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Theunis Bevernagie MP (deceased)

"Theunis Bevernage"

Theunis Bevernagie from Nederbrakel, Flandres, France - arrives in the Cape on the Helmeet in 1700 and farms on Theuniskuyl, Land van Waveren aka Theunis Bevernage

9/24/2016 9/24/2016

Anthonie Bevernagie MP (deceased)

"Anthonie Bevernage"

Anthonie Bevernagie from Nederbrakel, Flandres, France - arrives in the Cape on the Helmeet in 1700 and farms in Land van Waveren aka Anthonie Bevernage

9/24/2016 9/24/2016

Antoine Gros MP (deceased)

Antoine Gros - a French Huguenot from Soubeyran, Dauphine, France - arrives in the Cape on 'de Schelde' on 5/6/1688. No further information

9/24/2016 9/24/2016

Jean Néel, SV1b2 MP (c.1687 - 1740)

"Nel", "Neel", "Néel"

Boer in the Stellenbosch district. Besit die plase Rustenburg en Keerweerder, aangrensend Blaauwklippen. Koop die plaas Vergelegen wat voorheen aan Simon Van Der Stel behoort het. 1718 deacon 1724 ...

10/13/2007 9/24/2016

Philippe des Prez, b6 MP (c.1681 - 1721)

"des PRES"

Birth Date c. 1681 Death Date 5/21/1721 First Name Philippe Last Name du Preez Suffix b6 SV/PROG Gender Male Birth Location Courtrai, Flanders, Belgium Death Location Western Cape, South ...

8/25/2007 9/24/2016

Estienne Viret, SV/PROG MP (c.1662 - 1726)

"Etienne / Wieret"

Alternate spelling surname: Wieret -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information from 'The Huguenots of South Africa' by P. Coertzen: Na...

3/29/2009 9/23/2016

Pierre Vivier (1662 - 1724)

6/2/2008 9/23/2016

Jacques Vivier (1665 - 1714)

"Jacob Vivier"

6/2/2008 9/23/2016

Jean Caucheteux, b4 (1682 - d.)

"Jean Caucheteux"

Doop Guines, Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France Jean Caucheteux, (tweeling), geboren te Marck (62-Guînes) op 7 december 1682, gedoopt te Guines {dtb Guines} op 9 december 1682 (doopge...

9/28/2009 9/23/2016

Pierre Caucheteux, b3 (1679 - 1708)

"Pierre Caucheteux", "Pierre Costeaux"

Caucheteuxs in Boucher's 'French Speakers at the Cape' Among the early Cape settlers from the Calaisis were the children Isaïe, Susanne and Jean Caucheteux (Costeux). Described as orphans in...

7/9/2012 9/22/2016

Suzanne Caucheteux, SM/PROG MP (1675 - c.1714)

"Susanna MEYER", "CAUCHETEUX b2", "Suzanna Costu", "Suzanne Costeaux"

Gerrit Heinrich MEYER kom voor 1692 by die Kaap aan. Hy word 'n vryburgher in 1692 en hy trou om en by 1693 met Suzanne COSTEUX. Sy was die dogter van Esaias Costeux en Susanne Albert. In die boek "D...

8/19/2007 9/22/2016

Marie le Long (c.1670 - c.1690)

Transcribed from PROCEEDINGS OF THE HUGUENOT SOCIETY OF LONDON, Volume 5, No. 1-4, 1894-1896, Printed by Charles T. King, High Street, Lymington, 1898 NOTES ON HUGUENOT FAMILIES AT THE CAPE OF GOOD...

11/26/2009 9/22/2016

Charles le Long, SV/PROG MP (c.1669 - d.)

Very possible that he was the brother of Maria le Longue and son of Jean le Longue and Maria Cochet/Cloete, as they are from the same area. NOMS PRÉNOM NOM-CONJOINT PRÉNOM DATE MARIAG...

7/19/2014 9/22/2016

Jacques le Long (1672 - d.)

6/13/2016 9/22/2016

Marie de Ruelle (1687 - 1688)

6/21/2009 9/22/2016

Anne des Ruelles, b2 MP (1673 - 1738)

"Anna; Anne Marais", "Anna des Ruelle; Anna de Ruelles; Anna le Ruelle; married name Anna Marais;", "Anna de Ruelles", "Anna le Ruelle"

NOTE The daughters of Daniel de Ruelle and Anne Goudalle become PROGs because their mother never arrived in South Africa. Anne's sister, Ester de Ruelle married Estienne Bruere, SV/PROG and so became S...

1/23/2007 9/22/2016

Esther des Ruelle, b1 MP (1672 - c.1695)

"Ester Bruere", "des Ruelle(s)"

See original baptism entry from the registers of the Protestant Church at Guines: Boucher's French Speakers at the Cape - page 250 The refugee Daniel des Ruelles reached the Cape in 1688 with his...

6/2/2008 9/22/2016

Anne Goudalle MP (1653 - 1689)

"Anna des Ruelle"

See From Boucher's French Speakers at the Cape - Chapter 9, page 250-251 (attached) The refugee Daniel des Ruelles reached the Cape in 1688 with his young daughters Esther and Anne. He was marrie...

9/1/2007 9/22/2016

Daniel des Rulles, SV/PROG MP (c.1640 - 1726)

"Daniel de Ruelles", "Daniel Ruelles", "Daniel Roulle"

From Boucher's French Speakers at the Cape - Chapter 9, page 250-251 (attached) The refugee Daniel des Ruelles reached the Cape in 1688 with his young daughters Esther and Anne. He was married on J...

9/1/2007 9/22/2016

Lidie Simond MP (1697 - d.)

5/11/2010 9/22/2016

Catrina Simond MP (1689 - d.)

5/11/2010 9/22/2016

Anne de Bérault de la Magere, SM/PROG MP (c.1651 - d.)

"Anna de Biro", "Anna de Beroùw", "Anna Dùbaroù", "Hanna de Beurau", "Anne Simond", "Anne de Bereau"

5/11/2010 9/22/2016

Pierre Simond, SV/PROG MP (1651 - d.)

"Dom. Petrus Simons", "Pietter Zijmon", "Pietter Sinnon", "Pietter Simon."

5/11/2010 9/22/2016

Matthieu Fracasse (1662 - d.)

A mere handful of miles west of Cabrières d'Aigues is Lourmarin. Here we find .. the Frachasse family. Our interest is in two brothers. The first is the unmarried Mathieu; the second is Pierre ....

5/22/2008 9/15/2016

Jacques Roi MP (b. - c.1689)

Not assigned SV/PROG status (alongside his brother) unless he had children. CJB. A mere handful of miles west of Cabrières d'Aigues is Lourmarin. Here we find André Rey and his wife Jea...

6/4/2011 9/15/2016

Jeanne Mille, PROG MP (1633 - 1731)

A mere handful of miles west of Cabrières d'Aigues is Lourmarin. Here we find André Rey and his wife Jeanne Mille, with their two sons, Jean and Jacques. André Rey, wife Jeanne M...

6/4/2011 9/15/2016

Jacques Verdeau (1667 - d.)

Jacques & Hercule Verdot in Booyens' 'China' One of the more interesting locations is La Roque d'Antheron. It is the only one of our group of Vaudois towns that actually lies on the south bank of the...

2/28/2010 9/15/2016

André Pelanchon MP (c.1677 - d.)

Young André Pelanchon lives in Sivergues, an isolated village on top of the Luberon Mountain behind Cabrières d'Aigues. André Pelanchon from Sivergues in Church records: Gen�...

9/15/2016 9/15/2016

Susanne Reyne (1667 - 1688)

Oorlede voor die skip "Berg China" Rotterdam op 20 Maart 1688 verlaat het, of tydens die boot se reis na die Kaap. Suzanne Reyne in Harry Booyens' 'God Bless the good ship China' One of the more in...

9/15/2007 9/15/2016

Jehane Marque MP (c.1627 - 1688)

"Jeanne Marthe"

Pierre Jourdan “Carretier” de Belle Etoile, Provence, France †28.2.1677 x 1646 Jehane Marque *ca 1628, †1688 on the ship China, daughter of David and Marie Grange . Pierre w...

10/4/2011 9/12/2016

Jeanne Rousse MP (c.1673 - 1688)

Source : First Fifty Years Project - Jeanne Rousse ================ Judi Marais-Meyer register MARAIS- MRIN 147 Jeanne Roux is die kleindogter van Pierre Jourdan en Jeanne Marque. In die area v...

5/11/2009 9/12/2016

Marie Jourdan, de Belle Etoile MP (c.1648 - c.1688)

More information about Marie can be found on the First Fifty Years website: ======= "widow of Jean Roux of La Motte d'Aigues and daughter of Pierre Jourdan and Jeanne Marque" Source : Harry Booye...

4/30/2009 9/12/2016

Jean Parisel (1667 - 1707)

"Jean Pariset"

9/11/2016 9/11/2016

Sara Avice (b. - 1688)

9/11/2016 9/11/2016

Maria Avice (1669 - 1721)

Feite: Volgens Pieter Coertzen se Hugenote Gedenkalbum 1688-1988: Marie was from Châteaudun, Orlèanais, France. Kom aan in 1688, skip onbekend. Vestig haar later as vrou van Claude ...

6/2/2008 9/11/2016

Marie Taillefert, b6 (1687 - c.1691)

Feite/Bronne: 1. Marie died young. Cor Pama Groot Afrikaanse Familienaamboek. 2. Volgens Peter Coertzen Die Hugenote van Suid Afrika 1688-1988 is Marie in 1687 te Essômes deur Rooms - Katoli...

6/9/2008 9/11/2016

Pierre Taillefert, b4 (c.1683 - 1726)

Bronne/Feite(Facts) 1. Die Franse Hugenote 1688-1988 deur Pieter Coertzen berig: Pierre Taillefert(Taillefer) 1682-1726 was die seun van Isaac Taillefert - STAMVADER. Hy kom van Château-Th...

6/2/2008 9/11/2016

Jean Taillefert b2 (c.1676 - 1699)

Bronne/Feite(Facts): Pieter Coertzen sê in sy boek, Die Hugenote Gedenkboek 1688-1988 die volgende oor Jean Isaac Taillefer(t): Hy is die seun van Isaac Taillefer(t) stamvader. Hy word gedoo...

6/9/2008 9/11/2016

Joost le Clercq, a4 (1678 - c.1713)

"Joos de KLerk"

SAF v19 (1) Joost x Stellenbosch 11.10.1711 Jacoba Campfer. Hul Enigste kind, Barend * 1712, is ongetroud ✝ Brother of Abraham de Klerk SV/PROG1

8/24/2007 9/11/2016

Pierre Bisseux (c.1693 - c.1735)

"Pieter Bisseux"

According to Pieter Coertzen's book, Pierre (1693-1735), the son of Jacques Bisseux, came from Picardie and arrived in Table Bay on the ship VOSMAAR Oct 1696 (aged 3yrs), settled in CT, married Maria C...

12/29/2008 9/11/2016

Anne Vallète, SM/PROG MP (c.1680 - d.)

"Anna Valaïte", "Valleté ­Bazoze", "Anne Walleté"

9/15/2012 9/10/2016

Elizabeth Posseaux, SM/PROG MP (deceased)

"Elisabeth Pochox", "Isabeaux Pochox"

Posseaux or Pogeau Elizabeth of Paris, born 1682, arrived at Cape in 1700 in the Reygersdaal ; married (i) Jacob Bisseux, q.v., (2) Abraham Bleuset, q.v. She died about 1726. The French Refugess at t...

8/16/2012 9/10/2016

Isabeau Sezille (deceased)

"Elizabeth le Fèbure"

According to Pieter Coertzen's book - comes from Middelburg (Zeeland) to SA in 1696 on the ship Vosmaer with her husband, Paul le Febvre Jr, and 1 child - settles in Nagelegen Stellenbosch. returns to ...

7/28/2011 9/9/2016

Baba Minnaar, bx (c.1688 - d.)

Naam onbekend. Gebore ter see op die tog na Suid Afrika.

10/22/2008 8/27/2016

André Mesnard, b6 MP (1687 - d.)

3/28/2009 8/27/2016

Jean Minnaar, b4 (1681 - d.)

10/22/2008 8/27/2016

Jacques Minnaar, b3 (1680 - d.)

10/22/2008 8/27/2016

George Minnaar, b2 (1679 - d.)

10/22/2008 8/27/2016

Jeanne Minnaar, b1 (1678 - d.)

10/22/2008 8/27/2016

Claudine Seugnet, SM/PROG MP (c.1671 - c.1716)


Claudine Seugnet Married to Paul le Roux, 1689 Daughter Ester Le Roux born 1693 ROUX Paul Roux v. Oranje (Orange), in Frankryk. Aank. 1688. Aangestel 8.11.1688 as onderwyser, voorleser en sieke...

7/29/2007 8/27/2016

Jeanne Seugnet (c.1675 - 1689)

6/2/2008 8/27/2016

Hercule des Prez, b2 MP (c.1672 - 1721)

"du Preez", "Hercules Des Pres", "de Pree de Jonge", "des Prez"

8/25/2007 8/27/2016

Isabeau des Prez, b1 SM MP (1670 - 1716)

"Isabeau van Marseveen", "van Marceveen", "Isabeau", "Marsevene"

aka Elisabeth du Preez Emigration: from the Netherlands on the ship "De Schelde", 19 Feb 1688, Courtrai, Flanders. The ship arrived at Table Bay on 5 June 1688. Born in 1670 in Courtrai, Flandr...

5/22/2008 8/27/2016

Jacquemine des Prez, b5 SM MP (c.1679 - c.1716)

"des Pres", "Vivier", "Du Preez"

alternate spellings first name: Jacquemine / Jacquemina Alternate birth dates: 1666, 1670, 1679 MHC Du Preez, p16, The Du Preez Family of South Africa The fifth child, Jacquemine, born ca. 1679 app...

8/18/2007 8/27/2016

Esther Fouché, b4 (c.1683 - c.1690)

There are 2 Esthers Philippe Fouchè, arrived in 1688 with the ship "Voorschoten", with his wife and three children: Anne (6 jaar), Esther(5), Jacques (3). So this Esther born +/- 1683 Sour...

1/7/2011 8/27/2016

Jacques Fouché, b5 (c.1685 - c.1689)

6/2/2008 8/27/2016

Jacques Prevot, b6 (1688 - c.1690)

"Jacob Prevot", "Charles Prevot", "Jacques Prevost"

Richard Ball - notes "Botha, C.G. - The French Refugees at the Cape page 65 des Pres, Elizabeth, of Courtrai. She was sponsor on 24th May, 1688, to Charles Prevot, baptised on the Schelde." Richard...

6/9/2008 8/27/2016

Abraham Prevot MP (1679 - c.1767)

Richard Ball - notes "Botha, C.G. - The French Refugees at the Cape page 81 Abraham Pruvost, born at Marcq, May, 1679 Boucher, M -The Cape Huguenots from the Calaisis, in Familia p. 15 Abraham's da...

10/28/2007 8/27/2016

Anna Prevot MP (1681 - 1740)

"Anna Prevost", "Provo", "Anne van der Merwe"

Anne Prevost, geboren te Marck (62-Guînes) op 18 februari 1681, gedoopt te Guines {dtb Guines} op 23 februari 1681 (doopgetuigen waren Abraham Loisel en Anne Albert), dochter van Charles Pruvost...

6/27/2007 8/27/2016

Abraham Jacobs (1683 - 1689)

6/25/2013 8/27/2016

Daniel Jacobs, b5 MP (1673 - 1713)

"Jacobse", "Jacob", "Daniël Jacobs"

Daniel, geboren te Vieille Eglise (Guines) op 14 september 1673, gedoopt te Guînes (62) op 15 oktober 1673 (doopgetuigen waren Abraham Lategoute en Jeanne le Clerq). - "Transcript of the Regis...

9/15/2007 8/27/2016

Suzanne Jacobs, b4 SM MP (1671 - 1696)

"Jacob", "Jacobse", "Suzanne Jantz van Vuren"

Suzanne, geboren te Vieille Eglize op 9 september 1671, gedoopt te Guînes (62) op 27 september 1671 (doopgetuigen waren Abraham Jacob en Elizabeth de Vos). - "Transcript of the Registers of th...

8/18/2007 8/27/2016

Pierre Jacobs, b2 (1670 - 1670)

"Jacobse", "Jacob"

Baptism and death Pierre, (tweeling), geboren te Vieille Eglize op 21 juli 1670, gedoopt te Calais op 22 juli 1670 (doopgetuigen waren Pierre Denier en Anne le Roux), overleden te Vieille Eglize op 1...

3/5/2012 8/27/2016

Sarah Jacobs, b6 SM MP (1677 - 1712)

"Jacob", "Jacobse", "Sara du Buis", "Terrier"

Sara, geboren te Vieille Eglise (Guines) op 7 oktober 1677, gedoopt te Guînes (62) op 31 oktober 1677 (doopgetuigen waren Jean Folque en Sara de Vosse). - "Transcript of the Registers of the P...

8/19/2007 8/27/2016

Marie Cordier, b3 MP (1685 - 1774)

8/10/2015 8/27/2016

Jeanne Cordier, b2 (1683 - d.)

a1 Louis Cordier Franse vlugteling. aankoms: omstr. 1688 met sy vrou Francoise Martinet en vier kinders. gesterf: 1702. Landbouer en een van die eerste ouderlinge van die Franse Gemeente van Drakenstei...

5/22/2008 8/27/2016

Louise Maria Cordier, b3 (1682 - 1774)

"Louisa Pienaar", "Louisa Jacobs", "Louise Pienaar", "Na DANIËL JACOB se dood", "trou LOUISE CORDIER op 21 Januarie 1714 met JACQUES PIENAAR (b2)", "gebore c. 1692", "oorlede 22.11.1774 (82) Kaap", "seun van JACQUES PINARD (gebore x. 1664) in La Bauce", "Guenrouet", "Pay..."

a1 Louis Cordier Franse vlugteling. aankoms: omstr. 1688 met sy vrou Francoise Martinet en vier kinders. gesterf: 1702. Landbouer en een van die eerste ouderlinge van die Franse Gemeente van Drakenstei...

9/15/2007 8/27/2016

Claude Marais, b1 MP (1662 - 1730)

b1 “SA Genealogies” vol 5, Genealogical Institute of SA, Stellenbosch, 1999” page 424 Arrived in South Africa on board "Voorschoten" with his parents brothers and sister on 13 ap...

10/10/2007 8/26/2016

Isaac Marais, b3 MP (1677 - d.)

b3 “SA Genealogies” vol 5, Genealogical Institute of SA, Stellenbosch, 1999” page 463 French Refugees at the Cape, C.G.Botha, Cape Town, Cape Times Ltd, 1919 C416, Inkomende Br...

6/9/2008 8/26/2016

Charles Marais, b2 MP (1668 - 1711)

b2 - “SA Genealogies” vol 5, Genealogical Institute of SA, Stellenbosch, 1999” p425 Death before 17 May 1711 Drakenstein, Cape of Good Hope Il Et ne Le 15. avril Lannee 1711....

9/1/2007 8/26/2016

Marie Madeleine Marais, b4 SM MP (c.1681 - 1716)

"Boeiens", "Maria Taillefert", "Booyens.Maria Magdalena"

b4 “SA Genealogies” vol 5, Genealogical Institute of SA, Stellenbosch, 1999” page 464 French Refugees at the Cape, C.G.Botha, Cape Town, Cape Times Ltd, 1919 C416, Inkomende Br...

10/20/2007 8/26/2016

Marie Mouy, b1 SM MP (1685 - 1758)

"Marie Moij", "Marie Retief", "Maria", "Marie", "Marie Mouij"

Marie Mouy(Moij also spelled Mouij) arrived in South Africa with her father Pierre and sister Jeanne on board the "Donkervliet", in 1699 . She is the ancestor of the Retief family in South Africa. ...

6/15/2009 8/25/2016

Marie Buisset, SM/PROG MP (1678 - c.1757)

"Marie du Plessis", "Marie Smit", "Maria Boisset", "Maria Bùsse"

Bronne/Sources: Judi Marais-Meyer registers - du PLESSIS/MARAIS/Dirkse van SCHALKWYK EMerentia v Rensburg registers. de Villiers/Pama Heese/Lombard LDS FHC Bibl. Die du PLessis Naamboek - P...

6/2/2008 8/25/2016

Marie Anthonarde MP (1624 - 1690)

Colin Graham Botha, The French Refugees at the Cape (Cape Town: Cape Times Limited, 1921), p.140. I Jean Mesnart oudt 28 jaren en de I Louise Corbonne out 30 jaren zijn vrouw I Marie Anth...

10/9/2008 8/23/2016

Jean Nourtier MP (b. - c.1705)

Nortje/Nourtier/Nortier In 1688 het drie lede van die familie, afkomstig uit die buurt van Calais, Frankryk, op die "Oosterland" uitgekom as bediendes van Jacques de Savoye. Waarskynlik was hulle bro...

6/9/2008 8/23/2016

Jean Bevernagie MP (b. - 1736)

6/9/2008 8/22/2016

Joost Bevernagie MP (c.1684 - 1738)

6/9/2008 8/22/2016

Francina Bevarnagie, SM/PROG MP (c.1680 - 1757)

"Mouton", "Francina Bevernage", "Francina de Bevernagie"

Francine Bevernagie Married to Jaques Mouton, 8 October 1700 in Cape Town Susanna Mouton born 1703 in Drakenstein Marriage 2. Jacob Friedrich Zoin (1719 -1754) on 12 Sep 1751 AKA Francina de Be...

7/26/2007 8/22/2016

Marguerite Rousse, SM/PROG (c.1681 - 1726)


Marguerite / Margarete was the youngest of the three daughters Rousse that traveled to South Africa with their mother Marié Jourdan (widow) in the Berg China which left Rotterdam March 20, 1688 ...

3/29/2009 6/7/2016

Marie Rousse (c.1677 - d.)


Source : First Fifty Years Project - Marie Rousse =========== Judi Marais-Meyer register - MARAIS -MRIN142 Marie Jordaan van en 3 kinders van La Motte d'Aigues land gaan via Genève (10/9/1...

5/11/2009 6/7/2016

André I Rembert (1661 - 1736)

findagrave... ; Andre Rembert Birth: Jan. 12, 1661, Pont-de-l'Isere, Departement de la Drome, Rhone-Alpes, France Death: Mar. 4, 1736, Jamestown,Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA read mo...

5/19/2008 3/24/2016

Pierre Videau, Jr. (1688 - c.1690)

2/26/2016 3/21/2016

Pierre le Febre, SV/PROG MP (c.1657 - c.1741)

Pierre LE FEBRE kom by die Kaap aan in 1683 met sy vrou Maria DE GRAVE. Hy was die seun van Pierre le Febre en Rachel van Plus. KINDERS b1 Isaak gedoop Guines 13 Nov 1678 b2 Guillaume b3 Martha gedoo...

9/1/2007 2/26/2016

Barbe Le Febre, SM/PROG MP (c.1663 - 1720)

See Stamouers Nicolaus CLEEF was van Groszsalze in Duitsland. Op 16 Desember 1685 word 'n kind gedoop in die Kaapstad se kerk - "Adam Sol - Sara de moeder slavin, de vader Niclaus Kleef, die getuie...

8/24/2007 2/26/2016

Guilliaume le Febre, b1 MP (c.1680 - c.1695)

"le Fèbre"

PN le Févre was born circa 1630 in Fleurbaix or Lille, Flandre, Belgium. Children Pierre le Févre b. c 1650 Barbe le Févre b. c 1670 - Pieter Coertzen, The Huguenots...

11/4/2007 2/26/2016

Marie le Fébre SM/PROG MP (c.1651 - c.1701)

"le Févre", "le Fébre", "Maria Prevot", "Maria Eckhoff", "Maria Peronne", "Maria du Preez"

David le Févre , overleden voor 1657. Zijn vrouw heeft dochter bij tweede man in 1657 | Vermeld als overleden bij huwelijk dochter Marie, 1673 | vermeld als overleden bij huwelijk zoon Daniel,...

8/25/2007 2/26/2016

Marie Taillefert (b. - 1696)

"le Fèbvre"

According to Pieter Coertzen's book Paul came from Chateau-Thierry in Brie (Champagne) in 1694 [?not 1696? - Sharon] on the Vosmaer, and settled in CT. He married Marie Taillefert (who died on board sh...

7/28/2011 2/26/2016

Estienne Cronier MP (c.1679 - 1724)

"Steven Cronjé"

Estienne was clearly the unmarried brother of Pierre Cronje SV , who had died on 2 September 1718: He died unmarried. Pierre never had a child, Steven or Estienne, baptised. His brother, Pierre...

9/28/2009 11/10/2015

Elisabeth Couvret, SM/PROG MP (c.1676 - 1743)

"Elizabeth ROUX", "CELLIERS", "Elisabeth CILLIER(S)", "Elisabeth", "Elizabeth", "Élisabeth"

Birth Date c. 1676 Death Date 1743 First Name Elisabeth Last Name Couvert Maiden Name Couvert Gender Female Birth Location Orléans, Centre, France Burial Date 1766 Arrived in t...

6/9/2008 11/9/2015

Isabeau Prevot, b5 MP (1683 - 1750)

"du Preez", "Isabeau", "Elizabeth PREVOST", "Isabeau Prevost"

Birth Date c. 10/31/1683 Death Date 1/18/1750 First Name Isabeau Last Name du Preez Maiden Name Potgieter Gender Female Birth Location Calais, Aquitaine, Dordogne, France Baptism Date 10/...

8/25/2007 11/6/2015

Maria de Gravé, SM/PROG MP (c.1654 - c.1730)

"Marie de Grave", "Maria", "de Graaf", "de Graeff", "de Brave", "le Febre", "Lefebre", "Lefebur", "Fijever"

Marie DE GRAVÉ was born about 1662 in Fleurbaix, Pays de L'Alleu, France. She married Pierre LE FÈVRE about 9 May 1677 in Fleurbaix,Pays de L'alleu, France. More about Fleurbaix here Th...

9/1/2007 9/24/2014

Antoinette Carnoy, PROG MP (1610 - c.1712)

"le Clercq"

French Huguenot immigrants to SA in 1688 on the ship 'Oosterlandt': Jacques de Savoye xx Marie-Madeleine le Clercq Antoinette Carnoy - mother of Marie-Madeleine

11/6/2008 6/23/2014

Jacques de Savoye, b8 MP (c.1687 - d.)

de Savoye Family Progenitor Details from project a. Jacques de Savoye b. before 29 January 1636, d. October 1717 m 4/7/1657 Christine du Pont b. c 1640, d. b 1686

9/28/2009 6/23/2014

Ettiene Gauch, b1 MP (c.1684 - c.1755)

"Steven Gauché"

Born: 1684, Celigny, Geneve, Switzerland Marriage: Catharina BOCK on 6 Mar 1718 Emigration: from Holland on the ship "Spierdijk", 1691, Le Pont-de-Montvert, Lanquedoc, France. Ettienne (or Estien...

10/13/2007 6/15/2014

Pierre Jourdan de Cabrières and the other man - How history confused two different men by Harry Booyens at /cliffwoodfogge/Pierre.htm: On 20 March 1688 the Dutch East India Ship China set sail...

8/11/2012 6/7/2014

Pierre Jourdan, de Cabrières SV/PROG 3 MP (c.1661 - 1723)

"Pieter Jordaan", "Jourdan de Cabriere"

Pierre Jourdan “Cavalier” de La Roque d'Antheron; *ca.1620 La Roque d'Antheron x Susanna Pascal *ca.1637. The couple lived in Cabrières d'Aigues in Provence, France by 1661. i....

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Anne Fouche, b3 SM MP (1682 - c.1713)

Die HUGENOTE 1688-1988 p. 160: Anne Fouche (Foucher) (1681-1713) Dogter van Philippe FOUCHE Plek van herkoms: Suevres (orleanais) Datum van aankoms: 1688, saam met ouers, Philippe Fouche en Anne Soucha...

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Paul Couvret, SV/PROG MP (deceased)

Couvret, Paul, arrived in 1700 in the Reygersdaal with his wife Anne Vallete, born at Bazoze near Orleans, and a little child Anna Elizabeth. He lived at Paarl and was an agriculturist, a vinegrower an...

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Marie-Catherine Huibaux, PROG MP (c.1675 - c.1752)

"Maria Catharina Wibeau", "Marie-Catherine Verdeaux", "Maria Catharina Wibaux", "Catharina Wibaut"

Marie-Catherine HUIBAUX (aka WIBAUT), a French Huguenot from Amiens, Picardie, France , arrived in SA in 1702 on a boat whose name we do not know. She married Hercule VERDEAU in 1702. Hercule VERDEA...

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Pierre Mallan, SV/PROG MP (c.1664 - c.1688)

Extract uit brief 23 December 1687 van de Kamer Rotterdam. ... de volgende mans en vrouw persoonen voorgekomen om pr t schip China over te varen ... Pierre Malan out 23 jaren met zijn vrouw Isabeau R...

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