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Louis Ii "le Jeune", Emperor of Italy and Of the Franks MP (825 - 875)

"/Louis/II", "II Giovani", "Ludwig II", "Lodewijk II", "der Franken", "der Karolingers", "de Jongere", ""/Louis/II"", ""II Giovani"", ""Ludwig II"", ""Lodewijk II"", ""der Franken"", ""der Karolingers"", ""de Jongere", "Louis II", "KIng of Italy", "Re d'Italia", "Holy Roman Emperor"

Louis II "the Younger" of Italy, Emperor of Italy, Emperor of the Franks From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Louis II the Younger[1] (825 – 12 August 875) was the King of Italy from 844 and then ...

6/20/2007 10/3/2014

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Emma MP (c.975 - c.1063)

B: 949, 987, 1009 D: 1062, 1057, 1037, 1024 Emma Venaissin (died 1062) was the daughter of Rotbold III of Provence and Ermengarda. She inherited the title Margrave of Provence from her elder brother ...

6/11/2007 9/25/2014

Ramon Berenguer III el Gran, comte de Barcelona MP (1082 - 1131)

"of Barcelona", "Raymond Berenger IV", "El Grande", "Count of Provence", "the Great", "Count Raimund Berenger", "Raymond III", "Ramon Berengar III", "Raimund", "Raimond", "Count Raimund /Berenger/", "el Grand"

Ramón Berenguer III el Grande (Rodez, Rouergue 1082-Barcelona 1131). Era hijo de Ramón Berenguer II, a quien sucedió como Conde de Barcelona. Después de un periodo de cogobierno con su tío, B...

6/10/2007 9/22/2014

Louis Ii "the Stammerer", king of The West Franks MP (846 - 879)

"Luiz", "Ludvig II", "the Stammerer", "Louis le Bègue", "Lodewijk II", "Louis II "The Stammerer" \\of France", "The Stammerer //", "de Stamelaar", "The /Stammerer/", "de stotteraar", "The German", "le Bègue", "il Balbo", "The Stammerer", "Louis the Stammerer", "Louis II", "Louis II "T..."

son of Charles "the Bald" and Ermentrude of Orleans first wife, Ansgarde of Burgundy two sons, both of whom became kings of France: Louis (born in 863) Carloman (born in 866) two da...

2/27/2007 9/21/2014

Raymond Bérenger IV, comte de Provence MP (c.1198 - 1245)

"Raymond IV Bérenger Count of Provence", "Raymond Count of Provence", "Raimond IV Berengar", "Raymond Barenger V IV Of /PROVENCE FORCALQUIER/", "**Raymond //", "Raymond Bérenger IV", "comte de Provence", "**Raymond // (Geni Tree Match)", "Count of Provence", "Count of Pr..."

Ramon Berenguer IV (1195 – 19 August 1245), Count of Provence and Forcalquier, was the son of Alfonso II of Provence and Garsenda of Sabran, heiress of Forcalquier. After his father's death (1209),...

4/8/2007 9/19/2014

Alphonse II Bérenger, comte de Provence MP (1180 - 1209)

"Alfonsez", "Alfonso", "Alfronso II", "Alphonso", "ARAGÓN", "Aragon", "De Alfonsez", "de Provence", "Fernandez", "Provence", "von Provence", "VIII (IX) King Of Leon", "Prince Of Aragbon", "Count /Alphonso/", "Alphonse II Bérenger", "comte de Provence", "Count /Alphonso/ (Geni Match) ..."

Alt Birth Dates: 1166, 1174, 1180, c. 1175 , c. 1180 Alt Birth Location:Aragon, Spain; Of, Zaragoza, Spain; Provence; Zamora, Leon, Spain; Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain Alt Death Dates:12/1/1209, 9...

6/9/2007 9/19/2014

Rotbald II, comte de Provence MP (b. - 1015)

"Count De Provence"

Rotbold II (also Rothbold, Rotbald, Rodbald, Roubaud, or Rotbaud; died 1008) was the Count of Provence from 968 to his death and margrave from 993. He was the elder of two sons of Boso II of Arles and ...

6/26/2007 3/16/2011

Béatrice de Savoie, comtesse consort de Provence MP (1205 - 1267)

"Beatrix Countess of Savoy", "Beatrice of Savoy", "Beatrice /De Savoie/", "**Beatrice of Savoy //", "Béatrice de Savoie", "comtesse consort de Provence", "**Beatrice of Savoy // (Geni Tree Match)", "Countess consort of Provence"

Beatrix de Savoie From Medlands: BEATRIX de Savoie ([1205]-Dec 1266 or 4 Jan 1267). Matthew of Paris names her as daughter of "comitis Sabaldiæ Thomæ iam mortui, sororem comitis Sabaldiæ adhuc vive...

4/8/2007 2/26/2011

Children: --Bertrand --Gerberge --wife of Raymond IV Comte de Toulouse --Etiennette GEOFFROY (-[Feb 1061/62]). "Geiriberga comitissima et filii mei Vuilelmus et Fulco sive Josfredus" ...

6/10/2007 11/8/2010

Foulques Bertrand I, comte de Provence MP (c.1003 - c.1054)

"Bertrand Ier de Provence"

son of Guillaume III de Provence and Gerberge de Macon married Eldiarde Eveza (Aldearde) children Guillaume Bertrand and Geoffrey FOULQUES BERTRAND (-[1050/54]). "Geiriberga comitissima et filii me...

9/14/2007 11/8/2010

Guillaume III le Pieux, comte de Provence MP (c.986 - c.1018)

"o Piedoso", "William", "Guillermo", "Guilhèm II"

GUILLAUME [III] de Provence, son of GUILLAUME [II] Comte de Provence et d'Arles & his [second wife Adelais d´Anjou] ([987]-1018 before 30 May, bur Abbaye de Montmajour). "Willelmus comes" donat...

6/11/2007 11/7/2010

Louis Iii the Blind, Holy Roman Emperor MP (c.883 - 928)

"Louis Beronides", "L'aveugle Beronides", "o Cego", "Lodewijk III", "de Blinde", "L'Aveugle", "Ludwig "the Blind" Emperor of the West/", "King /Louis/ III", "Louis "the Blind" King of /Provence/", "Louis the Blind"

son of Boson and Ermengarde: LOUIS (late 882 or after-Arles 5 Jun 928). Herimannus names "puer Ludowicus" son of Boson "ex filia Ludowici Italiæ imperatoris" when recording that he was adopted by...

3/15/2007 11/7/2010

Willa, Queen of Upper Burgundy MP (873 - bef.924)

"Guilla", "Guille", "Willa", "of Burgundy"

Willa (-before 924). See Kings of Upper Burgundy 888-1032 (Welf) at MedLands, visited Aug. 3, 2013. Willan eli Guillan syntyperä on epäselvä. Hänen oletetaan olleen kuningas Boson tytär, mutta äidist...

7/23/2007 11/7/2010

Hugues I d'Arles, King of Italy, Regent of Lower Burgundy MP (c.880 - 947)

"Ugo", "Hugh of Italy Hugh of Arles (or Hugh of Provence"

Hugh of Italy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hugh of Arles or Hugh of Provence (before 887 – 10 April 948[1]) was King of Italy from 924 until his death. He was a Bosonid. During his reign, he...

5/30/2007 11/7/2010

Boson d'Autun, Comte de Vienne, Dux de Provence MP (850 - 887)

"/Boso I of Provence/", "boso de provence carolingian", ""Boso II", "King of Provence", "Count of Vienne"", "Bosso König von Niederburgund"

Boso, son of Bivin (Bouvinus), died 11 Jan 887. Comte de Vienne, King of Provence. 1st wife unknown. Child Willa (m. Rudolf d'Auxerre and Hugues d'Arles). 2nd wife Ermengarde (dau of Louis II Kin...

5/15/2007 11/7/2010

Theobald, count of Arles MP (b. - 887)

"Diebald of /Arles/", "Theobald of /Arles/", "il Ricco", "Adalbert /Marquis/", "Theobald /De Arles/", "Theobaldus", "comes Arelatensis"

Theobald, count of Arles, was a Frank from the Bosonid-family. He was son of Hucbert and he married Bertha - an illegitimate daughter of Lothair II, King of Lotharingia - that was renowned for her be...

5/30/2007 11/7/2010

Hucbert, Duke of Transjurane Burgundy MP (c.824 - 866)

"Hucbert", "Hugbert", "Hugberto", "Hubert", "Herbert", "de Saint-Maurice", "de St. Maurice", "de Valois"

HUBERT, son of BOSO Comte d'Arles, Count in Italy & his wife --- (-killed in battle Orbe 866). Duke of Transjurania. Abbot of St Maurice. The Annalium Laubacensium record Lothar King of Italy leadi...

8/5/2007 11/7/2010

son of Rotbald I and unknown (perhaps daughter of Guillaume "le Pieux" Duke of Aquitaine & his wife Engelberga de Provence) GUILLAUME [I] (-after Mar 965). "Eius filio Rothboldo et fratre eius Wile...

8/2/2008 11/7/2010

Guillaume II le Liberateur, comte de Provence MP (c.955 - aft.993)

"William II Count of /Arles+Provence/", "le Libérateur", "the Liberator", "of Provence", "of Arles", "William I Count of /Provence/", "Le Libâerateur", "le Liberateur", "William I "the Liberator" of Provence", "William of /Provence/", "called the Liberator", "William I "Th....."

Guillaume II 'le Liberateur' Comte d'Arles Parents: Boson Comte d'Arles & Constantia Spouses: 1. Arsinde (no children) 2. Adélaïs d'Anjou Children: Guillaume III Comte de Provence ([986/87]...

1/25/2007 11/6/2010

Ermengardis, Queen of Provence MP (852 - bef.897)

"Irmengard", "Ermengarda", "Ermengarde", "Irmingard", "Ermeginda", "Irmengard /De Italia/", "Ermengarde //", "irmengardis carolingian d'italy", "Ermengarde Adelaide d'Italia"

Summary for Ermengardis d'Italie Relationships Parents: Father: Louis "le Jeune" (b. c 825), King of Italy (844 - 12 August 875), Joint Emperor of the Romans (April 850 - 29 September 855), Emp...

5/15/2007 11/5/2010

Ermengarde de Bourgogne, Daughter of Boson MP (876 - 935)

"Ermentrud", "Ermentrudis", "Hersent Princess of the /Franks/", "Albérade", "Ermengarde Of /Bourgogne/"

Daughter of Boso, Comte de Vienne, King of Provence, and his wife Ermengardis (who was daughter of Emperor Louis II King of Italy & his wife Engelberga). The FMG lists her as an unnamed daughter, tho...

5/19/2007 11/5/2010

Boson II, Count of Arles MP (b. - aft.965)

"Boson /Provence/", "Boso II Count of /Provence/", "Boson I de Lombardía", "Boso II King of Provence", "Boso de Bourgogne", "Marquis of Tuscany", "Boso Count of Arles Margrave Of /Tuscany/", "Bonifacio I of /Spoleto/", "Boso Marquis /Tuscany/", "Count De Provence"

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Provence: BOSON, son of ROTBALD [I] & his wife --- (-after Oct [965/67]). "Bosoni comitis, filii Rothboldi quondam" restored property to Saint-V...

3/15/2007 10/15/2010