3. external/twitter_bird_small.gif (Code4) EVERARD ROBERTS 11... {1F u10} ~• Probably Everard Roberts
  4. external/twitter_bird_small.gif (Code5) JESSE ROBERTS 5... {1F u10}


  1. PETER ROBERTS (on 1798 Map) (Patriot of Lwr. Make. 1775 Company under VanSant; Captain Bennett's Light Dragoons w/John Roberts


  1. ✖ (Code6) ABEL ROBERTS 10... (1770-1837) ..son of John & Margaret (Gaskill), Husband of Martha (Penrose) ; 10 children (no Phebe) (1796..1817) NO! but here is the Orphan's Court: page 4829 in the year 1837
  2. ✖ (Code7) DAVID ROBERTS 8... (?) (1758-1828) ~• females : two 10-16; two 16-15 ~• is listed in Orphan's Court Page 3711
  3. external/twitter_bird_small.gif (Code8) EDWD ROBERTS 9... female children: one under 10; one 10-15; one 16-25
  4. ✖ (Code9) ISRAEL ROBERTS 9... no females under 10
  5. ✖ (Code11) JESSE ROBERTS 1... ~• possibly: Jesse Penrose
  6. external/twitter_bird_small.gif (Code12) LEVI ROBERTS 9... {2F u10} ~• perhaps> Levi Roberts

~• comment: Milford is in the far northwest of Bucks, far from the families that later married into the Phebe Saxton (Roberts) line


  1. ✖ (Code13) THOMAS ROBERTS 6... {0F u10} (There was an earlier William Roberts living in New Britain who was a slave holder, perhaps his father. See: list


  1. external/twitter_bird_small.gif (Code14) ISRAEL ROBERTS 4...{1F u10}
  2. external/twitter_bird_small.gif (Code 15) SAMUEL ROBERTS 10... {2F u10} & 1 free Black
  3. external/twitter_bird_small.gif (Code 16) STACY ROBERTS 7... {1F u10}
    1. wife Sarah, Child: Susannah Blaker (1818-1912)
  4. ✖ (Code 16B) DAVID ROBERTS 10... Free White Persons - Females - 16 thru 25: 1 (IN 1820)

Newtown Historic Association events

NORTHAMPTON The first Europeans to come to the Township were English immigrants who arrived with William Penn in the late 1600s. It was these settlers who named the area after Northamptonshire, a small village outside of London. The Township was incorporated in 1722. By that time, Dutch farmers joined the English colonists to settle in places destined to become known as Richboro, Holland, Churchville, Rocksville, Addisville, and Jacksonville—all located within Northampton Township.
Source: Northampton Township

  1. icn_favorite.gif external/twitter_bird_small.gif (Code17) JAMES ROBERTS 9... {1F u10} photo ; Possible daughters: see photo of marriage record for Caroline
  2. CHARLES ROBERTS IN 1820 ~• has a female 10-16 and there is Edmund Plumley in the same township
  3. PHOEBE ROBERTS who married James Thom(p)son in 1800 at Northampton Presbyterian church in Churchville

In 1761 Northampton contained one hundred and thirteen taxables. In 1784 it had seven hundred and twenty-two white inhabitants, ninety-one blacks, and one hundred and eight dwellings. In 1810 the population was 1,411; 1830, 1,151 inhabitants and 311 taxables; 1840, 1,694; 1850, 1,843; 1860, 2,048; and 1870, 1,896, of which 111 were of foreign-birth[; 1880, 1,768; 1890, 2,049; 1900, 1,522. The area is fourteen thousand three hundred and eighty acres.

The Vansants were early Southampton Township (Bucks Co.) settlers:

As the location and soil were inviting, settlers flocked in rapidly, and in 1709 we find the additional names of Stephen Sands, John Vansant, Thomas Cutler, James Carter, John Naylor, Joseph Webb, John Frost, John Shaw, Clement Dungan, Jeremiah Dungan, James Carrell, John Morris, Thomas Dungan, John Clark, David Griffith, Christopher Day, Nathaniel West, William Gregory, and Samuel Selers. The Dungans were sons of Reverend Thomas Dungan, the same who emigrated from Rhode Island, and organized the Baptist church at Cold spring, near Bristol, in 1684. Joseph Dungan, grandson of the Reverend Thomas, died August 25, 1785, in his seventy-sixth year [78th*] and was buried at Southampton. We find no further mention of Thomas Cutler, but William, who was an early settler there, died in 1714. They were probably brothers of John Cutler, who made the re-survey of the county in 1702-3. James Carter died in 1714. John Morris bought 582 acres of ]

  1. []
  2. Phebe Saxton
    James Plumley in 1698, which lay in the upper part of the township, between the Street road and county line, and a considerable part, if not all, north of the Middle road. When the re-survey was made, in 1702, Thomas Harding was one of the largest land owners in the township, his acres numbering 618. Joseph Tomlinson was there early, and died in 1723. April 20, 1705, 417 acres were surveyed, by warrant, to Thomas Callowhill, the father-in-law of William Penn, situated in the upper part of the township, and bounded by the Street road and Warminster line. It covered the site of Davisville. John, Thomas, and Richard Penn inherited this tract from their grandfather Callowhill, and January, 20, 1734, they conveyed 149 acres by patent to Stephen Watts. The land of John Morris bounded this tract on the southwest."(Plumley figures in Robert's family marriage. And, Lieut Thomas Dungan was a landlord to a James Roberts, who is probably the (Code17) James Roberts in this study)PLUMSTEAD{{external/twitter_bird_small.gif}}(Code18) JOSEPH ROBERTS 5... 1,-,-,-,1 || 1,1,-,1,- {1F u10}✖ (Code19) MARGARET ROBERTS 2... (out of range){{sticker_new_right.gif}} (Code33) JOHN ROBERTS : appears in the 1800 Septennial Census for Plumstead PA at #180 on the list (not well known by as to who this man is) > might he be the paternal grandfather of ?RICHLAND~• Map of Richland Township in 1754. < There were many Roberts of the same line.
  3. external/twitter_bird_small.gif (Code20) DAVID ROBERTS 7...female children in 1810: two under10; one 16-25 discussion ~• may not be the same as ✖ (Code 16B) DAVID ROBERTS 10... Free White Persons - Females - 16 thru 25: 1 (IN 1820)
  4. ✖ (Code21) ENOCH ROBERTS 7... (no females under 10) & in the Orphan's Court in 1855 on page 7333 (Bucks County)
  5. external/twitter_bird_small.gif (Code22) EVAN ROBERTS 8... {3F u10} ~• Evan has a brother Nathan Roberts
  6. external/twitter_bird_small.gif (Code23) JOHN ROBERTS 11... {4F u10} (may be married to Sarah Myers with 9 total children : 1803-1818)


  1. external/twitter_bird_small.gif (Code24) JOHN ROBERTS 9... {3F u10}
  2. William Roberts of Solebury: Will: Apr 6, 1810 ; Proved: Sep 17, 1812 ; Wife Grace ; 6 sons; 3 daughters (none named Phebe) Book 8, pg 303


  1. ✖ (Code25) ABRAHAM ROBERTS (bap. 22 Sep 1771) ; (Code32) HENRY L. ROBERTS (bap. 16 May, 1776; (Code33) JESSE ROBERTS (born 1 Oct 1781) ~• all three sons of John and Jannetje (Bennet) ROBERTS; Dutch Reformed Church of North and Southampton Township. Note, in particular, that Abraham married Elizabeth Kroisen but they had a dau. born with a conflicting birth date


  1. ✖ (Code25) DAVID ROBERTS 6... female children : 2 16-25

The earliest return of the inhabitants of Warminster that has met our notice was made over a century [and a quarter ago*], but the exact date is not given. It comprises a list of housekeepers and single men, with the quantity of land owned by each, the acres in with corn, with the cattle, sheep, etc. There were then but fifty-eight housekeepers and twelve single men in the township. Joseph Hart was the largest land-owner, 435 acres, with 300 acres cleared and sixty in with corn. He owned twenty-four cattle, eight horse and thirty-five sheep. Daniel Longstreth was the next, who owned 410 acres, 200 cleared and forty-four in with corn. He was the owner of thirteen cattle, three horses and twenty-three sheep. This return gives 2,801 acres of cleared land, of which 607 were planted with corn. The whole number of domestic animals was 236 cattle, sixty-five horses, sixty-seven mares, and 278 sheep. There were but eleven negro slaves in the township. In 1784 the township contained 368 white inhabitants and 28 blacks, with 66 dwellings. The population at stated periods since 1784 was as follows: 1810, 564; 1820, 695; 1830, 709, and 155 taxables; 1840, 934; 1850, 970; 1860, 987; 1870, 840, of which 32 were of foreign birth; [1880, 1,061; 1891, 969; 1900, 973.*]


  1. external/twitter_bird_small.gif (Code26) JOSEPH ROBERTS 8... [ 1,1,-1,- || 2,1,-,1,1 ] {parents are 26-45 years old, female children {2 under 10 years} icn_favorite.gif ~• This JOSEPH may be closely related to (Code27) JOHN ROBERTS of Warwick (aka Pvt. John Roberts of Warwick )

~• On the other hand, Joseph could also be the son of John Roberts of Northampton who died in 1789 ~• this map shows two locales: 1) where the Pvt. John Roberts of Warwick farm was and 2) the cemetery in Hartsville where he was buried.


  1. ✖ (Code27) ]Pvt. John Roberts of Warwick JOHN ROBERTS] 4... {0F u10} <
  2. ✖ (Code28) JONT ROBERTS 5... {1F u10} : Jonathan Roberts of Warwick, who is the nephew of (Code27) Pvt. JOHN ROBERTS

February 13, 1733, twenty of the inhabitants of this region, namely: Robert Jamison, Benjamin Walton, William Ramsey, Alexander Breckenridge,Thomas Howell, Hugh Houston, Samuel Martin, William Miller, Jr., Valentine Santee, James Polk, Robert Sibbett, John McCollock, Arthur Bleakley, Alexander Jamison, Henry Jamison, Andrew Long, Joseph Walton, and Joseph Roberts, petitioned the court of quarter sessions to organize it into atownship to be called Warwick, 'to extend no further in breadth than from ye north-west line, or Bristol road, to Buckingham, and in length from Northampton to New Britain.'


  1. external/twitter_bird_small.gif (Code29) JOHN ROBERTS 5... {2F u10}
  2. ✖ (Code30) JOSEPH ROBERTS 6... Died btwn. 1818 & 1824 (wife Jane; daughters: Sarah and Jane) and multiple sons (no Phebe); will has been checked. It mentions sons including a James Roberts who may be the same as (Code17) James Roberts
  3. (Code31) JOSEPH ROBERTS 6... (not a duplicate?) (Code29) Joseph did have a son Joseph...

outside resources

  2. Quaker Meetings
  3. searching Quaker Meeting Records
  4. Bucks County History
  5. Roberts burial at Newtown cemetery
  6. Roberts Ridge Park in Newtown, Bucks County
  7. Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks, with Some Account of Their Descendants: Historical and Genealogical Information about the Early Settlers in Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania (Genealogical Publishing Com, 1925 - Reference - 680 pages) search on Roberts
  8. this is a dead link but it lists resources
  9. Bucks County Marriages and Deaths,1804-1834. / Marriages and Deaths, 1804-1834. a)Bucks County Intelligencer, Doylestown, Pa. ;B) Pennsylvania Correspondent and Farmers' Advertiser; C)Bucks County Patriot, ; With Alphabetical Indices of Marriages, and Deaths Alphabetically Arranged. Copied and Arranged by the Bucks County Historical Society, Doylestown, Pa., 1924.
  10. Unsorted Wills of Bucks County ~• has been a great source for adding new profiles to the Geni World Family Tree
  11. Bucks County Genealogical Society
  12. Register of Wills searching at $25 per hour
  13. Abstracts alpha Bucks County Wills 1682-1825
  14. Wills/Estate Records (Master links)
  16. History of Neshaminy Presbyterian Church of Warwick, Hartsville, Bucks County, Pa by Douglas Kellogg Turner; Culbertson & Bache, printers, 1876 - Hartsville (Pa.) - 370 pages
  17. Graveyards in Bucks, lists
  18. The History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania: From the Discovery of the Delaware to the Present Time by William Watts Hart Davis Democrat Book and Job Office Print, 1876 - Bucks County (Pa.) - 929 pages <search on ROBERTS> see page 176 in particular (Timothy)
  19. Roberts, Elwood Old Richland Settlers Bucks County Historical Society
  20. Maps
  21. Edward Roberts settler of the "Great Swamp"
  22. Index to Roberts Wills in Bucks County
  23. Roberts : Bucks County Orphan's Court Index
  24. The York Road, Old and New by Samuel Fitch Hotchkin; Binder & Kelly, 1892
  25. Davis' History of Newtown (c.1876)
  26. Newtown HA Research facility
  27. Newtown HA home page
  28. Mercer Spruance Library
  29. 1790 PA census shelf ref. at Baker Library
  30. Rev. War Map
  31. Pat Wardell on Croesen Ms. Wardell's work is still on the internet but not at this link.
  32. Indexed 1876 Township maps
  33. Bucks County, Pennsylvania Deed Records 1684-1763 ; Davis, John David; Published by PA, 1997 ;ISBN 10: 0788407791 / ISBN 13:9780788407796
  34. Rosters of units serving in the Revolution ~• 'Roberts' appears 16 times. A few are repeats
  35. Grundy library obits of the 20th century
  36. All Pennsylvania Vital Records, Vol. II results for Roberts accessed by ancestry dot com
  37. Roberts at The History of Bucks County... By William Watts Hart Davis
  39. "Jim Roberts, the author of a very well researched paper on the (Staats) family in Bucks Co PA. A copy of this paper, The States/Staats Families of Bucks Co PA, was given to the Spruance Library in Doylestown PA". This details possible Roberts<> Staats connections see Jane Roberts States = a descendant of Phebe Saxton (Roberts). See:
  40. Gwynedd Meeting Roberts Family

Abington Township, Montgomery County

  1. (Code32) JESSE ROBERTS (1749- )who m. MARY WILSON (no Phebe)

Philadelphia County

~• There is a document in this project that addresses the northern Townships of Phila. County > Tabulation of the PA 1790 Census

1> Byberry Township

2> Moreland Township
~• note Moreland later became Upper and Lower Moreland Townships in Montgomery County

~• both these townships are worthy of study as families of the 18th century moved out and away from Philadelphia to Bucks County. One Roberts family that did so was that of
icn_favorite.gif William Roberts of Moreland . See: (Code1) James Roberts of Bensalem .

Promising cemeteries with Roberts burials