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Rough Riders- TROOP M

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  • Robert H. Bruce Captain Mineola, Tex.
  • Ode C. Nichols 1st Lieutenant Durant, I. T.
  • Albert S. Johnson 2d Lieutenant Oklahoma City, O. T.
  • Harry E. Berner 1st Sergeant Durant, I. T.
  • Joseph L. Smith Q. M. Sergeant Caddo, I. T.
  • William E. Lloyd Sergeant Durant, I. T.
  • Frederick E. Nichols Sergeant Purcell, I. T.
  • Morency A. Hawkins Sergeant Tioga, Tex.
  • Wilbert L. Poole Sergeant Durant, I. T.
  • Otis B. Weaver Sergeant Mt. Vernon, Tex.
  • Henry C. Foley Sergeant Muscogee, I. T.
  • Samuel Downing Corporal Atoka, I. T.
  • Charles S. Lynch Corporal Caddo, I. T.
  • John N. Jackson Corporal Caddo, I. T.
  • Frank U. Talman Corporal So. McAlester, I. T.
  • Hiram S. Creech Corporal Durant, I. T.
  • Charles J. Fandru Corporal Caddo, I. T.
  • Theodore E. Schulz Corporal Tampa, Fla.
  • William G. Jones Corporal Ardmore, I. T.
  • Frank Marion Trumpeter Muscogee, I. T.
  • Charles J. Hokey Trumpeter Krebs, I. T.
  • John McMullen Wagoner Ardmore, I. T.
  • John Hall Farrier Durant, I. T.
  • Cragg Parsons Blacksmith Ardmore, I. T.
  • Luther M. Kiethly Saddler Hartshorn, I. T.
  • Samuel Young Chief Cook Caddo, I. T.



  • Allaun, Jacob, Sapulpa, I. T.
  • Byrd, Samuel J. W., Muscogee, I. T.
  • Boydstun, John F., Caddo, I. T.
  • Barlow, John W., Caddo, I. T.
  • Barrington, John P., Ardmore, I. T.
  • Baird, Thompson M., Thurber, Tex.
  • Brierty, Thomas, Tampa, Fla.
  • Butler, Peter L., Kiowa, I. T.
  • Beal, Andy R., Durant, I. T.
  • Bruce, Peter R., Wagoner, I. T.
  • Brown, Leon, Ardmore, I. T.
  • Barney, Leland, Ardmore, I. T.
  • Burks, Jesse S., Ardmore, I. T.
  • Case, George, Durant, I. T.
  • Calhoun, Wesley, Durant, I. T.
  • Carter, Arthur E., Ardmore, I. T.
  • Carden, Horace W., Ardmore, I. T.
  • Cox, Walter, Durant, I. T.
  • Cooper, Bud G., Muscogee, I. T.
  • Dorell, Charles, Vinita, I. T.
  • Duping, Joseph, Muscogee, I. T.
  • Flying, Crawford D., Muscogee, I. T.
  • Fairman, Charles E., Ardmore, I. T.
  • Griffith, Ezra E., Sapulpa, I. T.
  • Garland, George W., Ardmore, I. T.
  • Hall, James T., Wagoner, I. T.
  • Hawes, Frederick W., Dennison, Tex.
  • Houchin, Willis C., Durant, I. T.
  • Hamilton, Troy, Hartshorne, I. T.
  • Howell, William, Muscogee, I. T.
  • Harris, Chester, Muscogee, I. T.
  • Hoffman, George B., Somerville, N. J.
  • Johnson, Bankston, Caddo, I. T.
  • Johnson, Charles L., Ardmore, I. T.
  • Johnson, Gordon, Birmingham, Ala.
  • Jones, Charles L., McAlester, I. T.
  • Keithly, Ora E., Hartshorn, I. T.
  • Kings, John, McAlester, I. T.
  • Kearns, Edward L., Tampa, Fla.
  • Mitchell, William, Wagoner, I. T.
  • Madden, Charles E., Brooken, I. T.
  • Murphy, William S., Caddo, I. T.
  • McPherren, Charles E., Caddo, I. T.
  • Maytubby, Bud, Caddo, I. T.
  • McDaniel, Thomas E., Muscogee, I. T.
  • McPherson, Charles E., Caddo, I. T.
  • Morrell, Robert W., Elizabeth, N. J.
  • Owens, John M., Oologah, I. T.
  • Pipkins, Virgil A., Brooken, I. T.
  • Rouse, John L., Durant, I. T.
  • Rose, Lewis W., Los Angeles, Cal.
  • Russell, Walter L., Caddo, I. T.
  • Rynerson, Benjamin A., Durant, I. T.
  • Reynolds, Benjamin F., Ardmore, I. T.
  • Ross, William E., Ardmore, I. T.
  • Roberts, William J., Vinita, I. T.
  • Sloane, Samuel P., So. McAlester, I. T.
  • Sykes, Marion, Muscogee, I. T.
  • Stewart, Henry J., Caddo, I. T.
  • Thomas, Jesse C., Caddo, I. T.
  • Tyler, Edwin, Ardmore, I. T.
  • Vickers, John W., So. McAlester, I. T.
  • Williams, Benjamin H., So. McAlester, I. T.
  • Williams, George W., Ardmore, I. T.
  • Wolfe, John W., Ardmore, I. T.
  • Webster, David, Durant, I. T.
  • Wagner, John D., Caddo, I. T.
  • Woog, Benjamin B., Washington, D. C.
  • de Zychlinski, William T., Bismarck, N. D.


  • Lane, Sanford G. Trooper Sapulpa, I. T.
  • Transferred to Troop L 1st U. S. V. C., June 8, 1898, per verbal order Reg. Com.



  • Kyle, Yancy Trooper McAlester, I. T.
  • Died of typhoid fever at Tampa, July 15, 1898. Final statements rendered and settled per Capt. Bruce.