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Regina van Rapenberg van Guinea MP (deceased)

"Ticonne van Guinea;"

"On 6 May 1658,Anna van Guinea, Koddo van Guinea, Evert van Guinea, Maria van Guinea, Oude Hans van Guinea, Jajenne van Guinea, Adouke van Guinea, Deuxsous van Guinea, Dirk van Guinea and Regina van ...

4/11/2013 6/22/2017

Lijsbeth Jansz van de Caap, SM MP (1662 - aft.1704)

"Lysbeth Loots (Loos)", "Elisabeth Jansz", "Elijsabeth van de Caep", "Elijsabeth van de Caep/Lysbet Jansz/Lijsbeth Jansen"

9/5/2008 6/22/2017

Marie Grillion, SM/PROG MP (1673 - 1735)

"Grillon; Malherbe"

Boucher's French Speakers at the Cape pp110-111 "After his arrival at the Cape Malherbe married Marie Grillon. Although she did not sail on the Voorschooten she was evidently from the same part of Fr...

3/23/2008 6/3/2017

Catharina Cornelisz, SM MP (c.1684 - c.1718)

"Catharina van Hoorn", "Kattrijn Cornelijs", "Katrina Cornelis", "Catryna Cornelis"

See Note on The parents of Catharina Cornelisz at I have no direct proof of her family, but I believe that she is the same as the Catarina who was baptised on the fifth of November at Cape Town...

6/9/2008 4/18/2017

Arriantjie Van Cathrijn, SM MP (1662 - 1701)

""Adriaantjie van der Kaap"", "Annetjie", "VAN CATRYN", "SPELDENBERG", "HELM", "Arriaantjie BOSHOUWER", "Adriaantje Gabrielz", "Boshouwer", "van Cathryn"

See Discussion on her parents . Baptism: Catharine van Malabar -a slave belonging to Cornelis van Qualbergen - baptises Adriaantje (13 November 1667) een slaevinne kint van den E.H.Comman: Quaelber...

9/16/2007 4/13/2017

Jacomina Carteniers, SM/PROG MP (c.1675 - c.1714)

"Jacomina Van den Berg", "Jacoba Kaarteniers"

Alias: Jacomina Caartenier(s) / Carsteniess / Caartomers / Kaerseuidts. SEE Alternate surnames: Kaarteniers/Kaerteniers/Caertenier/Cardeniers/Caarteniers Noted events in her life were: • Emigrati...

12/4/2011 4/4/2017

Suzanne Briet, SM/PROG MP (1652 - 1724)

"Susanne Taillefer(t);"

Susanna Briet arrived with her husband Pierre Taillefer on board the O"Oosterland" in 1688 in South Africa. He was a hatmaker in Chateau Thierry and later a winemaker in Monneaux. His wife Susanna came...

7/29/2007 3/5/2017

Cecilia d'Atis, SM/PROG MP (c.1650 - 1720)

"Cecilia du Preez", "Cecilia Dati", "Sisijllia de Pres", "Sijsillia de Pre", "Cecilia Datijs"

Des Prez in Boucher North-west of Ath is Courtrai in Flanders, a town on the Lys associated with the Des Prez family which reached the Cape on the Schelde in 1688. Courtrai was held by the Fren...

8/18/2007 1/23/2017

Marie de Villiers, SM/PROG MP (b. - c.1699)

"Mouton", "Maria de Villiers"

Jacques Mouton, SV/PROG Jacques Mouton] of Steenkerken [Steenwerck?], Belgium. was divorced from Catherine l'Hermite who was remarried in Europe to Pierre le Roy . He [Mouton] had three children with h...

6/9/2008 12/14/2016
Private User      

Henriette Frederique Cremer, SM/PROG MP (1834 - 1903)

"Hendrica", "Frederika"

9/5/2012 10/5/2016

Lijsbeth Sanders, SM MP (bef.1659 - c.1743)

"Foster daughter of Anne van Guinea", "Lijsbeth Saunders", "sister of Armosijn"

Lijsbeth Sanders Reference - The First Fifty Years Project She is listed a vdk (van de Kaap) which suggests she may have been the daughter of a company slave. the article by Susie Newton-King: So...

7/23/2008 10/3/2016

Johanna Catharina Toll SM/PROG MP (c.1710 - c.1748)

"Johanna Catharina (Mauritz) Toll - van die Kaap"

Haplogroup L0d is the most divergent ("ancient") haplogroup of global mitochondrial DNA haplogroups. It is found at highest frequencies in the Khoisan groups of Southern Africa.[6][7][8][9] L0d is also...

3/29/2009 10/2/2016

Maria Bellardy, SM/PROG MP (c.1661 - 1703)

"Bellardi", "Maria Bellerdijn", "Maria DE LANGE", "Maria HARTOG"

BELLARDY Maria dogter van kerkleier vd Engelse gemeenskap in Middelburg, Nederland. SAF Vol 14

11/2/2007 9/10/2016

Anna Maria Jacoba Pelser, b2c3 SM MP (c.1745 - 1776)

"Anna Maria Griesel"

Marriage NGK Tulbagh 1760, den 11 Maij Johannes David Grootschel van Coppenhagen, jongman burger alhier met Anna Maria Jacoba Peltzer van Cabo de Goede Hoop, jonge dogter Additional notes: "scrib...

9/10/2007 7/31/2016

Anna van der Swaan MP (c.1706 - 1778)

"Anna Putter", "Johanna Putter"

Name Anna Van Der Swaan Event Type Baptism Event Date 20 Jun 1706 Event Place Stellenbosch, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa Father's Name Gerrit Van Der Swaan Mother's Name Agnitie Camfer (

11/1/2007 7/31/2016

Sara Fourie, b7 MP (1705 - 1771)

"van Wijk", "van Wyk"

Haplogroup U5b (if line of descent correct - See attached document CJB) mtDNA Markers 16,224 C 16,270 T 16,311 C 73 G 150 T 263 G 279 C 315 CC 517 T Subgroup of U, one of Euro...

10/31/2007 7/31/2016

Death notice TAB MHG 727/65 dated 29 Aug 1930. Gives names of 13 children as:- Johannes Hermanus (Hans is his nickname); Anna Johanna; Terence Given; Sarel Coenraad Fasen; Gertruida Susanna; Esther; Ma...

6/9/2014 7/31/2016

Isabella Potgieter, b1c3 MP (bef.1711 - 1758)

"Sibilla", "Sibella", "du Preez"

Birth Date 6/28/1711 Death Date 4/4/1744 First Name Isabella Middle Name (Sibella) Last Name du Preez Maiden Name Potgieter Gender Female Birth Location Paarl / Drakenstein, South Africa ...

10/26/2007 7/31/2016

Anna Prevot, b4 MP (1681 - 1740)

"Anna Prevost", "Provo", "Anne van der Merwe"

Anne Prevost, geboren te Marck (62-Guînes) op 18 februari 1681, gedoopt te Guines {dtb Guines} op 23 februari 1681 (doopgetuigen waren Abraham Loisel en Anne Albert), dochter van Charles Pruvost en Mar...

6/27/2007 7/31/2016

'Maaij' Claesje van Angola MP (c.1645 - d.)

"Claasje", "Marselij van Angola"

Claasje NN Mansell Upham At Earth's Extremest End... Op 't eijnde van de Aerd.The genealogical impact of the ‘Angola’ & ‘Guinea’ slaves at the Cape of Good Hope in the 17th century From

6/2/2008 7/24/2016

Maria Matyssen, SM/PROG MP (c.1660 - 1697)

"Maria Matthijse Eli", "Maria Mathijsse", "Matthysse"

MtDNA Haplogroup U5b1c2b - FtDNA tested Hazel Wickham

9/2/2007 7/24/2016

Jannetje van Wijk MP (bef.1675 - d.)

Cape Town Baptisms 1675 Den 27 dito (Octob') een Comp' slavinne kint van een onbekent Christen vader de moeder was Claasje die over [dit doop van t'Comp's] wegen als getuyghe gestaan heef...

6/2/2008 7/24/2016

Geertruij Willemsz, SM/PROG MP (c.1652 - aft.1699)

"Geertruy HELMS", "Geertruy JANSE", "Gerretie"

Geertruy Willemse (b c1651 - ) x 28 September 1670 Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Hans Helm b. c 1644 - d. bef 19 Mar 1690 Margaretha Helm2 b. 21 Jun 1671 Cornelia Helm b. b 17 Sep 1673, d. bt 23 May 17...

8/19/2007 7/16/2016

Anne Souchay, SM/PROG MP (1654 - c.1708)

"Anne Fouche", "Anna Fouchè"

Anne Souchay’s mt-DNA was originally identified by FTDNA as haplogroup U4c1a [Corrie & Louw. Genesis Issue 54, eGGSA, March 2017]. It has since been updated by FTDNA's Build 17 update to U4c1 (Ref disc...

6/2/2008 7/3/2016

Suzanne de Vos, SM/PROG MP (1651 - 1708)

"Jacob", "Lanoy", "Lanooij", "SUZANNE DE VOS trou in 1698 met NICOLAS DE LANOY", "eienaar van 'n nabygeleë plaas De Goede Hoop. Hierdie huwelik was kinderloos."

Inventaris en verkoping der goederen zo roerende als onroerende met ter dood ontruijmd en nagelaten bij Susanna de Vos, laast weduwe van Nicolaas de Lanooij, ten voordele van hare nagelatene kinderen...

8/19/2007 7/3/2016

3/13/2009 5/3/2016

Anna Jacoba Norden, SM/PROG MP (1669 - 1734)

"Anna Jacoba Paal", "Pal"

12/29/2008 3/7/2016

Elizabeth Johanna van Rooyen MP (1874 - 1958)

1/27/2013 2/25/2016

Marie Buisset, SM MP (1678 - c.1757)

"Marie du Plessis", "Marie Smit", "Maria Boisset", "Maria Bùsse"

Bronne/Sources: Judi Marais-Meyer registers - du PLESSIS/MARAIS/Dirkse van SCHALKWYK EMerentia v Rensburg registers. de Villiers/Pama Heese/Lombard LDS FHC Bibl. Die du PLessis Naamboek - P...

6/2/2008 2/25/2016

Catharina Lebegut MP (deceased)

"Cathryn; Catryn MULDER"

MtDNA toets: Johan Nicolaas Wilhelm BARKHUIZEN * 28/01/1955 se haplogroep plaas haar in die L0a1a1 groep Haplogroup L0a is most prevalent in South-East African populations (25% in Mozambique).[3] A...

8/18/2014 2/14/2016

Catherine Tabourdeaux, SM/PROG MP (c.1643 - c.1729)

Birth Place: Le Plessis Mornay in the village of Longvilliers, near Dourdan in the Hurepoix, Isle de France, France {Plessis Mornay aka Plessis Marle, Plessis Merle, Plessis Marly} 'n Voorhuwelikse k...

9/1/2007 2/14/2016

Maria Jacobs van Batavia, SM/PROG MP (bef.1665 - c.1717)

"Maria de Vyf", "de Vey", "Van Battavia", "van Bengale"

All below added on 4/11/2014 : Nov 2014 Reference no.: MOOC10/1.78 Testator(s): Abraham de Veij 28 April 1713 Vendu Rol der goederen naergelaten en met ’er dood ontruijmt bij den vrij C...

4/13/2008 2/13/2016

Jannetje Bort, SM MP (c.1663 - c.1713)

"van Koningshoven. Johanna van de Kaap"

New MtDNA test results show MtDNA M33a3, so it is possible this tree's maternal line is not correct. See here: Jannetje Bort van de Caep was born in bondage and was owned by the VOC (Vereenigde Oos...

3/29/2009 2/13/2016

Sarah Jobson, SM/PROG MP (1802 - 1875)

1820 British Settler Sarah Butler 20 , together with her husband John Jobson 21, Labourer, were members of Parker's Party of Settlers on the East Indian . (See for more details about Parker's Par...

7/25/2011 2/9/2016

Johanna Rosina van de Caap, SM MP (c.1772 - c.1814)

"Rex", "Roosje van de Caab", "Johanna Rosina Ungerer"

Johanna Rosina was born c.1772. - Her eldest daughter is known as Amerentia Helena VAN WIJNGAARDT, and was born c.1789. - By 1792 she must have had a relationship with Hendrik Christian UNGERER , p...

1/15/2011 2/8/2016

Marguerite -Thérèse de Savoye, b4 PROG1 MP (bef.1672 - 1742)

"Thérèse", "Margaretha Theresia Snyman", "Margaretha Theresa Viljoen; Marguerite", "Marquerite Therese Viljoen; Margarita Theresia de Savoye", "Margareta Therisia d'Savoije", "Margot", "d.v. Jacques DE SAVOYE & Christine DU PONT"

de Savoye Family Progenitor Details from project a. Jacques de Savoye b. before 29 January 1636, d. October 1717 m 4/7/1657 Christine du Pont b. c 1640, d. b 1686

7/6/2007 1/12/2016

Krotoa 'Eva' van Meerhof SM/PROG MP (c.1641 - 1674)

"Eva van die Kaap", "Kratoa", "Eva van Meerhoff", "Krotoa of the Goringhaicona", "van die Kaap", "Pieternella van die Kaap"

Add yourself to the list of Krotoa's Grandchildren on Geni Please see Timeline Tab for a breakdown of her Life Events Feel free to add information or other interpretations as well. [Sharon Apr 2013] ...

5/16/2008 1/11/2016

Ansela van de Caap, SM/PROG MP (c.1665 - 1735)

"Ansela van de Kaap", "Ansiela van de Caep", "Angela", "Ansila", "Ansela Campher"

Campher Stammoeder Ansela van die Kaap Research Review Apr 2016 Ansela’s origin Recent mitochondrial DNA analysis of two matrilineal descendants of Ansela van die Kaap has indicated that the Camp...

8/24/2007 12/13/2015

Judi Maris-Meyer register ------------------------------------------- Possibly related ( sister? ) to Philippus Simon Constant, who had a daughter named Juliana b.b. 1722. Citations :

11/20/2010 12/10/2015

mtDNA for Johanne Dorothee Margarethe Huch - Haplogroup T2f (message from Thomas Hambrock posted on the WikiTree profile of Johanne Dorothee Margarethe Huch.) Haar sterfkennis gee ANDER ouers as wat ...

6/25/2012 11/22/2015

Trijntje Theunisz Gansevanger, SM/PROG MP (1620 - c.1715)

"Catharina GANSEVANGER", "Trijntje Theunisz Gansevanger"

zie Olivier en Visser families van de Kaap Haar officiële (doop) geboorte voornaam is Catharina, haar roepnaam was Trijntje. Voorgesteld wordt de voornaam te veranderen in Catharina (Trijntje) Theu...

9/2/2007 11/10/2015

Jeanne de la Batte, SM/PROG MP (c.1663 - 1737)

Birth 1663 Samour, Anjou, France Source: Photocopies of manual Pedigree Records & Family Group Records Publication: Rec 9 May 1996; Library 011-836-3787 (W); 011-615-1437 (H) 188 Highland Road, K...

10/13/2007 5/11/2015

Anna Maria Pietersz de Leeuw, SM/PROG MP (c.1665 - aft.1726)

"Anna Maria Bastiaans", "Anna Maria Jansen"

German Personalia at the Cape GUDDERT. - Rheinbrohl. Burgher at Drakenstein (1693). ~ Anna Maria Pieters de Leeuw, wid. Francois Bastiaans of Armentieres. + 1726. (CJ 1121 under 28.7.1693; Test. O.C....

6/9/2008 3/20/2015

Susanne Laurent MP (1640 - 1698)

7/19/2008 2/18/2015

Jeanne 'Jannetje' le Clercq, a3 SM MP (bef.1676 - c.1748)

"de Klerk", "de Clercq", "Jeanne Bekker", "Jannetjie/Janetje", "Johanna Becker", "Janne le Clair", "Joanna de Klerk", "Jannetjie"

Johanna/Jeanne/Jannetjie de Klerk first married Andre Gous en later Pieter Bekker. After the banishmenet of Bekker from the Capeshe had an afair with Matthys de Maker from which a child was born. (sic)...

9/13/2007 2/1/2015

5/3/2010 1/29/2015

Catharina van Malabar, SM/PROG MP (1637 - 1703)

"Katrijn", "Catharina Claasen/Catarina van de Cust Coromandel", "Catryn"

Catharina van Malabar Discussion about mtDNA Haplogroup The First Fifty Years Project Cornelis Claasz b. c 1650, d. c 1688 Children Adriaantje Gabrielsz+11 b. b 13 Nov 1667 [Predicted mtDNA...

9/16/2007 1/27/2015

Elizabeth Helena Catharina Grove MP (1883 - 1957)

"van der Sandt", "Oosthuizen", "Grove"

Baptism Record #10 on left of image DEPOT TAB SOURCE MHG TYPE LEER VOLUME_NO 0

9/22/2012 10/22/2014

Anne Rosseau, SM/PROG MP (c.1667 - 1710)

"Retif", "Anne Rossouw; Rousseau", "Rossouw", "Anna Retief", "Rousseau", "Hanne", "Anne"

Suster van die stamvader Francois Retif From Mer, in Orleans, France. Arrived 1688 together with her brother Francois Refief. !Emmerentia van Rensburg Registers Heese/Lombard 3 H-I p.500 TROU-S...

7/8/2007 10/10/2014

Lijsbeth Arabus, SM/PROG MP (c.1645 - d.)

Born circa 1645 in Abyssinia and captured on Madagascar OR near Golfe d'Aden, on the Horn of Africa Baptized before August 1665 Cape Town Lijsbeth Arabus and Cornelia Arabus were gifted by Admi...

7/23/2008 10/10/2014

Jacoba Brandenburg, SM/PROG MP (c.1675 - aft.1713)

"Jacoba Löbe", "Lubbe", "Warna Vandenbre", "Jacoba Brandenbùrgh", "Jacoba Brandenborg", "Jacoba van Brandenbùrg"


7/20/2007 10/8/2014

Margareta (Geertjen) Gerrits, SM/PROG MP (1630 - 1692)

"Margaretha Gerritsdochter"

Inligting uit “Die Taaloord” van 1937 bladsy 50-53 bevestid dat SV Coenraad Visser 2 maal getroud is. X 1648 in Nederland met Alida Gerrits (GReetjen) XX in Suid Afrika met haar suster MARGARETHA Gerri...

6/25/2007 9/30/2014

Constantia van Bengale, SM/PROG MP (c.1685 - aft.1735)

11/6/2008 9/30/2014

Marie Mouy, b1 SM MP (1685 - 1758)

"Marie Moij", "Marie Retief", "Maria", "Marie", "Marie Mouij"

Marie Mouy(Moij also spelled Mouij) arrived in South Africa with her father Pierre and sister Jeanne on board the "Donkervliet", in 1699 . She is the ancestor of the Retief family in South Africa. ...

6/15/2009 9/29/2014

Adriana Jacoba van den Burg, SM MP (deceased)

"van die Kaap"

10/5/2013 9/29/2014

Johanna Petronella Basson, PROG MP (c.1722 - d.)

"Johanna Pieternella Basson"

No source has been found to verify some of the following information. Please assist if you can.

1/13/2011 9/29/2014

Marie Couteau, SM/PROG MP (1659 - 1718)

"Maria Lombard"

Marie Couteau in Boucher The name Couteau (Coustaut, or Coutaud) is not unknown at Pontaix; there were also Couteaus at Die to the east and at Romans-sur-lsere to the north-west. Marie Couteau’s plac...

2/16/2007 9/29/2014

Maria Kickers, SM/PROG MP (1655 - 1723)

"Maria Cornelis", "Maria Botha", "Botha"

Note: Maria Kickers had nothing to do with Jan Coenraadsz Visser. During her divorce proceedings, and again in the adultery case of 16 November 1706, she stated that all her children had been fathered ...

2/18/2007 9/29/2014

Koddo van de Caep van Guinea, SM/PROG MP (c.1640 - d.)

"Slavin van der E. Companjie"

No source has been found to verify some of the following information. Please assist if you can.

6/2/2008 9/25/2014

Anna Groothenning van Bengale, SM/PROG MP (1672 - aft.1719)

"Goring", "Anna Marik", "Anna Bõck", "Groothenning van Bengale"

Anna Groothenning van Bengale was a South African Slave from Bengal, India circa 1700 at de Caep de Goede Hoop, owned by Hans Kasper Geringer mtDNA Haplogroup M There is conflicting information regar...

10/13/2007 9/24/2014

Marie de Gravé, SM/PROG MP (1654 - 1730)

"Marie de Grave", "Maria", "de Graaf", "de Graeff", "de Brave", "le Febre", "Lefebre", "Lefebur", "Fijever"

In Boucher Arrivals at the Cape in 1683 were Pierre le Fevre , his wife Marie de Grave and their son Guillaume . It is possible that Pierre was also accompanied by his sister Barbe , born about the y...

9/1/2007 9/24/2014

Marie le Fébre SM/PROG MP (c.1651 - c.1701)

"le Févre", "le Fébre", "Maria Prevot", "Maria Eckhoff", "Maria Peronne", "Maria du Preez"

David le Févre , overleden voor 1657. Zijn vrouw heeft dochter bij tweede man in 1657 | Vermeld als overleden bij huwelijk dochter Marie, 1673 | vermeld als overleden bij huwelijk zoon Daniel, 1676. ...

8/25/2007 9/23/2014

Slave girl brought from Bengal to South Africa. Divon Lan 20/2/2013: Rebekka is my direct maternal ancestor (8th ggm through an all-female line), and my maternal haplogroup is R30a, which is exclusiv...

3/24/2009 9/22/2014

Johanna Haester, SM/PROG MP (bef.1667 - c.1720)

"Johanna Monk; Johanna van Eck;", "Anna MONK"

... have a baptism entry for her in Leiden 30 11 1667 - where the name is spelt HASTER, HASTERS, HARSTER - Doopboek Pieterskerk 1664-1681 Overberg Families HJ Engela 65831 Adriaan VAN ECK, * Amster...

12/5/2008 5/24/2014

Sara Barendsz Cochet, SM/PROG MP (c.1650 - 1714)

Sara Cochet appears to have arrived from Walcheren/ Oost Soutberg in Zeeland on the Oosterland on 25 April 1688 as the widow of Pieter/Pierre le Clercq (with whom Coertzen says she had a son, Abraham l...

7/23/2007 5/13/2014

Anne Martin, SM/PROG MP (c.1650 - c.1712)

"du Puis"

8 th great grandmother to Peter Dennis. My mitochondrial eve ! She arrived in 1692 as a widow. In 1693 she marries Salomon de Gournay Coertzen, Pieter. 1988. Die Hugenote Van Suid Afrika 1688-1988:...

6/2/2008 5/8/2014

MH born Brixton, London birth registered in Lambeth Registration District - including Surrey & London . -suggests the MH data for Brixton Greater london, is correct

9/4/2009 5/8/2014

Inabe (Ansela) van Timor, SM/PROG MP (c.1640 - 1683)


"Amsoeboe, his wife Inabe and daughters Iba and Baauw ‐ a politically exiled, but un‐enslaved, family from Timor ‐ is sent (1676) by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) from Jakarta to Mauritius". m...

7/11/2008 5/8/2014

Francoise Martinet, SM/PROG MP (1659 - c.1701)

"Francoise Cordier"

Marriage to Louis Cordier Epense, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France Etat Civil - Acte de mariage/Mariage Date de l'acte : 1679.12.03 (03/12/1679) Lieu de l'acte : Epense (51) SUJET : MARTINET Franco...

8/19/2007 5/8/2014

Engeltje Cornelisz van der Bout, SM/PROG MP (1661 - 1722)

"Engela", "van den Bosch", "Koopman", "Engeltje Cornelisz van der Bout", "Jongetgen Cornelis van den Bout"

Engletjie was one of the eight orphan girls from Rotterdam brought to the Cape on a five year contract. They were chosen as being familiar with farm work and the cultivation of the soil. They left from...

8/18/2007 5/8/2014