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Sarah Griswold MP (c.1708 - 1744)

4/10/2009 7/9/2013

Jedediah Griswold MP (1767 - d.)

Jedediah Griswold was born in the newly chartered town of Lebanon (chartered in 1761) on the Connecticut River in the Colony of New Hampshire. The profile of his mother Ruth Griswold says she died in 1...

6/13/2008 7/9/2013

Alice Chapman MP (1722 - 1799)


Alice's husband Simon Chapman and her son Erastus both served under Capt. Hazen in the Revolutionary War. from ID: I3075 Name: Alice Hazen Sex: F Birth: 30 APR 1722 in Norwich, New London Co., CT Dea...

1/28/2008 5/21/2013

Simon Chapman MP (1723 - 1792)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VERMONT. DAR Ancestor # A020965 When Simon married Alice Hazen Rouse, the divorcee of John Rouse, he and Alice settled in a plot of Hazen land divided by Chri...

7/8/2009 5/21/2013

Erastus Chapman MP (1760 - d.)

Erastus Chapman entered service Sep 12, 1777 and was listed on the payroll of Capt. Joshua Hazen's Company of Militia, under the command of Col. Peter Olcott, in the service of Vermont Militia and was ...

5/17/2013 5/21/2013

Mercy Hazen (Hazen) MP (1748 - 1824)

Mercy married her cousin, Joshua Hazen. They moved to what is now Hartford, VT. She had 3 sons and 6 daughters.

4/16/2009 3/4/2013

Captain Joshua Hazen MP (1745 - 1796)

Served in the American Revolutionary War. DAR Ancestor #: A053564 Service: VERMONT Rank(s): CAPTAIN, PATRIOTIC SERVICE Birth: 10-19-1745 WOODBURY CONNECTICUT Death: 4- -1796 HARTFORD VERMONT Service De...

1/24/2013 3/4/2013

Nancy (Sawyer) Burnham MP (c.1799 - 1837)

Nancy is buried in the West Farms road cemetery in Canaan, NH, USA next to her husband. The Sawyer family is recorded in Canaan< New Hampshire in 1783, as Benjanman Sawyer is a landowner and listed in ...

2/28/2011 3/4/2013

Hephzibah Clark MP (c.1764 - 1842)

6/13/2008 2/27/2013

Daniel Waterman, II MP (1724 - 1798)

7/16/2007 2/27/2013

Ann Waterman MP (1729 - 1803)

7/16/2007 2/27/2013

Andrew Newton MP (1781 - 1868)

Andrew Newton was born in Hartford, however at his birth, Vermont was a colony of England. At his death, Vermont was a sovereign nation. He is buried in the Christian St. Cemetery, now in the country o...

6/13/2008 1/18/2013

Stephen Tilden MP (1724 - 1813)

Stephen bought his land lot of 400 acres in Hartford from Samuel Porter on Aug 7, 1761 for 10 shillings ($2.50). He moved to Hartford in 1767. and settled on the south side of the White River. He acqui...

6/5/2008 7/19/2011

Elizabeth (Currier) Burnham MP (1780 - 1864)

6/15/2011 7/18/2011

James Burnham, Sr. MP (1774 - 1849)

This is the James Burnham that witnessed the will of Joseph Burnham, NOT James' brother. This profile needs to be separated from James. It is a good guess the two men are related due to the uncommon na...

5/18/2011 7/18/2011

Joseph Burnham MP (1797 - 1838)

In 1823 Joseph bought 60 acres in Hanover, NH east of Moose Mtn. on the south of Wolfeborough Rd. on Lot #47 drawn to right of Joseph Smith. In 1825 he purchased more land bounded by lots #46, #47, and...

2/28/2011 7/18/2011

Mary (Hazen) Newton MP (1754 - 1823)

4/16/2009 7/18/2011

David Newton MP (1753 - 1839)

David Newton was the first Newton to move to Hartford, Vermont. He built a cabin up on what is now Newton Lane in Dothan, Hartford, Vermont. In 1777 it was reported he moved his cabin using oxen to dra...

5/3/2010 7/18/2011

Ann Hazen MP (1726 - 1802)

daughter of Joseph Tenney and Abigail WoodChildren:- Eunice Hazen (1743-1753)- Abia Hazen (1747-1819) m Hopson- Reuben Hazen (1751-1760)- Elijah Hazen (1752-1832)- Ann Hazen (1763-1765)All children wer...

7/8/2009 7/18/2011

Thomas Hazen MP (1719 - 1782)

Served in the American Revolutionary War. DAR Ancestor #: A053580 Service: VERMONT Rank(s): PRIVATE, PATRIOTIC SERVICE Birth: 9-30-1719 WOODBURY CONNECTICUT Death: 8-19-1782 HARTFORD VERMONT Service De...

7/8/2009 7/18/2011