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Mary Parker MP (1620 - 1695)

Mary Stevens Birth: Circa 1620 - Newbury, Berkshire, England Death: Oct 2 1695 - Andover, Essex, Massachusetts Husband: Joseph Parker Children: Samuel Parker, Ruth Parker, Joseph Parker, Sara...

6/29/2007 10/25/2017

Francis Nurse, I MP (1618 - 1695)

"Francis Nourse"

Francis Nourse Birth: Jan 18 1618 - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England (also seen as Bristol UK) Death: Nov 22 1695 - Salem Village, Essex County, Massachusetts Bay Colony Parents: unknown [not a...

4/14/2007 1/24/2017

Abigail Walden MP (1660 - 1733)

biographical notes From Elizabeth Balch, along with her sister Abigail Walden , made testimony against Sarah Bishop and both signed their testimonies with the first letter of their first names. The...

7/27/2008 1/10/2017

Elizabeth Balch MP (1654 - c.1698)

Elizabeth Woodbury was born 15 August 1654 in Salem. She was daughter of John Woodbury (d 1673) & his wife Elizabeth. She married Benjamin Balch (c. 1653 - Spring 1698) on October 11, 1674; he was the ...

4/25/2008 1/10/2017

Elizabeth Brown MP (c.1624 - aft.1692)


From "Diana, Goddess of the Hunt — for Ancestors!" 'Elizabeth MURFORD Birth: 1636, Salisbury, Essex Co., MA Death: 1692, Salisbury, Essex Co., MA Occupation: homemaker Children — born in Sali...

2/26/2008 8/16/2016

Ann Putnam MP (1661 - 1699)


From : Putnam Family Members Involved in the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria: Ann Putnam, Jr. (1679-1716) - Twelve year-old Ann Putnam, Jr. played a crucial role in the witchcraft trials of 1692 as one...

12/5/2007 6/12/2016

John Putnam MP (1657 - 1722)

Married: ABT 1690 in Salem Village, Mass Bay Colony (now Danvers, Essex, Massachusetts, USA) Children of John and Hannah: Caleb Putnam b: 14 FEB 1693/94 in Salem Village, Mass Bay Colony (now Danve...

2/24/2008 6/12/2016

Quartermaster Moses Tyler MP (1641 - 1727)

It is unclear from the information I have found, which wife was 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. If one look at the death dates of Moses (1727), Prudence (1689) Sarah (1714) and Martha (1736) the marriage order was ...

12/10/2007 5/31/2016

Samuel Shattuck, Sr. MP (1649 - bef.1723)

The children of Samuel Shattuck (died 1689), born in Salem, were: 1. Samuel, b. Oct. 7, 1649; m. Sarah Bucknam (3.) SAMUEL SHATTUCK only surviving son of Samuel, above mentioned, (2.) was b. in Sal...

8/9/2008 5/9/2016

Capt. Richard Carr MP (1659 - 1727)

Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire page 129: Richard,Capt., bro. of (3)[George], b. 2 Apr. 1659, shipwright and mariner, Amesbury and Salisbury. D. 11 Sep. 1727. 4 ch. by 1st w. (se...

6/20/2008 5/7/2016

Jeremiah Watts MP (c.1635 - 1698)

notes From "The Devil Hath Been Raised" A Documentary History of the Salem Village Witchcraft Outbreak of March 1692 by Richard B. Trask In a 1682 letter villager Jeremiah Watts complained concer...

12/10/2008 3/15/2016

Robert Downer MP (c.1650 - 1720)

Robert Downer born: about 1650 in Salisbury Essex , Massachusetts died 12 Feb 1720-21 in Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts parents: Robert Downer, Hannah Vincent married on May 6, 1675 at...

12/17/2008 11/23/2015

William Arnold MP (1648 - 1697)

Wikipedia entry for William Arnold: William was a deputy during the Salem Witch trails. Link : _______________________________________ (Warrant for Arrest of Elizabeth Colson in Suffolk Cou...

4/27/2009 7/12/2015

Ezekiel Cheever MP (1655 - bef.1731)

(II) Ezekiel (2), son of Ezekiel (1) Cheever, was born July 1, 1655, and was a tailor by trade. He was one of the signers of the petition of the Salem troop for commissioned officers in 1678, and took ...

1/31/2009 5/21/2015

Nathaniel Eastman MP (1643 - 1709)

Links 'Nathaniel EASTMAN was born on 18 MAY 1643 in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. He died on 30 NOV 1709 at Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. (BOOK SOURCE: "The Old Families...

1/27/2007 1/25/2015

Elizabeth Eastman MP (1647 - 1716)

Links 'Elizabeth HUDSON was born about 1650. She died on 10 JUN 1716 at Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. Spouse: Nathaniel EASTMAN. Nathaniel EASTMAN and Elizabeth HUDSON were ma...

10/15/2007 1/25/2015

Mary Sergeant MP (1655 - 1706)

"Hull Phips"

Dame Mary Sergeant was a daughter of Roger Spencer. She married first, John Hull of Boston, not the mint-master; 2nd, Sir William Phips, the first governor of Massachusetts; 3rd and lastly, Peter Serge...

12/5/2010 1/12/2015

John Arnold MP (1655 - 1725)

John Arnold Born: April 2, 1655 at Braintree, Ma., the third of four sons born to Joseph Arnold and Rebecca Arnold (Curtis). The children of Joseph Arnold and Rebecca: William Arnold: born Ma...

7/20/2008 10/3/2014

Mary Osgood MP (c.1637 - 1710)


Capt John Osgood married, November 15, 1653, Mary Clement, of Andover, born about 1637, eighth and youngest child of Robert Clement, an immigrant from England, who came from Coventry, Warwickshire, abo...

2/24/2007 9/5/2014

Mary Williams MP (bef.1668 - 1706)

Witchcraft accused Sarah Hale and Sarah Good in 1692 in Salem notes From Mary Endicott Wife of Isaac Williams Not the wife of Joseph Herrick "Mary Endecot, daughter of Zerubbabel, was baptized ...

9/23/2008 8/13/2014

John Allen MP (1648 - 1696)

"Lt. John Allin"

John, b. Oct. 9, 1648, son of William Allen and Ann; m. Aug. 24, 1674, Mary Andros, widow of Jedediah Andros and daughter of Major Robert Pike; she d. April 28, 1695; he d. Feb. 27, 1696/7. He was call...

2/27/2008 8/8/2014

Sarah (Warren) Prince Osborne, Salem Witch Trial MP (c.1643 - 1692)

"Osbourne", "Osborn", "Prince"

Sarah Osborne (c. 1643 – 10 May 1692) , variously spelled Osbourne, Osburne, or Osborn , was one of the first three women to be accused of witchcraft in the Salem witch trials of 1692. Born about 1643 ...

1/17/2009 5/21/2014

Martha Corey MP (b. - 1692)

"Salem Witch Trial"

Martha (England - 22 September 1692), became the third wife of Giles Corey on 27 April 1690. Two years later she was convicted of witchcraft and executed by hanging during the 1692 Salem witch trials. ...

9/21/2007 5/14/2014

Bethia Pearson Carter, Salem Witch Trials MP (1645 - c.1701)


Bethiah Pearson Carter (1645 - 1701) - accused of witchcraft in the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Bethiah Pearson, daughter of John Pierson and Madelain Bullard, was born 15 September 1645 in Lynn, Esse...

5/12/2007 5/14/2014

Martha Geer MP (1676 - 1741)

Three daughters of Hopestill Tyler (1645 - 1734) and Mary Lovett (1652 - c1732) were accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials: Hanna, Joanna, and Martha. Their father and their uncle (John B...

5/8/2008 4/26/2014

Andrew Carrier (1677-1749), son of Thomas and Martha Allen Carrier of Andover, Andrew was born 7 April 1677 at Billerica, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. He and his siblings were examined after their ...

8/18/2008 4/22/2014

Sarah Carrier Chapman (1684-1772), daughter of Thomas Morgan Carrier (1624 - 1734) and Martha Allen (1654 - 1692), was accused of witchcraft in Andover, Massachusetts, along with her mother and sibling...

11/14/2008 4/22/2014

Thomas Fiske MP (1653 - 1723)

Jury member, Salem Witch Trials

1/25/2009 4/18/2014

John was the husband of Tituba. Both were slaves owned by Rev. Samuel Parris. Rev. Samuel Parris, organizer of the Salem Witch Trials

3/9/2013 4/17/2014

Capt. John Peabody MP (aft.1642 - 1720)

7630. Capt. John Peabody. Born ca 1642 in Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH. John died on 5 Jul 1720 in Boxford, MA. son of Francis Peabody & Lydia John first married Hannah Andrews, second (Sarah Tr...

3/30/2008 4/17/2014

John Dane, III MP (1643 - 1707)

Served as a juror for the Salem witch trials page 20 of History of Essex County, Massachusetts: With Biographical Sketches ..., Volume 1 edited by Duane Hamilton Hurd

8/9/2008 4/17/2014

Andrew Eliot, Sr. MP (c.1627 - 1704)

"Eliot;", "Elliott;"

Occupation: “Corwinder “ (cordwainer?) Sen. John Kerry, author Nathaniel Hawthorne, Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison, and poet T. S. Eliot are descendants. VETERAN OF THE CANADA EXPEDITION, 1690, REPRE...

2/2/2008 4/17/2014

John Batchelder MP (1650 - 1684)


Listed as John Bacheldor in the Salem birth records; John Bacheler in the marriage records; John Bacheler in the Salem witch trial records. --- From the Bachelor Genealogy by Frederick Clifton Pier...

3/19/2011 4/17/2014

Thomas Fisk MP (c.1630 - 1707)

"Thomas Fiske"

Jury Foreman, Salem Witch Trials

3/24/2009 4/17/2014

Bathsheba Pope MP (1657 - aft.1726)

"Basheba", "Bathshua", "Bethsua", "Bethshua"

Bathseba Folger Pope (c1657 - 1697) , daughter of Peter Folger and Mary Morrill, was an adamant accuser of witches in the hysteria that started in Salem. She ranted and raved at those accused in many o...

9/20/2007 4/17/2014

Robert Calef MP (1648 - 1719)

The first record found of Robert and Mary Calef is that of the baptism of their son Edward at the New South Church, Boston, in 1688. In what year they came to this new land, and whether James Calef, fo...

8/29/2007 4/16/2014

Sarah Churchill, Accuser at Salem Witch Trials MP (c.1667 - aft.1731)


Sarah Churchill Andrews (circa 1667 - after 1731) - Known as one of the "afflicted girls" during the Salem witch hysteria, Sarah was both an accuser and a confessor. Born to Arthur and Eleanor Churchil...

4/16/2014 4/16/2014

Wilmot Redd MP (c.1638 - 1692)

"Wilmott", "Reed", "Rett", "Salem Witch Trial"

Wilmot Redd (c1638 - 1692) - Wilmot was born in Marblehead, Massachusetts about 1638, and executed for witchcraft by hanging at the age of 54 on 22 September 1692 in Salem Towne, Essex County, Massachu...

10/20/2009 4/9/2014

Ann Greenslade Pudeator, Salem Witch Trial MP (c.1622 - 1692)

"Greenslade", "Greenslit", "Greensleet", "Grinsell", "Poindexter"

Ann Greenslit Pudeator (c1622 - 1692) was a well-to-do septuagenarian widow who was executed for witchcraft on 22 September 1692. Marriages and Children Thomas Greenslade (c1625 Boston, Suffolk C...

5/2/2008 4/9/2014

Mary Kempe MP (1674 - 1707)

Mary (Lacey) Kempe (1674 - 1707) - Born to Lawrence Lacey and Mary Foster in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts on 24 May 1674, Mary Lacey was 18 years old at the time she was accused of witchcraft, ...

4/9/2007 4/9/2014

John Ferren MP (c.1671 - d.)

"Ferrin", "Ferren", "Farrin"

Born circa 1671, John Farren was indicted by a grand jury in the infamous Salem witch trials, but was never tried.

1/6/2008 4/9/2014

Sarah Hale MP (1655 - 1695)

Sarah (Noyes) Hale (1655 - 1695) - Daughter of Reverend James Noyes, Sr. and Sarah Browne, Sarah Noyes was born 21 March 1655 at Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts; and died at the age of 40 on 20 Ma...

10/7/2007 4/9/2014

William Stoughton (1631 - 1701) , son of Colonel Israel Stoughton and Elizabeth Knight, served as Chief Magistrate of the court that oversaw the infamous Salem witch trials of 1692. He later became Lie...

5/11/2007 4/9/2014

Mary (Green) Green MP (c.1658 - d.)

Mary (Green) Green (1658 - ?) - Mary's maiden name was also Green, so perhaps she married a cousin. Living in Haverhill with husband Peter Green, Mary was accused of witchcraft on 28 July 1692 for ha...

2/18/2009 4/9/2014

Mary Clark, of Haverhill MP (aft.1634 - aft.1714)

"Mary (Johnson)", "Davis", "Clark", ""Goody" Clarke"

Not the same as Mary Browne, of Newbury Mary (Johnson) Clark, born say 1638, probably in Ipswich, was the widow of Ephraim Davis, and was known as "Goody" before her husband Edward Clark rose in the ...

10/15/2007 4/9/2014

Hannah Carroll MP (deceased)

"Hannah Carrell"

Married to Nathaniel Carroll, a warrant was issued on 10 September 1692 for Hannah Carroll and Sarah Cole for having afflicted William Brage, the son of Henry Brage. Of Salem Towne, the two women were ...

4/9/2014 4/9/2014

John Buss, Sr. MP (1640 - 1736)


Named in the Salem witch trials, but no warrant issued.

11/14/2007 4/8/2014

John Buxton MP (1644 - 1715)

•ID: I571 •Name: John BUXTON •Given Name: John •Surname: Buxton •Sex: M •_UID: E940B0DA57EE384C9DD918E844C7E43A1B82 •Change Date: 27 JUN 2005 •Note: !Birth: Source: Pedigree Resource File, www.familyse...

7/22/2008 4/8/2014

Sarah Bibber, Salem Witch Trials MP (1656 - d.)

"Biber", "Vibber", "Vibbard", "Barber"

Sarah Bibber aka Vibber (born c. 1658) - Her surname is variously listed as Bibber, Biber and Vibber. Married to John Bibber, she had a four-year-old child in 1692. As one of the "afflicted" who test...

2/8/2011 4/8/2014

Edward Farrington MP (1662 - 1747)

Edward Farrington (1662 – c1745) - Edward was born in Lynn, Essex County Massachusetts to John and Elizabeth Knight Farrington on 5 July 1662. He was living in Andover when he was accused of witchcraft...

9/4/2008 4/8/2014

Rebecca Fox MP (c.1620 - 1698)

"Rebecca (MNU) Andrews Wyeth Fox"

Rebecca (MNU) Andrews Wyeth Fox (c1620 - 1698) - Rebecca MNU, was born c1620; she died 19 May 1698 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. She married (1) Thomas Andrews (c1610 - c1647) about 1640 in Wa...

8/9/2008 4/7/2014

Jonathan Corwin - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jonathan Corwin (December 10, 1640 – June 9, 1718) was a wealthy New England merchant, and a judge in the Salem, Massachusetts area who was i...

7/11/2008 4/7/2014

John Richards MP (1647 - 1713)

John Richards (1644 - 1713) , son of Edward Richards (1615 - 1690) and Ann Knight (1621 - 1691), was born in 1644 at Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts. He served as a magistrate of the Court of Oyer an...

1/28/2009 4/7/2014

Judge Peter Sargent MP (c.1648 - d.)


Salem Witch Trials: Magistrate of the Court of Oyer and Terminer, 1692 Sources Sargent, Aaron and John S. Sargent. Sargent genealogy : Hugh Sargent, of Courteenhall, Northamptonshire and his desc...

2/7/2009 4/7/2014

Margaret Thacher MP (bef.1625 - 1693)

"Sheafe", "Sheaffe", "Schaefe"

Margaret (Webb) Thacher (1625 - 1693) , only known child of Henry Webb and probably Dowsabel Smith, was baptized 25 September 1625 at Salisbury, England. She died at the age of 67 on 4 February 1693/4 ...

8/6/2008 4/7/2014

John Durrant, Salem Witch MP (c.1650 - 1692)

John Durrant (1650 - 1692) , parentage unknown, was born in 1650 at Billerica, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. On 16 November 1670, John Durrant married his neighbor, Susanna Dutton, the daughter of T...

7/20/2008 4/6/2014

Candy, of Salem Village MP (bef.1680 - d.)

"Candy Hawkes"

An African-American slave from Barbados, Candy belonged to Margaret Hawkes of Salem Village. She was examined on 4 July 1692, saying that her mistress, Margaret Hawkes had made her a witch and taught h...

4/6/2014 4/6/2014

Sarah (Wilson) Preston (1678 - 1720) , daughter of Joseph Wilson and Sarah Lord of Andover, was just 14 years old when she and her mother were arrested for witchcraft on 7 September 1692, after the Rev...

5/21/2009 4/6/2014

Hezekiah Usher MP (1639 - 1697)

Hezekiah Usher (1639 - 1697), son of Hezekiah Usher (1615 - 1676) and Mary Alford (1618 - 1693), a Boston merchant, was accused of witchcraft by Susannah Sheldon, one of the "afflicted girls". Influent...

7/22/2011 4/6/2014

Mercy Wright MP (1673 - 1754)

"Wardell", "Salem Witch Trials"

Mercy Wardwell - (1673-1754) - Daughter of Samuel Wardwell and Sarah Hooper Hawkes, 19 year-old Mercy was charged with witchcraft and arrested shortly after her father was imprisoned for the same crime...

8/29/2007 4/6/2014

Ruth Ayer MP (1672 - 1708)

Ruth Wilford Ayer (1672-1708) , daughter of Gilbert Wilford and Mary Dow, was born on 15 November 1672, probably in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts. On 20 August 1692, Ruth was arrested on charg...

4/6/2014 4/6/2014

Margaret Foster MP (1675 - 1717)

"Margaret (Jacobs) Foster", "Salem Witch Trial"

Margaret Jacobs Foster (1675 - 1717) - Margaret Jacobs, daughter of accused witches George Jacobs, Jr. (16149 - 1717) and Rebecca Andrews (1646 - 1717), and granddaughter of executed witch George Jacob...

3/2/2007 4/6/2014

Rebecca Jacobs MP (1646 - 1717)

"Rebecca (Andrews) Frost", "Salem Witch", "Andrew", "Andrewes"

Rebecca Andrews Jacobs (1646 - 1717) - Rebecca Andrews, daughter of Thomas Andrews (c1610 - 1647) and Rebecca Craddock Fox (1623 - 1698), was born 18 April 1646 at Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachu...

3/2/2007 4/6/2014

George Jacobs, Jr. MP (1649 - 1717)

"Salem Witch"

George Jacobs, Jr. (1649 - 1717) - George Jr., son of George Jacobs, Sr. (c1612 - 1692) and his first wife (c1627 - before 1673), was born in 1649 at Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts; he died in 1717...

3/2/2007 4/6/2014

George Jacobs, Salem Witch Trial MP (1612 - 1692)

"George Jacob"

George Jacobs, Sr. (c.1620 – 1692) — George Jacobs was accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials in Salem Village, Massachusetts in 1692, and was found guilty and hanged on 19 August 1692. Hi...

3/2/2007 4/3/2014

John Jackson, Jr. MP (1670 - d.)

"Salem Witch"

John Jackson, Jr. (1670-??) of Rowley; his father John Jackson, Sr; and another man named John Howard, were all accused of witchcraft by Susanna Post. The three were laborers in Rowley and are thought ...

3/31/2014 3/31/2014

John Jackson, Sr., of Rowley MP (1653 - 1718)

"Salem Witch"

John Jackson, Sr. (1653-1718) of Rowley; his son John Jackson, Jr; and another man named John Howard were all accused of witchcraft by Susanna Post. The three were laborers in Rowley and are thought to...

3/31/2014 3/31/2014

Mary Ireson MP (1654 - 1711)

"Salem Witch"

Mary (Leach) Ireson (1654 - 1711), daughter of Richard Leach and Sarah Ann Fuller, was born in 1654 at Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. She married Benjamin Ireson of Lynn, Massachusetts. They had o...

12/6/2010 3/31/2014

Mary Pease MP (1646 - d.)

"Goody Pease", "Salem Witch"

Mary (Hobbs) Pease (b.1646) , wife of Nathaniel Pease , was born in 1646 at Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. It is believed that the Mary Pease of the Salem witch trials was his wife, though there a...

9/29/2008 3/30/2014

Deliverance Hobbs MP (c.1642 - d.)

"Salem Witch"

Deliverance (Unknown) Hobbs, born about 1642, was the mother of Abigail Hobbs (c.1675). The Hobbs family was from Casco, Maine, the frontier of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, during a time when there we...

3/30/2014 3/30/2014

William Hobbs MP (c.1639 - d.)

"Salem Witch"

William Hobbs, husband of Deliverance MNU and father of Abigail Hobbs (c.1675), was from Casco, Maine, the frontier of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, during a time when there were many attacks by the Wa...

3/30/2014 3/30/2014

Abigail Hobbs MP (c.1675 - d.)

"Salem Witch"

Abigail Hobbs , daughter of William Hobbs and Deliverance MNU, was from Casco, Maine, the frontier of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, during a time when there were many attacks by the Wabanaki Native Ame...

3/30/2014 3/30/2014

Captain Nathaniel Cary, Sr. MP (1645 - 1730)

Salem Witchcraft Trials On 1 June 1692, while Marry Warren was testifying against Bridget Playfer Bishop, she would also accuse Elizabeth's husband, Captain Nathaniel Cary, but, nothing apparently ca...

3/16/2014 3/28/2014

Eunice Frye MP (1641 - 1708)

Eunice (Potter) Frye (1641-1708) , daughter of Deacon Luke Potter (1615 - 1697) and Mary Edmunds (1621 - 1710) was born on 2 February 1641 at Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Bay Colony. She ma...

9/29/2008 3/28/2014

Mary Warren, Salem Witch Accuser MP (c.1674 - 1697)

"Mary Warren "afflicted girl""

Both an accuser and then an accused during the Salem Witch Trials, Mary Warren (c1674 - 1697) was the oldest of the "afflicted" girls and became one of the most rigorous accusers. She also became a def...

3/26/2014 3/26/2014

Susannah Sheldon MP (1674 - d.)

Susanna Sheldon (born 1674) was 18 years-old at the time of the Salem witchcraft trials. Like Mercy Lewis, she was a refugee from the Indian wars. In April 1692, four days after Reverend George Burroug...

3/26/2014 3/26/2014

Betty Hubbard, Salem Witch Accuser MP (c.1675 - d.)

"Hobart", "Hubburd", "Hobard"

Elizabeth Hubbard (1675?-??) - Seventeen year-old Elizabeth Hubbard followed Elizabeth Parris, Abigail Williams, and Ann Putnam Jr., in claiming to have been bewitched. Like many of the other "afflicte...

3/26/2014 3/26/2014

Mercy Allen MP (1675 - bef.1703)

Mercy Lewis 1675 - before 1703) , daughter of Philip Lewis and (unknown) Skilling, was born on the Maine frontier on her parents' farm in Falmouth, Cumberland County, Maine in 1675; she died before 170...

3/26/2014 3/26/2014

Abigail Williams, Salem Witch Accuser MP (c.1680 - bef.1697)

"Abigail Williams "afflicted" girl"

Abigail Williams (c1680 - before 1697) , parentage unknown, was one of the "afflicted girls" whose accusations of witchcraft fueled the Salem witch trials. Abigail, who lived in the home of Reverend Sa...

3/26/2014 3/26/2014

Dorcas Good, Salem Witch Trial MP (c.1688 - d.)


Dorcas Good (born c.1688) - Dorcas was the daughter of William Good and Sarah Solart. William Good was a poor man and her parents lived a life of homelessness and begging, earning them a reputation as ...

3/26/2014 3/26/2014

Sarah Solart Good, Salem Witch Trial MP (1653 - 1692)

"Poole", "Good"

Sarah Solart Poole Good (1653-1692) - One of the first three women to be accused of witchcraft in the Salem witch trials of 1692, Sarah Good was born to a prosperous innkeeper named John Solart on 11 J...

5/23/2008 3/26/2014

Captain John Floyd, of Lynn & Malden MP (c.1637 - 1702)

"John Floyd of the Salem Witch Trials"

Captain John Floyd (c1636-1701) was living at Lynn in 1662 with wife Sarah Doolittle, daughter of John Doolittle of Rumney Marsh, when his eldest child was born; they had eight children altogether. Abo...

9/8/2007 3/25/2014

Rebecca Dolliver Dike, Salem Witch Trials MP (c.1638 - d.)


Rebecca Dolliver , daughter of Samuel Dolliver (1608 - 1683) and Mary Elwell (1639 - 1708), was born circa 1638 at Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts. She married Richard Dike , who held a large a...

6/19/2009 3/25/2014

Elizabeth Austin Dicer , daughter of (born c.1641 Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts), wife of William Dicer., was accused of witchcraft in 1692 and was jailed for a period of time in Ipswich, Massachu...

9/22/2008 3/25/2014

Elizabeth Colson MP (c.1676 - d.)

Elizabeth Colson (1676?-??) - Granddaughter of accused witch Lydia Dustin, Elizabeth's widowed mother Mary Colson and Mary's sister Sarah Dustin were also arrested and examined for witchcraft. A warran...

3/25/2014 3/25/2014

Mary Colson MP (1650 - d.)

Mary Dustin Colson (1650-??) - Accused of witchcraft, Mary Colson was the last in her family to be examined. Her mother, Lydia Dustin and sister, Sarah Dustin, were both sitting in jail awaiting trials...

3/25/2014 3/25/2014

Sarah Dustin MP (deceased)

Sarah Dustin - The unmarried daughter of Lydia Dustin, Sarah was arrested shortly after her mother. Her father was Joshia Dustin, who had been one of the founders and leading land owners of Reading, Ma...

3/25/2014 3/25/2014

Lydia Dustin, Salem Witch Trials MP (c.1626 - 1693)


Lydia Dustin/Dastin (1626?-1693) - Accused as a witch during the Salem hysteria, Lydia was found not guilty, but, died in prison before she could be released. Thought to have been born about 1626, li...

3/25/2014 3/25/2014

Sarah Cole MP (1651 - 1713)

"Davice", "Colle", "Sarah Davis Cole", "Salem Witch Trials"

Sarah Davis Cole (born 1651) - Sarah Davis, daughter of George Davis (1616 - 1667) and Sarah Clark Davis (died 1698) was born on 1 October 1651 in Reading, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Her date of ...

10/6/2007 3/25/2014

Sarah Cole MP (1662 - 1741)


Sarah Aslett Cole (1662-1741) - Sarah Aslett was born on 17 August 1662 in Andover, Massachusetts and grew up to marry John Cole in 1686 in Lynn. Sarah was accused of witchcraft by Mary Browne of Rea...

11/19/2008 3/25/2014

Elizabeth Cary MP (1650 - 1722)

"Elizabeth Walker Cary", "Salem Witch Trials"

Elizabeth Walker Cary (1650-1722), daughter of Captain Augustine and Hannah Walker, was born about 1650. Elizabeth married Captain Nathaniel Cary on 9 July 1674 at Lancashire, Massachusetts. Settling...

3/16/2014 3/25/2014

Bethiah Carter (1671-??) - On 8 May 1692, 21 year-old Bethia Carter of Woburn, and mother of the same name, were arrested for witchcraft upon the complaint of Sargeant Thomas Putnam, Jr. and his cousin...

5/12/2007 3/25/2014

Thomas Carrier MP (1682 - 1740)

Thomas Carrier, Jr. (1682-1739) - The son of Thomas and Martha Allen Carrier of Andover, Thomas, Jr. and his siblings would be examined after their mother was arrested for witchcraft on 28 May 1692. Al...

2/26/2009 3/25/2014

Richard Carrier (1674-1749) - The son of Thomas and Martha Allen Carrier of Andover, Richard and his siblings would be examined after their mother was arrested for witchcraft on May 28, 1692. All four ...

9/15/2008 3/25/2014

Mary Black, Salem Witch Trials MP (bef.1680 - aft.1693)

Mary Black (born before 1680 - died after 1693) - An African-American slave of elderly Lieutenant Nathaniel Putman of Salem Village, Mary was accused of witchcraft on April 21, 1692. Putnam was a res...

3/25/2014 3/25/2014

Mary Buckley Witheridge, Salem Witch Trials MP (c.1664 - 1748)

"Witridge", "Withridge", "Whiteridge", "Whitridge"

Mary Buckley Witheridge - The daughter of William and Sarah Smith Buckley, both she and her mother were arrested for witchcraft on 14 May 1692 and imprisoned. At the time of her arrest Mary was alrea...

7/10/2008 3/25/2014

Sarah Smith Buckley (1636-??) - The wife of William Buckley of Salem Village, Sarah Smith Buckley was indicted and imprisoned for practicing witchcraft in May 1692. Her widowed daughter, Mary Buckley W...

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Hannah Varnum Tyler Brumridge MP (c.1635 - d.)

"Farnum", "Brumidge", "Bromage"

Hannah Varnum (or Farnum) Tyler Brumidge (1635-??) - From Haverhill, Hannah Varnum would grow up to marry Abraham Tyler on 26 December 1650. After he died in 1973, she married Edward Brumridge. During ...

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John Bradstreet MP (1652 - 1717)

John Bradstreet (1653-1717) - The son of former colonial governor, Simon Bradstreet and Ann Dudley Bradstreet, and brother to Andover Justice of the Peace, Colonel Dudley Bradstreet, John found himself...

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Ann Bradstreet MP (1647 - 1707)

"Ann (Wood) Price"

Ann (Wood) Price Bradstreet (1647 - 1707) , daughter of Richard Wood and Ann Priddeth, was born c.1650 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts; and died at the age of about 60 in 1707 at Andover. She i...

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