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Wikipedia contributors. " Sir Stephen Lushington, 1st Baronet ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Sir Stephen Lushington, 1st Baronet (17 June 1744 – 12 January 1807), of South Hill Park in Eastha...

8/29/2012 1/21/2018

Captain George Hamond, EIC MP (c.1803 - 1884)

1/4/2018 1/4/2018

Frederick Luard Wollaston MP (1803 - 1875)

Frederick Luard Wollaston Frederick Luard Wollaston 1803 – 1875 was a Patron of the Southampton Homeopathic Dispensary, Frederick Luard Wollaston was a Proprietor of the East India Company at Che...

12/21/2017 12/21/2017

Major Alexander LaFone, VC MP (1870 - 1917)

Reference: FamilySearch Family Tree - SmartCopy : Jan 27 2017, 12:48:36 UTC ALEXANDER LAFONE fought in the Second Boer War and World War One and was awarded the Victoria Cross for his efforts on ...

1/27/2017 11/2/2017

Sir Charles Raymond and his circle were no exception. In 1754 Raymond purchased Valentine House at Ilford, and before long several other retired EIC captains who followed a similar path became neighbou...

7/24/2014 7/19/2017

William Webber (died 1779) started his EIC career as third mate on the Wager when Raymond was the captain. He went on to serve as captain, became a PMO and later a Director of the EIC. In 1755 he marri...

7/19/2017 7/19/2017

John Hogan served under Sir Stamford Raffles in the British East India Company at Bencoolen in Sumatra. John was one of three men who settled in Penang who accompanied Sir Stamford Raffles when he fo...

1/14/2014 2/13/2017

He was an English merchant banker, later becoming the first of the Baring Baronets. He was born at Larkbeare House near Exeter. Links:

12/1/2008 10/31/2016

General James Kerr MP (1750 - 1821)

V. James Kerr, General H.E.I.C.S., born at Cleughside 9 Feb. 1750, entered military service of the Hon. E.I. Co. 1771, was gazetted Lieutenant 1775, Captain 1785, to rank from 1781, Major 1792, Colonel...

5/22/2016 10/25/2016

Thomas Halcott Fendall MP (c.1825 - 1865)

Thomas was listed as the Queens messenger in the 1851 census.

8/31/2011 10/17/2016

John Fendall, Jr. MP (1762 - 1825)

John Fendall, Jr. (1762–1825) John Fendall, Jr. (1762–1825), also known as John of Java and Bengal, was a colonial official in the British Honourable East India Company and governor of Java for five ...

8/2/2007 10/14/2016

Captian Bruce Neslon Smith MP (c.1831 - 1886)

8/14/2016 8/14/2016

Surname: Garratt Given Name: Bertram Francis Birth Date: 29 Jan 81 FIRST COMM: 18 Jan 02 DATE RANK: 18 Jan 11 RANK: Captain COMPANY: British Officers of the Indian Army REMARKS: 16 Rajputs Page #: 144

8/22/2009 8/11/2016

Godfery Eric Harvey, Author MP (1889 - 1962)

Godfrey Eric Harvey Career - Colonial Servant / Historian Biography - Senior colonial official in Indian Civil Service and historian of Burmese [Alison Petch [as part of 'The Other Within' project ...

8/22/2009 8/11/2016

He was educated at Haileybury College, Haileybury, Hertfordshire, England. He gained the rank of Major in the service of the Royal Marine Light Infantry

8/4/2016 8/4/2016

He lived at Deaks Farm House, Cuckfield, Sussex, England. He was educated at Clifton College, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England He was educated at Peterhouse College, Cambridge University,...

8/4/2016 8/4/2016

John Henry Ravenshaw MP (1833 - d.)

He was educated at Haileybury College, Haileybury, Hertfordshire, England. He was in the Honourable East India Company Service at Bengal, India.

8/4/2016 8/4/2016

Sir Henry Willock MP (deceased)

Sir Henry Willock was chairman of the Honourable East India Company Service

8/4/2016 8/4/2016

Edward Cockburn Ravenshaw MP (1828 - 1852)

He gained the rank of Cornet in the service of the 1st Regiment Light Infantry, Madras

8/4/2016 8/4/2016

Colonel Sir Henry Ravenshaw Thuilliell was invested as a Knight Commander, Order of the Indian Empire (K.C.I.E.)He gained the rank of Colonel in the service of the Royal Engineers. He held the office o...

8/4/2016 8/4/2016

John Hurdis Ravenshaw MP (1802 - 1879)

He was educated at Haileybury College, Haileybury, Hertfordshire, England. He was in the Honourable East India Company Service.He lived at Derby Lodge, Richmond, Surrey, England

8/4/2016 8/4/2016

Captain William Ravenshaw MP (1781 - 1825)

He gained the rank of Captain in the service of the Honourable East India Company Service

8/4/2016 8/4/2016

Edward Holden Cruttenden MP (deceased)

He held the office of Member of the Council of Calcutta.2 He held the office of Lieutenant-Governor of Fort William.2

8/4/2016 8/4/2016

Cornelius Cardew MP (1799 - 1875)

Cornelius Cardew: born 1 July, 1799 at Penryn, Cornwall and baptized 17 July 1799 at St. Gluvias; educated at Barnstaple Grammar School, and at the East-India College, 1815-1817. He entered the Bengal ...

5/6/2014 7/22/2016

General Colin Mackenzie MP (1806 - 1881)

General Colin Mackenzie, CB In the obituary of the week we greatly regret to observe the decease of one of the most distinguished officers of the Indian Army, Lieut General Colin Mackenzie, CB, who d...

8/22/2009 7/17/2016

Col Eugene Clutterbuck Impey MP (1830 - 1904)

Eugene Clutterbuck Impey Eugene Clutterbuck Impey had the distinction of belonging to the third generation of Impeys to serve the East India Company in India. The earliest Impey to have anything to d...

10/5/2014 7/16/2016

Edward Impey MP (1785 - 1858)

Edward Impey Sir Elijah's youngest son, Edward Impey1 (1785–1858), joined the Bengal Civil Service and later became an acting judge of the Provisional Court of Appeal at Murshidabad. He married Julia...

4/2/2011 7/15/2016

Lady Mary Impey nee Reade MP (1749 - 1818)

Lady Mary Impey Mary Impey (2 March 1749 – 20 February 1818) was an English natural historian and patron of the arts in Bengal. The wife of Elijah Impey, the Chief Justice of Bengal, she establishe...

3/27/2014 7/15/2016

Sir Elijah Impey MP (1732 - 1809)

Sir Elijah Impey Sir Elijiah Impey was born in 1732. He was the son of Elijah Impey and Martha Fraser. He married Mary Reade, daughter of Sir John Reade, 5th Bt. and Harriet Barker, on 18 January 176...

4/2/2011 7/14/2016

Antoine Ambrose Pierre de L'Tang The Chevalier Ambroise de l'Étang was Page of Honour to Queen Marie Antoinette [he was two years younger than her], later an officer of the King's Guard du Corps an...

8/22/2009 7/14/2016

James Peter Pattle MP (1775 - 1845)

James Pattle (1775-1845) James Pattle Judge High Court Appeal, born 31 December 1775, at Beauleah, Bengal, died in 1845 at Calcutta, the son of a director of the East India Company, 1787-1795 Thomas ...

8/22/2009 7/14/2016

James, Rajah of Sarawak, KCB (born James Brooke; 29 April 1803 – 11 June 1868) was a British adventurer whose exploits in areas of the Malay Archipelago led to him becoming the first White Rajah of S...

8/22/2009 7/12/2016

Captain Edward Brooke MP (1654 - 1693)

First name(s) Edward Last name Brooke Birth year 1654 Birth date 24 Aug 1654 Baptism year - Place St John in Thanet (Margate), St John the Baptist Father's first name(s) Robert Mother's f...

5/6/2016 7/12/2016

Captain Robert Brooke MP (1693 - 1762)

Name: Robert Brooks Baptism Date: 15 Dec 1693-1694 Parish: St Alfege County: London Borough: Greenwich Parent(s): Edward Brooks, Ann Brooks Record Type: Christening Register Type: Parish ...

8/22/2009 7/12/2016

Robert Brooke MP (1727 - 1774)

Name: Robert Brook Gender: Male Baptism Date: 5 May 1727 Baptism Place: St Mary Whitechapel,Stepney,London,England Father: Robert Brook Mother: Elizabeth FHL Film Number: 94692 ==========...

8/22/2009 7/12/2016

Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronetage of the British Empire . London : Harrison 1869. page 1165

6/16/2008 12/6/2015

Paul Roland von Schoting MP (1721 - 1760)

Kapten och ekipagemästare vid Svenska Ostindiska kompaniet.

12/8/2010 10/6/2015

Dr. John Woodall MP (1570 - 1643)

John Woodall (1570–1643) was an English military surgeon, Paracelsian chemist, businessman, linguist and diplomat. He made a fortune through the stocking of medical chests for the East India Company an...

10/8/2008 9/17/2015

Anders Barkenbom MP (1746 - 1800)

Ur Henry Fhager s släkthistoria skrift: "Anders Barkenbom, född i Göteborg 10 april 1740 och död på Styrsö 1 april 1800. Barkenbom prästvigdes år 1770. Efter olika präst-tjänster - däribland skeppspr...

9/1/2009 6/5/2015

Henrik König MP (1686 - 1736)

Han var den svensk som möjliggjorde bildandet av Svenska Ostindiska Kompaniet.|Han registrerades som ansvarig för Ostindiska Kompaniets första oktroj = tillstånd att bedriva bankverksamhet

4/5/2010 12/5/2014

Sven Wengren MP (1710 - d.)

9/13/2012 12/5/2014

Henric Wilhelm Hahr MP (1724 - 1794)


Superkargör vid Ostindiska kompaniet. Brukspatron. Ägde Sörby i Torsåker (D), Ehrendal i Frustuna (D), och Graneberg i Gryt (D). Date of birth may also be February 24, 1723.

11/4/2011 11/23/2014

Berndt Harder Santesson MP (1776 - 1862)


Direktör i SOIC, Köpman i Göteborg. Riksdagsman. En biografi finns i Svenskt biografiskt lexikon . Bernt Harder Santesson (1776-1862) var bland annat direktör i Ostindiska kompaniet, huvudägare...

6/26/2007 11/22/2014

Henrik König MP (1717 - 1785)

Riksdagsledamot, Köpman, Superkargör i SOIC K:s far var den egentlige grundaren av Ostindiska kompaniet, o K var en av kompaniets båda första superkarger. I denna egenskap deltog han 1739—49 i fyra r...

5/22/2010 11/22/2014

Anders Schale MP (1766 - 1828)

Rådman supercargeur i Ostindiska Companiet.

6/26/2012 11/22/2014

Sten Bergenstierna MP (1742 - 1787)

Kapten i SOIC, amiralitetskapten ; adl. ätten 1520

6/26/2012 11/22/2014

Petter Frisk MP (c.1745 - d.)

cadett på Stockholms Slott

11/21/2014 11/21/2014

Georg Wilhelm Prints MP (c.1740 - d.)

Andre assistent på skeppet Stockholms Slott.

11/21/2014 11/21/2014

Carl Johan Treutiger MP (1705 - 1771)

Överstelöjtnant, Kapten vid Ostindiska Kompaniet. Carls mamma Märta Magdalena var nr 13 i sin syskonskara. Ernst Hansson skriver följande om Carl på sid. 119 i "Arboga sockens Historia": "Han var ridda...

7/15/2008 11/20/2014

Niclas Sahlgren MP (1701 - 1776)

Direktör i SOIC.

10/22/2009 11/20/2014

Gustaf Roempke MP (1757 - 1793)

Ogift, skeppspräst i Ostindiska Kompaniet och pastor i Slöinge i Halland.

12/8/2010 11/20/2014

Peter Roempke MP (1715 - 1763)

Överfältläkare, Med. Doctor och Chirurgie Magister dog 1763 under en resa med skeppet "Prins Carl" till Ostindien, (Bouppteckning 12.1.1767)

12/8/2010 11/20/2014

Johan Friedrich Roempke MP (1718 - 1793)

Johan Friedrich built one of the largest Eastindia Ships. 20 guns and 170 people onboard. On the third trip to Kanton the ship was lost. Göteborg II. Johan Friedrich Roempke från Majorna (1718 – 1793...

10/5/2010 11/20/2014

Peter Roempke MP (1764 - 1803)

Supercargeur for the Swedish East India Company.

10/5/2010 11/20/2014

Sven Roempke MP (1763 - 1820)

Captain for the Swedish East India Company with three trips to Kanton.

10/5/2010 11/20/2014

Frans Walther MP (1718 - 1784)


2/14/2012 11/20/2014

Anders Gothéen MP (1719 - 1794)

Supercargeur for the Swedish Est Indian Company. Kolla hustrun med GBtomter (ev. Christina Margareta Gadd (död 1783)

12/13/2011 11/20/2014

Anders Gadd MP (1725 - 1767)

Superkargeur i Ostindiska Kompaniet. Faderskapet (Carl Christian) och barnet (Gabriel) är resultat av en "blog-diskussion". Sannolikhet att detta är korrekt är stor.

10/22/2009 11/20/2014

Gabriel Fredrik Beyer MP (1705 - 1782)


Superkargören Gabriel Fredrik Beyer från Vänersborg (19.12.1705 - 1782) ' Gabriel Beyers (Bejer) spegelporträtt (99 x 77 cm) finns på Göteborgs stadsmuseum och i boken Ostindiska Compagniet (2000 G...

10/22/2009 11/20/2014

Isak Sebastian Browald MP (1768 - 1787)

8/10/2014 8/10/2014

Olof Torén MP (1718 - 1753)

Preacher on board ships belonging to the Swedish East India Company. Died from scurvy in the vicarage of Näsinge, where his brother lived.

7/28/2014 7/28/2014

Jonas Lomberg MP (c.1705 - 1750)

Skeppspredikant 1738 - 39. Svenska Ostindiska Compagniet, första oktrojen. Två skepp seglade denna resa tillsammans, Friedericus Rex Sueciae och Stockholm. Kyrkoherde 1745. "Jonas Lomberg, hade var...

4/21/2007 7/28/2014

Lieutenant William Pickett MP (c.1759 - 1796)

Lieutenant WILLIAM PICKETT , in the Honb. East India Company's Service was slain by Pirates on board the TRITON in the Bay of Bengal the 29th June 1796 Aged 36 years.

6/8/2011 4/12/2013

Adriaan Stoop MP (1856 - 1935)

Adriaan Stoop was een Nederlandse ontdekkingsreiziger. Hij studeerde in 1878 af aan de TU Delft met een mijnbouw-diploma en vertrok kort daarna naar Nederlands-Indië, nu Indonesië. In 1886 verwierf Sto...

12/29/2011 12/31/2011

Willem Corneliszoon Schouten MP (c.1580 - 1625) ; ; ; ; Willem Corneliszoon Schouten (Hoorn, ca. 1580 - Baai van Antongil (Madagaskar), 1625) was een Nederlands ontdekkin...

9/4/2011 9/11/2011

Adriaen van der Stel, Opperhoofd (Head) of Mauritius MP (1605 - 1646)

"Ariën van der Stel", "Adriaan van der Stel"

This page gives links to two further references: Quite a long entry in the Dutch Nieuw Nederlandsch Biografisch Woordenboek (NNBW) and

1/31/2011 7/22/2011

Simon van der Stel, SV/PROG MP (1639 - 1712)

"Simon van der Stel (14 October 1639 – 24 June 1712) was the last Commander and first Governor of the Cape Colony, the Dutch settlement at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa." Dates, family member...

1/25/2010 7/22/2011

Details of birth and parentage: Born in Bengal, India 14 Feb 1767 Details of his voyagers from the VOC archive: [ ] Gerard was originally a captain on 2 VOC ships - The Castor and The Meermin...

9/8/2009 7/22/2011

John De Morgan MP (1684 - 1760)

Descendants of John de Morgan John DE MORGAN, b. 1684, m1. Sep 1717 Sarah CLARK (m1. 18 Nov 1706 George TOURVILLE, m2. 13 Dec 1715 Peter DE POMMARE, d. 1720), m2. 14 Jan 1733/4 Ann ORRILL (m1. TURBER...

10/15/2007 6/16/2011

Thomas Hills MP (1826 - 1898)


Thomas Hills was born in Lexden, near Colchester, in the county of Essex. (according to 1851 Census) He was known as Tommy, or Tom, to his family. 1832, August 10 Sir Herbert Taylor, [Private Secre...

6/29/2008 6/16/2011

Admiral George Keith Elphinstone, 1st and last Viscount Keith Born on 7 January 1745/46. Son of Charles Elphinstone, 10th Lord Elphinstone and Lady Clementina Fleming. Married, firstly , Jane M...

4/11/2009 6/16/2011

Children of Henry Whitelock and Elizabeth (Roberts) Torrens: i. Sir Henry D'Oyly Torrens, K. C. B.6 Colonel 23rd Welsh Fusiliers, was born in 1833. He married Georgette de Butts, daughter of Colonel ...

9/2/2008 6/16/2011

He entered the East India Company's Bengal civil service as a writer in 1826, having displayed from an early age a great proficiency in Asian languages and dialects. On 4 January 1827 he was appointed ...

2/21/2009 6/16/2011

Captain William Dodd MP (b. - 1841)

Youngest Capt. William DODD [Captain HEICS (Honorable East India Company Service) in China], at school in Birmingham when John Dodd signed his will, died in China as a batchelor circa 1841. Will not ...

6/17/2009 6/16/2011

5/11/2010 6/16/2011

Abel Janszoon Tasman MP (1603 - 1659)

Abel Janszoon Tasman (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈaːbəl ˈjɑnsoʊn ˈtɑsmɐn]; 1603 – 10 October 1659) was a Dutch seafarer, explorer, and merchant, best known for his voyages of 1642 and 1644 in the service of...

8/25/2009 6/16/2011

Christopher Rowland Richardson (Senior) Birth: 1785 circa Baptized 20 DEC 1785 Calcutta , son of Capt William Richardson a East India Company master. i 17 Abingdon Villas, Kensington, Greater Londo...

7/15/2008 6/16/2011

In 1763 the Persian ruler Karim Khan granted the British East India Company the right to build a base and trading post there. It was used as a base by the British Royal Navy in the late 18th century ...

10/12/2008 6/16/2011

Anthony married a lady who is named in some records simply as Ellanor. There is a record of an Anthony Beale marrying an Ellen Jay in Stepney, London on 3/4/1659. It is likely that the same entry has b...

5/23/2011 6/16/2011

Philip Eyles Patton MP (1789 - 1870)

More About Philip Eyles Patton: Christening: 26 Nov 1789, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland.365 Civil: St George Hanover Square.366 Education: Bet. 1807 - 1808, Haileybury College. Occupation 1: 1851, Rtd Civ...

12/30/2010 6/16/2011

Johannes Christoffel Bredenkamp, SV/PROG MP (c.1739 - 1810)


Johannes Christoffel Bredenkamp (or Breitenkamp) came from Pleiszen in Prussia, Sachse (now East Germany). He arrived in SA in 1763 as a soldier of the Dutch East India Company. He became a citizen in ...

1/21/2007 6/16/2011

Jan van Riebeeck MP (1619 - 1677)

"Jan van Riebeeck"

Johan Anthoniszoon "Jan" van Riebeeck (April 21, 1619, Culemborg, Gelderland – January 18, 1677) was a Dutch colonial administrator and founder of Cape Town. Van Riebeeck was born in Culemborg in the...

1/13/2011 6/16/2011

Dr Charles Irving Smith MP (1809 - 1871)

Surgeon in the Honourable East India Company Service (HEICS)

11/27/2009 6/16/2011

Sir Thomas Smythe, MP MP (c.1558 - 1625)

"Sir Thomas Smith"

SMYTHE, Sir Thomas (c.1558-1625), of Philpott Lane, London and Bounds Place, Bidborough, Kent Sir Thomas Smythe or Smith (c.1558 – 4 September 1625),[1] was an English merchant, politician and coloni...

8/11/2008 6/16/2011

Thomas Ouchterlony MP (1691 - 1777)

Born 1691 in Dundee. May 1726 -May 1728 rating on H M S Royal Oak and eventually Master's Mate. February 1733-February 1735 Third mate on the Swedish East India Company ship Drottning Ulrica Eleono...

12/5/2008 6/16/2011

Solomon Earle MP (1751 - 1824)

He was in the military and spent an eventful 18 year period in India. His diary was published by his grand son Percy Sheaffe in Australia. His 3 sons and 6 of his son -in--laws were also military men. ...

5/13/2009 6/16/2011

Elihu Yale (April 5, 1649 – July 8, 1721) was a British merchant, philanthropist, governor of the British East India Company, and a benefactor of Collegiate School of Connecticut, which in 1718 was nam...

10/2/2008 6/16/2011

Captain Francis Light (Captain) MP (1740 - 1794)


Captain Francis Light is a kind man that spells high seas adventure,the person credited as the founder of Penang and one of the first foreign settlers in Phuket.In 1765 he was instructed by his company...

12/23/2008 3/24/2011