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Arthur Walker MP (1886 - 1961)

Arthur Walker (the first) came out from Britain in 1901 at the age of 15 with the Rough Riders (scouts) group of the Imperial Yeomanry (volunteer cavalry force), looking after their horses on the long ...

3/4/2015 4/29/2015

Petrus Nicolaas Basson MP (1874 - 1950)

2/25/2010 4/6/2015

Jan Gabriel Marais MP (1817 - 1900)

Jan Gabriel Marais (1841-1900), who travelled from Beaufort-West to the Suikerbosrand during the great trek, built the old pioneer house located to the east of the main entrance road. Together with his...

2/16/2009 1/22/2015

Schalk Willem Burger MP (1852 - 1918)

Schalk Willem Burger (6 September 1852 – 5 December 1918) was a South African military leader, lawyer, and statesman, and was acting President of the South African Republic from 1900 to 1902, whilst Pa...

10/27/2010 1/22/2015

Anglo Boere Oorlog Latere Kommandant My grandfather (Jacob de Villiers Dorey) told me many stories of his grandfather Pieter Daniel de Villiers. The one I remember most vividly is that, while on a hunt...

5/5/2011 1/22/2015

Irene Violet Smit (Nellmapius) MP (1887 - 1961)


4/18/2009 12/17/2014

Hendrik Abraham Alberts, b1c1d7e1 MP (1855 - 1906)

"Generaal Hennie Alberts"

--Translation in progess-- (see Dutch Tab- Help needed.....) Hendrik Abraham Alberts took part , as a private citizen, in several battles, which Kommando are the Heidelbergers, delivered in Natal. At...

9/28/2014 9/30/2014

Cornelis Floris Johannes Meyer MP (1879 - 1932)


Tydens Kerneels se leeftyd het hy ‘n gedeelte van die plaas aan Alberton verhuur vir ‘n Swart lokasie, en ná sy afsterwe het sy weduwee ‘n ander gedeelte van die plaas in erwe laat uitmeet vir die voor...

3/17/2013 3/5/2014

Henry Thomas Glynn MP (1856 - 1928)


In 1880, Henry Thomas Glynn (1856-1928), the founder of Sabie (and known among his friends as H.T.), bought the farm Grootvantijn from P. de Villiers. The farm's original name was 'Sabi' but was later ...

12/30/2013 12/30/2013

Johannes Rudolph Albertyn MP (1847 - 1920)

The town of Albertinia was established in 1900 on the farm Grootfontein and was named after him.

2/19/2009 7/16/2013

Heinrich Julius Frederich Ueckermann, SV/PROG 1 MP (1827 - 1883)


Founder of Heidelberg

7/5/2013 7/5/2013

Information of death: Voortrekker to Natal on 1 OCT 1838. The son of the famous Voortrekker leader Andries Pretorius, Marthinus Wessel Pretorius (17 September 1819 - 19 May 1901) was the first pr...

1/4/2009 6/25/2013

Willem Jacobus Grobler MP (1870 - 1949)

"Willem Vlek"

Willem Jacobus Grobler 'Willem Vlek' was the founder of the town of Groblersdal.

5/14/2013 5/14/2013

James Mouncey MP (1808 - d.)

1820 Settler in Mouncey's Party . ----------------------------------------------- James Mouncey went to Natal in 1834 and in 1835 was appointed to the Town Committee for Durban. During that year he...

2/18/2013 2/18/2013

(pp 53-57) Captain Benjamin Moodie, 10th Laird of Melsetter. ------------------------------------------------- From 'A concise history of Port Beaufort & White Sands (also known as Witsand) inclu...

7/8/2009 1/31/2013

Elizabeth Magdalena Meyer MP (1891 - 1973)

"Lynnie", "Linny"

5/20/2009 1/6/2013

Johannes Petrus Meyer MP (1842 - 1919)

"Jan", "Randse Goudmynpionier"

Jan Meyer 1842-1919 Farmer, Transport rider, Field Cornet, Mining Magnate, Member of Parliament, founding member of the Witwatersrand Agricultural Society, Businessman and first Mining Commissioner of ...

5/22/2008 9/4/2012

Johannes Theodorus van der Kemp, SV/PROG MP (1747 - 1812)

"Nyengana (one who comes secretly)", "Jank' hanna (the bald man)"

Name: Johannes Theodorus van der Kemp Variations of the name: None Origin of the name: Dutch (Van der Kamp): topographic name for someone who lived by a field or a particular domain, from Middle Du...

3/22/2011 9/4/2012

Zecharia "Zachy" George Bowles MP (1841 - 1936)


I am not sure of the chronological sequence of events of my father’s history but he at one time had a Trading Station together with his brother-in-law Zacky Bowles, at Flagstaff. Whether this was befor...

9/21/2010 7/22/2012

John Daniel Kestell, b4c2 MP (1854 - 1941)

John Daniel KESTELL the well known son of Charles Kestell is burief at teh VROUEMONUMENT, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa. In his stepmothers will he is named as the person who inherited a dia...

4/17/2012 7/2/2012

Michiel van Breda, b1c2d1 MP (1775 - 1847)


From 'A concise history of Port Beaufort & White Sands (also known as Witsand) including Family Trees White Sands & Port Beaufort' written by John McGregor Michiel van Breda of Oranjezicht, founder o...

7/16/2009 6/27/2012

Jacob Abraham Uitenhage de Mist MP (1749 - 1823)


en.wikipedia... ; af.wikipedia... ; ; Jacob Abraham Uitenhage de Mist (b. Zaltbommel, 20 April 1749 - d. Voorburg, 3 August 1823) A Dutch statesman, Head of State of the National...

6/27/2012 6/27/2012

John Wodehouse, 1st Earl of Kimberley KG, PC (7 January 1826 – 8 April 1902), known as the Lord Wodehouse from 1846 to 1866, was a British Liberal politician. He held office in every Liberal administ...

1/15/2011 6/26/2012

Thomas Pringle MP (1789 - 1834)

1820 British Settler Thomas Pringle 31, together with his parents and 4 siblings, and his wife Margaret Brown 40, were members of Pringle's Party of 24 Settlers on the Settler Ship Brilliant . Part...

10/14/2007 2/27/2012

Ryk Tulbagh, SV/PROG MP (1699 - 1771)

"Rijk Tulbach"

See Wikipedia... Marriage NGK Cape Town 1725 Augusti 26 s:r Rijk Tulbagh j: m: en juff:r Elizabeth Zwellingrebel j: d: on

2/4/2012 2/4/2012

Helena Wilhelmina ten Damme, b7 MP (c.1706 - 1746)


Helena Wilhelmina ten Damme married Hendrik Swelengrebel, Governor of Cape Colony 1739-1751. Swellendam is named for her husband and her. According to Estate doc - MOOC8/2.117 - connected to the fath...

9/28/2009 2/4/2012

Hendrik Swellengrebel, b1 MP (1700 - 1760)

Hendrik Swellengrebel (Kaapstad, 29 September 1700 - Utrecht, 1763) was de eerste VOC-goewerneur van die Kaapkolonie wat plaaslik gebore is. Swellengrebel was die oudste seun van Johanna Cruse (5 Feb...

2/4/2012 2/4/2012

Maria Elisabeth S. ~ 20.2.1840 Colin Fraser of Killernan in Scotland, Dutch Ref. minister at Beaufort West. 9 sons, the eldest being John George (Sir John Fraser). See John George Fraser, “Episodes in ...

1/10/2010 2/3/2012

Henry Charles Somerset, 6th Duke of Beaufort, KG (22 December 1766 – 23 November 1835), styled Marquess of Worcester until 1803, was a British politician.

6/4/2009 2/3/2012

BEAUFORT WEST The Fifth Duke of Beaufort, father of the Cape Governor, Lord Charles Somerset , gave his name to the first municipality in SA in 1837. The Karoo’s largest town, it is also known as ‘...

10/6/2008 2/3/2012

Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen MP (1792 - 1849)

Named in honour of Queen Adelaide, the German-born consort of King William IV, the city was founded in 1836 as the planned capital for a freely settled British province in Australia.[5] Colonel Wil...

10/15/2007 2/2/2012

William IV of the United Kingdom MP (1765 - 1837)

"The Sailing King", "William Henry Hanover IV of England"

a short summary from Wikipedia: William IV King of the United Kingdom Reign: 26 June 1830 – 20 June 1837 Coronation: 8 September 1831 Predecessor: George IV Successor: Victoria King of Ha...

5/7/2007 2/2/2012

Francis Charles HASTINGS Russell, 9th Duke of Bedford MP (1819 - 1891)

"Hastings Russell"

Wikipedia contributors. " Francis Russell, 9th Duke of Bedford ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. The son of Major-General Lord George William Russell and Lady William Russell, and the grandson of Jo...

12/8/2008 2/2/2012

Governor of the Cape Colony

11/30/2007 2/2/2012

Simon van der Stel, SV/PROG MP (1639 - 1712)

"Simon van der Stel (14 October 1639 – 24 June 1712) was the last Commander and first Governor of the Cape Colony, the Dutch settlement at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa." Dates, family member...

1/25/2010 2/2/2012

Died unmarried and without issues Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Deutsch Erbprinz und Thronfolger des Doppelherzogtums Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, designierter 2. Duke of Edi...

9/3/2007 2/2/2012

Bernhardus Zibee Stegmann MP (1832 - 1920)

Founding member of Willowmore. "The main focus of Macmillan’s research in Willowmore was on the contemporary situation, but he inevitably collected some historical information. The oldest of his info...

2/2/2012 2/2/2012