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Royal New Zealand Fencibles (1847-1852)

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  • Mary Ann Colledge (1805 - 1895)
  • John Moran (1803 - 1851)
  • William Moore (b. - 1854)
    Death: New Zealander (3 June 1854, p. 2)
  • Richard Organ (1811 - 1858)
    Frances and Richard arrived into Auckland 27 May 1852 on the Inchinnan with their children, Sarah Ann Organ (1843-?), James Organ (1847-?), Richard Organ (1849-1910), twins John & Mary Organ were born ...
  • Frances Organ (1815 - 1900)
    Frances and Richard arrived into Auckland 27 May 1852 on the Inchinnan with their children, Sarah Ann Organ (1843-?), James Organ (1847-?), Richard Organ (1849-1910), twins John & Mary Organ were born ...

The Royal New Zealand Fencible corps were retired soldiers from Britain and Ireland, often referred to as 'Pensioners', who enlisted as a military reserve to act as a 'defence force' for the protection of the early settlers in the fledgling town of Auckland, New Zealand.

There were over 2,500 men, women and children who arrived in New Zealand during the years 1847 - 1852. They settled in the now south and eastern suburbs of Auckland, namely Onehunga, Otahuhu, Panmure and Howick. In return for availability in case of attack and attendance at parades, the Fencibles were provided with a cottage and an acre of land which after seven years service they would own. Source:

Fencible Ships:

  1. Ramillies First to arrive in Auckland on 5 August 1847.
  2. Minerva Arrived in Auckland on 8 October 1847. During the journey six children were born, and one woman and six children died.
  3. Sir Robert Sale Arrived in Auckland on 11 October 1847. There were five births and twelve deaths on the journey, including one the the newly born infants.
  4. Sir George Seymour Arrived in Auckland on 26 November 1847. There were 14 deaths during the journey, nine of which were children under 5 years of age.
  5. Clifton Arrived in Auckland on 23 January 1848. During the journey there were forty-six deaths.
  6. Ann Arrived Auckland on 16 May 1848.
  7. Berhampore Arrived in Auckland on 16 June 1849. There were seven births on the ship during the journey.
  8. Oriental Queen Arrived Auckland on 18 September 1849. There were five births of the journey.
  9. Inchinnan Arrived in Auckland on 27 May 1852. There were 10 births on the journey and 22 deaths, mostly children who contracted measles and children pox.
  10. Berwick Castle Arrived Auckland on 13 December 1852. There were six births and nine deaths on the journey.

The Fencible Whānau

(Surname - First Names - Wife - Ship - Regiment)

  1. ADDISON George Elizabeth LORD RAM Royal Eng
  2. ALEXANDER John Jane WILSON RAM 22nd Foot
  3. ALLEN John Ellen BRENNAN OQN 12th Foot
  4. ALLINGTON William Ellen WILLIAMSON MIN 97th Foot
  5. ANDERSON John Ellen CADDEN SRS 95th Foot
  6. ANSON James, Johanna LEGGETT, BER, 94th Foot
  7. ARMSTRONG Francis OQN 3rd Dragoons
  8. ARMSTRONG William Mary CONNERS MIN 29th Foot
  9. ARNOLD John RAM 57th Foot
  10. ARTHURS John Mary BEST ANN 29th Foot
  11. ASHDOWN John Elizabeth PARFITT BER 10th Foot
  12. ASHURST Henry Mary MIN 9th Foot
  13. ATKINS William, Sarah BESWICK, SGS, 3rd Foot
  14. AUCKRAM George, Catherine FLETCHER, BER, 13th Dragoons
  15. BACOT Dr John Thomas Watson, Anne Agnes MacDONALD, ANN
  16. BAILEY Thomas Mary SITTER/SETTLER (nee LINDSAY) MIN 4th Lt Dragoons
  17. BAKER John SGS 62nd Foot
  18. BALDWIN William, Sarah SHIELDS, INC, New F'land Vet
  19. BANAN John Elizabeth SGS 1st Foot
  20. BARCLAY Alexander BER Royal Art
  21. BARNETT Thomas Agnes MURRAY BC 91st Foot
  22. BARR William Susannah Eliza HARPER RAM 9th Foot
  23. BARRETT James, Sarah Anne WITMORE, BER, 49th Foot
  24. BARRETT Peter Sarah HARTLEY MIN 50th Foot
  25. BARRY Richard Nolan CLI 38th Foot
  26. BARRY William Hawksworth Mary DILLON MIN 47th Foot
  27. BARTLETT George Frances LAWRENCE INC Royal Marines
  28. BASKIVILLE Walter, Ann Marie MCFAUL, INC, 17th Dragoons
  29. BATES John RAM 2nd Foot
  30. BATES William, Harriet WHITELY, OQN, 6th Dragoons
  31. BAXTER William SGS 66th Foot
  32. BEATTIE John BER Royal Marines
  33. BEECHING John RAM Royal Art
  34. BEER Thomas Martha RAM 87th Foot
  35. BEHAN William Mary Ann BRENNAN MIN 86th Foot
  36. BELCHER John BER 31st Foot
  37. BESWICK Charles Jefferson, Harriet ROWLAND, RAM, 55th Foot
  38. BIGMORE Thomas OQN 43rd Foot
  39. BILLEY John Ellen MIN 58th Foot
  40. BIRMINGHAM Henry INC 22nd Foot
  41. BLACK John Margaret MONNAGH BC 72nd Foot
  42. BLACKBURN William, Charlotte ROSE, BER, Sappers & Mrs
  43. BLIGHTON Leighton BER Grenadier Gds
  44. BOGGS Joseph Eliza WILSON / WILKIE ANN 31st Foot
  45. BOLTON John Ann INC 16th Foot
  46. BOLTON Lieut Col R E RAM Royal Eng
  47. BONFIELD Patrick Mary SHANAGHAN RNZ 58th Foot
  48. BONNER Alexander, Maria GLASS, BER, 20th Foot
  49. BOOTH William John RAM Royal Marines
  50. BOWES Denis Alice RAM 59th Foot
  51. BOYLE Thomas Ellen FANNAN SRS 95th Foot
  52. BOYT William Mary MATHIAS RAM Royal Marines
  53. BRAD Benjamin OQN Royal Marines
  54. BRADBURN John Bridget BER 37th Foot
  55. BRADLEY Joseph Sarah BETHAL BER 94th Foot
  56. BRADSHAW Thomas Eliza OQN 4th Dragoons
  57. BRADY Peter Margaret DOWNEY MIN 31st Foot
  58. BRAILY John Emma LEE BC Royal Marines
  59. BRAIN James Harriet SOUTHWELL SGS 63rd Foot
  60. BREEN William Margaret WALSH ANN 39th Foot
  61. BRENNAN James OQN 95th Foot
  62. BRENNAN Joseph Anne MOORE CLI 17th Foot
  63. BRENNAN Michael Mary FURLONG BER 21st Foot
  64. BRENNAN Michael Judith FLAHERTY CLI 94th Foot
  65. BRENNAN Patrick MIN 15th Dragoons
  66. BRIDGFORD John Emily HONEYBONE SGS 41st Foot
  67. BRIERLY, Henry, Catherine CONNELL, BER, 49th Foot
  68. BRINDLE Henry Mary LANCASTER INC East India Co
  69. BRIODY John Mary CLI 14th Dragoons
  70. BRODERICK John Catherine BC 15th Foot
  71. BROPHY Michael Anne BC 13th Foot
  72. BROWN James Ann KAY BER 98th Foot
  73. BROWN James CLI 65th Foot
  74. BROWN Jeremiah Elizabeth OQN 22nd Foot
  75. BROWN William BC Royal Horse Art
  76. BRYAN John, Ann SHEA, SRS, 55th Foot
  77. BRYAN Patrick Mary CONCANNON SRS 30th Foot
  78. BRYAN Richard Eliza OQN 58th Foot
  79. BRYANT Denis Catherine Anne GIBBONS SGS Royal Art
  80. BURKE Andrew CLI 63rd Foot
  81. BURNS James Alice ANN 35th Foot
  82. BURNS Peter RAM 58th Foot
  83. BURRELL Charles, Maria BATLEY, MIN, 53rd Foot
  84. BURROWS George Ellen SGS 99th Foot
  85. BUTCHER William Charlotte SGS 1st Foot Gds
  86. BUTLER William Frances Jane LEWIS RAM 58th Foot
  87. BUTLER William Mary SULLIVAN SRS 20th Foot
  88. CADOGAN Cornelius Mary SULLIVAN SGS 54th Foot
  89. CAFFREY Francis Alice OQN 37th Foot
  90. CAIN Robert MIN 17th Foot
  91. CALLAGHAN John Bridget MURTAGH ANN 77th Foot
  92. CALLAGHER Francis Ann FOX ANN 20th Foot
  93. CAMPBELL John Mary WILLIAMS SRS 39th Foot
  94. CAMPBELL Patrick Margaret OQN 13th Foot
  95. CAPRON John RAM 95th Foot
  96. CARLINE Thomas Mary Caroline CLI 8th Dragoons
  97. CARR Dr BER
  98. CARROLL Timothy Ann GILL BC 9th Foot
  99. CARTER James Mary GREENWOOD MIN 60th Foot
  100. CARTER Thomas CLI 12th Foot
  101. CARTY John Ann GREEN SRS 23rd Foot
  102. CASEY John Mary BER 60th Foot
  103. CASEY John Mary CARROLL SRS 95th Foot
  104. CASEY Thomas Margaret BURGES SRS 31st Foot
  105. CASSIN Williams Elizabeth BYRNES OQN 48th Foot
  106. CAVANAGH Denis Bridget SGS 54th Foot
  107. CAWING Francis BER 21st Foot
  108. CHANDLER William Maria CHANDLER MIN Royal Marines
  109. CHAPPELL Joseph SGS 40th Foot
  110. CHERRY William Margaret SGS 53rd Foot
  111. CHILDERHOUSE Thomas Sarah SRS 86th Foot
  112. CHRISTIE John Mary McDONELL ANN 91st Foot
  113. CLAPSON William MIN 40th Foot
  114. CLARK Andrew Ann HARGRAVE BER Royal Art
  115. CLARKE John Catherine HALIDAY MIN 57th Foot
  116. CLARKE Michael SGS 14th Dragoons
  117. CLEARY James Catherine HICKEY CLI 98th Foot
  118. CLEARY John CLI 98th Foot
  119. CLIFFORD David SGS 5th Foot
  120. CLINTON Patrick OQN 86th Foot
  121. CLOUT Benjamin Ann RNZ 58th Foot
  122. CLOUT Joseph Elizabeth DAVIS RNZ 58th Foot
  123. COBINE Joseph Ann COYLE ANN 63rd Foot
  124. CODD Nicholas SRS 59th Foot
  125. COFFEY Denis SRS 30th Foot
  126. COGAN Philip Eliza THOMPSON ANN 86th Foot
  127. COLE James Mary MOORFOOT SGS 37th Foot
  128. COLE John SGS Royal Marines
  129. COLEMAN Captain MIN
  130. COLEMAN Thomas INC East India Co
  131. COLEMAN William Johanna SRS 20th Foot
  132. COLLEDGE John Simpson, Mary Ann HALLIDAY BER Rifle Brigade
  133. COLLINS John Elizabeth BURNS MIN 84th Foot
  134. CONCANNON Daniel Mary De VERY CLI 97th Foot
  135. CONDON Laurence Margaret HYDE SRS 60th Foot
  136. CONDON Robert Mary FITZSIMMONS ANN 51st Foot
  137. CONDRON Benjamin CLI 2nd Foot
  138. CONLAN Anthony Isabella MIN 27th Foot
  139. CONNELL Patrick Elizabeth CLI 20th Foot
  140. CONNOLLY Michael OQN 31st Foot
  141. CONNOR Thomas Catherine INC 21st Foot
  142. CONWAY Francis Mary Ann WILLIAM SRS 88th Foot
  143. COOGAN John Elizabeth MURPHY CLI 54th Foot
  144. CORNEY William, Martha, SGS,1st Foot Gds
  145. CORRIGAN John Ann WELSH CLI 63rd Foot
  146. COSSEY William, Harriett MILES, RAM, 2nd Foot
  147. COSSEY William SGS
  148. COTTOM William Mary INC 50th Foot
  149. COYLE Anthony Catherine CONNELL CLI 47th Foot
  150. COYLE Arthur Margaret Mary HARNETT CLI 48th Foot
  151. COYLE Patrick Annie RNZ 58th Foot
  152. COYLE Peter Margaret McGUIRE ANN 51st Foot
  153. CREAVY Thomas Ann CLI 29th Foot
  154. CREWE Patrick Susan FITZPATRICK OQN 58th Foot
  155. CROSBIE John SGS 4th Foot
  156. CRUMMY John RNZ 58th Foot
  157. CULLEN Francis Margaret SPITERI BER Royal Art
  158. CULLEN James BC Royal Art
  159. CULLEN Michael Mary CLI 16th Foot
  160. CUMMINS John Jane MIN New F'land Vet
  162. CUNNINGHAM Patrick ANN 40th Foot
  163. CUNNINGHAM William Mary Ann SGS 2nd Foot Gds
  164. CURLEY Michael Ellen LYONS MIN 28th Foot
  165. CUTHBERT Jacob Elizabeth LYNCH SGS 58th Foot
  166. DALE Thomas Mary TIERNEY INC 83rd Foot
  167. DALTON David Amelia HARRIS MIN 41st Foot
  168. DALTON John Elizabeth LINES BER 2nd Foot
  169. DALY John OQN 16th Foot
  170. DALY Richard OQN 21st Foot
  171. DAULTON Thomas Ann O'BRIEN BER 27th Foot
  172. DAVENPORT Thomas OQN 80th Foot
  173. DAVIS Edward Catherine McMASTER ANN 35th Foot
  174. DAVIS James RAM New F'land Vet
  175. DAY Richard Matilda RAM Royal Marines
  176. DAY Thomas Elizabeth SGS 41st Foot
  177. DEAN James Catherine McLENNAN BER 79th Foot
  178. DEERY, Henry, Catherine CURTAIN, SGS, 83rd Foot
  179. DEEVEY James Marguerite CLI 58th Foot
  180. DELANEY James Cecelia INC East India Co
  181. DELANEY William Elizabeth OQN 56th Foot
  182. DEMPSEY William Julia DEMPSEY SRS 98th Foot
  183. DEVANEY Martin Elizabeth CLI 44th Foot
  184. DICKIE John Hannah RAM 61st Foot
  185. DILLON Matthew Eliza McMAHON SGS 99th Foot
  186. DINEEN Michael Susan ROWE SGS 50th Foot
  187. DIXON William Nancy BRADY ANN 1st Foot
  188. DOBSON John Rit Elizabeth HAMAH BER 51st Foot
  189. DOLAN John BER 27th Foot
  190. DONELLY James Mary HARDIMAN INC 48th Foot
  191. DONELLY James Mary CORRIGAN, INC, 54th Foot
  192. DONNELLY James Margaret O'NEILL ANN 22nd Foot
  193. DONNELLY James CLI 34th Foot
  194. DONOVAN Denis Mary SGS 97th Foot
  195. DONOVAN Eugene Helen INC 39th Foot
  196. DONOVAN John OQN 39th Foot
  197. DORAN William Mary FLANAGAN INC 47th Foot
  198. DORE Edmund Mary CLOHESSY BC 39th Foot
  199. DOUGHERTY Hugh Mary ALFORD ANN 63rd Foot
  200. DOUGHERTY William SGS 3rd Foot
  201. DOUGHTY Joseph Winifred CALLAGHAN MIN 20th Foot
  202. DOUGLAS John Anne BOLTON RAM 22nd Foot
  203. DOWD Patrick Anna KENNY MIN 97th Foot
  204. DOYNE John Elizabeth LENNON SRS 86th Foot
  205. DRINNAN Matthew SGS 44th Foot
  206. DRISCOLL Thomas Elizabeth SGS 97th Foot
  207. DUGGAN John Mary OQN 41st Foot
  208. DUNBAR William Mary CAHILL SRS 29th Foot
  209. DUNCAN George Sarah CORCANKORAN BC 92nd Foot
  210. DUNN James Mary CROWE SRS 58th Foot
  211. DURBRIDGE Charles RAM 53rd Foot
  212. DURRANT Elisha Ann FAIR MIN 44th Foot
  213. DWYER Thomas Elizabeth COOLEY SRS 34th Foot
  214. EAGON Cormick Caroline OQN 49th Foot
  215. EARLE Edward Catherine DUNN OQN 31st Foot
  216. EGAN John Eliza DUGARD BC 57th Foot
  217. EGAN Thomas INC East India Co
  218. EGAN William INC East India Co
  219. ELWOOD John Dorah MIN 16th Foot
  220. ENGLISH Joseph Sarah DOWD MIN 60th Foot
  221. EUSTACE Richard Esther O'REILLY SRS 86th Foot
  222. EVANS Edward SGS 61st Foot
  223. EVERS Patrick Margaret HENNESSEY SRS New F'land Vet
  224. EVITT David Ellen CASEY ANN 25th Foot
  225. FAGAN John Mary O'HARA SRS 20th Foot
  226. FAHEY Fergus Margaret INC 8th Dragoons
  227. FAHEY Michael Mary CLI 26th Foot
  228. FALLEN James ANN 31st Foot
  229. FALLON Francis Jane OQN 85th Foot
  230. FALLON Michael BER 40th Foot
  231. FALOON Samuel BER 53rd Foot
  232. FARRELL Bryan Margaret MIN 51st Foot
  233. FARRELL Michael Isabella BOYD, BC, 89th Foot
  234. FEENY Patrick OQN 27th Foot
  235. FEGAN William Julia INC East India Co
  236. FELTUS George Fanny WEAVING CLI 58th Foot
  237. FERRALL George Sarah TURNER OQN 30th Foot
  238. FILMER William Louisa PARR RAM Royal Marines
  239. FINDLAY John Amelia KENT SRS 14th Dragoons
  240. FINDLAY Matthew Catherine HOYNE SRS 57th Foot
  241. FINNEGAN James Mary JORDON ANN 47th Foot
  242. FINNERTY James Delia SHANNAHAN CLI 13th Dragoons
  243. FINNERTY Michael Margaret CLI 13th Dragoons
  244. FINNIE John Jessie OQN 1st Foot
  245. FISHER Samuel ANN 55th Foot
  246. FITZGERALD John SRS 50th Foot
  247. FITZGERALD William Mary BUCKLEY BC 18th Foot
  248. FITZPATRICK James Mary KEOGH BC 50th Foot
  249. FITZPATRICK Patrick Ann HAYDON MIN 31st Foot
  250. FLANIGAN John OQN 22nd Foot
  251. FLEMING William SGS 97th Foot
  252. FLOOD James BC East India Co
  253. FLOOD John BC --
  254. FLYNN Roderick Susan OQN 67th Foot
  255. FOLEY Michael Mary SULLIVAN INC 27th Foot
  256. FOLEY Michael INC 96th Foot
  257. FOLLAS Thomas Elizabeth ORR ANN 32nd Foot
  258. FONLONE Michael Julia INC 39th Foot
  259. FORD Michael Harriet SAULBURY CLI 39th Foot
  260. FORSEY James Harriet SGS 1st Foot Gds
  261. FORSYTH Thomas MIN 17th Foot
  262. FOULKS Robert Anne SGS 6th Foot
  263. FOX James Ann James ANN 3rd Foot
  264. FOY James Mary Ann DANIELS OQN Royal Art
  265. FRASER Alexander BER 78th Foot
  266. FRASER Donald MIN 54th Foot
  267. FRASER William Elizabeth MIN 42nd Foot
  268. FRENCH John 45th Foot
  269. FRIEND Richard Sarah Anne STOKES RAM 19th Foot
  270. FROST Thomas Teresa TUITE INC Royal Marines
  271. GADNEY Richard BC 24th Foot
  272. GALAGHER Edward Margaret RILEY ANN 57th Foot
  273. GALLAGHER James Mary Ann READ (mar Akld 1853) ANN 50th Foot
  274. GALLAGHER Thomas Bridget COMERFORD CLI 51st Foot
  275. GALLERY Thomas Ann FITZGERALD BC East India Co
  276. GAMBLE Thomas Susan McDONALD SRS 65th Foot
  277. GANNON Arthur BER 54th Foot
  278. GANNON Martin OQN 26th Foot
  279. GAPPER Thomas Mary ASHTON RAM 81st Foot
  280. GARMONSWAY Edward Watts, Letitia Ann KING, INC, 8th Foot
  281. GARRETT Thomas Jane SRS 95th Foot
  282. GARVEY Thomas Catherine CLI 16th Foot
  283. GATLAND James Mary BROWN SGS 2nd Foot
  284. GAVIN James Eliza ROBINETTE SRS 94th Foot
  285. GAVIN Thomas Mary LENNAN SRS 55th Foot
  286. GELDARD James Jane RUSSELL OQN 62nd Foot
  287. GENTLES Thomas Eliza CHILDERHOUSE SRS Royal Art
  288. GERAGHTY Thomas Jane NEWAL MIN 10th Foot
  289. GIBBONS Richard Margaret STANTON CLI 67th Foot
  290. GIBSON George SGS N.F. Vet
  291. GILL Michael Janet RICE CLI 10th Foot
  292. GILLESPIE Hamilton RAM 42nd Foot
  293. GILMER James ANN 40th Foot
  294. GILMOUR William Margaret MIN Royal Eng
  295. GLENCROSS Samuel Martha McBRIDE ANN 6th Foot
  296. GLENN Thomas Ellen CONLEY SRS 51st Foot
  297. GLYNN Peter Margaret THOMAS MIN 5th Foot
  299. GOLDSMITH William BER Royal Eng
  300. GOLT John ANN 48th Foot
  301. GOODALL James Ann RNZ 58th Foot
  302. GOODWIN James OQN 5th Foot
  303. GOONAN John Bridget FINNERTY BC 13th Foot
  304. GORBY Joseph Mary WELSH CLI 3rd Foot
  305. GORBY William CLI 3rd Foot
  306. GOSS Michael Bridget CAVANAGH SRS 49th Foot
  307. GRAHAM George ELLEN McCALLINAN RNZ 58th Foot
  308. GRAHAM John ANN 23rd Foot
  309. GRANT Robert Jane HOTTERWAY RAM 94th Foot
  310. GRAY Lt Owen Wynne P CLI --
  311. GRAY Major John Barbara HALE SGS 40th Foot
  312. GREEN Bartholomew OQN 22nd Foot
  313. GREENWOOD Captain Joseph Catherine Sabrina MIN --
  314. GRIEVE John Mary FALLOON ANN 94th Foot
  315. GRIMES John Mary MOORE SRS 21st Foot
  316. GUARD John Catherine CLI 31st Foot
  317. GUNN Robert Mary Jane SGS 93rd Foot
  318. GUNN Thomas OQN 17th Foot
  319. GUNNING Edward Bridget TOOLE RAM 16th Foot
  320. HADDEN James, Ann Laura FITZGERALD, BC, Royal Art
  321. HANDS Edward Julia CONNELL RNZ 58th Foot
  322. HANNIGAN John CLI 99th Foot
  323. HARCOURT James Ann OQN 4th Dragoons
  324. HARDY John Catherine MIN 1st Foot
  325. HARE Charles Hannah COMMER MIN 26th Foot
  326. HARRICK William Bridget JORDON BER 69th Foot
  327. HARRISON William ANN Royal Art
  328. HARROP William Mary HUNGERFORD MIN Royal Marines
  329. HART Richard Catherine McBRIDE ANN 65th Foot
  330. HARTNELL Thomas MIN 87th Foot
  331. HATFIELD John MIN 99th Foot
  332. HAULTAIN Cpt Theodore Minet Jane Alison BELL OQN 39th Foot
  333. HAWKSLEY John CLI 46th Foot
  334. HEAD William Bridget CARROLL CLI Rifle Brigade
  335. HEALEY Peter Elizabeth McCREVY RAM 46th Foot
  336. HEALY Michael Winifred McGAN MIN 53rd Foot
  337. HEATH Thomas Mary Jane BARTLETT SGS Royal Marines
  338. HENDERSON William ANN 38th Foot
  339. HEWETT William Eleanor OQN Royal Art
  340. HICKEY Michael OQN 41st Foot
  341. HICKSON Lieut John Annesley Elizabeth Pleasant WILLIAMS ANN 31st Foot
  342. HIGGINS William Margaret CROMPTON OQN 60th Foot
  343. HILL George RAM 27th Foot
  344. HILL John Ann WEST BER 94th Foot
  345. HILLINGSWORTH Thomas Hannah OQN Royal Art
  346. HILLS Edward SGS 44th Foot
  347. HOGAN John Annie HOGAN CLI 17th Foot
  348. HOGAN Patrick Joseph Marth ALLEN OQN Royal Eng
  349. HOLLAND Bernard, Catherine HOLLAND, BER, Royal Art
  350. HOLMAN Simon OQN 43rd Foot
  351. HOLT James Chistine LAWLER CLI 46th Foot
  352. HOOP John Frances ANN 39th Foot
  353. HOOPER William Elizabeth WILLIAMS OQN Royal Marines
  354. HORAN Patrick Margaret SGS 49th Foot
  355. HORSCROFT Charles Mary BC Royal Marines
  356. HOTTERWAY George Jane BER Royal Marines
  357. HOWLIN John Anne OQN 2nd Foot
  358. HOYES John Hannah INC Royal Art
  359. HUDGINS Edward RAM 13th Foot
  360. HUGHES Frederick Jane GRIMES ANN 31st Foot
  361. HUGHES James Ellen ANN 69th Foot
  362. HUNT Dr T OQN
  363. HUNTER Robert SGS 2nd Foot Gds
  364. HUTCHINSON James, Eleanor STACKPOOL, BER, 86th Foot
  365. HYDE Timothy RAM Royal Marines
  366. HYNES Denis Elizabeth O'NEILL INC 75th Foot
  367. HYNES Edmond Anne OQN 23rd Foot
  368. INGHAM William Rosina OQN Royal Art
  369. INGRAM Joseph SGS Royal Marines
  370. INNES Captain T INC
  371. IRELAND Joseph Mary INC 53rd Foot
  372. IRVINE John Frances RAM New F'land Vet
  373. IRWIN William Sarah POTTERTON RAM 60th Foot
  374. JACKSON Dr James BC
  375. JARVIS Samuel Mary PATTERSON BC Royal Art
  376. JENKINS Henry 11th Foot
  377. JOHNSON Thomas Sarah DUNN BER 20th Foot
  378. JONES James Bridget CLI 67th Foot
  379. JONES John Catherine KELLY CLI 99th Foot
  380. JONES Roger ANN 81st Foot
  381. JOYCE Michael Ann PHILP OQN 61st Foot
  382. KANE Hugh Mary INC 12th Foot
  383. KANE Patrick Margaret OQN 73rd Foot
  384. KEARNS James Mary BREEN RAM 60th Foot
  385. KEATING James Margaret NUGENT SRS 84th Foot
  386. KEEGAN James Eliza Minihan RYAN BER 31st Foot
  387. KEENAN James Charlotte COUCH INC Royal Art
  388. KELLY James Frances MOORE INC Royal Art
  389. KELLY James INC 45th Foot
  390. KELLY John OQN 3rd Dragoons
  391. KELLY Martin MIN 21st Foot
  392. KELLY Michael Mary McNAMARA RAM 98th Foot
  393. KELLY Patrick Elizabeth MALONE RAM 40th Foot
  394. KELLY Peter CLI 99th Foot
  395. KELLY Thomas CLI 65th Foot
  396. KELLY Thomas Joanna LENNON SRS 39th Foot
  397. KENNEDY James Margaret RNZ 58th Foot
  398. KENNY John CLI 95th Foot
  399. KENNY Maj William Henry RAM 73rd Foot
  400. KENNY Richard Mary BROWNE CLI New F'land Vet
  401. KEEGHAN Patrick OQN 57th Foot
  402. KERR John Joanna CASEY BER Royal Art
  403. KERR John Sally OQN 53rd Foot
  404. KERR John RAM 84th Foot
  405. KERR William Bridget INC 91st Foot
  406. KETTLEWELL Cpt George CLI
  407. KIELY Michael Harriett INC East India Co
  408. KILFOYLE Michael Catherine NOLAN SRS 69th Foot
  409. KILKENNY James Catherine COSTELLO CLI 69th Foot
  410. KING John Mary Ann SRS 31st Foot
  411. KING Patrick Sarah PARKES BER 31st Foot
  412. KINGSBORROW Henry Mary IRWIN ANN 69th Foot
  413. KNOX Thomas Bridget MULLALEY SRS 81st Foot
  414. KYLE Richard Mary Anne CORBINE ANN 2nd Foot
  415. LAMB William, Ann ROBERTS, BER, Royal Marines
  416. LANCASTER Dr Robert SRS
  417. LATTO Cpt Andrew BC
  418. LAVERY Henry, Margaret HASSON, RAM, 11th Foot
  419. LAWLER Daniel Margaret CLI 95th Foot
  420. LEAHY John Alice GORMAN OQN 53rd Foot
  421. LEANING George, Elizabeth SCANNELL, INC, 22nd Foot
  422. LEATHER William Jane TOOLE OQN 53rd Foot
  423. LEFEVRE Richard Hannah READING SGS Royal Marines
  424. LENNAN Michael Ann CONWAY ANN 3rd Foot
  425. LEONARD James Cecily IRONS CLI Rifle Brigade
  426. LEPPARD Phillip Charlotte STACKHOUSE BER 50th Foot
  427. LESLIE William Ann LESLIE ANN 95th Foot
  428. LEWIS Benjamin Jane KENSLA RNZ 65th Foot
  429. LINEHAN Denis ANN 75th Foot
  430. LITTLE Cornelius Anne FLYNN ANN New F'land Vet
  431. LOADER Captain SRS
  432. LOCKINGTON Michael Margaret SRS 15th Foot
  433. LONG Robert Ellen SPILLANE CLI 19th Foot
  434. LORD Michael Anne DARBY MIN 30th Foot
  435. LOUGHREA Robert ANN 49th Foot
  436. LOVETT George Margaret BIGGS MIN 60th Foot
  437. LUCAS Thomas Ellen NORMYLE BC 31st Foot
  438. LYDON Michael Jane WOODS MIN 44th Foot
  439. LYNCH James Jane HOLMES SRS 59th Foot
  440. LYNCH John Elizabeth TYLER MIN New F'land Vet
  441. LYNCH Owen Catherine McKEOWN MIN 37th Foot
  442. LYNEHAN John SGS Royal Marines
  443. MacDONALD Capt. Alexander, Mary, SRS, 30th Foot
  444. MACKEY Daniel Elizabeth SRS 84th Foot
  445. MADIGAN Murtagh Sarah OQN 39th Foot
  446. MAHER Bartholomew Julia Sussanah HARRINGTON INC 21st Foot
  447. MAHER Thomas Elizabeth Alice STAPLETON SRS 82nd Foot
  448. MAHON Patrick Susan OQN 96th Foot
  449. MAHONEY John Johanna DANKERTT BC 39th Foot
  450. MAHONEY Thomas Ann SHANAHAN BER 60th Foot
  451. MALONE Peter Mary EGAN CLI 73rd Foot
  452. MANDER John Jordon Jane AMPHETT RAM Royal Marines
  453. MARSH George MIN 2nd Foot
  454. MARTIN Francis Margaret BER 75th Foot
  455. MARTIN John Mary FITZSIMMONS ANN 25th Foot
  456. MARTIN Patrick Catherine FAGAN INC 87th Foot
  457. MASSEY James, Mary, SGS, 63rd Foot
  458. MASTERSON Thomas Mary KIERMAN CLI 2nd Foot
  459. MATTHEW Edward SGS 7th Dragoons
  460. MAY Martin Bridget OQN 31st Foot
  461. McALEER Charles Ellen BURKE OQN 83rd Foot
  462. McANULTY John Mary COGAN ANN 38th Foot
  463. McBRAITH Captain MIN
  464. McCARTHY Denis Emma HUNT SRS 54th Foot
  465. McCARTHY John CLI 84th Foot
  466. McCARTHY Patrick, Ellen McSWEENY, SGS, 44th Foot
  467. McCARTIN James Margaret INC 5th Foot
  468. McCAWLEY William Dorothy JONES MIN Royal Art
  469. McCOMBIE Alexander Ellen SCOOLAN RAM 72nd Foot
  470. McCORMICK Matthew Mary Ann GRANGER SGS 5th Foot
  471. McCRORY Patrick Catherine DONNELLY ANN 60th Foot
  472. McCULLOUGH John OQN 6th Foot
  473. McCUTCHEON William, Sarah NIXON, ANN, 60th Foot
  474. McCUTCHEON William Elizabeth GRIFFITH RAM 50th Foot
  475. McDANIEL Edward Sarah PRENDERGRAST CLI 99th Foot
  476. McDERMOTT John Mary OQN 47th Foot
  477. McDONALD Alexander Mary OQN 44th Foot
  478. McDONALD Benjamin Elizabeth KANE RNZ 58th Foot
  479. McDONNELL John Bridget GALLAGHER CLI 46th Foot
  480. McDONNELL Patrick Jane INC East India Co
  481. McEWEN Alexander, Margaret, MIN, 60th Foot
  482. McGAHN Robert BER Royal Art
  483. McGEE Alexander ANN 43rd Foot
  484. McGHEE John RAM 31st Foot
  485. McGLONE Patrick Mary COGAN CLI 28th Foot
  486. McGONAGH William Jane CRAWFORD ANN New F'land Vet
  487. McGONAGHY John Mary ANN 52nd Foot
  488. McGRATH Patrick Bridget GIBBONS CLI 27th Foot
  489. McGRATH Patrick Ann KELLY CLI 99th Foot
  490. McGUINNESS Stephen RAM 2nd Foot
  491. McGUIRE Patrick Norah DEWLING ANN 94th Foot
  492. McINNES Lachlan Nancy SRS 75th Foot
  493. McINTYRE Andrew Anne MIN Louth Miltia
  494. McINTYRE Colin Mary McKENNA ANN 9th Foot
  495. McINTYRE John Elizabeth WATT MIN Royal Marines
  496. McIVER Francis Anne BREEN ANN 84th Foot
  497. McKENNA John Margaret OQN 29th Foot
  498. McKENZIE Donald Catherine BER 42nd Foot
  499. McLAREN James Martha MIN Royal Art
  500. McLEAN Captain RAM
  501. McLEAN John Sarah COSTELLO SGS 73rd Foot
  502. McMAHON Andrew Jane REID BER 21st Foot
  503. McMAHON Dr MIN
  504. McMANUS Hugh ANN 38th Foot
  505. McMANUS Lawrence CLI 47th Foot
  506. McMILLAN William MIN 26th Foot
  507. McMULLEN Hugh Ellen ANN 8th Foot
  508. McMULLEN Michael Ellen McELVOY ANN 69th Foot
  509. McNAMARA John Mary DRAYTON CLI 98th Foot
  510. McNEIL John Catherine McGRATH INC 91st Foot
  511. McNEILL Alexander BER Royal Marines
  512. McPIKE John, Mary DUNN, RAM, 18th Foot
  513. McREYNOLDS William Ann KEATING RAM Royal Art
  514. McSHERRY Thomas Bridget RAM 2nd Foot
  515. MEAR James Mary HOGAN CLI 73rd Foot
  516. MEATLAN Robert CLI 18th Foot
  517. MEDSTONE Samuel SRS 51st Foot
  518. MEEHAN William ANN 57th Foot
  519. MELLON William Harriet HENNESSAY OQN Royal Eng
  520. MELLOR John Mary INC 6th Foot
  521. MERRILL William Elizabeth SGS 16th Foot
  522. MILGREW Arthur Phoebe O'NEILL ANN 3rd Foot
  523. MILLER John BER 85th Foot
  524. MILLER Patrick BC 28th Foot
  525. MILLER William Sarah ANN Rifle Brigade
  526. MILLER William Margaret McCANN BER Royal Marines
  527. MILLIS Robert BC Royal Art
  528. MILLMAN Cpt Thomas W SGS
  529. MINCHIN Michael Ellen INC 99th Foot
  530. MITCHELL Henry Mary McMULLEN ANN 54th Foot
  531. MOLLOY William Julia PARKER ANN 39th Foot
  532. MONEY William Elizabeth BRENNAN MIN 56th Foot
  533. MOONEY James Ann RAM 57th Foot
  534. MOORE Charles, Isabella CANNELL, RAM, 4th Foot
  535. MOORE William Mary MORAN SGS 63rd Foot
  536. MORAN Archibald Susan McDOUGALL MIN 60th Foot
  537. MORAN John Mary SGS 38th Foot
  538. MORRIS Thomas BER 14th Dragoons
  539. MORRIS William 29th Foot
  540. MORSE James Isabella NEWELL MIN Royal Marines
  541. MORTIMER Patrick Mary DUNNE OQN 57th Foot
  542. MULLANEY Michael Ellen EUSTACE MIN 3rd Foot
  543. MURDOCK James Agnes THOMPSON BER 3rd Foot
  544. MURPHY Austin INC 89th Foot
  545. MURPHY John BER 57th Foot
  546. MURPHY Michael Mary GIVENAN CLI 41st Foot
  547. MURPHY Michael Margaret KELLY SRS 98th Foot
  548. MURPHY Patrick Mary HOOLAHAN CLI 58th Foot
  549. MURPHY Thomas Catherine FOLEY CLI 47th Foot
  550. MURPHY Walter Catherine O'SHAUGHNESSEY MIN 59th Foot
  551. MURPHY William Jane MURPHY ANN 3rd Foot
  552. MURPHY William Jane BER 83rd Foot
  553. MURRAY Daniel BC East India Co
  554. MURTAGH Patrick Mary ANN 67th Foot
  555. NAUGHTON Thomas Catherine INC 17th Dragoons
  556. NEALE James Selina INC 62nd Foot
  557. NEALE Patrick Catherine INC New F'land Vet
  558. NEALIS John Mary CASEY INC 94th Foot
  559. NEVILL James Margaret OQN 84th Foot
  560. NEWBERRY William Elizabeth OQN 98th Foot
  561. NICHOLS John Ann McKENZIE SGS 71st Foot
  562. NICHOLSON Robert INC East India Co
  563. NIXON Adam Elizabeth 0'REILLY RAM 47th Foot
  564. NIXON James Bridgette CARNEY SGS 20th Foot
  565. NOLAN John BER 58th Foot
  566. NORRIS George Anne OQN 38th Foot
  567. NORRIS James Helen INC 92nd Foot
  568. NORTH George SGS 69th Foot
  569. NORTHWOOD Francis Jane BELCHER RAM 40th Foot
  570. NORTON John Mary O'HARA SRS 18th Foot
  571. O'BEIRNE Patrick Ellen HENNESSY SRS 55th Foot
  572. O'BRIEN Lawrence Mary O'CONNOR INC East India Co
  573. O'BRIEN Matthew Johanna INC East India Co
  574. O'BRIEN Thomas RAM 13th Foot
  575. O'BRIEN Thomas Margaret SGS 16th Foot
  576. ODLUM Thomas Elizabeth Grace PIPER RAM 31st Foot
  577. O'DONNELL James OQN 27th Foot
  578. O'DONNELL Patrick Ann LIDDY SRS 86th Foot
  579. O'GARA Henry Bridget CAREY BER 87th Foot
  580. O'HARA Bryan Catherine SRS 31st Foot
  581. O'HARA Charles ANN 86th Foot
  582. O'LEARY Denis Bridget MIN 81st Foot
  583. O'MAN George Eleanor BC 99th Foot
  584. O'NEILL James Mary BC New F'land Vet
  585. ORGAN Richard Frances DAVIES INC Royal Marines
  586. ORR William OQN 16th Dragoons
  587. OSBORNE Josiah Anne OQN 7th Dragoons
  588. OWEN William RAM Royal Art
  589. OWENS Roger Mary Ann OQN 49th Foot
  590. OWENS William Ann VALANCE BER Royal Art
  591. OXENHAM Sydenham, Mary Ann OXENHAM, INC,13th Foot
  592. PAGE Michael Mary BURNS BC 13th Foot
  593. PALMER Benjamin Marth CARSON OQN 3rd Foot
  594. PALMER Edward Bridget PALMER RAM 53rd Foot
  595. PALMER James Chistina STEWART BC 1st Foot
  596. PALMER John Emma CROXFORD SGS 57th Foot
  597. PARKER Peter Bridget BURKE SGS 83rd Foot
  598. PARKER Robert Bridget SGS New F'land Vet
  599. PARSONS George Catherine GLISE SGS 2nd Foot
  600. PATERSON George Jane OQN Royal Eng
  601. PATON John Jane McINROY MIN 92nd Foot
  602. PATTEN Thomas Mary MYERS BER 3rd Foot
  603. PATTERSON Andrew BER 7th Dragoons
  604. PATTERSON William Jane McCUDDEN ANN 70th Foot
  605. PEAIN Richard Ann SGS Royal Marines
  606. PEARCE Patrick, Mary Ann ALLEN, RNZ, 51st Foot
  607. PEGUM Thomas Bridget RAM 86th Foot
  608. PENN Edward Lucy BC East India Co
  609. PENNINGTON Richard Rose OQN 33rd Foot
  610. PENTLAND William Ellen McDONALD SRS 49th Foot
  611. PERKINSON Michael Harriett ENGLAND INC 83rd Foot
  612. PHILBIN Thomas Rachel INC 13th Foot
  613. PHILLIP Thomas BER Royal Art
  614. PIGGIN George Mary COOMBS BER 45th Foot
  615. PILCHER William Sarah OQN 50th Foot
  616. PILKINGTON Michael RNZ 85th Foot
  617. PIPER Jesse Mary REGAN RAM New F'land Vet
  618. PITT Maj-Gen George D MIN 96th Foot
  619. PORTER James CLI 27th Foot
  620. PRICE Acheson Jane THOMAS RAM 54th Foot
  621. PRITCHARD John James Mary TYLER MIN 54th Foot
  622. PURCELL Martin Bridget KIRWAN RAM 99th Foot
  623. PURCELL Patrick RAM Royal Marines
  624. PURTELL William BER 97th Foot
  625. PYNE James OQN Royal Marines
  626. QUEENAN Francis Mary SRS 37th Foot
  627. QUIGLEY John Catherine SRS 31st Foot
  628. QUINLAN Andrew Mary MAHONEY INC 62nd Foot
  629. QUINLAN Patrick Mary QUIN CLI 49th Foot
  630. QUINTON John Ann SLAVIN ANN 69th Foot
  631. RAFFERTY Michael Mary BROOMWELL RAM 52nd Foot
  632. RALPH Anthony Margaret REILLY BER 63rd Foot
  633. RAPER Oliver OQN 40th Foot
  634. RATTIGAN Patrick Elizabeth OQN 84th Foot
  635. READING George Hannah SGS 64th Foot
  636. READY William Elizabeth CONNELLY INC Royal Marines
  637. REASON William ANN 3rd Foot
  638. REECE William Mary Ann FITZGERALD RAM Royal Marines
  639. REGAN John BC 89th Foot
  640. REILLY Andrew Elizabeth INC 21st Foot
  641. REILLY John Esther NATES BER 63rd Foot
  642. REILLY Peter Mary KEANE INC 54th Foot
  643. REILLY Walter OQN 13th Dragoons
  644. RENSHAW Richard Jemima JONES BC 81st Foot
  645. RICE Michael Agnes CAMPBELL MIN Rifle Brigade
  646. RICHARDS Dr Henry INC
  647. RIDDLE James BER 54th Foot
  648. RIST John Catherine DUNN OQN New F'land Vet
  649. RITCHIE Robert Mary GRAHAM BER 65th Foot
  650. ROACH John SRS 95th Foot
  651. ROBERTSON George Mary DOWLEY ANN 91st Foot
  652. ROBINSON James Catherine OQN 41st Foot
  653. ROBINSON James Hannah SGS 53rd Foot
  654. ROBINSON John Anne OQN Royal Marines
  655. ROBINSON Joseph SRS 2nd Foot
  656. ROBERTSON Robert MIN 28th Foot
  657. ROBINSON Thomas, Margaret SWEENEY, MIN, Royal Marines
  658. ROBINSON William SGS 3rd Dragoons
  659. RODGERS Thomas SGS Royal Art
  660. ROONAN James Mary GARVEY BC 22nd Foot
  661. ROSS George Abigail CARROL ANN 49th Foot
  662. ROSS William ANN 57th Foot
  663. ROWDEN John CLI 59th Foot
  664. ROWE Henry Elizabeth SGS 97th Foot
  665. ROYCROFT Robert, Jane McINTOSH, MIN, 42nd Foot
  666. RUSSELL James OQN
  667. RUSSELL John Mary McCARTHY BER Dragoon Gds
  668. RYAN Michael Elizabeth MONKS INC 36th Foot
  669. RYAN CLI
  670. SAMPSON Gerrard Ellen MAHONEY INC 2nd Foot
  671. SATTELDAY Richard Elizabeth WRIGHT CLI 61st Foot
  672. SCALLON Andrew ANN 57th Foot
  673. SCALLY Peter, Catherine BARDEN, OQN, 31st Foot
  674. SCHOOLAN Cornelius Mary ANN 6th Foot
  675. SCOTT John Catherine SGS 10th Foot
  676. SCOTT Ralph BER 85th Foot
  677. SCOTT William Henry ANN 10th Foot
  678. SEARLES Peter Elizabeth SGS Royal Marines
  679. SERVANTES Lieut.
  680. SHALE Simeon Mary JOHNS BER Royal Marines
  681. SHALE William Charlotte SMITH BER Royal Marines
  682. SHARPE Thomas SGS Rifle Brigade
  683. SHAW Joseph MIN Royal Marines
  684. SHEA Timothy Mary SRS 98th Foot
  685. SHEARD John ,Ann SHEARMAN, SGS, 19th Foot
  686. SHEEHAN John Lucy BC 37th Foot
  687. SHERRY John Catherine KEANEY SRS 10th Foot
  688. SHIEL John Ann McKEARNEY RNZ 58th Foot
  689. SHINE Patrick Eliza WREN INC 54th Foot
  690. SIMONS Walter Catherine WILTON SGS 54th Foot
  691. SINCLAIR John Anne LIPSINE BC 72nd Foot
  692. SINFIELD William Ann Jane JOYCE INC Royal Art
  693. SKERRIT Thomas Honora SHANAHAN OQN 50th Foot
  694. SMEE Richard BC 50th Foot
  695. SMITH Andrew CLI 99th Foot
  696. SMITH Benjamin Elizabeth KALTOR CLI 96th Foot
  697. SMITH Captain Charles H.M. Caroline MIN 55th Foot
  698. SMITH Captain J B BER
  699. SMITH George BER 90th Foot
  700. SMITH Henry Ann MURRAY ANN 48th Foot
  701. SMITH James Elizabeth FLETCHER ANN Royal Marines
  702. SMITH James Rose MCKEOWN SRS 75th Foot
  703. SMITH James O. CLI 15th Dragoons
  704. SMITH John INC East India Co
  705. SMITH John Sarah KELLY INC East India Co
  706. SMITH John Sarah CONLAN MIN 60th Foot
  707. SMITH William Jessie BER 14th Dragoons
  708. SMITH William Sarah OQN 63rd Foot
  709. SMYTHE Thomas 17th Foot
  710. SPARE Henry Edwin Ann SGS Royal Marines
  711. SPEERE Richard Rebecca SHAW MIN 58th Foot
  712. STANILAND Joseph BER 1st Foot Gds
  713. STANLEY William BC 45th Foot
  714. STATUM George CLI 52nd Foot
  715. STEEL Thomas Margaret HUNT OQN Royal Marines
  716. STEWART, David, Janet TORRANCE, INC, 92nd Foot
  717. STEWART William Grace McGURKE ANN 41st Foot
  718. STUART James Margaret BC 1st Foot
  719. STUART Samuel Ann McBAIN INC 2nd Foot Gds
  720. SULLIVAN Cornelius Eliza HILL OQN 39th Foot
  721. SULLIVAN James Ann McDAVID ANN 77th Foot
  722. SULLIVAN Jeremiah Mary CONNOR RAM 21st Foot
  723. SULLIVAN John Sarah SGS 27th Foot
  724. SUTCLIFFE Thomas Jane SEALY CLI 62nd Foot
  725. SUTCLIFFE William Anne MIN 17th Foot
  726. SUTHERLAND Alexander Elizabeth FITZGERALD RAM 42nd Foot
  727. SWAN William Margaret BURKE BER 99th Foot
  728. SWANN William Elizabeth SGS 66th Foot
  729. SWINBURNE John BER Royal Marines
  730. SYMONDS Lieut John Jermyn Alithea Seymour WILSON BER Ceylon Rifles
  731. SYMS Joseph, Catherine ENWRIGHT, SRS, 2 Dragn Gds
  732. TAPP Francis Catherine PAINE OQN Royal Marines
  733. TAYLOR Isaac Ann MALLALY INC 12th Foot
  734. TAYLOR James Mary KENNEDY CLI 49th Foot
  735. TAYLOR Thomas Margaret SULLIVAN SGS 99th Foot
  736. THOMAS Captain OQN
  737. THOMSON Dr Arthur CLI
  738. THOMPSON Dr Saunders CLI
  739. THOMPSON James Margaret REGAN SRS 19th Foot
  740. THOMPSON Richard 7th Foot
  741. TIERNEY Matthew Sarah Ann MIN 27th Foot
  742. TIMMINS Samuel G. Susan MORAN MIN 39th Foot
  743. TRIMBLE John Jane KANE ANN 34th Foot
  744. TRIMMER John Margaret HENESSEY MIN 53rd Foot
  745. TUGWELL George, Anne, OQN, Royal Marines
  746. TUITE Michael Teresa MORAN SRS 64th Foot
  747. TURNER George Elizabeth SGS 40th Foot
  748. TURNER Robert BER Royal Art
  749. TURNER William Mary HOGAN BER 17th Foot
  750. TURNER William RAM 4th Dragoons
  751. TWAMBLEY Richard Sarah OQN 66th Foot
  752. TYMON Bernard RAM 61st Foot
  753. VESTY Samuel Mary MIN 6th Foot
  754. WADDELL William Maria HILL MIN 74th Foot
  755. WADMAN George Sarah TRINDER MIN Rifle Brigade
  756. WALKER Alexander Barbara RAM Royal Art
  757. WALL Edward Elizabeth MONAGH BC 46th Foot
  758. WALSH Charles Catherine MIN 99th Foot
  759. WALSH James Bridget MULLEN CLI 29th Foot
  760. WALSH James Henry Mary ANN 72nd Foot
  761. WALSH John ANN 95th Foot
  762. WALSH John CLI 75th Foot
  763. WALSH John Margaret GARDINER SGS 14 Dragoons
  764. WALSH Patrick Ann GERAGHTY SRS 57th Foot
  765. WALSH Richard Margaret HAYES INC 39th Foot
  766. WALTER John MIN 10th Foot
  767. WARNER James Mary OQN 49th Foot
  768. WASHINGTON George, Esther, SGS, 40th Foot
  769. WATERS George BER Horse Gds
  770. WATSON Charles Sarah JACKSON SRS 75th Foot
  771. WEIR John INC Royal Art
  772. WEIR William MIN 26th Foot
  773. WHITE James, Sarah Ann COLES, MIN, Royal Art
  774. WHITING Joseph Sarah RAM Royal Marines
  775. WHITMORE Charles Sarah Ann MIN Royal Marines
  776. WHYKES Edward Hannah WOOD INC 17th Foot
  777. WILSON Thomas, Elizabeth MURPHY, SGS, 41st Foot
  778. WINDSOR Joseph Mary RIELLY RAM 53rd Foot
  779. WINEPRESS James Jane READY SRS 19th Foot
  780. WITHERS Edward Mary Ann SGS 7th Dragoons
  781. WOOD Thomas Elizabeth OQN 17th Foot
  782. WOOD William ANN 73rd Foot
  783. WOODLAND John Bridget CHARLES CLI 70th Foot
  784. WOODS John Hannah SHEA INC 39th Foot
  785. WOODS John OQN 31st Foot
  786. WOVERS John Hannah INC 39th Foot
  787. WRIGHT Daniel Jemima ANN 94th Foot
  788. WYNN James Frances CONNOR CLI 12th Foot
  789. WYNYARD Col Robert Henry 58th Foot
  790. YOUNG John Hannah CLI 10th Foot